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[#0eaccd - t h e k i l l -]
It was just the beginning - the first of more to come, but nobody seemed to be able to find a motive. Some speculated that there [i was] no motive. Others pegged it as revenge.

[i Maybe it was.]

Somewhere in the world, someone was getting wronged every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day.

With so much hate... how wrong could it be to purge the world of just a little?

Yeah - that was the more noble side of it.

But what if his intentions were not? What if the only cause that mattered, was pure satisfaction - to sate a craving beyond control?

[i It’s not always so easy to tell what’s lurking just beneath the skin.]

[#0eaccd - p l o t -]
Your character has posted an ad in the paper advertising for a roommate, and that's when my guy comes along - quiet, clean, clearly keeps more to himself - and very much needing a place to stay.

This is basically a plot following our characters and all of the crazy things that happen once they start living together.

Romance is welcome but not required! There are going to be [i dark themes] in this plot, fair warning, and the main characters should both be [i male].

[#0eaccd - f i n e p r i n t -]
The age limit on characters for this will be about 24+, and as I said, they should bot be male. They're going to be roommates, basically, living in a two-bedroom shared flat.

[#0eaccd Interested?] Drop a [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=52081 PM] titled [i [b [#0eaccd dark]].



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Remy's eyes sparkled. "Thank you," he said earnestly. How kind of him. Taking the time out of his morning to make breakfast for the both of them--and such a nice breakfast at that!

He started to slice the strawberries into even, thin slices. How many to slice for two waffles? He raised his eyebrows at himself, then shrugged. Two per waffle, then an extra for luck? Sounded good to him.

"Oh, no, I couldn't ask," Remy said, shaking his head. Besides, he did have to mind his weight a little. He chuckled at Klauss' suggestion. "Lord, I hope not." He'd end up a roly-poly ball all draped in blankets if they kept this up! That, or have to pick up running again instead of just walking. And goodness knew he didn't want to do that.

Remy looked up at that, excited. "Waffles for dessert? Goodness," he said. Sounded delicious. But that was mostly because he loved waffles at any time of day.

He placed the strawberries atop the waffles, splaying them in a neat fan. Then he went back to the pantry and grabbed the powdered sugar. A little toss, and both waffles were neatly covered in a dusting of sugar, dotting the strawberries like an early snow. Remy was admiring his handiwork when it struck him: he hadn't asked Klauss his opinion on sugar! He looked up at the other man, biting his lip. "Oh, sorry, do you want sugar? I can brush it off if you don't like it."

But who didn't like strawberries and powdered sugar? It was a classic pair. Right? Remy watched Klauss' reaction nervously. He'd feel so guilty if he'd ruined Klauss' waffles for him, after all the hard work the man had put in.
  a s t e r / kaitoXi / 95d 21h 9m 6s
[center A delighted although low-key smile came to Malcolm’s lips. He didn’t want to go scaring him, after all. Too much excitement might’ve hinted crazy - which he was not - and he wanted to very much maintain that reputation. Or lack thereof, anyway.

Already sliding the first waffle onto a plate, he answered Remy at last. “Actually, I was making them with you in mind, yes, we are definitely still on for tonight.” He already had in mind what he would prepare for the two of them.

“Have you any plans for the day? I would guess at work, as it is Friday; nothing with friends?” After all, he was happy to plan around anything else. He had waited an entire week for this occasion, and he certainly wasn’t inclined to have their plans interfere nor be interfered with.

“I would love some fruit, actually. I’m partial to strawberries on waffles, I’ll admit. Blueberries for pancakes or the compote for French toast. Do you want anything savoury with this? I’m happy to fix sausage or something - whilst I’m getting you fat and all.”

And there is was, that playful smirk that had emerged at last. “Perhaps you’ll have to roll into work a week from now if we keep this up.”

Cheeky, Malcolm was always the cheeky one, but he was sweet at heart. Definitely a romantic if you had to peg him as a ‘type’.

What exactly that would mean going forward, though, who knew, but if things turned out well he wouldn’t have Klauss mucking things up. As he so often did, with his tendencies for repression. No, thank you.

Malcolm poured out the batter for a second waffle then, noting that there would be extra. Hmm... they could still have use, yet.

