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“Life and Death is all perspective.”

Three people were born on Lucifer, their powers extremely rogue and out of control. A church steps up to the problem but they want to make their own soldiers to take over the world. They have captured the children of Lucifer, will the church turn them into their weapons or will they be the salvation and saviors of the world as we know it?

“Go be the voice of God, go live your life showing death to shame!”

Two people were born from the saints and were practically raised in the church since there were babies. Soon, they began to realize that there was something fishy with the church. That they heard screams and cries of pain from the rooms they were told never to go into as children. Soon, they figure out that the church was testing on people to see if they’d be the new soldiers to spread their faith.

What will happen as the three children and the two churchgoers come together to stop this ultimate power? Find out in the story~



Send me the skelly when finished and tell me if you want to be one of the children of Lucifer or the children of the Church.

Child Of Lucifer #1

Child Of Lucifer #2

Child Of Lucifer #3 Taken

Child Of God #1 Open

Child Of God #2 Open


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