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Kane took her hand and said, "We will stop by the drugstore, quick run in and out and then we're going home and your mine." He growled in her ear. His hand was red from punching Maxx but Maxx deserved everything that he had gotten. Kane didn't care, no one touched Cori but him. They said goodbye to Brittany and Jason and Kane held Cori around the waist and Jason asked, "You okay? That was a shitty thing for him to do and Kane how's your hand? That was a hell of a punch." Kane opened and closed his hand a few times. "Its alright, I'll live... plus I have this beautiful woman to kiss it better for me."

Soon they were on their way home, stopping at Walgreens to buy a few essentials. Kane came out of the store quickly, "I got them." he said putting the bag on the seat in between them in the truck. He thought it was a mute point now that the deed had already been done unprotected but he didn't comment about it. If she wanted them he would get them now.... his buzz had worn off.
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Cori smiled as she listened to Kane and simply nodded. She was a little tipsy, so her head was kind of fuzzy at the moment. [b "I still think we need to stop at the drug store. Now that we're engaged, don't you think we should wait?"]

[b "Hey Maxx."] Cori said without thinking when they passed him. She though it was rude that Kane didn't say anything even though they had issues, they were best friends. She felt someones hand smack her ass and she gasped. She turned around and realized it was Maxx. [b "Are you serious right now?"] she asked. She seen Kane's eyes change colors. [b "Kane no. He's not worth it. Stop!"] she said.

She seen the bouncer pull him back, and no there was a crowd forming. She looked at Maxx and simply shook her head. [b "Touch me again, and it won't be Kane that hits you. It'll be me."] She said. She grabbed Kane's arm and tried to pull him back. [b "We need to go tell Britt and Jason goodbye. We've caused enough issues tonight for them."]
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Kane helped Cori out of the truck, his lips on hers before her feet even touched the ground, "Lets just go say bye to Brittany and Jason and we can head home and your mine." He muttered kissing her again. He held her hand with her engagement ring on it as they walked inside.

Maxx was inside by the door and Kane ignored him, pulling Cori past him and then he touched her, grabbed her ass. Without thinking about it, Kane pushed Cori behind him and punched Maxx, knocking him backwards into a table. "Don't you ever lay a hand on my fiance again." He growled. He had answer issues and they were coming out right now.

A bouncer pulled Kane back and his hand found Cori's and he asked, "Are you alright darlin'?" Maxx stared at him, "You fucking prick, your my best friend." Kane shook his head, "Was, you touched my fiance and that was crossing a line. Shes the only thing that matters to me." Maxx shook his head, "You lost a drummer." kane spat on Maxx on the ground, "We're in Nashville, there will be 100 more knocking on my door tomorrow."
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Cori looked at Kane and nodded as she listened to him. She couldn't believe that Maxx was behaving that way. [b "He's probably just afraid that he is going to loose you or something."] she said [b "He thinks that now that you're getting married that you won't go hangout anymore or something."] she explained. She hoped that she was right at least.

[b "I think we should announce it to our hometown when you play the festival... Of course we need to tell our parents at the dinner when we first get down to Georgia."] she said. She was already planning their wedding out in her head. [b "Our moms are gonna be ecstatic."]

She grinned when Kane pulled her closer to him. [b "I hate the thought that Rexx is out there getting all lonley."] she said. She giggled when he said no one would miss them in they slipped out. [b "We probably have a solid fifteen before someone does."] she said. She all but jumped up when they were getting inside the truck. [b "Mhm. Just for you babes."]
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"I bought him a drink when he came off stage and he told me that I was an idiot for asking you to marry me, no he doesn't deserve to be talked to right now. After 5 years I think asking you to marry me was well overdue." He muttered kissing her and nodded, 'That dark tint was worth it if I get to have my fiance in my truck." He kissed her neck as they danced, grinding into her. Everyone knew Kane and Cori could dance but it was rare that Kane let loose like this. He loved Cori and it showed tonight.

A few drinks later Kane pulled her to him, "My truck is getting cold out there all alone." he muttered kissing her lips gently, his hands finding her waist easily so he could pull her towards the door. "No one will miss us if we slip out." Minutes later Kane was hoisting her into the truck and kissed her hard when they got inside, "God damn it your beautiful." He muttered not able to keep his hands or lips off of her for very long. She was gorgeous.
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Cori looked over at Brittany nodded. [b "I'm sure Kane would consider it. He loves you and Jason so much. Jason helped him out in so many ways."] she said [b "I can mention it to him tonight if you would like.. I think Kane would enjoy being a part owner actually. I think ever since Jason mentioned opening it, Kane's been trying to figure out what he could do as well."]

