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"We could." He said looking to her about trying for a baby... he had never been that close to admitting they could try but didn't say another word about it.

"Yeah I know Cori... its been awhile since you've been out with all of us, I didn't know Kane was bringing you tonight." Kane rolled his eyes, "Like I said, 'Shes always coming." Kane kissed her, "I'll keep it in my pants in public but in my truck is fair game."

Walking into the bar Kane kissed her again and Brittany hugged her, "Cori its so good to see you!" Brittney had a small baby bump and Kane knew they would start talking about kids. "We have a special table set up in the front." Soon it was time for Kane to go up onstage and he spoke before singing, which was different for him, "I want to say something before I play my new song... Cori and I have been together for 5 almost 6 years now and she and I have been through everything together, most of ya'll know my girlfriend Cori and this next song is about her... but before I sing it I'd like to bring her up onstage for a minute." Kane pulled her up and Kissed her gently, before dropping down on one knee. "Cori will you marry me?" he asked looking to her, holding the ring box.
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Cori grinned as she listened to him. [b "Only takes me three hours of getting ready to get you to admit that?"] she said. [b "You're gonna totally have to basically left me in that damn truck. I can't jump in these heels."] she said. She nodded when he mentioned Jason's baby. [b "Yeah. Brittany texted me and told me. I'm really excited for them..."] she said [b "Kinda made me think that maybe we should start trying.. They could be friends."]

She held onto his shoulders when Kane helped her down out of the truck. [b "Thanks babe."] she seen Maxx and just physically groaned. [b "Great. Here we go."] she was confused when Kane held up his hand. But then she felt him grab her waist. [b "Keep it in your pants in public mister."] she said, running her hands through his hair. [b "Wait! I have your hat. It's in my big bag with my converse in it."] she said. She had brought extra shoes just in case.

Cori looked at Maxx when they walked over to him. [b "Girlfriend has a name, ya know. It's nice to see you too, Max."]
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"God damn I'm a lucky man." he said kissing her, letting his tongue explore her mouth." He pulled her to him, his hands on her waist, "We're taking the truck," Kane muttered looking for his hat but couldnt find it. "Did you see that text Jason sent, they're having a baby..." Usually anything to do with a baby, she was hinting for one of their own. After five years they still didn't have a baby.

Soon they were arriving at the bar, Kane parked in the VIP parking and helped her out of the truck, kissing her before he feet touched the ground. Maxx saw them and waved. Kane held up a finger that said, give me a second." He let his hands roam her body, gently pushing up on the bottom of her skirt as they kissed. "I love you." He said smirking. The ring box was burning a hole in his pocket.

Maxx looked to Kane and Cori, "Well brought the girlfriend out tonight." Kane chuckled, "Always Maxx... I think I'll bring her out form now on." Maxx looked skeptical.
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Cori layed back agianst the pillows when Kane walked downstairs. She couldn't help but stare as he pulled on a pair of joggers. She couldn't believe that he was ALL hers. [b "Love you."] she said. She grabbed her phone and scrolled through Social Media. Everyone was buzzing about Jason Alden's new bar and a NEW baby on the way. Everyone was excited for them.

She laughed when he said she didn't have to get dressed. She sat up, but pulled the sheet so it covered her. [b "This is the life."] she mumbled. [b "Thank ya babe."]

Hours and a bunch of extra curricular activities later, it was finally time to start getting ready. She showered first, because it would take her longer. [b "Are you driving tonight or are we gonna get an Uber?"] she asked as she stepped out of the shower. [b "That looks good babe. I like that hoodie!"]

Hours later, she walked downstairs. [b "How do I look?"]

[https://i.pinimg.com/736x/f5/70/8c/f5708c5e1ffc548adaa33c28c116461b--date-night-dresses-date-night-outfits.jpg outfit]
[https://www.latestfashiontips.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/makeup-ideas-with-red-lips-_7.jpg makeup]
[https://cutediyprojects.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/32-soft-bouncy-curls-long-hairstyle.jpg hair]
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Kane smiled pulling on his sweats and nothing else. "I'll be back in this bed in twenty minutes, keep it warm for me." He loved her and he would do anything for her. He didn't even have jitters about tonight or asking her to marry him. He knew she would say yes after last night... He loved her.

