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[center [size11 Broken bitches, broken hearts.
That's all I'll ever be.
  SlainWings- / 1y 120d 3h 21m 25s
[center [size9 I don't know what to do anymore. The feeling of being held is no longer. I'm crying at the thoughts of my former friends, you don't know how hard it is without them. I've got nothing, I've lost my musical talents, my voice is disappearing with the growing insecurity that is festering inside of my body.

I was told to go when the party's over, they left me didn't they... For that kid who was telling their secrets behind their backs. They don't believe me, I warned them of everything coming their way. Maybe I was being a bit paranoid but look where it got me.

I built to where I was and it was like the carpet was tugged from underneath my feet. I'm only 17 but I feel like I'm fucked. I was never ready for being an adult, why has God done this to me. I'm a fucking unstable piece of shit who can't do anything but whine after everything has happened.

And I'm done with the pills.
Fuck them.
  Wings- / 1y 180d 3h 8m 10s
[center [size9 I want to break her pretty face.
Because every time I see her,
It makes me a ticking time bomb.

[pic http://orig01.deviantart.net/9538/f/2015/261/7/e/ruefeather_by_mothbone-d9a0xkb.gif ]
  Wings- / 1y 182d 3h 3m 9s
[center [size9 I want to die, I wanna just end it all you know.
There's no horizon after death, it just ends.
There's nothing else for me to live for is there?
Because the razor blades keep getting sharper against my wrist.
I bled all over the bathroom tonight and I haven't cleaned it up yet.

Thinking of blowing my brains out because people don't understand.
I've done everything I wanted to do that kept me happy.
Maybe it's my time to leave because nobody will remember me.
And those who will will remember me as a freak behind the screen.
The girl who stayed up every night, trying to fucking sleep but the girl who couldn't.

Because for all those nights she wished she would pass away was the nights she was too weak to do it.
Yeah, she wasn't right but why am I suddenly talking in the third person?
Maybe a different perspective have to be put into life.
My best friend has heart cancer and only has a few months to live and I can't live without her.

Everybody and everything is dying.
So tonight might be the last night.
I've said it before many times but keep it from a person who has several attempts up their sleeves.
Because fuck, maybe tonight I'll succeed.

[pic http://orig01.deviantart.net/9538/f/2015/261/7/e/ruefeather_by_mothbone-d9a0xkb.gif ]
  Wings- / 1y 195d 8h 12m 46s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Bf8Qhe59U& ]

[pic http://orig01.deviantart.net/9538/f/2015/261/7/e/ruefeather_by_mothbone-d9a0xkb.gif ]
  Wings- / 1y 197d 9h 18m 59s
[center [size9 Maybe it was the wrong thing to do to kick her out.
I feel horrid for kicking her out onto the street.
I need to find her but I don't know where she would be in Old Town.
Who knows, she might try this time.
I'm surprised I woke up and thought about giving her another chance.
The 4th.

After fucking me over for all this time,
I think I need to accept the pain unless she brings me more.
She's on drugs and all that shit.
Maybe I can do a favor and straighten her out-

Who knows...
I love her...
Even though they abused me.
She's the one that birthed me.
She's my mother for fuck sake.
Wouldn't do that for yours?

Another vent coming up soon if shit don't work-

[pic http://orig01.deviantart.net/9538/f/2015/261/7/e/ruefeather_by_mothbone-d9a0xkb.gif ]
  Wings- / 1y 201d 4h 28m 15s
[center [size9 "I wish I hadn't birthed you if that makes you happy."

Oh, of course, of fucking course, you show up to [b MY ] own apartment.
You got the spare key from her and you fucking broke into my apartment.
You fucking pin the shit that happened to you [b [i YEARS ]] ago on me.
"Oh, you were a bad child, that's why we beat you."
Then why the fuck did you starve me?
"You didn't choose to eat."

I remember nights where I cried myself to sleep and you come back.
Like nothing happened.
Like it was in a nightmare of mine.
Oh, I've tried three times to fucking fix this but you show no effort back.
I ain't fixing this shit because now you wanna get some of my money and have more kids to do the same shit IN MY FUCKING APARTMENT.

Because I wouldn't fucking hold your breath if I was you
Because I'll forget but I'll never fucking forgive you.
You're lucky I didn't fucking kick your ass and I got you out without fucking you over.
Oh, remember those times you let me fucking cry and cry.
Because dad was there with the belt.
He was always there.

You didn't do your thing as a mother, you didn't protect me and you joined the fun.
I was fucking abused as a child and I'm not letting my hatred of you go.
Because there's no fucking way someone bailed you out for half a million pounds and shipped you here to Maine.
And I can't fucking take it and maybe it's because I haven't taken my pills
But I wanna fucking murder you.
  Wings- / 1y 201d 19h 33m 11s
[Center [size9 Life is confusing.
I have two mates now?
Woah, what did I do?
Maybe, I think I was curious to have an ES mate.
  Wings- / 1y 202d 3h 27m 29s
[center [size9 If sorrow could build a staircase, our tears could show the way.
If sorrow could build a staircase to Heaven, I'd bring her back home again.

[size11 R.I.P Josalin Morgan ]
I love you grandma.
It was your favorite quote,
You were always on the morbid side of the family.
But I loved it
Like I loved you.
  Wings- / 1y 203d 4h 29m 39s
[center [size9 Ever yell at someone because you fucking love them so much and they left without telling you? ]]
  Wings- / 1y 203d 22h 42m 59s
[Center [size9 Song lyrics.
Rock 'n Roll.
Bass guitar.
Vocal Mic.
60'in TV.

Shit fam, you'd think I'd be fucking happy.
  Gushers- / 1y 204d 4h 36m 4s
[center [size9 'Cause I mean, it is kinda my fault that I opened myself up on Journal Entries but I feel like it is just the place too. Now, I just keep to here now and it even isn't about Mun, I had the idea of just keeping to here too.
  Gushers- / 1y 206d 19h 28m 33s
[center [size9 Fucking Mun's on my ass again.

I'm fighting back this time, I'm not holding back either.

Scratch that.
He has already proven that I was wrong again.
But yet, I can [i not ] stop reacting to him.
Because he somehow triggers my emotions
And that makes me easy to get to anger.
  Wings- / 1y 206d 19h 34m 33s
[Center [size9 Of course, you say some shit like that.
"Ask no questions and you'll get no lies."

But why don't you turn your cheek and blind your eye?
Let it fucking go.
Bend my knee to give away my life.
Bite my tongue and close my eye.

I won't take it cause you've got Hell to pay.
It's blasphemy
But your words don't make any goddamn sense anymore.
What would your mother say?
Your faith you have immured.
So don't try to tell me what you fucking believe.

Because you're hypnotized, can't see the signs.
I'd like to help you but I don't wanna get hurt.
Oh wait, you just want a pity party.
So pity me you fucking bastard, I don't want to feel bad for you.
Just to get with you again.
And do a complete cycle.

Made up your mind and now your fucking blind.
I guess it's easier than making mistakes.
Don't ask me why when I roll my eyes at the answer.

Don't come crawling back to me when you break down Juko.
"Cause you dug yourself into this hole by yourself."

You make me wanna slit my own wrists and play in my own fucking blood.
You make me wanna kill myself just for the fucking fun of it.
  Wings- / 1y 207d 15h 49m 26s
[Center [size9 We're young and in love,
Heart attacks waiting to happen.
Come a little closer,
Tell me it's all in my head. ]
  Wings- / 1y 207d 21h 12m 20s

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