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Kane nodded, "I'm sure... its not the finished product I was worried about, I saw you work, I know your good, it was the way you handled me having to bring Ava and worked with me and didn't make me be the bad guy like I usually am at these shoots. This was a good day, probably my best shoot I've ever had." He smiled as Ava showed Savannah all of her LOL dolls and their pets. "She has so many because she batts those long eyelashes and daddy says yes... they're these mystery toys and you don't know what doll your going to get. I'm pretty sure I hold the record at how fast I can open one of those things. If it has an LOL on it or in it, shes probably got it, and everything that Ana could ever need."

He chuckled hearing how stubborn Maci was, "I'm not looking forward to that stage, I wasn't a great kid, and her mom, Taya, well she was for lack of a better term, hell on high heels... two years older than me and I followed her around like a sick puppy... then Ava came along and ended up looking just like me..." He sighed, "3 tomorrow sounds great, we'll bring pizza and Ava can take the morning and pick out her outfits from home and everything. She likes to be a princess for sure."
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Savannah just grinned and giggled wehn she seen how excited Ava got. [b "My best friend is a cosmotologist. I'll call her and we'll get you all dolled up. How does that sound?"] she asked. She looked up at Kane when he mentioned this weekend. [b "I have a shoot downtown at noon, but I'll be free by three if you want to meet me at the studio."] she said. [b "Maci won't be back from vacation with her Father, or I would bring her."]

She looked at Ava hen she brought back her Ana doll. [b "Awww I love these. My daughter used to be OBBSESSED with these."] she said. [b "I miss her being little... Now she's all sassy and stubborn."] she said with a chuckle. [b "She gets it honest though, so I really can't get mad.. I was probably worse as a kid."]

She looked up when Kane said the tour job was hers. [b "You haven't even seen the finished product yet... Are you sure?"] She couldn't believe it. She was Kane Brown's Tour Photographer. [b "This is amazing... Oh my gosh, thank you."] she said softly. She grinned when Ava came back with her LOL collection. [b "Oh these are cool. I haven't seen these before."]
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Ava's blue eyes went wide, "DADDY PWEASSEEEE! SHE HAS A CASTLE!" Kane was sitting opposite the two girls on the floor and Ava all but jumped in his lap. Kane nodded, "Anything for you princess, daddy has the weekend off if thats okay with Miss Savannah." He had already put his personal cell number in her phone under Kane. Ava looked to Savannah and those big blue eyes were working their magic...the thing was, her dad had the same ones. Kane chuckled and kissed her cheek, "Go get your bag princess and show her Ana." Ana was Ava's American Girl doll that was modeled after her.

"Thanks for telling me about your little girl, sometimes I do need a break but you don't get those when your a dad. A sitter here and there and usually my band mates wives or girlfriends watch her while we play backstage... oh and speaking of backstage... if you want the tour job. Its yours, I'll work with whatever days off you need, I understand you have a daughter, but your welcome to bring her, I'm sure Ava would love a friend to play with and to show her LOL doll collection in her bag to. She carries everything around with her."
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Savannah grinned and looked at Kane. [b "Okay. Sounds great."] she said

[b "You don't have to apologize Kane, believe me. You have nothing to worry about."] she said. She looked up when Kane asked if she had kids. [b "Uhmmm. Yeah. I have a seven year old.. I got pregnant when I was sixteen."] she said softly. [b "Maci Layne."] She hadn't planned on telling anyone about Maci, as she knew having a daughter would seem that she couldn't be fully commited to her job as a tour photographer. [b "I know I'm practically a complete stranger... But I know what's its like to be on your own.. If you ever need a break or anything...."]