“If we don’t end up eating all of this, shall we reserve them for dessert?” After all, he could freeze them and simply toast them once they were ready and turn them into something rather decadent.]
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 95d 22h 31m 27s
Remy opened his eyes, face-down in his pillows. Was that... pancakes? No. Slightly different. Sweet, but not quite... waffles? He sat up abruptly. Waffles? He [i loved] waffles.

Ruffling his hair to put his bedhead in something like order, he wandered to the door of his room, flicked the lock and peeked out. "Someone's in a good mood," he teased Tay--

Klauss. Right. No Taylor. Not anymore. New roommate, new rules.

A sleepy blink hid the pain that flickered over his face. "G'morning," he said. He wiped the boogers out of his eyes and yawned again, then gave Klauss a smile. "There extra for me? I love waffles."

Particularly with strawberries and powdered sugar. Or strawberries and whipped cream. Or just strawberries. Strawberries on waffles. Couldn't go wrong with that formula.

He nodded at Klauss, then ducked out of sight to get dressed. He slept in his underwear only, so he wasn't exactly presentable at the moment. Taylor might've appreciated that, but Klauss was different. A quick pass through his bathroom and wardrobe later, he wandered into the kitchen at last.

"I feel like you're trying to fatten me up," he joked, heading to the fridge to slice up some fresh strawberries. "Dinner last night, breakfast, dinner tonight... Not that I mind." He flashed a smile at Klauss. "You want any fresh fruit? I could wash some blueberries, slice some strawberries. Whatever you want."

It only felt fair to offer Klauss back some service in return for all the food. "We are still on for tonight, right?" he asked. He selected a knife from the block and started slicing. It wasn't like there was a rule against having dinner together two nights in a row, but he wanted to make sure he hadn't gotten the date wrong or whatever.
  a s t e r / kaitoXi / 106d 22h 26m 57s
[center Once all was said and done - the kitchen tidied for the night and all of the doors and windows secured - Klauss finally submitted to the idea of heading to bed. Tomorrow was the last day of the work week - which meant plenty of rest come the weekend, he was hoping. Without further ado, he made his way into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, washed is visage, and took a good, long look at himself in the mirror. He looked different... like a stranger. Something about the eyes and... the features of his face just seemed— different.

He allowed himself a few moments more to inspect before decidedly returning to his room. He called a soft goodnight to Remus and shut his door as gently as he could manage before stripping down to change into a pair of pyjama pants.

The lady thing he felt was the pillow beneath his cheek, cool and comforting before he fell asleep.


Ahh, Fridays. The best and worst days of the week. The best because the weekend would follow, but always the longest day when you wanted nothing more than to go home.

Well, unless you were Malcolm. He lived for the entirety of them. Work always went very well, and he more often than not had fairly easy days. Not to mention, the opportunity to leave early.

As he rolled out of bed, he rubbed gently at his jaw and rolled his eyes immediately. Fucking Klauss. He was neglecting them. Useless man.

With a sharp exhale through his nose, he made his way into the bathroom, showering before he tended to the mess that was their facial hair. He opted for something nice and neat, since they did both seem to agree to at least a bit of facial hair. Knowing Klauss, he would have gone without, but Malcolm was of the mind that he looked far more distinguished with. So this was their compromise. [i Some].

Dressing in a pair of slacks and a silk button down, he made his way into the kitchen, slippers on his feet, and set about making some Belgian waffles. It was still early enough that he supposed Remus must’ve still been sleeping. He certainly hoped he would join him for breakfast. After all, they had much catching up to do. And besides, did they not have plans for tonight?

He certainly hadn’t forgotten about those, and hopefully Klauss hadn’t ruined anything in the meantime. He smiled to himself at the thought of an evening with the other man. So [i curious]. He simply had to know more!]
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 107d 16h 43m 20s
"No law against it," Remy allowed. He certainly didn't mind Klauss staring. It was flattering, to say the least.

It seemed Klauss wasn't more interested than casual flirting. He picked up his chopsticks and went back to his food. He wasn't going to be the only one giving chase. Klauss was interested, and for now, that was all the more he was willing to push to find out. At least, not without some serious pushing back.

At the very least, it'd been a distraction against the sadness that'd been wearing on his heart earlier. As he thought it, it came back to him. Poor Elaine... but there was nothing that could be done. Nothing he could do. He couldn't keep beating himself up over the death.

Remy sighed and stretched, then stood up from the table. "I'm going to bed," he announced, gathering the empty dishes. He wasn't quite ready to sleep, but he was ready to sit on his own and read quietly for a few hours. It was definitely that kind of night. He was tired, and not in the mood to socialize too much. "I had a wonderful dinner, thank you, Klauss."

He put the dishes in the trash, then headed into his room and shut the door. Tomorrow, everything would seem okay again. There'd be no more murders. The police would catch the culprit, and everything would go back to normal. He had to believe that.
  a s t e r / kaitoXi / 118d 15h 50m 35s
[center "Yeah, I have a threshold myself." He chuckled, saving that little factoid or later. It seemed that soon they had fallen into a comfortable quiet. Something that he could definitely get used to if they ended up eating together more often.

Honestly... the more he considered it, it really wouldn't be so bad. Maybe he was paranoid for nothing. Smiling immediately, he dropped his gaze to his plate. Well, shit. Turns out Remy might've had a bit of sass in him - or mischief, he wasn't entirely sure which as yet, but he was looking forward to finding out.

"Fine, I admit I was staring. Now what? Am I not allowed?" He would accept if the answer was no, but he would be interesting.

And what was more, he actually had the audacity to reach over and clean his cheek. He definitely knew what he was doing - not that Klauss was mad. Perhaps a little [i too] pleased if you asked some. But he wasn't asking, because he wasn't interested in over-complicating things. ]
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 118d 18h 47m 45s
Ah, he'd known it! Remy beamed, pleased with himself for guessing it right.

"Yes, spicy is my favorite," Remy confirmed. "I can't take it as hot as the Thai like it, but I don't mind a bit of spice either."

He turned to the food, pretending to be fully interested in eating while silently watching Klauss out of the corner of his eye. Noodles were delicious, but so was this wonderful new situation he'd found himself in. The man was watching him. Every time he stole a glance, Klauss was staring at him. Suspicious, very suspicious. A bit of a smile pulled at the corner of his lip. Was the man interested, after all?

He picked up a napkin, folded it over, then dabbed Klauss' cheek with it. "You had a bit of sauce," he explained, setting the napkin back down carefully.

He glanced up and caught Klauss' eye, then grinned a bit. "There something on my face, too?" he asked, letting the other man know he'd caught him looking. Where was the fun in it if Klauss thought he was getting away with it? Remy was never going to let it go that easily. It was hard to find a man this hot, let alone a bachelor interested in what he had.
  a s t e r / kaitoXi / 119d 15h 50m 35s
“It’s from the little place around the way, actually. And thank you for the tea.” Sipping at it gratefully, he did it as a sort of preparation for his stomach before he began carefully transferring noodles to his own plate. There was also rice for the other dish and some spring rolls.

“I actually really like spicy food.” Something he and Malcolm has in common, even if it was one of the few.

“I’m guessing you’re all right with it if you fancy Thai?” It seemed a most logical deduction to make at this point.

As he chewed over his first painfully delicious bite, he couldn’t help but to explore the idea that Remy might have actually taken some interest in him. But then, there was also casual flirting. And yet, that didn’t seem his style. He seemed the more deliberate type. Subtle, but definitely deliberate, he felt.

Discretely, he had been studying his features, as he had done several times before. Of course, it was always when he was sure the other man wasn’t paying attention, though. No need to startle him, after all. It was the last thing he wanted to do.

But could he actually have a relationship if he decidedly pursued Remy? Was it safe? Would Malcolm allow him that much? Considering it from that angle caused a dense ball of tension to form at his core. It was so [i risky].
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 120d 17h 50m 18s
Klauss hadn't put in his opinion on what he wanted, so Remy just put in the same brew as he'd put for himself in the other man's cup and figured he'd call it that. Rather than brewing a whole pot at once, he'd grown accustomed to making one cup at a time. Taylor never liked tea, after all.

He stole a pair of chopsticks from the bag and sat across from Klauss. The other man had pulled out his chair for him; kind, or a sign? In the next moment, Remy laughed at himself internally. He'd drive himself mad if he started interpreting everything as attraction.

