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Deep in the forests of Ṙ̶̪̝̖̎̇̾͋̈́͝e̵̢̧͍̦̩͆̾d̸͉̺͉͓̽̓̃̾̋å̴̺͚͚̏̒̊͌ͅc̵͓̞̅̌̐̀̾̐t̵͈̗̋̈́̀̔͗͛͠ẹ̴̼̬̲̦̾͊͐̓̓̂̚d̷͓͖͕̥͑̃̓͊̐ lies a mansion known to locals as the Orphanage of the Lost as people and creatures of all ages who are lost in life seem to show up there and are given a safe space until they either can stand on their own or, for those of young age, get adopted out to families that can truly love them for who they are.

[h3 [center Rules]]
~This is basically a 'Family' Roleplay free-for-all so do what you want as long as it follows site rules.

~NO CYBERING take that shit offsite and timeskip.

~NO GODMODDING yes your character may be a species that can heal quickly but still if you get into a fight don't be a dick.

~Pictures are whatever as long as they ain't erotica/nudes.

~To Join fill out the skelly below and send it to me with the title 'Ohana'

~You may play as many characters as you can handle.

~Have Fun <3

[h3 [center Skelly]]
[center [b Picture URL:] {NO EROTICA OR NUDES}]
[center [b Chosen Name:] {What does your character go by?}]
[center [b Age:] {2+} {Babies are considered NPC's until old enough to move around on their own}]
[center [b Species:] {Human, Vampire, Fae, Shifter, Were, etc}]
[center [b Extra:] {Anything important we need to know about your character?}]

[h3 [center Accepted Characters]]
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[center [b Chosen Name:] Shima]
[center [b Age:] Unknown Looks 14]
[center [b Species:] Human?]
[center [b Extra:] Shima was born in the orphanage and has lived there all her life and tends to fall into the role of caretaker of the house and land around it. Shima loves to help those who end up at the orphanage and tends to act very motherly to everyone despite looking so young. Shima hates when people talk down to her.]
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[center [b Chosen Name:] Samantha Jones]
[center [b Age:] 11?]
[center [b Species:] Human Fae Hybrid]
[center [b Extra:] Came to the Orphanage with no memory of her past and 2 months pregnant.]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/2f05fcc6d4d1dbaa158915dac85492db/tumblr_pi4mj973zR1ugma4co1_540.png]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] The Triplets {From left to right Katashi, Kaley, and Kaname}]
[center [b Age:] [i Kaley:] 2 [i Kat and Kan:] 4 {Severely Malnourished}]
[center [b Species:] [i Kaley:] Angel/Faerie Hybrid [i Kat and Kan:] Shapeshifter {Can shift age, gender, and into any animal at will}]
[center [b Extra:] The Triplets were found by Shima just over a year ago in the forest surrounding the Orphanage in a near death state as they looked as though they had just escaped Hell. Once cleaned up and bandaged it was found that the 3 had signs of repeated abuse. Kaley and Katashi have black roses tattooed on their body and Kaley is completely deaf as her ears were completely removed not to mention all 3 have many scars all over their body, Kaley also has small bumps on her back indicating she was born with wings that have been violently removed. Over their first year The Triplets grew to be very anti-social and shy when it comes to anyone but each other and Shima and if they're ever separated they will all stop what they're doing at the moment and all begin to scream and cry until they're reunited with each other. Recently Kaname has begun to come more out of his shell and is the only one of the 3 that will speak with someone outside his family sometimes even going so far as to flirt with whomever he's speaking with.]
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[center [pic http://pm1.narvii.com/6574/eeb5d734116520885e3563de3622f32311e13654_00.jpg]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] Lucas or Luke]
[center [b Age:] 19]
[center [b Species:] Human-Dragon hybrid]
[center [b Extra:] N/A]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/9phDIlV.jpg]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] Alexandria Bakal Aka, Alex]
[center [b Age:] 16]
[center [b Species:] Celestial Human]
[center [b Extra:] Abandoned by father, mother was the goddess, Cancer as in the zodiac. Born from a high family, she expects everything to be given to her. She needs a lesson.]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/wxCxXVJ.jpg]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] Viloanic Retnuh or Vil, Bean, or Sky]
[center [b Age:] 12]
[center [b Species:] Celestial Human]
[center [b Extra:] Mother and father died at a young age and Viloanic had been sexually assaulted and raped. He was sent to the Orphanage by the celestial goddess, Virgo to become mentally stable and gain friends.]
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[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/6a/0b/21/6a0b2149196b76289b7cbc7e8c042a9d.jpg]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] Aoi and Sakura Bani]
[center [b Age:] 15 and 5]
[center [b Species:] Werebunnies]
[center [b Extra:] They came to the Orphanage together about 3 years ago after Aoi was kicked out of his house for being gay, and he wasn't willing to let his sister grow up in that kind of environment so he kidnapped her and took her with him. Sakura has no memory of her life before the orphanage.]
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[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/b63d0f80993cff4ae3f9aff2a83cfc07/tumblr_pjby5vFTgE1ugma4co1_540.png]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] Theo 'Tiger' Morison]
[center [b Age:] 16]
[center [b Species:] Tabby Shifter]
[center [b Extra:] Tiger came to the Orphanage when he was 5 after his parents were murdered. Tiger's right eye and ear are both gone and he has a poor sense of balance due to having his tail cut off in cat form. Tiger has a huge crush on Aoi but hides it due to PTSD from his past.]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/5524c24364d3df9dfc3eea9a6b1d2c04/tumblr_o9jyfjlyVB1usnxjio1_500.jpg]]
[center [b Chosen Name:] Yuki Usagi]
[center [b Age:] 4]
[center [b Species:] WereRabbit]
[center [b Extra:] Yuki came to the Orphanage only a year ago with no memory of who he was or where he came from and has since been taken under the wing of Sakura who treats him like her personal dolly, but Yuki doesn't mind and has become somewhat protective of her fighting anyone he doesn't deem nice if they get to close.]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]