Soon enough, they were finished with Kane's professional pictures, so his team had cleared out. It was just herself, Kane and Ava now. [b "What kind of pictures did you want to do Miss Princess?"] she asked as she sat down on the floor next to Kane's daughter. [b "We can do ANYTHING you want darlin'. And maybe we can talk your daddy into bringing you to my studio one day and we can go full on princess everything. I have a castle there."] she explained as the little girl colored.
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 168d 10h 21m 50s
Kane nodded, "Yeah she would love that, I'll give you my number." He nodded and smiled again, "Shes hidden because of the spotlight and the fans, she didn't ask for this life, I did. To her... I'm just daddy and sometimes my job is weird. Shes a normal kid. She will be home schooled because I'm either on the road or my schedule is messed up so thats starting next year for kindergarten and she will have a tutor... I have to do it on my own, her mom would have done better than me but I try."

He listened to what she said about the pictures and kept an eye on Ava in between shots, helping her with her juice and showing her how to tie her shoes again. "Sorry." Kane said apologizing and sighed, "Can we have a ten minute break, I need a drink myself." They had gotten quite a few shots. He grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the table and said, "Sometimes I wonder why it wasn't me.. why I was the one who made it out of the accident. Then Ava does something and makes me realize everything I do is for her and this is worth it.... I was 17 you know... I'm 21 now and shes 4... and I have only been doing this two years. You have kids?" he asked her making small talk
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Savannah just grinned as Ava got all excited. [b "Of course we have to get your makeup done!"] she said [b "I think I might have a princess dress in my car too!"] She looked at Kane when he began talking again. [b "You keep her hidden? Except for you team and all that then?"] she said. [b "Daughter's are meant to be spoiled. My daddy had me plum spoiled too, heck even now too."] She was giddy when Kane asked if it was possible to get pictures of them together. [b "Yes! I would love too!! Honeslty, whatever you want, we will do."]

She was messing with her camera when Kane came out of the bathroom. [b "Nice outfit."] she said. [b "I actually think I have a leather jacket that would fit Ava at my studio... I would love to take her pictures another time too. She seems like she's the perfect little model."]

[b "She's perfect you know. She seems like a great kid. You've done a great job."] she said softly. [b "I'm sure it's rough doing it all on your own."] She strapped her camera around her neck and fixed the backdrop. [b "Ready to start?"]

[b "Lets start without the jacket if you don't mind. Flip your hat back and then act like your messing with it, both hands please."] she said [b "Yessss. perfect. Ava, doesn't your daddy look awesome?"]
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"Can I daddy? Pweassseee!?" Ava asked Kane and he nodded, "Yes princess, we can even have the makeup artist do your makeup." He kissed her forehead and put her down while she went to color again, "Yeah she just turned 4....long story that no one knows about me, high school sweetheart and a car accident but I have Ava and shes the most spoiled little princess I know." He nodded listening to her, " Yeah I brought a few things and Ava has a few things in her bag like a jacket. Would it be too much to ask if I could get a picture with Ava? We don't have many other than at home and its just me and her so I would love a picture of us."

Ava watched her dad as he came out of the bathroom changed and he put on his shoes. He gave her a small bag of cheezits and she smiled and fist bumped him. It was obvious that Kane had raised this little girl all on his own. She didn't know what it was like to have a mom or be around one. She was a little princess though, no matter how much kane had hoped she would be a tom boy. She wore pink and loved dolls and princesses and her favorite thing was her american girl doll that she took everywhere with her, it was in her bag, and her dog which had been Kane's dog, Rambo.
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Savannah couldn't help but just glare at the woman. [b "That child that you just called a brat is welcome on my photography set anytime she wants."] she said. She watched as Kane picked up his daughter and she just grinned. [b "Hi Ava. My name is Savannah, but you can call me Sav."] she said [b "How about when I'm finished with you daddy, me and you do your own photo shoot?"] she asked, bending down o her level.

She looked at Kane and smiled softly. [b "I didn't know that country bad boy had a daughter."] she said. She grabbed her camera and attached her favorite lense at the moment. [b "So I think I want to start out in here, but then we'll go outside in the alley for a few too."] she explained. [b "Do you have a leather jacket? And a pair of grey joggers? I have a vision in my head that I wanna run with if that's okay with you."]

