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The part ended two hours later. Some of her family left. A few went to their hotel. Yup. A hotel. They wanted their own privacy. It’s understandable. She had help cleaning. The boys were napping together in her room. Her bunny ears were off. Shirt half unbuttoned.

[#Af18ae I don’t know about you but I’m hapoy it’s over. House is clean. Except one bathroom. Someone blew it up and not in the nice way...] she says sitting on the counter to unzip her boots that are up midway on her calves.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 12d 21h 7m 33s
Kane asked for a few on his phone as well, he wanted a new background and he loved his fiance and his boys.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 21h 43m 4s
The photographer showed up. She took pictures with everyone with Jax in her arm. Kaleb joined them within time. She waited for everyone to take their pictures with her mini family before she took her own family pictures.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 16d 21h 35m 54s
Kane ended up striking up conversation with her brother, they were joking and laughing. Things were going well.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 16d 21h 41m 32s
[#Af18ae My mom is napping but I’d did loook bad to my family. They know something is wrong now.] she gave the waiters permission to cut the cake and hand them out. She sat down near her family to hear them talk. Jax resting on her chest, on top of a thing blanket. It didn’t take long for her family to scatter. She puts her feet up, relaxing. She looks around. Right now she’s ready for this thing to end so she can be in pjs, braless, and alone.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 16d 21h 57m 49s
Kane nodded, "I have been, I just didn't want to say anything wrong around your mom."
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 16d 22h 2m 32s
Everyone noticed Kane wasn’t saying anything so they changed their language. Which was annoying. She didn’t want to tell them they’re having problems. For now she used Jax’s as an excuse. The babies are too small and they may actually take time off to focus on the kids. They helped in the kitchen before leaving. Jax was back in her arms. Kaleb apparently went down for a nap with her mother who was also tired.

[#Af18ae Go mingle Kane. The photographer won’t be here for another hour or so.] she says holding the baby in one arm.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 16d 22h 8m 51s
Kane stayed silent while everyone talked about the wedding, he knew if he talked it would make things worse.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 16d 22h 38m 39s
She ate as she cleaned up a bit. [#Af18ae None of Kaleb’s newborn clothes fits him but I’m confident that I’ll chunk him up before his first checkup.] she says eating the dip. A few people joined them to help and hold Jax. Kaleb was in her fathers arms. Eating another cupcake. She simply shakes her head. Everyone is still surprised that no one knew she was pregnant. Apparently it’s a gift from god. A blessing. They even began to talk about the wedding. It made her feel weird because of what they’re going through.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 17d 19h 46m 56s
Kane nodded holding Jax, "Hey buddy, daddy loves you." He said as the baby cooed.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 21h 36m 50s
Serena looks at him. She doesn’t know if she believes him. [#Af18ae Here. Hold him while I clean the kitchen a bit. I hate seeing things that should be in a trash on the counter]she says handing Jax to him carefully
  Serena / Simply_Random / 19d 21h 53m 13s
"No I don't, I trust everyone in this house." He muttered seriously.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 19d 22h 55m 50s
[#Af18ae Again these are friends and family. Nothing to worry about. Do you think someone here would do something to them right now?] she asks still eating. She stops feeding Jax to burp him.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 20d 21h 52m 6s
Kane sighed, "I have trust issues with anyone that comes in contact with my sons, you should know that better than anyone."
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 20d 22h 41s
[#Af18ae No reason to be. These are friends and family. I see you have trust issues... even they are most of my people I trust them.] she says eating, looking at him.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 20d 22h 2m 21s

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