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"No I want to spend time with you darlin'... Maxx and Ryan can go out without me. I don't need to go out and drink." He said looking to her. That might have been the most adult thing he had ever said. He kissed her gently, "Lets book the AirBNB for our trip home and I'll let the town council know that I'll play the festival."

He was being so sweet to her and he knew that even if she found out about what happened... he hoped she wouldn't leave him. He didn't sleep with the girl... just passed out with her... there was a difference... a line but a fine line. He sighed and plopped down on the couch. Rambo, jumping up to see him. "Hey buddy." He muttered.

This Kane was normal, this was the Kane that he had been in high school.... not the drunk alcoholic that couldn't even form words... that guy was influenced by his friends.... and his band mates... but at home he was a good man. Took care of things and made sure she was safe, he always worried.
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Cori had her arms full of bags as she walked into the house. She loved grocery shopping, but she hated putting everything up after the fact. [b "I don't care if you drink, Kane. I really don't. I just don't like it when you get completely wasted. Good things don't come out of those times."] she said. She leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b "You're my forever."]

She couldn't help but grin when she heard Kane call her Tigger. That was her old nickname from highschool. [b "I love you more Pooh."] She honestly didn't think he still remembered. [b "One more year. I'm in the home strech now."] she said [b "I'll graduate next May."]

She looked over at him after thinking for a bit. [b "You've been working really hard these past few weeks... If you want to go out with the guys tomorrow you can. We can do date night another night."] she said [b "I can just keep study group tomorrow night."] She didn't want him feeling like he HAD to sit home with her.
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At home once he loaded all of the groceries into the kitchen he pulled her to him and kissed her hard, “I know your probably thinking I’m crazy and not changing...but I’m trying for you. I...I’ll go to a counselor fo help quit drinking....” he said not wanting to look up at her, scared she would see him cry. They hadn’t bought any alcohol at the store and that was weird for Kane, he always grabbed at least one bottle when they were out. Hell his number one song was about drinking...Used To Love You Sober.

It was ironic considering Kane hadn’t been sober in a long long time. He held her hand and looked at Cori inscribed into his skin as a tattoo. “I love you Tigger.” He never used her nickname anymore but he did tonight, she was tigger, he was Pooh Bear and that’s how it would always be. He leaned his head on her shoulder, “How long until you graduate and become a nurse?” He knew she wanted to wait on him to ask her to marry him but he had it planned for Saturday night.
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Cori looked over at Kane and nodded slowly. [b "I knew you would make it. Your Momma just didn't want you to move out here and not make it. She didn't want you getting hurt, you know she loves you more than anything on this planet."] she said. It had definetly been a rough couple of weeks. She felt like she had hardly seen Kane. Most of the time he was asleep when she got up for class, and he was always gone when she got home.

She helped Kane load the groceries in the Truck and looked up at him. [b "I shouldn't get made when you go out with your friends, but Kane, you're freakin Kane Brown. I'm Cori, the girlfriend that no ones knows. I have no one except you here."]

So that's why he was acting so different. Rae left Maxx last night and Kane got a glimpse at what it was like to be single. This was just an act. He would be back to him old self next week. [b "I'll go with you. It'll be good to escape the city for a little while. I'll look on Airbnb tonight."]
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“I’m only going home if you go with me. You know why I left Georgia, not one person in that town believed in me other than you. My own mother told me that it was a mistake to move to Nashville.” He said holding her hand as he pushed the cart. “I’m sorry it’s just been a rough couple of weeks.” He hadn’t talked about it with anyone, not even her. “And yes I read everything you put on the fridge or on those little notes you leave on the bathroom mirror, I notice everything.”

They checked out and Kane loaded the groceries into the back of the truck before getting inside himself. “I love you and I’m sorry I haven’t been the best boyfriend, actually I’ve been the worst but I’m trying to turn it around and change because I want to be with you and I can’t lose you like Max lost Rae.” Kane had witnessed Max’s girlfriend leave him last night and it scared Kane to the core. Max and Raw had been together as long as he and Cori had been together.
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Cori looked up at Kane. She was very surprised that he was playing the victim right now. [b "I assumed that you would be busy working or with Maxx and Ryan like you have been for the last few months. I didn't want to sit at home for two weeks with just Rambo, Kane."] she said.

