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Kane helped her move the last of the boxes. "How are you feeling?" he asks smiling. He couldn't believe they owned this house, and the truck... it was like a dream but he wished his best friend was there to see it... but then again with his best friend there... Kane would be alone again. "Her crib is up in her room, I just finished it if you want to go and see." He muttered taking her hand to help her up the stairs. "I got the rocking chair and changing table together too... its all ready for when she decides to come."

Kane couldn't wait for Baby Drew to arrive, he had begun getting excited, this would be the only child he would ever have even if biologically she wasn't his. He had a slim to none chance of having kids and even if he did, he knew it would be with Laci... if that ever did happen.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 317d 8h 41m 22s
Laci looked up at Kane and shook her head. [b "We've decided that you're going to adopt my daughter, but Kane.. I know this is going to sound weird after everything that happened, but it shouldn't have happeend.. I still love Drew with all my heart.. He died with my full heart and I don't know if I'll ever get that back.."] she whispered.

She nodded when Kane thanked her for the truck. [b "Drew would you someone to enjoy it.. I couldn't bear the thought of selling it."] she said softly.

A month later.

Laci was now eight months pregnant. She was practically at the finish line. Her offer on the new house had gotten accepted and they were finally finished moving in! They hired helpers, along with her parents and some of her friends from high school. They had gotten almost everything unpacked in a full weekend, all that was left was to decorate.
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 317d 10h 33m 59s
“Your dating a mechanic and you think this won’t be running?” He said chuckling, “I promise I’ll keep it running for the princess, no matter what. I’ll treat it like Drew did and make sure she gets it when she gets her license. I know she will only know me as her father but she will know that this was Drew’s truck and he might not be here but he loves her so much and he would want her to have it.” He said kissing her lips gently.

This was the first time that Kane had used the word dating to describe their relationship. But they were sleeping together and he was taking on paternity of her child. That had to mean they were dating right? He held the keys, “Thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me, you trusting me with his truck, and your...our daughter.” He said correcting himself. This was new to him.
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She could tell Kane looked slightly confused as to why Drew's truck was now parked in their driveway. [b "He signed it over to me right before you all shipped out overseas."] she explained [b "He said that he wanted me to have it in case something happened to him while he was gone... The night before y'all left, was the first night he let me drive it, he wanted to make sure I could handle it.."]

She and Drew had snuck off the night before Kane and Drew left, they drove around for a bit and ... That was the night that Baby Drew was conceived. [b "I drive it around sometimes, I just thought that it would be nice until you get on your feet.. I want Baby Drew to have it if it's still running when she starts driving.."] she explained. [b Daddy parked it in Granddaddy's barn after we got the news.."]
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 317d 12h 25m 35s
Kane looked at her confused when she said that his first present was outside. He hadn't asked for presents and what they had just done was more than enough for him. He loved this girl and now she knew it, That made it his best birthday ever. He walked outside and saw Drew's truck, "Lace... that's Drew's truck... he worked for years to pay for that thing... he loved that truck... are you serious?" He asked her shocked. Kane had always loved that truck and Drew wouldn't let anyone drive it. It was a beautiful truck.

When she put the keys in his hand he kissed her hard, "Thank you... I sold my truck when Momma died and I hadn't managed to get another one yet... but wow... thank you Laci... this means so much and I will treat it no less than Drew would... it will be taken care of... plus I know this engine inside and out, I helped him rebuild the thing."
  polkadotrocker / 1y 318d 5h 15m 21s
After the activites, they found themselves back in the kitchen eating the Italian dinner that Kane had wanted, he hadn't opened any of his presents yet, but Laci was most excited for the one that her Father had dropped off..

Drew had actually signed his Truck over to Laci right before he shipped over seas, he said he wanted her to have it if anything ever happened to him. He wanted her to keep it no matter what, they had so many memories in the truck. She couldn't think of anything better to do with it, then let Kane drive it. She had her jeep, but the truck was staying in her name, she could still drive it if she wanted too.

[b "First present is outside, and I'm so excited for you to see it, I can't wait any longer... Can we go out so you can see?"] she asked.

[ DrewsTruck]
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 318d 7h 56m 9s
"No one is ever going to hurt that baby girl, I promise you that... even messed up like I am, I will hurt someone if they hurt her or you or even try to... I'm not a nice person when someone hurts someone I love..... I've killed people Laci and I've not thought twice about it." he said sighing. He wasn't proud of the things he had done over there but he was just coming to terms with it... and accepting the fact he was going to be a father figure to a little girl in a few months and he had no idea how to do that other than love her and make sure she never worried about where daddy was.

Kane kelt down and kissed her growing bump, "Sweetheart, she will grow up with two parents who love her and will do anything for her." Kane still hadn't told her that he couldn't have kids of his own... he didn't know how to.
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Laci looked up at him and nodded. [b "I think the grey will be really cute. Cause it almost goes with anything that she could possibly want. I'm seriously hoping that we can move in within the next few weeks. I haven't bought a single thing for her nuresry."] she said. She thought for a moment when Kane mentioned telling her parents about Kane adopting Drew, she just shook her head. [b "Right now, it's not any of their business. Maybe when she's born."]