[b "The short notice is no problem. I didn't have anything booked today, so it's cool."] she said as she lowered the gray backdrop. [b "Yvette said something about you needing a tour manager too? Not to get ahead of myself... But what would that entail?"] she questioned.
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"Don't say I didn't warn you." Yvette said and then rolled her eyes, "Looks like he brought the brat." A little girl, no older than 4 ran after Kane, grabbing his hand. "Daddy can I have juice?" She asked and Kane nodded picking her up into his arms before sitting her on the couch in the corner and getting her a gatorade from the mini fridge by the table of food set out for everyone. "Your gonna be good today right Ava?" She nodded smiling, "Yes daddy."

The little girl was gorgeous, his blue eyes and hair, her skin a tab bit lighter than his and her hair was a light brown naturally with natural curls. There was no denying she was his daughter.

Kane made sure she had her crayons and her Vampirina coloring book before he turned his attention to the photographer. He walked over to her smiling, "Hey. I'm Kane." He said reaching his hand out to shake hers. "Thank you for doing this at such a short notice. I saw your shots and thought you would be perfect for what I'm trying to do here. I had to bring Ava today, her sitter cancelled on me and there wasn't anyone short notice." Kane said sighing.
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She missed Maci Layne so much, but she was having the time of her life with Ryan and his parents at the indoor waterpark in Gatlinburg, Ryan had taken one of her little friends from school too. it was all Maci had been talking about for the past month, when Ryan had told her about it.

Savannah sighed as she hopped out of her Jeep. She grabbed her two camera bags and took a deep breath before she walked into the building that Kane's manager had given her the address of. [b "I'm gonna throw up. I'm so nervous."] she said to herself.

[b "I'm Savannah LaBrant."] she said holding her hand out to Yvette. [b "Thank you so much for this opportunity!"] She listened to the woman warn her about Kane and she simply nodded. [b "Thanks for the warning... But I've gotten some of the bed pictures when kids are in a mood... Surely an adult will be easier to work with."]

She held her breath when she looked over at Kane Brown. He was better looking in person. [i "No. You can't be attracted to him. A guy like him won't give Maci a singl thought."] she thought to herself. She smiled soflty when she moved closer to Kane, to hold her hand out. [b "Hi. I'm Savannah LaBrant. Really nice to meet you."]
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Kane sat in the Sony meeting and listened to the executives drone on and on about numbers and release dates... he really didn't care about nay of it, he just made the music. Kane was a preformer, not a business suit type. He scrolled through his phone and his manager got his attention, "Kane you need to pick your photographer for the album and single shoot tomorrow." Kane nodded and looked at some sample photos that photographers had sent in and he pointed to one, "That one, its got the look that I've got in mind, call her."

The next day Kane arrived to the shoot early, he always liked to talk to the photographers about the pictures they would be shooting today. Yvette was Kane's manager and she was there warning Savannah, "Hes tempermental, he likes to get what he wants, and he doesn't talk to alot of people. Get him to talk and your golden and might just get that job as his tour photographer that he needs. I put in a good word for you and he did pick you all on his own." She said looking to her, "Oh there he is." Kane walked over to the two women, dressed in his brown leather jacket, black t shirt, and ripped jeans.
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Savannah LaBrant was a twenty three year old Photographer, who lived in Nashville, with an seven year old daughter. She got pregnant at sixteen, by her boyfriend, Ryan. Things were perfect at first, well as perfect as could be when you were sixteen and pregnant. They were the perfect young family. Then Ryan started acting weird all the time, he was cheating on her. Savannah had made one of the hardest decisions of her life, and left Ryan.

They still somehow managed to create a pretty great co-parenting relationship. Ryan got Maci Layne every other weekend and three and a half days throughout the week. She was with Savannah the rest of the time. She and Ryan hardly fought anymore. They helped each other when needed, if she needed him to watch Maci, he would and vice versa.

She was recently hired on to shoot some country super stars album photos. Maci was going on a mini vacation to Gatlinburg for four days with her Daddy and his parents, so Savannah would be able to get the pictures back to Sony fast. She had so much riding on this job, it would be a complete game changer.

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