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[center [font “Times” [size12 Jade, as they were growing up, seemed always a little more forceful than her friend. Eli was always the one that had to stand back and observe, rather to watch and learn from Jade than to overbear her. Every time he tried, it would always fail. Jade was a firestick on wheels. The moment she was lit, she was on a roll. She wouldn’t stop until she was finally calm enough to stop the flame that was bursting from her.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The female, the supposed Maia Eagle and her brother Temple were already starting to get her on her last nerve...At least Maia was. She was not about to have this estrogen filled woman just come in and tell her what to do. Her eyes narrowed slightly, but she was considerate enough to hear the apology and take it lightly, but still, she was not happy with the situation as much as the next person. They were both expecting solitude away from whatever life they came from. Her accent was still baffling and it was catching her off guard, but her American instincts didn’t want to seem rude and not well rounded. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i “Jade Connors and this is Eli Davenport.”] She said curtly at the end of her speaking. She was starting to calm down as she realized it was just the immediate reaction of having someone start something with her. Learning from Eli, she stole in a breath and looked to the male who was paying attention but didn’t say very much past that. As Eli having spoken about food, her own stomach growled along with the other female.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i “I agree. We can go to town in the morning.”] She said hesitantly. She didn’t want to figure anything out. She just wanted to get them out and that way she could spend some needed time away from people. Eli was the only one she could stand in among everyone else. She wanted nothing to do with other people during her vacation as that was all shtat she did all day long was talk to people….]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 At the mention of the food by the female, she glanced backward at the kitchen. [i “You would think in their stocking and having two different order preferences that they would have noticed they were buying a lot.”] She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms until Eli was carrying her away down to the bedrooms by her hand.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i “What are we going to do?”] She said as she leaned against him, still holding his hand. They walked together down to the bedrooms until they reached a couple that were right next to each other. He went in and carried one of the bags and set hers on the bed.]]]

[center -]
[right [pic https://i.mycdn.me/image?id=853553733005&t=35&plc=WEB&tkn=*RZV7cWNCYkxPDqXCJ6DymlNwyfY]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Eli was all good with making sure they were well fed as he knew how Jade was going to be if she didn’t get food. She was the definition of hangry, and even the moment he mentioned food, he noticed the female’s stomach growl. He lifted a brow, but quickly let the face turn nonreadable the moment that he looked at the male. They were related, and they certainly looked like it. Both beautiful people to be said in the least.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His eyes carried over to Jade who was already mulling things over in her head. He could see the way that she was looking at the female as well as the male back and forth. She was speaking calmly, which was actually pretty scary compared to the panic attacked that they had in the kitchen just a few moments ago. It was a different side to her and she was finally learning after the years of teaching her that in the middle of the emotional moment that she could take a deep breath. He felt a little more satisfied with her behavior. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He watched the male as he mentioned going outside to get firewood in case the power went out. Turns out, they were quite resourceful. He wasn’t much to remember that type of things, but he knew that he should have. Already turning to keep Jade from blowing up and causing even more of a scene, he carried their bags to the bedrooms and set it down, letting Jade hang over him, which is completely odd. She never did that. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He was not about to push her away from him. He had waited years for her to want to do this on her own. At first when he admitted to having feelings for her, she had stayed away from him. Now, on this trip it looked to being different.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “We will make things work. It might take a little bit, but may be with how big this house is, we won’t even see each other. And we haven’t even seen everything just yet.”] He said and she seemed to relax a little bit at the sound. She had let go of his arm and walked toward the doorway. [i “I’ll take your word for it.”] She said softly and walked toward her room where she closed the door. Eli opened some things up in his bag and looked around as he walked toward the window. It was already dark. It was barely light out and he could feel a sense of fear washing over him. Everything was weird.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Without much more hesitation, he wanted to take his mind off this sinking feeling that was in his gut that he walked out back into the living room where he crossed and stepped into the kitchen. Looking through the cabinets, he could see some of what they had mentioned in the emails with the owners. Then he noticed there were some other things that he didn’t recognize that he assumed was the other’s food. How could they have stocked all of these things and not know they were double booking?]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Everything was very weird.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Pulling some of the pants and baking sheets as he was going to make some stuffed chicken parmesan tonight. Jade had been asking for it, and everything was looking pretty good and in stock. He pulled out the chicken, and other pieces that he was going to need. However, as he pulled open the closet, he noticed that some of the different cooking oils looked odd. All of the labels were in a different language..He set it back and picked up the actual olive oil and walked back to the island where he set everything out. ]]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/QBt6LaQ.