"Like spicy food?" Remy asked, pulling the boxes out of the bag. He set them out right next to one another, equidistant from the both of them. Big chunks of meat and vegetables were coated in a delicious reddish sauce in one, and in the other, a bundle of steaming hot noodles sat, a dusting of crushed peanuts on top. He started with the noodles first; he'd been craving them lately and couldn't wait any longer to dig in.

"Delicious. Where's this from?" he asked, glancing at Klauss. Was it the Thai place up around the corner? It was tiny, but delicious. Or had Klauss found a nice new place?
  kaitoXi / 123d 18h 47m 12s
[center Returning the plates to where they had been, Klauss nodded in assent. They could very well just split the containers, and he didn’t mindsuch an intimate prospect in the least. And based upon the way he’d let that hand linger, Remy wouldn’t have minded it either.

Though, it seemed when he reached down across his chest to fetch the chopsticks that he was almost teasing him. There came a hint of a smirk at that as he opened each container. Carefully, he slid the opposing stool out for him to sit and tossed him an amused look.

“Tea, for me? How kind.” Klauss’ tone was playful as he gazed over at the blond, jaw resting comfortably in the ‘L’ of his thumb and index fingers. It had to be purposeful, right? He was definitely showing interest, however subtle.

Honestly, something about Remy had seemed hesitant, but it had been very subtle. Had he been hurt before by someone emotionally perhaps? Was he unsure about him? Did he come off as intimidating? It could have been a million things, but he was sure there had been something there in that fleeting moment.

Still, he had to be cautious since he was not the only one who ran this body and any missteps could be devastating. Fatal, some might say. But his mind was attempting far away from that possibility.
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 124d 13h 35m 38s
Klauss' hand lingered. It was just a moment, but Remy couldn't help but notice. His eyes flicked to Klauss', searching for something he didn't expect to find. What were the chances, anyways? But was that... a flicker? He had to know.

He said nothing to Klauss' offer. With as little free time as Klauss had, how could that possibly be the case? But it was kind. And in the end, wasn't kindness all they could really offer each other?

No, he should reply. It was an offer that deserved a reply. "Same," he said at last. "I've been a bit short on human companionship of late, so I certainly won't turn any away. No matter what."

"I can get my own tea," he said with a chuckle. Klauss had gotten the food, so it was only fair. "Would you like me to brew you some?" He put a hand on Klauss' shoulder and let it hesitate a bit too long. Long enough to send a signal, if Klauss was looking for one.

He shouldn't. He should keep it strictly roommates. It was still too soon. The pain of Taylor's betrayal still hadn't faded. But it didn't stop him from reaching over the shoulder and down Klauss' chest for the chopsticks. "Want to just share the containers?" he suggested. Not bother with the plates, and if they ended up Lady-and-the-Tramp-style sharing a noodle, they'd figure out where this went.
  a s t e r / kaitoXi / 126d 15h 57m 59s
[center Somehow, it didn’t surprise Klauss that Remy knew the feeling, perhaps quite well. Was that something those on a similar wavelength could sense? Whatever the case, he was glad he wasn’t alone. Though, it did make him wonder what caused it for Remy.

Still, even those thoughts couldn’t save him from the spiral. It made his chest tight and his breathing shallow, but the warmth of a hand set to his shoulder managed to pull him back to Earth. As if it was just that effortless, he had been plucked and placed back where he was supposed to be - no longer spiralling out into black space and empty abyss.

Forcing a smile, Klauss shook his head. “Not soon enough. We’ll start eating the dish towels at this rate.” He touched the hand that had saved him from his mental anguish gently, his own settling there for a moment before he withdrew it.

He didn’t want to trap him, or worse, think he was making a move. It wasn’t his place to... Right? They were roommates, and to make things uncomfortable that way was something he wanted to avoid.

Now on the other hand, if the interest was mutual between them, that would be different, but he didn’t want to send the wrong signs. Especially I they were particularly creepy ones, at that.

“You know, if you ever want to talk... or even just... not talk and want some company, you need only ask. I don’t even need an explanation. But the offer is always there.”

Just as soon as he’d spoken, the bell chimed to beckon him to the door. Klauss took the cash to cover the food and tip with him and returned with a rather weighty bag to set atop the counter.

He grabbed a couple of plates and some glasses for drinks.

