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"Don't take that pill Cori." He said holding her, "I'm ready... this is me telling you that I am ready when you are." He muttered kissing her. Kane and her father had talked and what he said had hit home. He had told Kane, your never fully ready... but you love them. "I want to have a baby, kids... with you... we can start now." He says holding her.

He took her hand leading her into the house, "No more fighting about it, I love you and this is what we want, its happening." He would do anything she wanted and maybe he was an asshole at times but that didn't change how he felt about Cori one bit. He would do anything for Cori, she was his other half.

Tabatha and her mother were talking about the wedding plans and Kane kissed Cori again, "I'm glad you found your dress, I wasn't worried about the price baby, just chuckled when I got the bank notification on my phone. It sends me that when its over 5 grand... never got one before today."
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Alexandria grinned as she seen Kane's face flash up on her phone. [b "Hey baby. I'm about to pull back in to my moms driveway."] she said. She couldn't help but laugh when he said that he had gotten an alert from the bank. [b "I did find my dress.. But it was on sale!"] she said.

She hung up the phone and grinned when Kane pulled open the truck door. [b "Well hello to you too."] she said. She giggled when she felt Kane's lips all over her face. [b "Baby we weren't even gone eight hours."] she said softly. She looked at him when he asked about the pill. [b "I haven't yet... I always take it every night at nine.."] she explained. Sheer shock spread over her body when she heard Kane tell her to no take it. [b "What..."] she said softly. [b "Baby, we just got into a fight last night and this morning over the baby topic.."]

She smiled weakly when he said that he wanted to be better than his own father. [b "Baby, you won't be anything like him.."] she said softly. [b "I love you so much."]
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Kane's phone buzzed while they were grilling some fish, it was a bank alert for over 6 thousand dollars so he called her, "I assume you found your dress... I got the alert for the bank, we're making dinner, fish, I miss you."

Kane pulled her into his arms the second she was out of his truck, "I missed you so much." he muttered kissing her lips and forehead and all over her face. "You were gone so long I thought I'd go crazy." He said smirking. When he saw their mother's had went inside, "Did you take the pill?" He took a deep breath... "I was thinking... don't take it... I want to be a better man than my father was." He said kissing her, "You were right, I was just scared and stupid earlier... We're ready."

Kane knew how much this meant to her, she had been wanting kids for two years now and he had always said no. He loved her but it scared him more than anything, but of course for her he would do anything he could. "I want to have a baby." He said sighing.
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Cori smiled softly as she listened to Tabatha and Cori. She just shook her head as she listened to the two women.

[b "Hey baby. Yeah, we're in Atlanta. We're about to walk into the shop."] she said [b "I love you too."]

A few hours later, they were headed back to Fort O. She had found the wedding dress of her dreams, and then Tabatha and her own Mother found a dress to wear as well. There was a few things she wanted to change on her wedding dress, so they were going to work on that and then she would have to come down in a few months for another fitting. She was so excited, it had been an interesting time at the Dress Shop.. The woman that was helping her into her dress made a comment about all the bruises on her waist and body. It was awkward telling the woman that you were trying for a baby with your Fiancé. Thankfully, Tabatha hadn't comment on the way she was walking.

Cori was also thinking up plans to visit Kane's father in prison.
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Tabatha smiled, “Isn’t this fun! I can’t wait to see Kane’s face when he sees you wearing the perfect dress on your wedding day. I was hoping this day would come soon, and then grand babies to spoil!” Her mother agreed with Tabatha.

Kane and her father were of fishing and he always wanted to discuss finances and drink beer. Kane didn’t like finances but drinking beer he could handle...they only had a couple each of course while they fished. Kane called her to see if they had gotten to Atlanta safely, “Hey darlin’ calling to make sure y’all got to Atlanta alright, I miss you, find something pretty to wear baby, I love you.” Her mother had heard him on the phone and said, “He’s a good catch Cori, and you never have to worry about money or places to live. Don’t lose him Cori, he’s a good man.” Kane has his problems but overall he was good to her.