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Viloanic was aware of things happening at that point, feeling the needle go in but surprisingly, he didn't freak because of Shima. He nodded when she told him to sleep and he looked over at Tiger, managing a weak semi-smile. He then fell asleep afterward, the screen among the wall changing to whatever he was dreaming.

Oddly, the screen currently was showing weird shapes and figures along with a plushie dragon of some sort. Maybe it was his memories or maybe it was just a meaningless dream. It was when the screen started to turn all red is when Vil began to freak out in his bed, letting out whimpers.


[#8B008B "What do you mean mom? Why is there another celestial here? Will there be more?" ] Alexandria hissed in her dreams, the picture of Cancer standing before her. [+cyan "It was Virgo's choosing, not mine Alex and I'm not sure, it depends on the others if they want to send the others. We don't have a lot of children and you should know that." ] Cancer said to Alexandria.

It took a moment to actually take in Cancer's beauty, her bright cyan blue hair reaching her back. Her skin was pale and freckled with hot pink and dark blue freckles. She wore navy blue robes laced with gold and she seemed to look like a teenager.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/9phDIlV.jpg ]
  Romeo- / 252d 20h 7m 52s
Lucas slowly got up and opened the door, and sighed, knowing that he wasn't going to win this battle inside him if he kept it in. "If you want to come in I'll tell you why I was drinking, Land Goddess." he said and then gave her a rare, fleeting smile. "Even with this hangover, I can still tell when people are gods or the children of gods. One of the powers I was born with, the ability to be connected to all life, all light, in the multiverse." His bright blue eyes were contrasted by the redness and puffiness of his eyes, he had been crying. "I've been alive for a long time, so you'd think that I'd be no stranger to loss." he said walking towards the window, then sighed "But it's different when your not welcome with humans or dragons. I could've stopped my uncle from destroying the orphanage I was in before I came here. But he killed my brother, my only family, and I shut down. The Dragoknights Orphanage was destroyed because of me, and now I'm welcome nowhere."
When the boy began to wiggle in pain Shima used her magic to calm him while Tiger helped clean him up and Tiger also rolled his eyes at the girl. [#FF8B17 “You know one day their all gonna figure out you do that.”] Tiger said low enough for only Shima to hear and the girl looked over at him frowning slightly. [#078A00 “Oh hush no their not after all I'm just a simple human just trying to take care of everyone.”] she murmured back as she kept one hand on Vil's shoulder to help heal and used the other to wash the boy's hair. Tiger sighed at the girl's words and shook his head not really wanting to get into an argument about the girl's true self while taking care of a new kid. Tiger was one of the few who had been allowed to see Shima's truth and it always irritated him when she pretended to be something she wasn't but he kept quiet for her sake having demons of his own he kept hidden.
Once the boy was washed Tiger helped carry him out into his room and dressed him just now getting a good look at the place. [#FF8B17 “Damn and I thought my room was unique.”] he said as he placed Vil on the bed while Shima stood on the other side hooking up medical equipment which confused Tiger. [#FF8B17 “Miss Shima what are you doing?”] he asked and Shima looked over at the redhead smiling lightly as she rubbed Vil's arm to try and find a vain. [#078A00 “He needs fluids his body is to broken to eat right now... he kind of reminds me of you when I found you all those years ago. So small, and broken...”] Shima said and that statement caused Tiger to flinch and he looked down at the boy he hadn't really noticed before but the boy was in a rough state even after Shima's healing which wasn't good as he remembered how he was when he first came. Shima thankfully managed to find a vein and, while using her magic to make it so Vil wouldn't freak, slowly slid in a pediatric needle and taped it down setting the drip. [#078A00 “There we are sweet one this will make you feel better now try and get some sleep you'll feel better when you get up and I'll make you a nice bowl of soup okay?”] Shima said as she tucked in the boy and Tiger grabbed a, now leaf covered chair and pulled up beside the bed smiling at Shima. [#FF8B17 “I'll stay with him Shima I'm sure you have other work to do.”] he said and Shima raised an eyebrow at him but smiled nodding before squeezing Vil's hand lightly and looking back down at Vil. [#078A00 “This is Tiger he's going to stay with you while you sleep to make sure you don't have any nightmares okay? And don't worry about his name he may act all big and tough but he's nothing more than a little kitty kat.”] she said then stood up heading to the door. [#078A00 “Let me know right away if he needs anything alright?”] Shima whispered to Tiger and Tiger nodded smiling as Shima left the room.
Once Shima was out in the hall she got another dizzy spell and glared up at the house. [#078A00 “I get it I'm going geez no need to be so bossy.”] she muttered making her way to Lucas's room and she knocked a couple times before entering and she leaned against the door frame noticing the boy was still up. [#078A00 “Hey sorry about the interruption I wasn't expecting anyone other than you today so it kind of threw me off... um there is pain meds in your bathroom cupboard just do me a favor and don't abuse them meds only come in once a month and there's not a pharmacy very close.”] Shima said lying about the meds coming once a month as she stepped a few more feet into the room suddenly getting the feeling she wasn't welcome though she wanted to heal him, or at least take the edge of his pain off so he could sleep. [#078A00 “I know I took your beer and I know you probably don't like me very much right now but please do me a favor and keep fighting in the house to a minimum your not the only person here that needs healing, and your old enough to know better.”] she said moving slowly closer her hands already glowing as her need to help grew and once she was within arms reach she slowly reached out and placed her hand on his arm to lost in her healing to notice if he was about to lash out or not.
  Shima-chan / InNeedOfEscape / 253d 13h 27m 56s
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Alexandria looked into Shima's eyes as she felt a weight lift off of her shoulders for a bit, looking over at Viloanic. As soon as Shima told her that he was from the same family as her, her jaw dropped in shock. [#8B008B "He's... a celestial...?" ] She called after them as they walked away. She was suddenly filled with anger, she was to get to the bottom of this.