She looked up when Kane walked over to them. [b "I can drive home if you want baby. This is a big night."] she said. She nodded when he asked her to dance. [b "I would love to."] she said as she stood up. She looked over to everyone that was on the dancefloor. [b "Should we show them how it's really done?"] She and Kane were great dancers.

Her eyes sparkled as they headed for the dance floor and she heard Kane's comment about the truck. [b "Get a few more drinks in me. I think it will be fun... Good thing you got the dark tent baby."] she said. She looked over and seen Maxx glaring at them, he hadn't spoken to them since they first arrived. [b "I think you should talk to him... See hows he is holding up since Rae left.."]
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"He needs and investor and he was thinking of asking Kane tonight but now that hes asked you to marry him I don't think he wants to ruin your night." Brittany said and Kane winked to Cori. "Plus... now that your engaged I don't know if ya'll would want to make that kind of investment and be part owner of this place... Jason loves Kane like a son so I understand why he wanted him to be a part of it."

When Kane was finished onstage, Jason brought him a Bud Light Lime and Kane thanked him. "I'm only having one tonight, driving this one home." he muttered wrapping his arms around Cori's waist, her engagement ring glittering in the lights. He was in love. "Baby... dance with me?" he asked as a dance song started to play from the DJ. Maxx hadn't talked to Kane all night but that was because he knew he had been in the wrong.... his own girlfriend had left him because of it. Kane held Cori, "So about what you said I could do with you in the truck?" he asked smirking.
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Cori just beamed as she watched Kane slip the ring on her finger. She wrapped her arms around his waist and just leaned into the kiss. [b "I love you so much baby."] she said. She heard Jason's comment and just laughed. [b "Ya damn right he is!"] She took the security guards hand and walked down off the stage. She looked at Brittany and just squaled.

[b "I guess he is."] she said. [b "I guess so."] She was so estatic. [b "I can't wait to call everyone and tell them!"]

She listened to Kane's song and just danced around for it. She was so giddy, she couldn't wait to leave and celebrate it. [b "I've finally got the country bad boy locked down!"] She danced her way over to the bar and ordered a strawberry daiquiri, she grabbed Brittany a water while she was over there. [b "Here ya go my dear."] she said when she walked over to Brittany's table. [b "This place looks amazing. You would've never guessed it was so run down when Jason first bought it."] she said.
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Kane smiled wide, fumbling with the ring but mangaged to slip it on her finger smiling. He kissed her lips, pulling her to him gently and Jason spoke into Kane's microphone, "Hes off the market ya'll." Kane chuckled and kissed Cori again, "I love you Cor." He muttered and kissed her. A security guard helped her off of the stage and Brittany took her hand to look at the ring, 'My God Cori, thats a rock, Kane did good... really good." Kane began to sing the song smiling at Cori, his now fiance. He had been planning this since Jason asked him to sing at the opening six months ago. Even through he made mistakes, Cori had been there with him through everything and no matter what he did, she was always there for him even if he didn't deserve her.

Brittany looked to Cori, "So hes cleaning up his act now?" It was a known fact that Kane Brown was Nashville's resident country bad boy... but now he was engaged and no one had seen that coming at all.
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She didn't say anything about the baby subject. She knew with Kane's answer that it was a definite no.

Cori smirked at Maxx. [b "Brittany and Jason are OUR friends. Why wouldn't I come? If nothing else but to congratulate Brittany but you know. Kane likes it when I dress up. Something that you can't give him, I suppose."] she said. She grinned when Kane said the truck was fair game. Her eyes were sparkling. [b "Get a few drinks in me first and then it's definitly fair game.... I might even let you take me to the truck."]

She squealed when she seen Brittany. [b "Oh my gosh! Look how beautiful you look. I swear you're glowing!"] she said.[b "Congratulations! I'm so happy for y'all!] She looked up when Kane walked up on the stage, and then all her focus was on him. She was surprised when he asked her to come out on stage though, he hadn't done that in awhile. Security helped her up and then she walked over to him. [b "Kane what are you doi--."] He was on one knee. Immediately she started bawling like a baby. [b "Of course I'll marry you! Yes!!"]
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"We could." He said looking to her about trying for a baby... he had never been that close to admitting they could try but didn't say another word about it.

"Yeah I know Cori... its been awhile since you've been out with all of us, I didn't know Kane was bringing you tonight." Kane rolled his eyes, "Like I said, 'Shes always coming." Kane kissed her, "I'll keep it in my pants in public but in my truck is fair game."

