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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather just seemed awkward and shy about everything, his hands close to his chest. He felt guilty currently just because Lily wanted to make love and he didn't. He wanted the best for Lily but he had this war inside of him between this person who is confident in everything he does and this person who is shy and aloof.

[#228B22 "Sorry..." ] He subconsciously said, playing around with his sweater as he usually did when he was nervous. He watched Lily get dressed, his forest green eyes watching closely. He shrugged as he really didn't have any plans, he was just gonna go wherever the night took him.

Sound poetic right?


Boethius obviously couldn't tell that Evangeline was lying because he gulped and shifted around a lot. He stared back at her, his posture nice and uptight, his shoulders squared. He seemed extremely confident but at the same time, very uneasy. He frowned and nodded, instantly grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the park he had grown up in.

[#DC143C "Don't worry about why I am, I'm here now." ]
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Kneeling upon the bed, eyes glanced at the man who remained standing on the other side of the room as he too stared in her direction.
Sure, she was going to get it as he was the one that spoke the words but his demeanor said different.
Their love life had been on the back burner lately. It was a shame. When the two made love, it was electric..

Was it all falling apart?
What does one do when it all falls apart?

Lily could see the look in his eyes that a night in was not exactly going to happen so she nodded with a smile, bouncing off the bed.
[b "I do feel like going out.."] she muttered as she began to wander around the apartment, choosing clothes from the wardrobe, placing them upon her body before doing all the other requirements needed for a girl to go out.
[b "Where did you want to go. Any plans?..."]


[+red "No! That's not what I meant! I meant it as just a place to talk since we just met! I'm also very aware that you do have mace and that makes me terrified." ]
[b "It's not just my mace. I am talented in the moved of karate..."]

Now she was just talking out her ass.
Evangeline had no idea how to throw a punch, but he didn't have to know that.
Stopping dead in her tracks, Evangeline turned and stared upon the boy that dared talk to her. He seemed sincere. All he wanted was a friend and truth be told, so did she.

[b "You're just going to stand there?..."] she spoke softly. [b "Why are you out this late anyway?..."]
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather was kinda disappointed at the fact that Lily didn't want to go out but he didn't really show it. He smiled back, his face showing his nice and somewhat attractive features. He had a nice, bright smile and his eyes always seemed to reflect his current mood, his hazel green eyes bright as he looked at the scarf around his girlfriend's hands. [#228B22 "You're asking for it~" ] He finally said.

He finally watched as Lily pulled away, watching her with his bright eyes as she took off her shoes and began to get undressed. He began to blush more this time, still not used to Lily being this bare in front of him, to be honest. He looked around a lot as he seemed to be awkwardly standing there before looking back at Lily, seeing her on her knees on the messy bed.

He played with his necklace subconsciously, not sure of what to do at this point.

[Center ---- ]

[#DC143C "No! That's not what I meant! I meant it as just a place to talk since we just met! I'm also very aware that you do have mace and that makes me terrified." ] Boethius finally said, standing there, rooted to his spot on the sidewalk. He didn't mean to come off as weird or anything, he was just awkward with meeting people like this but he had no other way of talking to someone new.

He played with the bottom of his shirt as he awaited for her answer.
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[b "Do I want to go to the park? ..."] Evangeline muttered, again raising an eyebrow as she held onto the mace in the palm of her hand really tight.
It was one thing for a boy to come up to her at night, but it was another asking to go to the park.
[b "Okay, what is this all about?..."] she asked, stopping again in her tracks, turning her body to where body was facing body. [b "Is 'park' code for the place you want to fuck? ..or is it a place where you feel compelled to kill me? because right now, your coming off as a little....I don't know..."]

Evangeline stared at the boy after she checked it out noticing the necklaces and the jewelry upon his fingers.
There was no denying it, the boy was indeed handsome, interesting and had some sort of magnetic pull, but of course, her life came first.
[b "You're not here to hurt me, right?. I have mace remember..."]


[i "I dunno maybe, only if you want to."]