She began to make her way past everybody in the dining room, her hands clenched into fists. She was heading towards the temple, her powers kinda getting out of control. She had the ability to control water and it seemed like small water fountains outside began to explode. She finally made it to the temple and did what she had to do.

Eventually, she was sitting in the temple, on a bench before falling asleep.


Viloanic was dumbly and acutely aware of everything that was happening, feeling weird in the warmth of Tiger's arms. The room was very unique, the ceiling no longer there and it was replaced with a canopy of leafy branches over it, the leaves making the roof. Part of the wall was gone to reveal a magical illusion that showed beautiful beaches and valleys as of now.

He groaned as he was being held in Tiger's arms, hearing the running of bath water as he turned over in the boy's hands. He felt so horrible, he actually wished he was dead.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/wxCxXVJ.jpg ]
  [ᴀ] / Romeo- / 253d 15h 7m 40s
Lucas barely acknowledged the room had decorated itself with his interests before he walked in, the throbbing headache not making anything easier. The girl, if she was even that, at this point Lucas didn't really care, had taken his alcohol, but not his weapon. He wouldn't part with it, and only he knew why: Before his world was ruined, his brother had made the sword from him, now he, and everyone else he care about was gone. He wanted to move on, but just couldn't. He didn't realize it, or just didn't accept it, but he would probably need to fall in love again to be able to ignore and truly get rid of his pain.
Shima smiled lightly when the boy looked at her but then he slumped over looking very skinny and tired and Shima lightly wrapped her arms around him. [#FDC4FF “Is he going to be okay Shima-sama?”] a small girl by the name Sakura asked as she tried to come closer only to be grabbed by her older brother and best friend who pulled her back. Shima looked up at the young girl and smiled sadly. [#078A00 “Yes Sakura he'll be fine honey he just needs a warm bath and some food in his stomach.”] she said before turning her head to look at a red haired boy named Tiger who was kneeling by Vil. [#FF8B17 “I can carry him Ms. Shima and we can use my bathroom.”] the boy offered with a small smile and Shima smiled back nodding but as she moved to help put the boy into Tiger's arms she got a sudden dizzy spell and her breath suddenly came out in shudders, and she felt someone's hand on her shoulder and looked over to see Aoi, Sakura's elder brother looking at her with worry. [#0AC2FF “Are you alright Shima-sama?”] he asked and Shima smiled nodding. [#078A00 “Yes fine... I'm fine Tiger change of plans it seems he has a room.”] she said and Tiger blinked before letting out a small laugh and looking up at the room around him before shaking his head and carefully standing with the boy in his arms and Shima stood tapping Aoi's hand that was helping her up before turning to the others. [#078A00 “Sorry for the scare everyone please go back to your meal then get to your chores and or classes everything is alright.”] Shima said in a tone that had the whole room suddenly quiet down and go back to their food acting as though nothing happened then she looked over at Tiger who smiled and followed the girl out of the dining room and up the stairs to the rooms. Shima noticed Alex had come out of her room and stopped grabbing the girl's hands in hers allowing her own hands to glow lightly letting out mental waves to try and help the girl's mood a bit. [#078A00 “Alex dear I'm glad you came out and I see you ate good... um sweety I know your probably on your way to the temple to speak with your mother, but I wanted to let you know it seems we have another Celestial child from your pantheon. I know your still mad but if you can find the time please let him know he's not alone alright?”] Shima asked smiling lightly as she turned to look at Vil in Tiger's arms then she turned back to Alex and squeezed her hands lightly before letting go and continuing her way down the hall with Tiger until they got to Vil's room which now sat next to Alex's and once they got to the room Shima flipped over a wall panel that held the room's designer AI and lightly took Vil's hand and placed it on the scanner allowing any thoughts and dreams the boy had to flow into the device creating the perfect room for him. Once it was done the 3 walked in and headed to the room's bathroom where Shima helped prepare a bath and get the boy washed up.

