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[center Ela smirked and nodded, [#DC143C "Always hun~" ] She said, spinning him around so he was facing towards her.
  SlainWings- / 43d 2h 17m 42s
"Still got some more time. You wanna go another round~?" Lucas asked with a wink
  Logan / Infra-Red / 43d 2h 20m 11s
[center [#DC143C "Don't worry about that hun, I'll make him help you~!" ] Ela growled in his ear before nibbling on it one last time before hugging him from behind, sighing as she looked over at the horizon, the sun still kinda in the middle of the horizon.
  SlainWings- / 43d 2h 21m 47s
"Yeah. Just thinking... what if my dad can't or won't help me?" Lucas said, a hint of a moan in his voice as his ear was nibbled
  Logan / Infra-Red / 43d 2h 23m 44s
[center Ela frowned but still kept going, eventually creeping up behind Lucas as she put her arm around his waist. [#DC143C "That's okay, I just wanted to know if you were okay." ] She said, biting at the bottom of his ear.
  SlainWings- / 43d 2h 28m 20s
Lucas heard Ela and smiled "Hey, I just needed some time to think..."
  Logan / Infra-Red / 65d 22h 38m 4s
[center Yeh)

Ela smiled and bit Lucas's lip, [#DC143C "I know you do~" ] She smirked, kissing him finally.

Sojka looked up at up at Connor from his lap, only leaning her head back and up, their lips touching.
  AngelStrike- / 68d 4h 53m 36s

Lucas smiled and whispered "I only have eyes for you babe~"

Connors eyes widened, shocked

(Also, u think we should have the other 2 be side characters so we don't just forget about them after this?
  Logan / Infra-Red / 68d 4h 56m 25s
[center Ela smiled, staring forwards at Lucas as well as she put her hands over his cheeks. [#DC143C "You are so cute~!" ] She grinned, putting her forehead against his.

This girl wasn't a demon because she had black wings behind her back, she was a fallen angel though and her skin was pale and her hair and eyes were purple. She was also short too, a lustful gaze on her eyes as she pretty much crawled into Connor's lap.
  AngelStrike- / 68d 5h 1m 49s
Connor looked at the other demon, practically drooling at the sight of her, but Lucas's face was pure stone. He only had eyes for Ela, and other that that, nothing affected him
  Logan / Infra-Red / 68d 5h 4m 38s
[center Ela sighed as a bird with a purple plumage flew in and landed besides Ela, turning back into a human besides her. This girl was obviously really... REALLY cute because even Ela blushed at the sight of her. The other girl was more busty than anything, her valleys held together by a tight sweatshirt.
  AngelStrike- / 68d 5h 12m 8s
The other dragon (Connor) raised an eyebrow but said nothing. The other dragon was Lucas's identical twin, the only difference being the eyes: Lucas's were blue, Connor's were green
[center Ela smiled and nodded, putting her fingers to her lips before doing a whistle a going back in the tent and waiting for her friend to get there.
  ᶠᴼᴳᴼ / epifania- / 71d 15m 54s
Lucas flew into the air, knowing he could fly to the gateway in a half hour, and gameback with another dragon, one of the few to choose to maintain a human form "Why don't you call your friend now~?"
[center Ela frowned, staring at him. [#DC143C "okay." ]

[size7 i be confusion- ]
  ᶠᴼᴳᴼ / epifania- / 71d 25m 51s

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