When he finished making breakfast he brought it to her in bed. "Breakfast in bed that you don't even have to get dressed for." he said kissing her. "Jason left a message and said that everything was set for tonight. " Jason was the only person who knew that Kane was asking Cori to marry him tonight, so he had helped plan the set up, right down to where Cori would be sitting and how Kane was going to ask, it was all arranged and set up perfectly.

At three he started looking for clothes to wear and asked her, "How do I look?" he was wearing ripped jeans and a camo hoodie that the Steeler's had given him for singing at one of their games. He loved it.
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The night was like the old nights. The nights they had when they were living in their crappy apartment in Chattanoga before Kane really got big. She didn't realize how much she had missed him until that pint in time. She was glad that he was finally back, she just prayed that he would stay like this. [b "I love you more."] she said with a matter of fact tone. [b "Forever and Always."]

The next morning, she woke up in Kane's arms. And there was honestly no other place that she wanted to be. [b "Good Morning baby. How'd you sleep?"] she asked. [b "That means we need to start getting ready around three.. Which means we don't have to leave this bed until three."] she said with a grin on her face. [b "Go fix breakfast though."]

She smiled softly when she heard him say that he needed her more than anything. [b "I'm pretty sure you need air more, doofus."] she said with a smirk. [b "You and Rambo are all I need."] she said softly. [b "I love our little family."]
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'I know." He said smiling, "But they won't say a word to me. I'm their friend but also their boss. They won't say a word. " He muttered. Once they were at the house he opened the bottle of wine, pouring her a glass and pouring himself one before turning on some music and pulling her close to him, "I love you. " He muttered smiling.

The next morning Kane woke up wrapped around her...still together from their escapades the night before. 'Good morning love." he said kissing her awake, ready for round two. "What a way to wake up." He muttered when they were finished, "I never want to leave this bed." He said holding her waist. "We only have to be to Jason's by 7... we have all this time to enjoy each other." He muttered kissing her again and again. "I need you more than anything. " She had no idea that he would be asking her to marry him tonight. So her white dress was more than appropriate for going to the opening of the bar. Poetic even. Kane loved it.
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Cori blushed when she felt him smack her backside. She just grinned and shook her hand. [b "Not that I don't love this side of you. But we've probably already spent close to a thousand babe..."] she said. She just shook her head as she climbed up into the truck. [b "I think I'm gonna wear the white dress and the leather jacket for Jason's thing tomorrow.]

She nodded when he said they were going to celebrate. [b "We need to go to the liqour store then. We're completely out of all things alcohol."] she said.

After they spent WAY more than they should've at Gucci, they were headed to the liquor barn and then would be going home. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and night. But she loved this side of Kane, so she didn't want today to end. [b "What time do we have to be there tomorrow?"] she asked as she buckled her seatbelt after she climbed back in the truck. [b "You know Maxx and Ryan will be there... Right?"] She didn't want to cause anything between them. They were in his band after all..
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"I said Gucci." he said smirking, "Number one album in the country baby, all genres... we need to celebrate in more ways than one." he said gently spanking her ass. He loved this girl. Holding her hand he walked her to the truck, putting her new Michael Kors purchases inside and said, "We have to drive to Gucci, and we can find some place to eat but then we are going home and celebrating, no phones... just you and me... a little bit of wine... and a hell of a good time." he had missed her like this and there was no way he was going to miss out on celebrating something this big with her.

Kane didn't even think to ask about her birth control, he had just assumed she kept up with it but with them being apart so long with him working and her in school it had slipped both of their minds. He had no idea their celebrating could lead to something she wanted so much but knew never to ask him about... his answer every time was someday they would have kids.
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Cori nodded as she listened to him. [b "I haven't even paid attenion, to be honest. I'll take them upstairs and hang them in the closet once we get home."] she said. She placed the bags that she had in her hand in the back seat. She glanced up when he mentioned Maxx. [b "You can't really just replace friends baby.. I know Maxx can be crazy, but look at how many times he's been there for us when we needed him."] she said. [b "I love having you home with me, but I'm not going to ask you to stop going out like that."]

She grinned when Kane said that she could get anything she wanted. They didn't go all out like this very often, but when they did. You better watch out. She found a black backpack purse that she had been wanting, so they got that.

