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"She thinks we're going to come into town tomorrow, I told her after the drive we were tired so its alright.... and I'd do anything for you or your parents... I might be an asshole but I'm your asshole." Kane said kissing her smirking. "Promise me that no matter what happens with your parents and our wedding and whatever else life throws at us... promise me you won't leave me."

(Should Atlanta be where her wrist gets broken and they tell her at the hospital shes pregnant or they tell him accidentally?

Kane kissed her smiling. Inside the house Kane held her, "Lets order pizza so we don't have to cook tonight and then your all mine." He never wanted to let her go and he had been ignoring all work calls and texts... it seemed to be work that made him angry and stressed him out most of the time so if he ignored it he was okay.
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[b "Sure is."] Cori simply grinned and nodded. [b "Why do you think I asked you to stop and get some beer and wine?"] she asked. [b "The truck last night, ignited something in me. I just can't seem to get enough of you later."] she said.

Rambo was in the truck with the window's cracked while they ran into the grocery store. [b "I'll message our friends tonight and see if they want to meet up for dinner at Cattlemans."] she said [b "Momma invited us for breakfast tomorrow and then we need to go see your Mother. She is probably wondering why we haven't came and visited her yet."] she said.

After they grabbed a few groceries, they headed back to her rental. [b "Are you hungry right now? Or can you wait."] she said. She walked up behind Kane and wrapped her arms around him, running her hands underneath his shirt and rubbing on his abs. [b "Have I told you how much I love you lately?"] she asked. [b "Thank you for helping my parents out tonight."]
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"What kind of surprise?" Kane asked raising an eyebrow... "Is it the fun kind of surprise that ends with you and me in bed and forgetting that everyone else exists?" He asked holding her hand and kissing the back of it like he always did. He was glad he could help her parents until they got back o ntheir feet or her father got his job back. He wouldn't let them lose that house. He had stayed with them countless times when his mom and her boyfriends were fighting. Kane would do anything for Cori and after today that was obvious.

Rambo laid in the back seat and Kane ended up buying him a bag of snacks when they stopped and got beer and wine, seeing a few of their old friends working at the local grocery store. Kane was surprised seeing them there and didn't know what to say to them when they asked if he and Cori had any kids... they had saw her engagement ring and assumed that they were laready married like most people in their class already were.
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Cori looked up at Kane when she heard her Father say that he was laid off. [b "We aren't going to let you loose this place. Daddy, I grew up here. I want to bring our babies here and swing out of the front porch like we used to when I was little.."] she said. [b "Let us help you.. Just until you get back on your feet if you'd like. Plaase.."] she said softly. [b "You could help me ship out Kane's shop orders from down here."]

After she convinced her Father to let them help her, along with
Kane. The plan was that Cori would make a trip done to Georgia while Kane was on tour and bring boxes of merch with her, her parents would ship it out to the southern states. She grew tired. They headed back to the house soon after.

[b "Lets stop and get some wine and beer and we can get pizza for dinner."] she said as she hopped into the truck. [b "I wasn't joking when I said that you were mine when we got home. I have a surprise for you."] she said softly.
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"No budget.." Kane said talking to her mother about what he wanted for the wedding, but he wasn't picky, anything Cori picked out he would love, he told her mother. When Cori asked her father how work was going he sighed, "I got laid off on Friday and I didn't want to tell you Cori, its already rough for us." Kane spoke, "Sir I know you don't like to take money from anyone but if ya'll need anything at all for bills or food, you tell me. