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[font "Comfortaa" People always say shit like "time heals all wounds", or want to console you with "everything happens for a reason". But we both know it's rubbish.

Time isn't helping. I still haven't found the reason. All I have is hurt and anger, and I wish I could forgive you - forgive myself - and find a way to free myself.

Who knew life after you would be so hard?

↟ p l o t ↟

Essentially, our characters will meet in a grief group, run by a Padre at the local Cathedral/Church. Despite getting off to a rough start, it seems like the two can't stop running into one another, and once they actually come to know one another, a friendship seems to bloom between them.

The biggest problem here is a lot of unresolved issues from the past - feelings of resentment, regret, and sadness still linger.

This is a story about how two souls who have been knocked off kilter find their way, or alternatively, being forced to choose between love and obligation - breaking a vow or breaking a heart.

I had two main ideas in mind for this: the first is that two members of this grief group are the ones who ultimately become friends, or a member of the grief group and the Padre somehow get to be close.

Both options are very flexible in terms of how we want to develop them, though I do feel option two makes for more drama.

↟ b o n e s ↟

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↟ Please send me a skeleton titled [i Ashes] if interested. ↟


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