Walking into the bar Kane kissed her again and Brittany hugged her, "Cori its so good to see you!" Brittney had a small baby bump and Kane knew they would start talking about kids. "We have a special table set up in the front." Soon it was time for Kane to go up onstage and he spoke before singing, which was different for him, "I want to say something before I play my new song... Cori and I have been together for 5 almost 6 years now and she and I have been through everything together, most of ya'll know my girlfriend Cori and this next song is about her... but before I sing it I'd like to bring her up onstage for a minute." Kane pulled her up and Kissed her gently, before dropping down on one knee. "Cori will you marry me?" he asked looking to her, holding the ring box.
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Cori grinned as she listened to him. [b "Only takes me three hours of getting ready to get you to admit that?"] she said. [b "You're gonna totally have to basically left me in that damn truck. I can't jump in these heels."] she said. She nodded when he mentioned Jason's baby. [b "Yeah. Brittany texted me and told me. I'm really excited for them..."] she said [b "Kinda made me think that maybe we should start trying.. They could be friends."]

She held onto his shoulders when Kane helped her down out of the truck. [b "Thanks babe."] she seen Maxx and just physically groaned. [b "Great. Here we go."] she was confused when Kane held up his hand. But then she felt him grab her waist. [b "Keep it in your pants in public mister."] she said, running her hands through his hair. [b "Wait! I have your hat. It's in my big bag with my converse in it."] she said. She had brought extra shoes just in case.

Cori looked at Maxx when they walked over to him. [b "Girlfriend has a name, ya know. It's nice to see you too, Max."]
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"God damn I'm a lucky man." he said kissing her, letting his tongue explore her mouth." He pulled her to him, his hands on her waist, "We're taking the truck," Kane muttered looking for his hat but couldnt find it. "Did you see that text Jason sent, they're having a baby..." Usually anything to do with a baby, she was hinting for one of their own. After five years they still didn't have a baby.

Soon they were arriving at the bar, Kane parked in the VIP parking and helped her out of the truck, kissing her before he feet touched the ground. Maxx saw them and waved. Kane held up a finger that said, give me a second." He let his hands roam her body, gently pushing up on the bottom of her skirt as they kissed. "I love you." He said smirking. The ring box was burning a hole in his pocket.

Maxx looked to Kane and Cori, "Well brought the girlfriend out tonight." Kane chuckled, "Always Maxx... I think I'll bring her out form now on." Maxx looked skeptical.
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Cori layed back agianst the pillows when Kane walked downstairs. She couldn't help but stare as he pulled on a pair of joggers. She couldn't believe that he was ALL hers. [b "Love you."] she said. She grabbed her phone and scrolled through Social Media. Everyone was buzzing about Jason Alden's new bar and a NEW baby on the way. Everyone was excited for them.

She laughed when he said she didn't have to get dressed. She sat up, but pulled the sheet so it covered her. [b "This is the life."] she mumbled. [b "Thank ya babe."]

Hours and a bunch of extra curricular activities later, it was finally time to start getting ready. She showered first, because it would take her longer. [b "Are you driving tonight or are we gonna get an Uber?"] she asked as she stepped out of the shower. [b "That looks good babe. I like that hoodie!"]

Hours later, she walked downstairs. [b "How do I look?"]

[https://i.pinimg.com/736x/f5/70/8c/f5708c5e1ffc548adaa33c28c116461b--date-night-dresses-date-night-outfits.jpg outfit]
[https://www.latestfashiontips.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/makeup-ideas-with-red-lips-_7.jpg makeup]
[https://cutediyprojects.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/32-soft-bouncy-curls-long-hairstyle.jpg hair]
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Kane smiled pulling on his sweats and nothing else. "I'll be back in this bed in twenty minutes, keep it warm for me." He loved her and he would do anything for her. He didn't even have jitters about tonight or asking her to marry him. He knew she would say yes after last night... He loved her.

When he finished making breakfast he brought it to her in bed. "Breakfast in bed that you don't even have to get dressed for." he said kissing her. "Jason left a message and said that everything was set for tonight. " Jason was the only person who knew that Kane was asking Cori to marry him tonight, so he had helped plan the set up, right down to where Cori would be sitting and how Kane was going to ask, it was all arranged and set up perfectly.

At three he started looking for clothes to wear and asked her, "How do I look?" he was wearing ripped jeans and a camo hoodie that the Steeler's had given him for singing at one of their games. He loved it.
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