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Everything seemed to be falling apart at the seems. At least that's how she felt about it. She was shocked to hear Temple finally speak, but he was the calmer one out of the two. Her eyes went towards the other male, and she couldn't help but take a second glance. He was handsome, and she felt some kind of pull towards him. The other female on the other hand, she wanted to strangle already. She shoved those thoughts aside, as the two left the room and headed into the kitchen. She sighed and slid her phone out of her pocket.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She managed to pull up her e-mail, but it took a little bit. It timed out on her twice before she was able to pull up the information, and she started reading the message. [i We would like to confirm your reservation, for the cabin in the woods. For one week stay. The cabin will be stored with food, and everything you would need. We are sorry to inform you, that service is horrible and you won't be able to reach the owners of the cabin, until you get back into town.]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [i There are plenty of rooms to choose from, and the area around the cabin is perfect for hiking, or just lazing around. You shouldn't need to worry about other's coming and going, as not many people know about the cabin. The owners had made sure of it that way. You are one of the lucky few who have been chosen to stay at the cabin. We hope you enjoy your stay, and we will see you in a week. The Matthews.] That's all there was information was on the whole matter, and she sighed lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She knew she shouldn't have had that much of a temper, but she had wanted this place to herself. She wanted to relax, unwind and maybe enjoy a little shagging if the time came. She looked out the window watching the sun set. She wasn't even in the mood to talk to her brother either. She leaned against the wall, wrapping her arms around herself as she watched the snow falling. That's when the two came back into the main room, and she looked over her shoulder towards the woman demanding who they were.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#E7C6A5 "Listen, we don't need lip from you. I am sorry for snapping at you guys, but seeing more people wasn't what I was expecting at all. I know it's what neither one of us wanted, but I'm Maia Eagle and that's my brother Temple. I did manage to pull up an e-mail I got from the owners, and there's no mention about someone else booking the cabin besides us. So whatever happened, the owners weren't paying attention, or they are just greedy bastards and wanted the money"] she said lightly. She stayed where she was, her accent thick.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She sighed a bit as she looked towards Temple, wondering if he'd even say anything more, or if she would be the one doing all the talking. She didn't mind it, but it was getting slightly tiresome. [#E7C6A5 "Considering none of us even checked about the food, I have a feeling there's going to be a bit of everything in there"] she said with a small shrug. When the other male mentioned cooking, her stomach growled as if on cue. She smiled sheepishly, knowing the other's had heard it too. She bit her lip lightly, and waited for the silence to be broken.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Szbyu55.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Watching everything unfolding before him, he wanted to say something more. What more could he say though? The blonde was a spit fire like his sister, and the other male had her under control pretty much. When they left, and came back he rubbed the back of his neck. [#ADD8E6 "No, we aren't the owners, but I think we can pull up the e-mail we have"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. At the mention of food, his own stomach growled, and listening to Maia about the e-mail, made him slightly nervous. Really, no service?]

[font "tempus sans itc" They were in the mountains after all, but sometimes you could get a little bit. Depending on where you went. When the other's went back into the kitchen Temple bent down and picked up their bags, and carried them into two of the rooms. He placed Maia's on her bed, and then went into his own room and sat down. He put his head into his hands, wondering what the hell he's done. Maybe he should have acted on his gut feelings, maybe then they wouldn't be in the mess to begin with.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He sighed lightly, as he pushed himself up and went back out into the living room. The fire was still going, and it was finally dark outside. He made his way into the kitchen, and he started opening the cupboards. Sure enough there was some of his favorite foods, along with Maia's. [#ADD8E6 "I have a feeling we were set up. Something isn't right here, and I've been having this feeling for the last hour or so"] he said looking towards the others. He didn't like this at all. Something was off, and something was wrong.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He didn't quite understand what was wrong, but something was wrong. He looked towards Jade and Eli, and he shrugged a bit. [#ADD8E6 "If the power goes out, I don't think we'd have anything but the fire to keep us warm. So if that happens, I'm going to go out back and make sure there's firewood, and bring in some."] he said lightly. He wasn't about to ask the male for help either. He was too prideful of that. He did feel Maia's eyes on him though, and he smiled towards her. Just to help her feel more at ease.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ADD8E6 "I am sorry about all this. But I have a feeling the owners did want nothing more than money"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. He then went back to his room, found his jacket and slid it on. He dug out a pair of gloves, and a hat to match. He then walked out to the kitchen and opened the back door. The moment he did, the cold hit him like a ton of bricks. He shuddered slightly, and went to find the firewood. He let out a small string of cuss words as well.]

[font "tempus sans itc" This was not going to plan, and he knew he'd hear it from Maia later. Right now he had something more important to take care of. That's keep himself, and the other's warm. He found the pile of firewood, and loaded his arms up, and headed back inside. He would come back out for more, if he had too a little bit later.]
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[center [font “Times” [size12 Amongst the cool breeze, the falling snowflakes, and thin branches of the trees through the windows, Jade was lost in her wonderland. Her arms lifting from her sides as she walked down the magnificent hallway. Hardwood floors underneath her feet polished to perfection, the warmth surrounding her sweater-covered shoulders, and the feeling of pure bliss and complete solitude was amazing. She was moving quickly down the hallway when she had heard the echo of the front door open again. Continuing on, she brisked her way through the different studies and extra rooms until she was locked on the bathroom, thinking that the door was only opening because Eli was making his way back to the car for something.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She didn’t dare stop now, despite the small whispers of other voices carrying from the living room.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She had turned the corner before the woman had even spoken toward her and Eli. Eli was the first to face the problem, and Jade was left to wander on her own still looking around like a child until the echoes became a little more clear that it wasn’t any other sound and it was not her friend’s voice at all.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 There were other people here and she felt her shoulders slam down due to the weight, and she felt her breaths deepen just slightly. Walking back, she faced full on the female that stood so proudly and spoke with the attitude to match. [i “Excuse me darlin, we have arrived here first. Why are you in our cabin?”] She glanced at Eli, and Eli was shaking his head, trying to pull out his phone to get some service to call who he had made the reservations with.]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Her attitude was responded as if like a mirror, she was not up for playing games with the city folk. The lady’s accent didn’t match those of the states, but still, she was not up for dilly dallying around either. She traced her eyes over the female until she saw a male walk in the door behind her. While the woman was crossing her arms over the chest, her eyes traced the male, watching him as he even walked with a little confidence…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Her immediate assumptions were not of good graces, but she kept her lips sealed tightly.]]]

[center -]
[right [pic https://i.mycdn.me/image?id=853553733005&t=35&plc=WEB&tkn=*RZV7cWNCYkxPDqXCJ6DymlNwyfY]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Eli was passing through the living room when the door opened up again. Past memories haunted him and immediately he was turning around to face a woman who walked in and a male not too far behind her. He watched them carefully as he tried to assess the situation in his head quickly before he could hear the female speak to him asking why they were in their cabin. It was Jade speaking before he was even able to speak and Eli sighed and stuck one hand in his pocket and leaned heavily in his boots.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He had tried to make this trip enjoyable and without any outside influence to ruin it and immediately it was starting to crumble down on top of them. Her accent was different, but he was about to speak before the male came across and asked about information what they were doing. Eli pulled out his phone trying to get more information, but the moment he tried to dial, the phone connection timed out, and it happened 2 more times before he gave up.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “Hi, are you the owners?”] Eli asked carefully, looking at the two. Maybe this was just a mix up and the actual owners were unaware of what was going on with their place of home. It looked to be too good to be true on the website and they had paid good money for the luxury get away trip with flight and other expenses included. Pressing his lips together as he was trying to go through the details over again in his head, the male began to speak again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “As much as I want to get this figured out right now at this moment, I agree…”] He looked behind him at the window. Already the sunset was peaking through the tip of the trees and it was starting to get a dark haze through the forest as the shadows were beginning to carry and grow with the setting sun.