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Damn haven't been on this chat group in a hot minute
  Descend / AngelofChaos / 2h 43m 15s
lol... I preferred watching It Chapter 1 and 2... It was real scary in the second one
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 10h 2m 54s
I mean it's not like saw level gore but it's a little bit of gore
Oof. well what to talk about?
  VincentGirl / 12h 14m 54s
Its decent, ill give it to em. I prefer some material that'll really make me laugh and freak out...
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 12h 20m 48s
anyone like Gravity Falls?

  VincentGirl / 13h 15m 52s
Its slow, but i think i can manage such a slow evening with either listening to Wolf's Rain of To Keep A Mummy
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 13h 21m 10s
I love gore and swearing i'm only 14. so how's everyone's day and or night going?
  VincentGirl / 14h 2m 16s
I'm into gore and cursing... Im 26, who isn't?
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 14h 12m 6s
Oh damn

Ps: don't watch this movie if you don't like blood or swearing
huh... I'm currently writing my book... Eh, i keep adding characters and getting myself confused, but there's so many sinners in history... They have to link to my main character asap. It's just getting more and more complex
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 14h 18m 45s
I have no clue

Watching House of 1000 corpses in honor of Sid Haig
?? Huh? Where'd everybody go? I've been a little bit out of it...
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 14h 27m 10s
There used to be a real time chat but it got deleted
why has noone chat here? I can't see anything if anyone has.
  VincentGirl / 14h 43m 34s

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