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The female could tell Ocin seemed a bit uncomfortable, but she knew he always felt a little better talking to her...so keeping up conversation would definitely be a good thing. "Nice! I'm enjoying my own food too...I bet if you ate meat then you'd love this too." Selena told her friend, taking another bite or two of her meal before taking a drink of her coke.

The boy seemed like he wanted to say something, and a look of curiosity overcame the saber-tooth's face for just a moment before she shrugged it off at the moment. Whatever it was, maybe just leaving it be would be a better idea unless he brought it up. "So...later today, after both of our practices, you wanna hang out some more?" She asked kindly, but still casually as a friend.
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[Kodchasan [Center Ocin seemed interested in everything that was happening around him, he, himself was kinda paranoid because of his years of football. You never know when someone was gonna come out of nowhere and do something. He was still eating at least, popping a pasta square in his mouth every now and then. He looked over at the girl as he popped a question towards him.

[#FF0000 "Yeah, I love this." ] He said, suddenly shoving more pasta into his mouth with his lips curled into a smile. He was really trying to hit on the girl but he was too awkward for that shit.
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The saber-tooth happily watched her friend approach and sit down. Now that they were both there, they could finally eat. Selena picked up her fork and began to eat her pasta, eating faster than the male but still taking enough time. She did have more food than him overall, so it would still take longer for her to finish anyways if she ate it all.

"Thanks for buying the food, I really appreciate it. Are you enjoying what you got for yourself?" The girl asked after a minute or two, wanting to start up some conversation that could last until they would both be finished eating.
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[Kodchasan [Center Ocin smiled back at Selena as he watched the saber tooth girl to a booth in the back and he turned around with his bowl in hand. He walked over to the several vending machines placed along the walls and decided to get a drink. He put money into the machine and ended up with two cokes and he smiled, turning around to go back to the booth.

As he started to get close, he noticed that everybody seemed to be closing in on him and to be honest, he panicked a little. He was very claustrophobic and being a Quarterback made it worse since he never wanted to be sacked in a football game. Eventually, he sighed as he made it to the booth and gave Selena her drink and sat down, already slowly eating.
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Selena had taken a minute to choose, since she liked pretty much everything there was to choose from. Her palate of pasta was rather varied, as she could make any dish delicious just by adding it. After finally settling on a Cajun Spice Alfredo special, the saber-tooth came over to Ocin. She already had a smile on her face as she looked at him, before hearing what he wanted her to do.

"Oh, okay! I think I'll...go to that one booth in the corner." The female told her friend, before making her way over and taking a seat. As she did, she sighed gently, and licked her lips a little in anticipation of the meal she would be eating quite shortly. The college's food was always amazing, so she couldn't wait to dig in. However, Selena waited for Ocin to return.
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[Kodchasan [Center Ocin looked over the pasta dishes and frowned, he was a vegetarian and he wasn't with all these meat filled dishes. He had to eventually ask for something vegetarian and he was happy as he was handed a huge bowl of pasta squares that were filled with spinach and kale. He eventually reached the end of the line after Selena had gotten hers, paying the lunch lady at the end.

[#DC143C "Go find us a spot please." ] He said with a smile as he looked over at Selena. [#DC143C "I'm gonna go over to the vending machines and get some drinks there." ] He finally said, his voice both smooth and calming. ]
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"You sure? I've been saving this money for a time like this...guess I'll find a use for it later." She replied after Ocin had shown her his own money and insisted he buy their food. Selena smiled upon hearing that they'd most likely see each other, and soon they had stepped into the line to get some food. Luckily it wasn't too long, and the meal being served mainly consisted of pasta dishes. Despite being a predator who instinctively liked meat, the saber-tooth always had an undying love for spaghetti, linguini, any noodle dish. They were always amazing, and her grin grew even more once she saw what was being cooked for them.
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[Kodchasan [center Ocin nodded with his bright smile still on his face. He then frowned as Selena pulled out some money out of her pocket. [#DC143C "No, let me pay for ours instead." ] Ocin said nicely, pulling out a thick and huge wallet. It was obvious that he had a lot of money that he usually carried around.

[#DC143C "And yeah, more then likely we will se each other." ] He said as he smiled again and began to lead her over to the lunch line where they sold the food. ]
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Upon being hugged, the girl hugged back and smiled, listening to her friend. "Ah, okay! I just came here to grab a bite to eat...do you want to join me? I'll pay for the food." She told Ocin, pulling some cash out of her pocket and holding it up. It was definitely enough to pay for two meals, no matter what they got. "I do believe my cheerleading squad will be practicing at about the same time you are, so maybe we'll see each other when we're both practicing too?" The girl asked as an add-on, grinning.
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[Kodchasan [Center The teenage boy was talking to someone as he heard a familiar feminine voice and he turned around to face Selena with a bright smile. The boy was about 5'10 with pale skin, brown hair and brown eyes as well. He was put together very well, wearing a white t-shirt, black pants and his red varsity jacket that he had got for playing football.

[#DC143C "Hey Selena!" ] He said with his white smile as he hugged the girl slightly before stepping back. [#DC143C "Nothing much really, just waiting here until football practice, it should be in an hour or two." ] Ocin finally said, his hands in his pockets. ]
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The saber-tooth girl walked through the hallways of one of her college buildings. It was the leisure area, just where students would go and eat breakfast, lunch, dinner...even in-between. It was a nice spot for relaxation and she had just been heading there to receive a much-needed meal. In the hallways, there were many different creatures. Even humans! It was a really cool sight to see how unique creatures there were in the college attending classes or just walking around. The female's eyes glanced around again before she saw a familiar boy's face in front of her. "Oh, hey!" She said to get his attention, approaching the male. "Wassup?" Selena then asked.
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