That was the reply from her boyfriend's lips.
It was a sentence that made Lily raise an eyebrow.

[b "I feel like...staying here..."] she spoke softly, slowly removing the scarf from Jayfeathers neck to where she held the fabric in her hand - holding it up inbetween their bodies right infront of his face.
[b "You have never tied me up with this.."]

Smiling, Lily stepped back and shifted past her man, removing her shoes from her dainty feet and began to undress, zipping down the dress that soon fell upon the ground leaving the girl in nothing but lingerie before crawling onto the bed - knees upon the mattress as she knelt, looking at Jayfeather.
[b "I feel like it'll be safer being here tonight, well...id be in trouble for being a naughty girl, but safe..."]
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[Kodchasan [Center Boethius continued to follow besides the female, sighing as he looked around as if he wanted to somehow impress the girl. [#DC143C "It's the same here with me... Do you want to go to this park nearby? It's more than likely empty but it is a good spot to chill out for a bit." ] He finally and quickly said without looking at the girl in the face.

He had several necklaces on that clinked together, one being a red and smooth crystal and the others being strange symbols. It seemed that Boethius was a collector of jewelry really and that he just loved being decorated with things like these. The chains that they hung from were made of silver and were as long as two pencils put together. He had more silver on his fingers, a silver band on his right middle finger.

What was weird about him mostly is that he was very well put together, more than most people in this town.

[Center ---- ]

Jayfeather seemed to still be blushing as he stood there with Lily's arms around his neck. He smiled down at her still, his hands placed on her hips now as he felt happier than usual for once. When he was down in his hopeless and heavy feelings, he was always cheered up by physical contact more than anything. He would cuddle and hug to get out most of his bad emotions.

But when he did begin to cry, that meant it was bad. He, himself had actually never cried in front of Lily and she had never seen or heard him cry. He didn't want her to know or figure out so he tried not to cry usually. He frowned slightly as he heard her question finally, still staring down at her face.

[#228B22 "I dunno maybe, only if you want to." ] He said with a smirk on his face.
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It was actually quite a nice scarf.
A really pleasurable blue to the eyes, and the fabric, well - it felt good in-between her fingers as she toyed with the strands of wool.
Tilting her head to the side, Lily broke the connection of eyesight as she glanced down to look at her hands for a single moment before she looked back up - again into her boyfriends eyes as he took a stumble step forward.

[b "You're blushing...."] she spoke softly, the music playing softly in the background. [b "Why are you blushing?..."]
This made the girl smile.
A simple touch to a passionate kiss always felt like it was the first time. The two were indeed in love, there was no denying it and yet, in the pit of her stomach, she was scared on losing Jayfeather to the depression monster in his head.

Stepping forward, Lily came in closer - pressing her body up against her man, smiling wide after receiving a kiss upon lips.
Words on him getting undressed again made Lily blush as it always was a lovely sight of Jayfeather naked.
[b "It looks like you were getting ready to go somewhere. Are you? ...Are we?..."] she asked - wrapping her arms around his neck ever so gently.


[i "Hey, wait up!"]

Evangeline raised an eyebrow and stopped dead in her tracks unable to walk further as really, deep inside she was somewhat interested on what exactly this boy wanted.
The two didn't know each other at all and yet here they were, with each other, one telling the other to wait up.

[i "Where are you going?"]
[b "That is a great question. I honestly don't know, anywhere but here really. Where are you going?..."] she spoke back a reply before turning her body back to straight ahead and began to walk once again now with a boy by her side.

Maybe she wasn't going to be alone this trip or wherever 200 bucks would take her.
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather had a surprised look on his face as his girlfriend suddenly yanked his blue stripped scarf. He felt himself stumbled forwards, towards the girl of his dreams as he was pretty much leaning against her. His breath smelt strangely of cherries and wet moss, which produces a weird but sweet smell. His mind froze up for a bit, his cheeks blushing with a deep red as he heard what Lily had said to him.

