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It looks like him, watch the music video then look up Ron Jeremy
i guess We'll never know, huh? :P lol also i thought id make a few new characters while i was on here :D
  Spinel / Ch3rriB0mb / 82d 14h 50m 47s
Dude, I swear the guy who plays the devil in Rob Zombie's music video for The Life and Times of ATeenage Rock God is Ron Jeremy
Hello ALL! I AM N! Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie!
  N / Ch3rriB0mb / 82d 14h 58m 20s
No clue

I'm just watching people react to metal music
I'm great! Bored af but great! wheres everyone else?
  Seth / Ch3rriB0mb / 82d 15h 19m 47s
Hey hey

How are you??

[b Sits down on the ground.]
Hey guys.wassup? its been a really long time! :DDD
  Seth / Ch3rriB0mb / 82d 15h 29m 15s
Hey hey

Bout to head to my niece and nephews Thanksgiving thing
Holy shit... Seth, is that you? Its Logan
Fucking char limit
  Descend / AngelofChaos / 183d 21h 33m 38s
Hey guys, was I banned from this chat? Do you guys hate me?a
  Seth / Ch3rriB0mb / 184d 5h 9s
Yea, they made the miniseries more family oriented
ik. It's still fye. I honestly think that the newer version is better scare-wise. The older one was more story oriented, to the book.
  Chisolté * / Bloody_Eve / 197d 15h 14m 22s
The beginning of IT Chapter two was actually in the book
Damn haven't been on this chat group in a hot minute
  Descend / AngelofChaos / 197d 21h 49m 1s

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