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A young Neko by the name of Nasha was taken from her home world. The world is know to many as a Nako world. Every day she deals with abuse and sex as no one cares for her not even for a bit. Her life just gets worse as her years growing up to the same master that taken her. Her schooling is worst she is bullied and picked on.Even bunch of males would rape her. The only escape she has is her drawings of another world that no one knows about except her kin and others who are from there.

______comes from the nako world to attend high school only to find Nasha to be abused and hurt. s/he noticed other things that no one else seems to know like the tail or the cat ears. Or even the physical problems like cutting or always alone unless someone wants something from her

Your character can be whoever you want dragon to a mouse also the purpose is up to you but the character must be look or be at high school level to attend

Es rules always

please post at less once or twice a week I understand RL as I have one too

If things get heated we can always go to Facebook if desire or we can TS

Don't care for spelling or grammar just no one liners I understand writers block too but still come on if you're having trouble just tell me

Mini of 500 is all I required to ensure no one liners

Yuri or straight I can handle I don't mine.

If you see this thread it took already and you want to try the plot leave a message regarding the threat

and my favorite rule always have fun.

TO join please PM me title Neko is saved so I know you read all rules


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Nasha a young neko. She is about age 16 for her human. Unknowing she is part of a whole different world. She been told that she don't have ears or a tail. So Nasha began to see things as "Humans" do. No magic and No one to save her from miserable life.

She looked up at her "Father" as he was scolding her on how she made his breakfast wrong today. [#FFC0CB I made it as you always said it Father"] she said as he looked up at her and slapped her across her face [#FF0000 WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT TALKING BACK TO ME] he yelled as he hit her face harder only to leave bruises nothing more. [#FFC0CB I'm sorry] she said in a whisper as she gather her stuff up and started to head out.

[#FF0000 Don't forget you know what happens if your bad. DON'T MESS IT UP THIS TIME] he said as she cowardly nodded as she felt the tracker in her neck. Not only was it tracking her it was a shocker that makes her pass out if it was activated for to long.

Once she got to the new school a lot of people were staring at her as she was the one they talked about. She didn't know what to come to think of it. She bumped into someone all ready and didn't see them standing there. Nasha backed up and bowed [#FFC0CB I am so sorry please forgive me] she said as she went around them and headed off to locker only to find notes on what time and where to be.
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