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Kane chuckled turning around, “It’s no problem...I think I’d like the pleasure of buying you a drink darlin’, I’m Kane.” He muttered taking the empty drink out of her hand and sitting it down on his table. He had been singing country music for five years but just broke into the industry in the last two years. He loved it.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 29d 1h 56m 53s
Serena has been singing for less than two years. It’s been a weird experience. Her and her high school sweetheart ended their relationship because he cheated on her with a dancer and kept taking her money. Not to mention he was the worse manager ever. He was taking all her money. It was a scandal. By court order he owes her 787,000 back.

They love how she’s into her heritage. Colombian, Puerto Rican, and Italian. She’s even modeled and a appears in a few music videos and songs. It’s a dream come true!

She was at a club with a few friends to celebrate their birthday. Her friends were a bit childish since it’s their first time in a VIP section. One of her friends who is drunk grabs a guys ass. Serena shakes her head. [#Af18ae I’m so sorry. She’s drunk and it’s her birthday and her first time in the VIP part of the club. Let me buy you a drink... or something.] she says waiting for someone to take her drink friend from her.]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 29d 2h 34m 1s

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