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/bc/da/e9/bcdae9060e01f763efea3c80db6ae6c9.jpg]
The house was surprised when the new Celestial walked through it's doors and quickly made up a room for it, but at the same time it had to decorate Lucas's room as the boy refused to eat, usually the children were given the opportunity to decorate the rooms themselves through the house's hidden AI but the dragon just seemed tired and hurt which confused it since Shima usually cared for the injured so he made sure to send out a message to her about the new boy's room and the dragon knowing she would take care of everything once she got the chance.

[pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/2f05fcc6d4d1dbaa158915dac85492db/tumblr_pi4mj973zR1ugma4co1_540.png]
Kaname frowned when the man ignored him, set the food down, and headed upstairs but the toddler didn't move from his spot not wanting his siblings to cause a fuss after all they were toddlers he would get over it.
Once the Triplets finished eating they headed up to the playroom, as Kaley was too young for classes, and begun a game of House giggling and having fun as not to disturb anyone.
  Shima-chan / InNeedOfEscape / 253d 16h 2m 35s
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The boy felt hands on his arms, his mind too fogged with negative emotions to even react to it. He then felt something surging into him, leaving him with a strange calmness. He soon stopped crying, his hands shaking as he heard his name come from Shima's mouth. He took his grey sleeved hands away from his face, showing his cheeks that were stained with tears as he looked into Shima's face.

He was scrawny and smol, somebody could easily pick him up. He also looked like he hadn't had food in days as he sat there, breathing heavily. His sweater even showed his rib cage as he exhaled and inhaled. He had scars all over his neck and whatnot, dirt and seeds all over his body. His face was a bit black, mostly from not sleeping and having to walk on forever.

His feet still hurt as well as if the magic had never reached his feet. He kinda slumped over, leaning into Shima as he continued to breathe.


Alexandria let out a sad sigh, slipping out of bed and going to her closet. She yanked open the door, looking through her array of clothes she had while she was living here. She pulled on some skinny jeans and a large hoodie, hugging herself as she stared out her window. Eventually, she turned around and went to the table next to her bed.

She would only eat so that she wouldn't die and she ate a tiny bit, only enough to keep her with enough energy to last the day. She eventually just sat there before getting back up and leaving her room, closing the door behind her. She went down the stairs, wanting to see what was happening.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/9phDIlV.jpg ]
  Romeo- / 253d 18h 35m 50s
"Uh..." Lucas said, barely able to to comprehend what the woman said before she sped off. "O...kay?" Lucas said, clearly confused, wincing at the pain his wings were giving him. He had made a rough landing and he was pretty sure one of his wings were broken. He didn't really care to be honest, having dealt with more pain than a broken wing, both physically and emotionally. He was kinda mad that his alcohol was gone, but at this point, he was too tired to argue. He walked to the bedrooms t find his and sleep off his hangover from yesterday, but also to be alone with his thoughts. Shima had been the first person who was nice to him since he was banished from his home, since everything he had known, and all the people he cared about died. He didn't want to close his eyes, because every time he did he saw them all, staring at him, telling him that he could've saved them, that it was his fault. But he knew sleep would come, and that's when the worst happened. Nightmares that seemed too real... only to find out that it might have actually happened, and a voice as cold as death itself telling Lucas that he was next