Her father and him joked and fished before coming home five hours later with a cooler full of fish.
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Cori glanced over at her Mother and nodded. [b "I want to graduate first and Kane wanted the wedding around his birthday."] she said [b "I want a fall wedding."] She looked in the rearview mirrow as Kane's Mother started talking. [b "I don't know if I could even talk him into that, Tab. You know how much Kane dispieces his father... We got into a fight this morning because Kane's afraid that he won't be a good father someday, that he'll take after his own dad..."]

[b "What if I went and told him? I don't think I could ever talk Kane into that.."] she said as she merged onto the interstate. [b "I can try.. But I don't know."]

She was quiet the rest of the drive, leaving her mother and Tabatha talking to one another. She was thinking about how she could even bring up Alan to Kane.. He had been in a weird mood lately. She didn't need to give him another reason.. [b "We're here."] she said as she carefully turned the truck into the shopping center.
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"A whole year and a half?" Her mother asked and said, "I know ya'll have been together for 6 years but doesn't that seem like a really long engagement?" Kane's mother looked to Cori, "I know this is going to sound horrible but, Kane needs to tell his father hes getting married. You were with him the last time he saw his father on a visitation day, he was 16 and you know how it ended. He started screaming at Alan that He didn't want to see him again and he would be a better man than he was. Cori, Kane's father deserves to know his only child is getting married even if he will never see the outside of that cell."

Kane's father had delt drugs and trafficed them as well as abused Kane and his mother... Kane almost died once from it. He would never forgive his father, all of them knew that but Tabatha was right, his father needed to know. Kane's middle name was Alan after his father... but that could explain why Kane never used his middle name.
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[b "Maxx and Ryan... What about that Taylor guy? Baby. Jason."] she said softly. [b "We need a wedding party."] She looked out the window as they pulled into his Mother's driveway, she was already on the front porch waiting on them. [b "Hi!"] she said.

Soon enough they were back at her parents house, picking up Coir's Momma. SHe looked at Kane as she climbed into the driver seat of his truck and simply nodded. [b "We'll be fine."] she said, wincing as she got situated. [b "I'll text you when we get there baby.. you and dad have fun now. Be careful."] she said. She couldn't help but grin when she seen that Kane was climbing on the step so he could kiss her. [b "I love you."] she said softly.

After they all said their goodbyes, cori and her Mommas were headed to Atlanta. [b "So I looked online, and I called them. They already have a few set pack for us."] she said [b "The wedding will be October 18th 2019.. At the farm. I haven't decided a color theme yet though.
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"I don't have anyone to ask." Kane said softly not really wanting to admit that he didn't have a friend in this world besides his band. He had lost most to drugs or they ended up dead from crime or in jail. He hadn't ran with the best crowd when he was younger but thanks to Cori, she had saved him.

He held her waist, "You girls okay to go to Atlanta?" His mother nodded and so did hers. His mother was more than overjoyed that Kane and Cori were finally getting married, she thought they would have gotten married right out of nigh school but Kane had other plans for his career and Cori had been there by his side. His mother was proud of both of them. Kane was now taking care of her and Cori's parents. he didn't mind... but he wouldn't have been able to do it if Cori hadn't believed in him.

Cori's father loaded the fished gear into his old beat up pick up truck. "Ready to go Kane?" He asked and Kane nodded, "Yeah one second." He kissed Cori hard, "I miss you already."
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Cori looked at her Mother and just nodded. [b "Thank's Momma."] she said softly. She didn't know how today was going to work with her feeling how she did. [b "I'm really excited to go look at wedding dresses. I actually think I already found the one I want."] she said.

She nodded when her mother said that she knew she and Kane would be together forever when she first brought him home to introduce him to her parents. [b "I hadn't been so scared in my entire life. I was so afraid that you and Daddy wouldn't accept him."] she said [b "Momma it's really not a big deal. This is home to us. I grew up here and Kane was over every single day, we weren't just gonna let y'all loose it."]