After that, he was silent for a few moments, which just aggravated her even more. [b "We need milk and ceral."] she muttered. She headed for the dairy department. [b "I'm not going anywhere."] she muttered. [b "Where would I go, Kane? Honestly."] She had been with Kane for five years now, she didn't know anything else. She was surprised when she realized that he had pulled her into a hug, and people were staring. [b "Baby. I'm not going anywhere, don't even worry about that... Lets finish shopping so we can go home and relax."]

She grabbed two gallons of milk, and then headed for the cereal and snack isle. She had been on a fruit gushers kick, as well as fruit roll ups. [b "If you want to go back home, I'll see if I can find a hotel or a house we can rent."]
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Kane looked to her, "You wanted to go home without me?" he asked kind of heartbroken. "Yeah... I know what you said about forgetting about it, but I can't." he didn't have a therapist or anyone to talk to. The bottle was his only friend and thats why he spent so much time out drinking.

He pushed the cart in silence. She wanted to go home without him and stay with her parents.... she hadn't even thought about him going back with her, having a vacation at home. He was a horrible boyfriend.

He sighed and pulled her into a hug right there in the middle of the store, he had tears in his eyes, "Cori.. don't leave me... promise me you won't leave me." It scared him to lose her and he knew he could at any moment. He thought about moments ago when she talked about building their house and having kids... the thought scared him. He couldn't even be a good boyfriend, how was he supposed to be a good dad? He didn't exactly have any role models to look up to in that area.
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Cori smiled soflty and nodded. [b "I didn't think you ever really looked at that. You always just ignore it."] she said as she grabbed some dr pepper cans off the shelf. She looked up when he said he didn't want to force her into anything. She knew that he was thinking of the night he got drunk and took her to bed. [b "I told you not to worry about that anymore."] she said softly. That was the main reason she didnt like Maxx or Ryan. Kane had been drinking that night, with them.

What Kane didn't know, was after that night she started going to counseling. She didn't really go into specifics of what happened that night, but it was nice to have someone besides your mom to talk to about life with.

[b "I was actually thinking about going home and staying with my folks. But we could kind of make it a mini vacaction. We've been talking about getting updated pictures done. Georgia leaves would be the perfect back drop."] she said. [b "I forgot all about the fall festival! Baby you should do it. Give back to our hometown."]
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"Yeah... I saw the calendar on the fridge." he said holding her, "Two weeks off of classes, I was thinking maybe I clear my schedule for those two weeks and we could go somewhere... that is if you want to.. I don't want to force you into anything." He still hadn't forgiven himself for the night that he had came home drunk and forced her into bed. He had left marks on her body, bruises that his hands fit into and he couldn't forgive himself for that. That wasn't what a man did. He was supposed to protect her, not hurt her. She even knew he didn't forgive himself for that night.

He rested his head on her shoulder as he held her from behind, "Maybe go home to Georgia for two weeks, see Momma, your parents..." He wanted to say share news of our engagement but he hadn't asked her yet and he was silently praying that she was going to say yes. She was his everything even if he didn't show it sometimes. "Our class wants me to play the town fall festival and I didn't give them an answer yet."
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Cori nodded as she listened to him. [b "Yeah. I really don't want to either. I mean, it's already paid off. We could use it for storage, and if any of our family ever came to town. I think we should just keep it. But I think we need to go speak with a contractor. We could build our dream house."] she said. [b "I want a big kitchen, with an island and a breakfast nook for our kids, and walk in closets, and a mud room!"] They had talked about their hopes for the future more than once.

She couldn't help but glance at the magazine racks as they walked past it. Kane was always in the magazines, and she always looked them up online and read them when he was out or busy.

[b "Steaks on the grill. I'll fix all the sides."] she said [b "You just gonna man the grill."] She smiled when she felt his arms around her. This is what their relationship used to be like all the time. It was always so good. Then he got famous and introduced to alcohol. [b "Sooo. Fall break is in a few weeks."]
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"I'm all yours... and I don't want to sell the house... it would be better using it as a work space than renting a work space and we can get you a car anytime darlin'." He kissed her before sitting her down inside the store and sending her the picture. It had been five years, they had been through everything together, from moving to Nashville to a pregnancy scare in high school... he would never leave her.