[b "We all just want what's best for Baby Drew, and she deserves a Father.."] she said [b "I'm not going to act like Drew never existed with her, I want her to know all about him.. I'm leaving all the pictures up. She will know about Drew."] she said. [b "She's just going to have a daddy watching over her from above and one here on earth too."]
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 319d 7h 11m 58s
“I’d much rather pay it off and not have to worry about it than you stress over the payments sweetheart.” He said smiling, “I like the grey that way it can grow with her and you can just change her room. He was trying to be a good father to be or almost boyfriend. Whatever they were. “Do you want to have your parents over to talk about the house and me signing paternity for Baby Drew. Do they know about it or is that just something between us for now?” He asked worried that she hadn’t told them and they might not approve of Kane stepping into that role so quickly after Drew’s passing.

“I want you to know that baby Drew will know her father and know just how brave and smart and kind he was. We will show her all the pictures when she’s old enough to know and starts asking. She’s like me...biracial and she will have me there to deal with the bullies.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 319d 9h 54m 48s
Laci looked at Kane and smiled weakly. [b “I’ll ask Daddy to come over and help you. I don’t want you to over do it or anything like that.”] she explained. She thought for a moment and then nodded about the fifteen thousand. [b “I’m not going to ask for it, but you can if you want. It would be nice knowing that our house will be paid off in full.”] she explained. [b “What color do you think? The pink or aqua. Ohhh what about a soft grey?”]

She looked at Kane. He had been so helpful in so many way. He probably didn’t even know that he had helped her so much. She knew that there had been nights that she was having nightmares, even with her sleeping medication, but Kane ended up in her bedroom. He calmed her down, just like Drew had been able to do when she had her anxiety and panic attacks.

[b “I’m hoping we’ll be able to move here soon.”]
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 319d 12h 38m 56s
“Let me do it, it’ll help me excersize my shoulder and I want to do it.” He said seriously. “Let me lay the 15 thousand, I have just shy of twenty in my account, like I said it adds up when you haven’t been using it. Plus this is our house...” he muttered looking through the pictures. He wasn’t going to push to sleep in the same room as her even though it had happened a couple times where he ended up in hers because of nightmares. It scared Kane more than anything when she had nightmares because he knew they were of him and Drew deployed. She would call out both of their names in her sleep and that was terrifying. One night he just held her to make it stop. He never wanted to see her cry like he did on the day she got Drew’s Purple Heart. That day scarred him a little more than it should have.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 319d 20h 43m 18s
Laci just grinned when Kane asked why she was so beautiful. [b "I've definitely being feeling some pinched up sexual energy aroind here."] she said. She couldn't help herself, but to meet his lips when she seen him moving closer to her again.

She nodded when he asked about the house. [b "It's a four bedroom. Between what I'll get off of selling this house, I already have someone that wants it, and then what I have of Drew's money, I'm about fifteen thousand shy of being able to by it outright, no mortage payments."] she explained. [b "I just have to find another fifteen. Daddy said something about him and Momma helping us."]

She looked up when he asked what color she wanted Drew's room painted. [b "soft pink and white, or teal and white."] she said. [b "I was just going to hire someone, you don't have too.."]
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 5h 38m 11s
Kane smiled when she smacked his ass, “Why’d you go and be so’s been a long time coming Lace...if I didn’t think that it was too soon before now I would have kissed you before...the moment I got back I wanted to kiss you.” He said sighing. He kissed her again, before taking a drink of his whiskey, “Damn that tastes’s been so long since I’ve had any alcohol, I don’t want it everyday but drinking it like this is fine.” He looked over the house and looked to her, “Can we afford this? This is the nicest house I’ve ever seen.... I can help but are you sure we can afford the lorgage payments on this?” He was 20 years old today and the thought of buying a house was taunting to him, but the thought of being a father excited him. He couldn’t wait to meet their daughter. He looked at the house again and took a sip of whiskey, “What color am I painting Drew’s room?”
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Laci had tears falling from her eyes as she listened to him. [b "I know you will be Kane."] she said [b "Our little girl is already so loved and spoiled."]

She felt his hands on her waist and she just froze when she felt him move closer to her. His lips finally pressing to hers, she seen stars. It was a complete shock. She didn't pull away, if anything, she deepend it. She looked up at Kane, her eyelashes fluttering when he pulled away. [b "Kane.. I...."] she didn't say anything else. [b" I don't want dinner to burn.."] she said. [b "I'd really like for you to kiss me again. But you need to look at the house, and I need to finish cooking... Do you want a glass of that whiskey?"]

She moved away from him as she checked on the food, once she made sure it wasn't burnt, she poured him a glass of whiskey, and added some coke. [b "Here."] she said, before she smacked his butt. [b "Why'd you go and kiss me like that for?"]
  Laci / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 5h 53m 18s
Kane held her and shook his head smiling, “I will be the best father I can be...prove everyone wrong that I won’t end up like my dad...Baby Drew will be loved and spoiled and I love her so much already.” He said a few tears slipping down his cheek. Without hesitation, Kane leaned forward, his lips connecting with Laci’s for the first time. He had been wanting to do that for months now, he had always liked Laci, drew had just gotten to her first. He held her waist as they kissed, “Laci...I love you, and baby Drew.” It took all the strength and courage in him to admit that to her but she needed to know...he was going to be a father. After being told in the hospital that the radiation had messed with him and there was a good chance that he wouldn’t be able to have kids of his own....he never thought he would even get to think those words.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 320d 5h 58m 29s

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