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Jade stepped closer to him, pulling his arm. [i “Give us a moment sweetheart.”] She mumbled through clenched teeth as they walked into the kitchen, closing the door behind them. [i “Are you crazy? We don’t even know these people! They could harm us!”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Eli knew this panic attack was going to arrive and he nodded calmly as best as he could. [b “I am aware of the situation, but we have no choice but to share the cabin. The weather is getting worse as the sun is going down. We can figure this out in the morning and then we can get on with what the plans were going to be.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She crossed her arms tightly over her chest and her shoulders slumped a little more. [i “I didn’t want anyone else to be here…”] She said and Eli felt guilty for not giving her the vacation she wanted already. He nodded and rubbed her arms. [b “We will get it figured out.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 They walked out together and immediately Jade was crossing over to them with questions already pouring out her mouth. [i “We will get this sorted out in the morning, however, who are yall since we are to be in the same cabin for a little bit. I would like to know who you are.”] Her eyes were a little piercing and Eli rolled his eyes slightly.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “We can have the west wing. The messages said that the kitchen was stocked with different things. I haven’t checked exactly what was all in there, but I don’t mind cooking for all.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Jade glanced backwards and Eli shook his head and grabbed her hand. [b “We will be back after we freshen up.”] He said, throwing their bags over his shoulder, still carrying Jade off by the hand who was resisting him either way.]]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/QBt6LaQ.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#E7C6A5 "Temple! Let's go, we need to get a move on!"] Maia called though the closed door. She heard her brother groan and she knew he was finally waking up. She walked away from the door, and headed into the kitchen. Living in London had it's perks, her accent blended in well with other's, and when she was really worked up her Irish accent would show as well. She sighed lightly as she looked around the kitchen, making sure everything was put in the right spots, and the windows were locked. She was finally going on holiday.]

[font "tempus sans itc" It was something her brother, and herself needed more than anything. These past couple of months had been hard on her. They had lost their parents, and she felt like she was losing herself in the process. She really didn't like the feeling, but what other choice did she have? She felt alone, and even with Temple around, she didn't feel quite alone like she normally did. When he came to her about two weeks ago, about going to the states, she was kind of iffy on the whole thing. Now though, she was excited.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She had been sheltered as a little girl, and leaving England was something she had thought about daily. Now that it was happening, she had a feeling she wouldn't ever come back. She would come back long enough to make sure everything was in order, and then she would move back to the states. She sighed lightly as she looked at the time. She could hear Temple moving around, and knew he was finally up and moving. She knew to keep her mouth shut though, since he was barely waking up in the first place.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She double checked the kitchen windows, and then went into the living room to get her bags. She watched as her brother came down the stairs, with his own bags. The taxi was sitting outside and she grinned at him. [#E7C6A5 "Good morning sunshine. Let's get going"] she said. The male narrowed his eyes, and flipped her off. The two grabbed their bags, and were out the door and in the taxi in less than five minutes. Maia looked out the window, with her bag in her lap, her heart racing as they headed to the airport.]