Shima hummed while she finished breakfast and handed out plates to those who had woken up sighing lightly when Alex didn't come down Shima was having a hard time getting through to her ever since she was left here by her mother for healing after her father's abandonment. Once everyone who wasn't still asleep/being stubborn came down Shima loaded up a drone with plates and headed upstairs going into the rooms of those who were still asleep to put the foods on the room's tables for when they got up. Shima stopped by Alex's room last and knocked lightly before heading in. [#078A00 “I know you're awake.”] Shima said as she walked over to the table and placed Alex's plate down. [#078A00 “I made Japanese Omelets this morning it's just eggs and fried rice... I know your still mad but it's not good to starve so I'll leave it here just in case and the temple is open today if you'd like to try and speak with your mother, otherwise classes start in about an hour if you're up for it.”] Shima stated in a calm motherly voice, she didn't truly expect any answer from the girl and just walked out as she did every morning.
Once out of the room Shima got the feeling someone was close and she stilled closing her eyes and breathing in. [i [#078A00 'Dragon... no Dragon-Hybrid... 19 with...]] [#078A00 Alcohol!”] she thought exclaiming the last bit out loud as she sent the drone back to it's station and ran down the stairs and opened the front door to the man who seemed just about to knock and she smiled. [#078A00 “Hi you must be Lucas Knight we've been expecting you.”] she said as she grabbed the man's hand and lead him into the kitchen where she quickly swapped his beer out for a juice box and holding the beer like it was poison before tossing it to what looked like a giant see through wolf who ate the bottle before disappearing. [#078A00 “Welcome to the Orphanage of the Lost I'm Shima and I basically take care of this place, though help is always appreciated. I understand your here to get help so rule one friend Juice or Soda over alcoholic beverages and before you ask no I don't keep any alcohol in the house as we do not have any children here who require it, and no you will not be the exception. Now here's your plate the dining room is through that door. Classes start in an hour if your up to it otherwise I'll be happy to give you a tour and help you set up your room Any Questions?”] Shima said giving her basic schpeel of the place but before the boy had time to answer there was suddenly the sound of wailing coming from the dining room and Shima tensed and turned the Triplets were still asleep so it wasn't them and this caused Shima to panic slightly as she raced into the room and saw a child had come in the back door and was on his knees crying and everyone was looking at him. [#078A00 “Oh dear.”] she said as she quickly made her way over to the boy and knelt down in front of him taking in a breath as she did. [i [#078A00 'Age 12.... Celestial.... Virgo... Pain... No Memory...']] Shima thought her hands shaking as she slowly reached for the child and placed her hands on the boy's arms her palms glowing a dull green as she pulsed calming and healing magic into the child. [#078A00 “Hush now sweet one, Hush your safe now. Your going to be alright Viloanic Retnuh, can you look at me sweet one? I promise I'm not going to hurt you.”] Shima asked her voice calm and soothing as her magic faded out, Shima always did her best to hide her true nature and others were starting to come over but she hoped that she had healed him enough for him to be able to stop crying.

[pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/9581d6879250c4f72faa543005dbd76d/tumblr_o2iaunAmgS1ugma4co1_540.jpg]
Samantha had moved to the dining room once more of the girls had come down and she stuck close to them being utterly shocked with the others when the crying boy came in, but as usual Shima was there before anyone could do anything and Sammy watched Shima talk to the boy and lightly place her hands on his arm, though like the others she couldn't see the magic coming from Shima's hands. Once she recovered from her shock Samantha quickly finished her food and rushed out of the dining hall back to her room not wanting to see what the boy would do once he was calm.

[pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/2f05fcc6d4d1dbaa158915dac85492db/tumblr_pi4mj973zR1ugma4co1_540.png]
The Triplets unfortunately woke to the noise and, once making sure they were together, got up and walked up to the small table where their food lay and Kaname noticed the large man in the room and smiled a stupid toddler smile. [#1900FF “Hi you Dargon sit us?”] he babbled only to get a glare from his brother and sister who only scooted closer to each other as Kaname giggled and waved at the man.
  Shima-chan / InNeedOfEscape / 253d 18h 22m 45s
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The girl had been at the Orphanage for a while now and yet she seemed to still hate it. She laid in her bed, rolling over several times as she stared at the walls of her own room. She was surely not going to get up anytime soon without being forced to get up and she currently had a vendetta against food. She was starving herself just because she felt lonely for once without her mother there.

Did Cancer just expect to hand her away and call it a job? Why was she given to the orphanage? What did she do? So many unanswered questions which led her to do the morbid act of starving herself. She sighed with heaviness, rolling over once more. She was pale as ever, more than likely from not ever going outside at all.

She also had white hair, the color of snow and her eyes were dark purple, obviously showing that she wasn't human.


Viloanic didn't know anything anymore, he was just wondering along at this point. His feet felt numb, his body felt heavy with every fucking step he took. He was surely gonna collapse soon but he went on, escaping the shadows of the woods and upon a clearing with the orphanage. He looked at it and something magical tugged him towards it and he started numbly walking again.