He was a submissive and quiet kind of guy so he was still frozen for several seconds before answering, [#228B22 "If you want me to get undressed, I can~" ] He finally said, his face still covered in blush. It was kinda sad that he actually had done this only a few times and he was still awkward about it. He put his hands on Lily's curvy waist, pulling her close as he quickly kissed her on the lips and then pulled away, staring down at the girl.

He had a smile on his face now, thinking that he did a good job this time with being intimate with his lover but he still awaited her answer to his question.

[Center ---- ]

Boethius frowned as he heard the girl say she had a can of mace in her hand and he looked down at the can. [#DC143C "I'm sorry." ] He finally said, his amber eyes watching her as she began to take steps back. [#DC143C "Hey wait up!" ] He said suddenly, quickly walking towards Evangeline and following behind her. [#DC143C "Where are you going?" ] He asked as he walked besides her, feeling a bit on edge at the fact that the girl did have mace.
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[i "Hey, you seem to be the only one out here."]

It was with turning her body that Evangeline clutched her chest with her right hand.
The voice of a male scared her out of her skin as she only thought it was her loitering around the street right near her home.
Well if this turned sour, her house was right there ...a simple change of mind could save her life..
[b "Geez.. you scared the crap out of me! .. Don't you know, not to creep up on girls at night?..."] Evangeline muttered, calming down her breathing - shifting the strap of the bag nicer upon her shoulder as the two strangers stood on the pavement, eyes on each other - being weary and careful.


[b "Interesting name. Nice to meet you, I'm Evangeline and i'm holding onto a can of pepper spray right now..."] she spoke [u damnit Evangeline, now he knows your holding onto spray!] a thought in her mind spoke over only for the girl to smile towards the red haired boy.

Taking a step back, then another- it was not long until the girl began to wander off down the street in the opposite direction to...well...she didn't know...


It was no secret that Jayfeather had been depressed.
There were at times that Lily often felt like she was a bad girlfriend because she just didn't understand on why he felt the way he felt.
What was there to be sad and depressed about?
He had a roof over his head, running water, food and a girl who loved him very much, she didn't under at times, but for him, she tried her damn hardest.

It didn't change him as a person, Lily loved him more and more each day.

Finishing off her coffee, Lily reached over to the side and placed the mug onto the dresser and tilted her head to the side, watching her man wander in close.
[b "Mmm and you, sir .... are incredibly sexy in that scarf.."] Lily muttered, fingertips touching the fabric before tugging on it - keeping her eyes upon him, refusing to look away. [b "However, why is it that you are dressed while I was just about to strip down to nothing but my bare ass?..."]

Lily pursed those lips and pouted.
[b "No bed time fun?..."]
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[Kodchasan [Center After walking among the abandoned sidewalk for a while, he finally found someone who looked as lonely as he did. He smiled with his white teeth, the teeth almost flashing as he stopped a few inches away from the girl. [#DC143C "Hey, you seem to be the only one out here." ] He finally said, noting the look she gave to the house besides them. He also noted the duffel bag but decided to say nothing as he put his hands in his pockets.

[#DC143C "My name is Boethius, most people call me Boe." ] He finally said, extending out a hand towards the girl as he stood there. He seemed to be an upfront and confident person just by how fast be introduced himself. His voice was laced with smoothness as well, his skin as smooth as his voice as his amber eyes lit up at the sight of the girl. He didn't know why but the girl seemed so attractive to him.

He loved everything about her looks as he looked her up and down and that she looked cute as hell. He instantly felt attracted to her because their aesthetics really matched, the french chic dude and the indie girl.

[Center ---- ]

Jayfeather stared at himself in the mirror before he heard the wolf-like whistle and he looked over. His frown and growl-like look on his face disappeared as soon as he seen Lily, a soft smile settling on his face. He stood up straight, his height making him a bit taller than her but he sure was skinny. He couldn't help but smile when he had seen his soul mate, his hands desperately wanting to wrap around her.

