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Cori couldn’t help but laugh when she seen how her mother was reacting. She was completely estatic. [b “I don’t know when exactly, but we’re going to have you and Momma Brown over for dinner one night. Kane’s gonna grill and I’ll fix all the sides and a desert.”] she explained.

Her father meant well. Every time they came to visit, he would always want to talk finances with Kane, he just wanted to make sure that his little girl was being well taken care of. He didn’t know how much money Kane brought home in a year span. He would probably have a heart attack if he heard the full amount. [b “I hated living so close to the city, so Kane bought a house that’s about fourty five minutes out... Now where looking for land that’s closer to the city. With school and Kane working on his album..”] she explained.

[b “Were talking about babies in the future... but I want to enjoy our marriage before we start talking about them. Or even actively trying.”]
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“Yes oh my gosh my baby’s getting married!” Her mother squealed and Kane smiled talking to her father, her father always liked Kane even though most people in town had a few things to say about the biracial kid with big dreams but he had proven them wrong. Her father likes to talk finances and asked, “Are you kids good? The house alright?” He knew they had bought their house and wanted to make sure it was okay. Kane nodded, “We’re actually getting ready to build a new house, one where we can raise a family, the house we have is too small but it will be used for my offices and studio, as well as if anyone ever wants to stay.”

This was the first time Kane mentioned a family to anyone other than Cpri, her mother was so excited, “Your planning on babies!” She was so happy she looked like she was about to e plods with excitement. “In a few years, we want to enjoy being married first.” She nodded understanding, “But I willbe a grandma.” As if on cue Rambo jumped at her leg.
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Cori laughed and simply nodded. [b "It's been a long few months. We decided that a vacation away was well needed."] she said. [b "We all three needed a break. Kane was more than excited when I mentioned coming home during my fall break."] she explained.

She leaned bak into Kane when she felt ihm come up behind her. She grinned and flipped her left hand into her pocket, she slipped it out and it had her engagement ring on her ring finger. [b "Kane proposed last night, and I said YES!"] she said. She grinned as her Mother was squealing and grabbing at her hand. [b "October 19th, 2019. Somewhere in Georgia. I want a big wedding, but I don't want it in the City."] she explained. [b "Momma. Will you go with me sometime this week to look at dresses? We'll see if Kane's Momma wants to go, and Kane and Daddy can go do something!"]

She looked up at her Daddy her he started to talking to Kane. She grinned and nodded. [b "Daddy. We fell in love when we were seventeen, it was bound to happen at some point."] she said.
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Kane chuckled getting the dog out from the back seat, “Come on buddy.” Rambo wa son his leach but ran towards the porch, he remembered them and had spent many summer days on that porch with kane and Cori. “You dragged the superstar back home.” Her mother said seeing Kane and he nodded, “Didn’t take much convincing, I missed y’all and we decided we needed an extended vacation...and we have some news.” He said seeing her father come out behind her mother.

Her mother looked like she was waiting for Kane to say something, “Darlin’ do you want to tell them?” He asked, standing behind her, his hands finding her waist. He watched her get the ring out of her pocket but her mother blurted out, “Your Getting married, oh my god my baby’s getting married!”

Kane smiled as her mother checked out the ring on Cori’s finger. Her father shook Kane’s hand, “Good man, after 6 years I was beginning to think it would never happen.” Kane chuckled, “No I just wanted to make sure it was right.”
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Cori grinned when Kane finally agreed to the babies. [b "Not right after we get married, maybe a year or so after the fact."] she said. [b" I'll slip the ring into my pocket before I get out of the truck."]

She looked back at Rambo who was now in the backseat. [b "You ready to go see Mimi and Poppi?"] she asked, scratching his head. [b "Mom's going to flip her shit, I just know she will. Guarentee she'll cry before I even finish the sentence."] she said. [b "Daddy might get teary eyed. But I don't know.."] She looked over at Kane. [b "We're gonna go to your Mother's house after, right?"] she asked.