Eventually, he made it to the entrance or at least the back door of some sort. He made his way through the orphanage slowly but surely, beginning to break down into cries as he made it to the dining room. He looked among all the other kids and he kept crying, not knowing what to do. He was covered in blood, dirt and flower seeds.

He had floofy bluish green hair and dark green eyes, his skin pale but flaked with green and brown freckles. He wore a torn grey sweater and torn black pants with it, eventually falling to his knees in the doorway with his sweater sleeves covering his face as he cried on.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/wxCxXVJ.jpg ]
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Lucas Knight looked at the Orphanage skeptically, a glass of alcohol in his hand. Sighing, he took a long drink from the bottle and walked in, attempting to hide his wings the best he could. Ironic thing was, he couldn't really get drunk without drinking a whole keg, but thats why he was here. He wanted to get out of his depression, get rid of his insecurities, maybe even find someone who appreciates him for him
The sun was barely rising over the horizon when Shima's eyes opened and she sat up slowly careful not to jolt the toddlers sleeping next to her and she smiled down at their sleeping faces sighing lightly as she carefully moved off the bed careful not to jolt the children before tucking them back in and heading to her bathroom to get ready for the day the Orphanage had grown quite busy as of late which meant she had much to do. After taking her shower Shima headed to a small cabinet in the corner of the room and opened it revealing the small Japanese shrine that was set up with a photo of a Mother, Father, and their newborn daughter in the center. Shima smiled at the photo before lighting the incense and sitting down in front of the shrine before beginning to talk to it her voice barely audible in the quiet room, [#078A00 “Good Morning Motina, Otasan today I think it needs to rain the crops won't grow without it and with so many new faces it's hard keeping up with everything and I can't continue sending folks to town it's to risky especially right now, we're getting more and more children who aren't actually orphans, but they still desperately need this place to heal... I'm scared I don't want them to get hurt because I couldn't get food fast enough... Yes I know and that's what I plan on doing... Alright yes I love you guys too. Stay Strong, Heal Calmly, Love Forever.”] the girl sighed again as she finished before she stood up and closed the cabinet then jumped when something tugged on her shirt and she looked down to see one of the toddlers standing there looking up at her sleepily. [#078A00 “O-oh Kaname dearest you startled me what are you doing out of bed so early?”] she asked as she knelt down in front of the boy who got closer to wrap his arms around the girl's neck. [#1900FF “Cold Shima Cuddles.”] the boy said causing Shima to smile as she scooped the boy up and walked back over to the bed perching on the edge as she cuddled the boy and sang a soft lullaby rocking the boy gently. The toddler though didn't fall back asleep and looked up at Shima and once the girl finally noticed she looked back at him and smiled. [#078A00 “Would you like to help me out with morning chores?”] she asked the boy and his face lit up and he nodded. [#078A00 “Alright go grab the stroller and get your siblings jackets you know how they get when you guys are separated.”] she said and the boy giggled before hopping off Shima's lap grabbing what he was told and Shima shook her head sighing, [i [#078A00 'I should be happy that he wants to help, but he's still so little, I'll have to watch him closely in case he gets too tired hee.']] she thought as she stood up and carefully lifted both of the other toddlers on her bed and strapped them into the [http://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81tyyh-My-L._SX355_.jpg triple jogging stroller] after carefully putting on their jackets then she helped Kaname into his and helped him into his seat and then she set off heading out of the house and to the giant garden and greenhouse in the back that basically grew all the food for the house except for meat and specialty items which she usually got in town or via privet reliable sources. Starting in the greenhouse, where the heat lights were still on, Shima parked the stroller in the corner and let Kaname out before handing him a small watering can while she used the hose to water the plants and checked them for pests. When the sun was finally visible over the mountain Shima lead Kaname outside to help with the current season plants but only a row in Kaname became tired and headed back to the stroller and that caused Shima to chuckle before she went back to work and she couldn't help but be relieved by the boy's tiredness as this gave her the chance to do her magic without witnesses, which was important since she tried her best to make everyone believe she was nothing more than a simple human.
Stripping down to her undergarments and taking her hair out of the pony she had it in Shima began dancing a very elaborate dance that caused her whole body to get surrounded with a pale green orb that left a trail of magic behind her as she weaved her way through the crops causing many of them to bloom on the spot. Once she was done with her dance a large raincloud formed over the garden and immediately thundered and rained and Shima stood in it smiling and panting before she tied her hair back up and collected a few crops to use for breakfast before dressing and heading in to the kitchen where she left the triplets in their stroller by the archway to the dining room and got to work on breakfast knowing the kids would start waking up soon since it was already after 7 and the Orphanage classes started at 10.

[pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/9581d6879250c4f72faa543005dbd76d/tumblr_o2iaunAmgS1ugma4co1_540.jpg]
[i Darkness and muffled sounds... tightness and bright lights... [#E81515 P̡̨̀͘͡A̶̸̴̶Į̷̸̕͞N̴̢̨̡͞] and Ǹoise̸... Warmth and Food a full belly... Noise to much N̡o̕i͜͠s̶̛͘e̛͘҉ and [#FF0000 [b R҉̷̷̢Ȩ̸̨͜D̷̡͘͜͟]]. [#FFFEE0 Emptiness], [#C1E1E8 Coldness], and [#001EFF Sad̸n͢e͞ss].... [#745578 F́͠e̷̵Ar͜], [#966F42 H͞u̶N̸͞g̸Ér̢] and [#E81515 P̧̕͟͠A̧̛Į̵̵͟N̶͢] so much [#E81515 P͡a͝ín̡]. [#00D18B “STOP IT HURTS PLEASE STOP, STOP, AH!!!!”]]
[#00D18B “AAAAHHHHH!!!!”] a girl screams as she bolts up in bed her screams turning into a couching fit and she grips her bedsheets with one hand as she coughs up blood into the other. Once the coughing finally dies down the girl opens her eyes and stares down at her bloody hand her breath coming out in rough, broken pants but she just continues to stare at her own blood running down her palm and arm until the waft of food seeps in under her door and her mind finally boots up causing her to remember where she is and she suddenly gets hit with a bout of nausea and jumps out of bed heading to the bathroom connected to her room where she heaves stomach acid and more blood into the toilet for a few minutes before collapsing next to the toilet. Suddenly the door to her room opens and another girl with brown and green hair rushes in and looks around panicked before coming over to the girl on the floor and kneeling beside her. [#078A00 “Oh goddess Samantha I'm sorry I didn't get here faster oh geez...”] the older girl who Samantha remembered was named Shima said in a tone that made Samantha think she looked as bad as she felt and then just closed her eyes knowing that Shima would take care of her since she had been doing since Samantha was found last week. Samantha felt Shima put a hand on her forehead and the younger sighed as all the tension in her body melted away, she didn't quite understand how the girl did it but her touch always made Samantha feel better.
Samantha opened her eyes and Shima helped her run a bath and clean up before heading back down to finish cooking breakfast and Samantha stayed in the bath till her fingers were all wrinkly not really wanting to deal with the world today but the smell of food caused her stomach to grumble so she forced herself out of the bath, dressed in a plain brown dress then headed down to the kitchen shocked to see she was one of the first ones down. Shima smiled at Samantha when she entered then handed her a plate and Samantha thanked her and sat down at the small table that sat in the kitchen not wanting to eat in the big dining room all by herself... or worse with boys who for some reason scared the living shit out of her unless they were under the age of 5 like the 2 boys Samantha noticed sleeping in a stroller by the dining hall with their sister, everyone seemed to just refer to them as The Triplets and Samantha easily saw why since they all had bright red hair that was the color of fresh blood. The thought of blood caused Samantha to shudder so she turned her eyes away from the toddlers and locked them on the plate in front of her as she picked at her food which seemed to be Japanese Omelets this morning.
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