[#228B22 "You look really good." ] He finally said, hearing the pop music in the background. He liked it actually but he mostly stuck to Alternative because it had more music he could relate to but he still liked music. He took a step towards her, a silver pendant hanging from around his neck. It held a silver virgo charm, a reminder of his zodiac sign. He actually liked it a lot and got so attached to it that he didn't even take it off when he slept.
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It was the one place where she honestly felt like she belonged.
The simple kitchen that Lily had mastered while living in the apartment with the boy that made her heart soar up far into the sky and exploded; becoming millions of stars that shined down on their passionate romance.

The change of things having done for her to Lily fending for herself wasn't as scary as she thought.
Hell, she was practically a housewife.

With an arm outstretched to right, it was with the dial inbetween her index and thumb that she turned it to the right, letting the music flow soundly through the speakers.
Moving her body, Lily started to dance. Awful, one might add but she enjoyed it and Jayfeather loved it which was all that mattered. It was the one thing really that made him smile...apart from her kisses and just her.
[b "Ooohhh Oooohh...there's a party over there...."] she sung to herself, enjoying the crappy POP music, but she knew who it was. [b "There aint no party like an S Club party!..."] her voice a little louder as she danced making herself a coffee.

Swinging her head around - those long locks of blonde covered her face as she smiled, stirring the liquid in the mug - tossing the spoon into the sink before wandering back to the bedroom.
Body resting against the doorframe - eyes staring upon the love of her life - both hands upon the mug, keeping the palms warm.

Lily was a beautiful girl.
Long blonde hair that the sun kissed. Pouty lips and eyes of pure sapphire blue.
A body of a curved nature, long legs and a chest ...that was endowed.

Thanks Mom.

Giving off a wolf whistle, Lily smiled that enchanting parting of the lips before sipping on the coffee - keeping her eyes locked on the boy of her dreams.

[pic https://imageshack.com/a/img924/1471/XHwjRk.jpg]

For people who had it all, there was the other crew that had nothing.
The ones left on the street to fend for themselves and unfortunately for Evangeline, this was exactly that.

A fight erupted at her Mother's and quite honestly, one couldn't be smothered anymore than one was, so the girl decided to bolt.
Another blonde beauty with a more, indie persona. One that had tattoo's, wore gold fake tattoo's upon the face and loved glitter and choker necklaces.

Shaking her head, taking a single last look of her home, it was a with a duffel bag upon her shoulder and 200 bucks to her name, Evangeline left and walked away to start a new life. A life hopefully filled with adventure and romance, one would hope.
Fat chance.

One could only hope.
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[Kodchasan [Center The teenage boy sat in the middle of the giant apartment that he lived in with his girlfriend. He was diagnosed with clinical depression and it left him always tired and hopeless. Tonight was bad, there was a heavy feeling in the air as he sat on the edge of their bed, staring at a photo of them together. He was waiting for her to come back from the kitchen and he couldn't stand it without her. She brought light into his dark.

He had hazel green eyes that held a sense of darkness in them as if the boy held lots of things to himself which was true. He had black hair that seemed to be styled in a way that made him seem a bit different and he had pale skin as white as snow. He sat there with a sense of coolness to him, his legs spread apart as he sat there. He was soon going to text or call someone so that him and his girlfriend could go somewhere instead of being bored.

Jayfeather let out a heavy sigh and got dressed, putting on a forest green sweater, a blue and white stripped scarf and tight black pants. He was tall and boney as he usually was and he looked at himself in the mirror after washing his face, checking himself so he looked good for his girl.

[Center ---- ]

Boethius sighed in pure boredom, looking around the streets as the moon shined down on him. He was bored but somehow did not notice that nobody was even on the streets. He had his hands in his pockets, his french chic showing as he had his head held high as he usually did. He wore a white t-shirt and red skinny jeans, showing his young body as his red hair was all floofy and seemed like it had a mind of it's own.

He had amber eyes as well, his lips a delicate pink as he felt the cold breeze hit him and he shivered slightly, not used to the feeling of it. He loved warm weather and the sunshine but he didn't know he would never see the Sun again. He was actually pretty lonely but it never bothered him.
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