She looked up when they pulled into her parents driveway. Her Momma was out on the front porch before Kane had shut the truck off. She slipped the ring and jumped out of the truck. [b "Momma!"] she squealed. [b "Hi! Are you surprised?"] she asked [b "We decided we needed a longer break. We're here for three weeks!"] She laughed when she heard Rambo barking out of the backseat window.
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“Let’s get married and then we can plan babies.” He said finally agreeing to have kids. He has never fully said yes before. He wasn’t ready by any means but for her he would get ready...in over a year. He took Rambo out to potty and came back in, “Ready to go love? Your parents will be surprised seeing my truck pull into their driveway...god do your old friends know we’re back?” He asked her. Most of his friends had moved away or gone into the army and were few and far between. Kane on the other hand had went into music and had Cori, she was what kept him sane.

Pulling into her parents driveway he smiled, “Don’t let your momma see your hand until we tell her, she sees that ring she will know before we even say anything...have you read inside it?” He asked kissing her, inside the ring was an inscription, “Cori and Kane 10-4-2013” the day they started dating officially. He had never forgotten and he never would, be loved her more than anything.
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Cori nodded and smiled. [b "I think an October wedding will be amazing.. October 19th, 2019."] she said with the biggest grin on her face. [b "I need to find an event planner and a photographer to do engagment pictures!"] she said. [b "A guard dog would be nice, though I know where you keep the hand gun. I know you worry, but I'm a big girl. I don't think Rambo would let anyone near me if we were in that type of situation."] she explained. [b "So we're talking about dogs... What about babies?"]

She hopped out of the truck when they pulled into the driveway of the AirBNB. [b "I wouldn't want to live here or anything, I think it's smaller than our house, but it will definilty work for a vacation getaway."] she said. [b "Rambo seems to like it."]

She grabbed some bags out of the back of the truck and nodded. [b "Let Rambo potty and then we'll load up and go.. What night do you want to do dinner? Are we doing them together or seperate?"]
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"Lets get married around my birthday... its around the time we started dating and everyone will be able to handle the Georgia heat." he muttered as he drove. He didn't want to talk about kids so he hoped she steered clear of the subject and nodded, 'We need a guard dog. As much as I love Rambo, hes not very vicious... and if I'm not home, I want to know your safe so maybe a bigger dog. one that is trained to keep you safe." He muttered looking to her.

An hour later he was pulling into the driveway of the AirBNB, they had the code in her email and Kane let Rambo inside to explore. It was nice, small but big enough for just them and Rambo for the time being and they would be able to relax, it had a nice size small yard for the dog to play in and a grill so Kane could make steaks one night. Maybe even have her parents over or his mother. It was always a possiblity. "Babe are you ready to go surprise your parents?" he asked from the kitchen as he unloaded their bags.
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[b "That is definitly true. You can take the people out of the country but not the country out of the people."] she said. She listened as Kane called Maxx and simply nodded. [b "Aww. They're getting back together!"] she said. [b "I'm just going to say this now.. If he touches my ass again, I will have him on the floor in five seconds."] she said with a matter of fact.

She smiled when Kane took her hand and kissed it. [b "I'm so excited for this vacation. It's going to be so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle.. I'm going to call the contractor and make an appointment for when we get back. I'd like to be in the new house by next christmas."] she said. [b "We should look into getting another dog too. Rambo needs a friend. I hate leaving him there by himself when we go out."]

[b "I think it would be nice to just get married in Georgia... Have you thought about dates? I'm thinking next fall."] she said. [b "What about the honeymoon?"]
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"Maybe somewhere in between... we're not city people.. never have been." he muttered driving and picked up his phone calling Maxx and putting it on speaker. "Maxx, I'm sorry, I blew that out of proportion last night, I was drunk and so were you... you can have your spot in the band back if you want it but keep yours hands off my wife." Maxx laughed, "Deal Kane, have fun in georgia... Rae and I are back together." With that the phone call was over and Kane was glad. He was going home with his favorite person in the world. He held her hand and pulled it to his lips to kiss the back of it. Rambo laid in the backseat, he loved going to Georgia. Kane had booked the AirBNB for 3 weeks instead of the initial week and a half that they had planned. This was a celebration vacation... they were engaged to be married and that would only happen once.