Getting a kart Kane pushed it through the store, he knew he might get recognized but he didn't care he was grocery shopping with his girlfriend. He saw a tabloid with his picture on it... the headline was, 'Kane Brown, Nashville's Country Outlaw." He ignored it. He wasn't the guy they made him out to be... at least he didn't want to be that guy but he knew how he was when he was drunk. Kane followed her through the aisles throwing junk food into the cart when she wasn't looking. "So steaks on the grill?" he asked her wrapping his arms around her and resting his hands on her waist as she looked at the meat.
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Cori just grinned as she listened to him tell her that she looked good. [b "I'm literally wearing my lazy gril clothes. I'm wearing house shoes!"] she said. She nodded when he said they hadn't posted a selfie together in awhile, they had been on different schdulues for awhile now. She couldn't tell you the last time they had sat down and had a meal together.

[b "We can sell it if you want. It is pretty small."] she said. [b "It's paid off right? Which would get more money? Renting it out or selling it completely?"] she asked. [b "Will you send me that picture? Can I post it? My followers probably think we broke up or something."]

She took his hand when he helped her down out of the monster of the truck. [b "What about buying a car? I love my jeep. But it's an ass parking at school and downtown."] she said. [b "I have that bit that I saved from working during summers back in Fort O."] She giggled as she jumped onto his back. [b "I missed this."] she muttered [b "I missed you..."]
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Kane decided to wear his jogger sweats, a hoodie, and his slide sandals. It was a lazy day, he didn't have to dress up either. "Damn you look good darlin'." he said kissing her, "We haven't posted a selfie together in awhile." He said kissing her and snapping a picture with his phone. Looking at the picture it was them kissing and she was smiling into the kiss. "Perfect." Kane muttered showing her. "I... we don't have to sell this house... maybe just look into getting a second house, and use this one as a home base for the merchandise, offices, and a place to crash when we need to get away from it all." he suggested.

He helped her into the truck kissing her again, he wasn't drunk so he was normal. He needed to stay away from the whiskey. Pulling up to the store he helped her out and said, "Piggy back ride to the door?" He stopped so she could jump on his back. This was the fun they used to have, what they had been missing. He never had time to be normal anymore.
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Alexandria nodded. She looked up at him when he said he was going to talk to her about that too. She was slightly confused. [b "The city has so much hustle and bustle though.. I love this house. It's our first home together."] she said. [b "I mean I do hate being alone at night... But selling this house?"] She didn't know. It was small though. They were quickly outgrowing it. [b "I guess it wouldn't hurt to get in touch with a contractor. I don't want to be in the city, but I don't want to be fourty five minutes out either.."] she said. [b "I'm gonna go change and we can go on and go to the store."]

She kissed his cheek before she headed upstairs. As much as she didn't want to sell this house, just for the fact that it was their first official house together, they did need more space. And if moving closer to the city meant Kane would come home at night.. She was all for it.

She quickly changed from her pajamas and into a comfy outfit. She didn't need to dress up to go to the grocery store.

[https://i.pinimg.com/736x/bd/c9/28/bdc9287f8aa625b9354cac6822e5511a--lazy-outfits-school-outfits.jpg outfit]
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Kane kissed her, "I can grill and we can go to the store." He kissed her neck and said, "I... was going to talk to you about that too... how would you feel about a house close to campus... its getting a lot for me to drive between here and the studio and the studio is a ten minute drive from your campus, maybe it would be best to sell this place and build our own in town... I don't want to be apart from you at nights, like you said you don't like to be alone and if I'm closer to the studio I'm home more."

He made a point and this house really was too small for them but when they had bought it, it was a great house and one of their only options as they hated the apartment that they had lived in when they first moved to Nashville. "We can start looking at places or hire a contractor and design our own house. I mean money isn't an object anymore." He muttered hoping she understood where he was coming from. "Being in town would be better for both of us."
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