[b "Did you just say Gucci?"] she asked. She had been wanting a pair of their sunglasses, but had never thought about it because they were five hundred dollars. [b "Are you sure? We still have to go look at the car.."]
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Kane nodded and said, “Windbreakers and Coats, they’re in the garage at home so I figured you had already found them. My manager gave me a box the other day, pulled everything in your size and mine.” He kissed her and loaded the things into the truck before locking t again, he had a number one song and a beautiful girlfriend that he was going to ask to marry him tomorrow. He looked to her as they walked to michael kors, “So I think I need to replace Maxx, he’s the one that makes me go drinking and I’ve had the best time with you and not being out with them...what do you think I should do?” He asked holding her hand as they walked.

Michael Kors was a boujee store and Kane wasn’t dressed for t but it didn’t matter, he kissed her cheek, “Anything you want darlin’.” Michael Kors was where Kane got his cologne most of the time, the men’s stuff smelled pretty good and it was a little pricey. “Babe let’s go to Gucci today.” Gucci was a store that they never stopped at as it was insanely expensive, “To celebrate.”
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[b “I want a white challenger, but then I want to black out everything else.”] she said.

Cori found all the outfits that she had wanted, as well as a new leather Jacket. She was pretty excited with everything that they had found. [b “I do need a pair of heels definitely for the even. We can go to a shoe store or something though babe. I didn’t see any boots that I liked.”] she said. [b “Didn’t you say something about you releasing some new jackets? The windbreaker. I definitely want one of those too. Gotta rep my man.”]

She looked over at his phone and squealed when she seen that he was on the top. [b “Baby that’s amazing!! I’m so proud of you.”] she said. She looked over at the sale lady. [b “I think this is enough. If I stay in here much longer, I’ll want to buy the entire store.”]

After Kane paid, they had so many bags, so she took some. [b “Want to take these back to the truck and then we can go to Micheal Kors and the shoe store?”]
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Chuckling, Kane looked to her, “Anything you want baby.” Once they were in the store he drifted to the men’s section as he shopped at Forever 21 too. “Yeah darlin?” He asked walking up holding a jacket and a few t shirts along with a couple pairs of joggers. He was picky about jeans so he never found any at forever 21. He added his things to the pile and kissed her cheek. The girl behind the counter seemed shocked that Kane was in their store. Kane swiped his card when everything was scanned and said, “Babe you didn’t find any boots here?” He knew she was looking for fall boots. “We can keep looking.” He was spoiling her, like he always did.

“My new song came out today...want to look at the charts and see where it is?” He asked kissing her cheek, “I can’t wait to know.” On the phone right at the top of the charts at all genres was Kane. “Number one.” He said with a smile, “and I’ve got my beautiful girlfriend and shopping today, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”
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Cori looked over at Kane. [b "I know that, Kane. But I just, I haven't contributed to the money at all. I feel bad for spending it.."] she said. She knew that Kane just wanted to finish college. He was such a worrier, he just wanted her home where she was safe. [b "Thank for you taking care of me."] she said. She grinned for a moment. [b "Can I get all three outfits so I have options? I have clothes for Georgia.. Unless we see something I can't live without."] she said with a wink.

[b "I want a white BMW."] she said. She had already researched and decided that that was the one she wanted. [b "But we can always go look at the new Nissans too."] she said [b "It would be the family car eventually.. BABE no. I want a white challenger!"]

She walked into Forever 21 and immediately began looking for the outfits she had found online. She knew her size, so she wasn't going to even try them on. This would be the quickest shopping trip in 21. She loved this store. [b "Babe?"] she called as she walked up to the register.
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“You can have anything you want and you don’t need a job Cori, I worry about you and I’d much rather pay for everything so you can get your education and be safe at home. I love you.” He said taking her hand and pulling it to his lips to kiss the back of it. “I love you more than anything, you want an outfit from forever 21, good, you get it. If you want twenty you get them. You pick your car and we will get it. I will never tell you no unless it’s something ridiculous like a llama in the house.” He said smirking. He pulled up to the Michael Kors store first. He knew he was getting her a Michael Kors watch for Christmas but that was a few months away now. He was worried she would find out about that though. He liked to surprise her.

Kane helped her out of the truck and it was obvious the staff at the store didn’t know who he was as they treated him like he shouldn’t be in there or didn’t have enough money to be in there. It didn’t bother Kane though, he was there for Cori.
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