[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u Hours Later.]]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The moment that the plane touched the ground, Maia was bouncing out of her seat. The plane ride had been long, and really boring but now that they were here, they were that much closer to the cabin. Temple made sure to grab their things, as she went to get the keys for their car. Once she had the keys in hand, she walked with the male out into the chilly air. She shivered a bit, and wrapped her arms around her stomach. [#E7C6A5 "It's going to be cold all week.."] she groaned lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't expecting her brother to say anything, as he threw their things into the back seat of the car. She handed the keys over and slid into the passenger seat. She looked out the window as the snow started to fall. It was going to be perfect. She loved this kind of weather, and just being here was making her more, and more excited. She dug around in her purse and read the directions off to her brother, and pretty soon the cabin was in view. She wrinkled her nose lightly when she spotted the other car.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#E7C6A5 "I thought you told me we were the only one's here"] she said lightly. Temple still wasn't saying anything, but the car came to a stop and the two climbed out. Maia let Temple get their things as she walked inside. Sure enough there was a male not much older than her standing there. A woman was off in the distance, and she crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes a bit. [#E7C6A5 "Excuse me, but who are you? And why are you in our cabin?"] she asked, a slight icy tone to her voice.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't in the mood to deal with these people, and she wanted to go and take a nice hot bath. The snow was starting to fall even harder, and Temple finally made it inside shutting the door behind him. He looked between his sister, and the other male and sighed a bit dropping the bags onto the floor. The cabin was big enough for everyone, but it still bugged her that someone else was here, when they had been the ones to get the cabin in the first place. She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for the male to reply.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Szbyu55.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" Ever since their parents died, Temple really didn't talk much. He had been really close to his mother, and being the one to watch her die changed him. He only talked when he felt like it, and today wasn't going to be one of those days. He heard Maia calling through the door, and he groaned lightly letting her know he heard her. He forgot about their little holiday, and he didn't even want to go anymore. He sighed lightly and reached for his phone tapping the screen to life. He had a simple message waiting for him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i I know you and Maia are heading out soon, but I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you, and that I do love the both of you dearly. Please if you need anything, let me know. Xoxo - Manda]] His aunt had finally reached out to them, and he bit the inside of his cheek debating on what to reply back. [#ADD8E6 [i Yes we are heading out this morning. Thank you for the kind words, I'll make sure to let Maia know.]] and that was it. Simple and straight to the point.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He didn't really get along with his aunt, but he knew Maia did. They had an amazing bond, and he didn't want to ruin that between them. He rolled out of bed, walked into his bathroom and brushed his teeth, and tried to fix his hair. It wasn't happening, so he left it. He made sure his bathroom window was locked, and then walked back into his room and grabbed his back. It was stuffed full of a weeks worth of clothes. He didn't want to go, but he promised Maia he would.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He looked out his bedroom window and spotted the taxi parked below, and he walked out of the room, leaving the door open. He stopped at the top of the stairs, and rolled his eyes a bit at his sister. She was too bubbly, and he felt bad for the man that ended up in love with her. He would have his work cut out for him. He walked down the stairs, grabbed their things and walked out with her. He locked up the house, and then slid into the taxi. This was going to be a long ass trip indeed.]

[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u Hours Later.]]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The moment the plane landed, the male watched Maia and how excited she was. It made him smile, and when she came back with the keys he took them from her. They walked out into the chilly air, and he took a breath and held it. It was a lovely sight to see, that's for sure. The two made it to the car, and he threw their things into the back seat. He climbed into the car, started it up and pulled away from the curb. He listened to the direction's Maia gave him carefully.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't in the mood to drive off the side of the road, and he sure as hell wasn't about to put either of them in danger. As they climbed the mountains, getting closer and closer to the cabin the snow started to fall even harder. He tightened his hands around the wheel, and kept his cool for the most part. That was until they pulled up to the cabin, and spotted the other car. This wasn't a good thing, not at all. He came to a stop beside the other car, shut his off and climbed out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He let his sister go inside, and he got their bags. He locked up the car, and stood in the snow for a moment longer. Come tomorrow morning, there would be at least a couple of inches, or maybe two feet at least. That's going to be interesting. He walked into the cabin, and heard Maia talking to a male. He cocked his head to the side and dropped the bags onto the floor. He cleared his throat and spoke for the first time. [#ADD8E6 "I see there's been a mistake, but mind if we get more information from you?"] he asked.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't meaning for it to sound mean, but Maia did have an attitude, and he wasn't about to deal with it. [#ADD8E6 "Considering there's a lot of rooms here, I don't see why we can't all share the cabin. It's a good size, and it's warm. The weather isn't the best right now, so I suggest we make the best of it"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. This was the most he's said in about a week. It felt weird talking, but he had to keep a calm head. At least for now, or until they can figure everything out.]