"Are you excited to be Mrs. Brown?" he asked looking over at her. "I can't wait until I can call you mine forever."
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She looked at Kane and just shook her head. [b "I vividly heard you yell at him and say that he was fired and that you would have a new drummer by tomorrow. Kane, y'all are good together. He's an amazing drummer. You're going to call him tomorrow and tell him that it was blown out of proportion and he can have his job back, that you want him in the band."] she said. [b "You do it, or I will."] He had better listened to her. [b "You call him while we're on the road."]

[b "You book it and I'll go back."] she said. She headed upstairs and quickly packed. [b "Don't forget to lay out Rambo's harness!"] she said.

She climbed up in his truck the next morning and they were on their way to Georiga. [b "I figured that you would want to get married in the City.."] she said softly. She assumed because all their friends where in Nashville, but the drive to Georgia wasn't that bad. [b "I'll look at venues, though I don't think there is any in Fort O..."] she said.
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"I didn't fire him Cori, he quit... its fine, he will come back begging me to forgive him and give him his job back, Ryan already texted me saying that Maxx deserved it." Kane muttered seeing her take care of his hand. "Lets book that AirBNB for a few extra nights so we can head to Georgia in the morning, I just want to get out of here for awhile, as much as I hate to admit it, I miss home." he said kissing her.

The next morning Kane was loading his truck down with their luggage, it was only a 3 hour road trip back home to Georgia from Nashville but their parents had no idea they were coming or that they were engaged... it would be one hell of a surprise plus Kane had already told Cori that he was making her parents out to dinner one night and his mother out to dinner another night. He wanted to take them sepratley so they felt special when they were told that their children we're getting married soon. "We should get married at home."
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Cori smiled and nodded. [b "A few more drinks and I'm gonna be flat on my ass. But I have a handsome fiance to take care of me, so it'll be okay.. I say we fill up the tub and have a nice bubble bath."]

She held onto his shoulders as he lifted her down out of the truck. [b "Woah."] she said. Her head was still kind of funny. She followed him niside and made it to the fridge to grab an ice compress out of the freezer. [b "Sit down."] she said. She walked over and wrapped it around his hand softly. [b "I know babe. But it'll take some of the swelling down.. If it isn't better by tomorrow, we're going to the ER first thing in the morning."] she said.

[b "I still think that it was incredibly stupid to punch and fire your drummer... Isn't the label talking about a tour soon, Kane? Maybe you should call him tonight.. He was drunk. He probably didn't even realize who I was."] she said. At this point she was rambling off excuses, she didn't want to rest of the band to be mad at him."]
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Kane nodded, 'We're getting married baby, we have to celebrate." he kissed her smiling and ignored the tabloids. "Let them say what they want but we will have to go to Georgia tomorrow to tell your parents and my momma before they find out over something like that."

At the house Kane helped her out of the truck because she was still a little tipsy. "Baby have I told you how much I love you." He asked. To most people Kane was a prick or an asshole. He did things his way and didn't like the word No and didn't like being told what to do. He was a southern country boy through and through and some people didn't know how to take that. He never backed down from a fight, but to Cori he was different. She was his better half.

Inside the house his hand was swollen, "It was worth it punching him, his face looks a hell of a lot worse than my hand does right now darlin'." he said feeling her wrap an ice pack around it. He winced, 'Damn thats cold."
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Cori looked at Jason and smiled weakly. [b "He should've known better than to touch me like that. Has he not seen how protective and territorial Kane is over me?"] she questioned. She just shook her head. [b "We're gonna put ice on that as soon as we get home."] she muttered, gently taking his hand that he had punched Maxx with in her own, so she could look at him. [b "If you broke it, I'm gonna kill him myself... Maybe we should go to the ER..."] she said. The nurse in her was coming out.

She sat in the truck while Kane ran into Walgreens. She didn't feel like getting out, she was still feeling tipsy. She looked up from her phone when Kane got back into the truck. [b "Kane Brown punches drummer while defending new Fiancé."] she muttered. The incident was already in the tabloids.

[b "Are we gonna continue the party when we get home? I do want to at least ice that hand.. But I think we have wine and vodka.. Maybe some beer."] she said.
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