“Wait, do you want something hot or cold? I also asked for chopsticks, just in case you have a preference.”]
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 126d 17h 7s
It was like the whole world stopped and everything was torn away. He stared at Klauss for a moment, wide-eyed. How had he--was the man a mind-reader? Was he being too mopey? Was it that obvious?

No... from the wistful look on Klauss's face and the distance in his stare, this had nothing to do with Remy. Reality stepped back in, the sound of the oven heating and the pan popping, cars passing outside. Remy turned away. "Sometimes," he admitted. Sometimes.

Like when he was about to settle in with some takeout with a near-stranger, and he remembered the times he and Taylor had gone out at the drop of a hat, sat in sunshine and laughed and talked, talked and laughed. Like when a chill made him shiver, and moments later he felt the weight of a blanket settling around his neck, the brush of fingers on the hairs at the back of his neck and the warmth of a body that wasn't there settling in against him, the way Taylor used to wrap arms around his waist and hold on.

Reality felt cheaper, now. Empty. And as much as he tried to move on, he felt like the bargain-brand version of himself. Undesirable, unwanted, unlovable.

"Sometimes," he muttered with a sigh, and moved to the bedroom to fetch that blanket for himself.

When he returned, he found Klauss stricken, almost paralyzed. He stepped in and put a hand to the man's shoulder. "Klauss," he said, watching the other man's eyes. "Are you okay?" He laughed. "Food will be here any minute, no need to get so nervous." It was an easy way out. Klauss didn't have to tell him anything if he didn't want to. And they were all stressed by the recent murders.
  a s t e r / kaitoXi / 126d 22h 25m 54s
[center Something about the way he said he was hungry made Klauss chuckle. For a second, it seemed more desperate situation than a tonne of murders sending the town into a panic. "They're estimating about a half hour, but I assuming that's to prep the food, because the place I ordered is just down the street."

Thoughtfully, he gazed over at the window, sighing. "You ever get those weird moments of clarity that make you feel super nostalgic? This time of year does that to me a lot."

It made him yearn for happier, simpler times. Sometimes... it was even a little damaging to think of the man he was now compared to what he'd been. To count all of the souls missing from his life - to count all of the mistakes he'd made thus far - that was what really did him in.

Moving in with Remy had been something of a reset for him - or so he'd thought. But history seemed to be repeating himself, and for just a moment, he felt a pang of fear.

What if it truly [i was] repeating itself? What if he was the one--

No, he couldn't think like that. Things were better now. [i He] was better now. He didn't do that anymore. He would never be that man again.

It had to be someone else. This was coincidence and nothing more. He had long chased off that daemon - the one who demanded blood. It simply wasn't possible. He wished he could ask Malcolm, as much as he couldn't stand the man, if he had noticed anything.

Had he seen anything? Had he destroyed any evidence? Was there another secret he was keeping from him?

The panic rose in him, muted but reflecting in soulful eyes as he spaced. His gaze was a million miles away, and whatever catastrophic event was going down in that head of his had made him pale. ]
  k l ä u s s / Zuckerbiene / 127d 4h 19m 51s
"Sure, why not?" Remy agreed. A little of everything sounded great. He was always so indecisive, and besides, he wanted to have everything at once. Sharing a couple dishes sounded perfect.

He nodded. "I... can imagine," he said. "She was so close to their age. I'd be worried, too." He was worried, even as a fully grown male older than any of the other people the murderer had attacked so far. Assuming there was one killer. But what else could it be? The town wasn't big enough for there to be so many unexplained murders without something being really wrong.

He shrugged. "It's going fine, in any case. Even if I told you about it, you'd probably just get bored." A lot of complex chemistry stuff, and even though the end result was pretty interesting, the way to get there was pretty boring. Unless Klauss was legitimately interested in hearing about reactions and tons of paperwork, which he doubted. No one wanted to hear about paperwork.

It felt weird, having a normal conversation with someone. They weren't talking about work, or chemicals, or things he couldn't talk about with other people. Just a casual conversation with a friend. It felt like ages since that'd happened.

Remy sighed and leaned against the countertop. "I'm hungry," he complained. "Hope they get here fast with the food." If not, he might have to eat all his cookies, and that'd just spoil his dinner.
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