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[center [font “Times" [size12 [b “Jade, can you please come help me with the bags?”] Eli’s voice echoed down the hallway. It was a quiet morning, and they were going to be traveling all afternoon. Her fingers closed the clasp on her make up mirror and she shoved it in the makeup bag before placing it neatly on top of the folded clothes of her carryon. Flying was not her forte, and never would she get used to the fact that she wouldn’t have land underneath her. Her fingers were shaking and her eyes were droopy from the dramamine that she was forced to take to help her motion sickness.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Oh how she hated to fly…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And that is why Noah never retrieved this Allie. She couldn’t be the bird that he was meant to be.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Zipping up her bag and grabbing her phone charger to put in the front pocket of her purse, she slipped the bag over her shoulder and carried the luggage tightly in her hands. The floors creaked as she walked. Heels were not right on this wooden floor, and the people below weren’t fans of them either. Too bad her job required them.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i “Coming.”] She called, lifting her eyes as she carried the luggage out and grabbed one of the other bags that were sitting near the front door. Eli was running around trying to make sure they were all in one piece before leaving. Windows shut and secure, doors to be locked, and everything to be turned off besides the necessities. [i “You worry too much.”] She mumbled as she watched him. His worried face straightened as it turned toward her. [b “If you would rather we pay more by the time we get back, go ahead.”] He sighed heavily and moved along, carrying his own carryon and luggage bag.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 They were to be gone a week. A solitary week where they could spend their time away from the city and enjoy the nature that they commonly enjoyed. She was looking forward to the trails that were promised, and the hidden water falls that were somewhere on the property. Already, she could feel the dampness of the morning dew on her skin, and the cool brisk air against her face. Oh, how it was going to be beautiful.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Until she opened up her eyes once more and felt the water operated air conditioner on her face. She groaned and moved along the hallway down to the taxi that was waiting for them on the street. Eli wasn’t too far behind, not paying attention to the girl lost in her own world. He was too worried about his own. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 ---]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Eli managed to get everything out as they arrived. Getting the carryons from the flight was difficult and a pain in the ass. He could smell the smoke and feel it just penetrating his lungs from the woman that sat across the way from them. It was pungent and it stung his nose. Blasted, it was a two hour flight he had to endure. He tried to sleep while Jade sat beside him, worried about the ground that was a mile below them as they flew. The stench carried over his nostrils, and even when people walked by it was just mixed and then went back to the original scent.]]]

[center [font “Times" [size12 Walking out of the gate, baggage in hand, Eli directed toward the rental car facility attached to the airport. It was all planned, he had made sure, for their car to be arrived, warmed up, and ready for them to go. He had waited too long for this vacation for anything to go wrong.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 “Here you are sir.” The attendant motioned as he handed over the keys to Eli. Jade nodded and followed Eli out as they walked over to the Range Rover that was pulled up to the curb. Elation had filled Eli as he opened up the rear and helped fill the back with their luggage before he slid into the comfortable leather seating.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Jade only laughed and shook her head. [i “I don’t know why you spent so much money on the rental. It’s just to get us to and from the house. I personally don’t plan to leave that much. I’m ready to be separated from the city life for a while.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “I like comfort and style. Thank you.”] He retorted and gave her a light push against the shoulder. Bringing the car to life once more, they drove through the windy roads that were the roads of colorado.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Trees lined the roadways, kissed with snow. Plows had already come through to clear the pavement and allowing of traffic through the windiness of the mountain life. Certain areas at this time were closed off until the weather would clear, but the current conditions were maintaining. It was beginning of fall in the mountains and it was a fresh start and complete opposite from the hot and sticky weather that was Texas where they had came from.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 As they pulled up, it was like a haunting mansion. The windows were tinted, and the wood dark, which was stark compared to the snow that covered it. Getting to it, the road was a little rough due to the lack of paving of the plows. They managed to safely arrive at the address given to them over the email as they had applied. Certain instructions were lined out for them and Jade pulled them from the envelope Eli had so carefully put together. [i “It says the code to get in is 1438 on the front door. We are not allowed in the storage shed behind the property, and there are about 3 or so trails that lead up to the house from the land behind.”] She flipped the page over to read more. [i “And then, the bedrooms are upstairs, and it says that the kitchen is stocked with food.”] She sighed. [i “I hope they read my peanut allergy.”]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “I paid attention and put it on our reservation for sure if they were to stock to keep anything that had to do with peanuts away from the house.”] Eli motioned as he pulled the keys from ignition and began to climb out. He shivered the moment he got out and pulled the bags from the back. Together they walked up the stairs and typed in the designated code before entering. Already there was a fire started in the grand living room. The entire back half of the house was solid glass...giving the entire picture of the winter forest wonderland to spread out before them.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i “I’m going to go check out the bathroom!”]]]]
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