After breakfast, they were heading over to pick Momma Brown up and then Kane and her Father were going fishing, while Cori, her Mother and Momma Brown were going to Atlanta to look at wedding dresses. She was so excited. [b "We need to figure out who we want as bridemaids, groomsmen and the best man and maid of honor."]
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Her mother smiled, "I'll take that excuse but let me get you some motrin, it helps with soreness and cramps." her mother said getting her some. Kane and her father went outside to attach the steps to both sides of the truck. He had taken them off when he washed it and just hadn't put them back on but he knew she needed them to get in and out of it thats why he had bought the steps in the first place. They just slid under the truck folded up when they we'ren't using them.

Her father was fascinated by his truck. In the kitchen her mother hugged her and said, "I can't believe my little girl is getting married! and to Kane! I knew the day you introduced him to us that he would marry you! The way he looks at you is special Cori." To her mother, Kane could do no wrong, it was like he was a saint. "I wanted to thank you and Kane for helping your father and I right now... you know your dad, he doesn't want to ask for help even if he needs it."
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Cori forced another smile when Kane pulled her down on his lap. [b “This is what she would every year for our birthday breakfast, remember?”] she said. She listened to Kane speak about her ring and she couldn’t help but grin. Her ring was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. [b “You definitely did good Baby.”] she said [b “I can’t wait to marry you. I love you so much.”]

She looked up when her mother asked if she would help with the biscuits. She looked at Kane and nodded. [b “Thanks babe. Don’t forget about the steps in the truck.”] she muttered as she wobbled into the kitchen. [b “What do you want me to do Momma?”] she asked once she reached the kitchen.

She looked up when her mother asked her what was going on. There was no way she could really tell her what happened. [b “I fell down the stairs last night. I’m just really sore is all.”] she said softly. She hoped that her mother would take it, but she didn’t know if she would or not.
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Kane pulled her down to sit im his lap on the couch. Kissing her cheek, “Your momma always did make the best biscuits and gravy, I’m glad she taught you because your so good at it.” Her father smiled and looked at his daughter’s engagement ring again and asked Kane where he bought it. Kane held her hand and said, “Its acustom ring from a jeweler in Nashville, I started designing it six months ago so it was perfect for Cori. It came out better than I could have imagined and seeing it on her finger now makes me happy. I can’t wait to make her my wife.”

Her parents loved Kane and her mother smiled, “Cori can you come help me with the biscuits?” Kane all but lifted her off of his lap to help her, knowing she was hurting and he wasn’t a monster. He kissed her cheek before she went to help her mother.

“Are you feeling alright Cori?” Her mother asked her, “I saw Kane lift you and Get you out of his truck, what’s going on? You never have a problem with that truck.”
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Cori nodded as she listened to him speak about his Mother. [b “I was looking at dresses online on the drive down here. I found a few styles that I like. I’m really excited.”] she said soflty.

She held onto his shoulders as he lifted her out of the truck. [b “I’ll never understand why you wanted a truck that was taller than me. I need to get a step stool or something for our Mommas.”] she said. [b “You’re nothing like him Kane. You’re nice and kinda, and sweet. He was just cold from what your momma said..”]

She smiled weakly when her parents walked out to greet them. She winced as she struggled to walk up the front porch. [b “Hi Momma, Hi Daddy... Something smells good!”] she said. She groaned as she reached the final step, but she did it. She knew that she was a sight walking right now. [b “So after Breakfast, Kane and I are going to visit Kane’s Momma, then we’ll come back and pick you up Momma and head to Atlanta.”] She was excited about looking at dresses,’if only she could figure out how to walk.
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“She took today off because I told her we were coming in to town, she will love to go wedding dress shopping with you.” He said looking to her and chuckled, “yes I’ll help you out sweetheart and I’ll put the step on the truck before y’all leave, I love you.” He said smiling.

He got out of the truck taking her by the waist gently and kissing her as he sat her on the ground. He did love her but she deserved to be punished if she kept asking about a baby and it pissed him off when she pointed out that he was scared to be like his father. “I don’t want to be like him. Momma had me and he was gone, ended up in jail before I was three Cori, I don’t want to be a deadbeat like him. I want my kid to know me and have memories with me. My only memory with my father is watching him beat my mother and I won’t be that kind of man. I won’t.” He said kissing her.

Kane held her hand and walked out to meet her parents and her morher was in the kitchen cooking biscuits and gravy. “That smells good.” Kane muttered
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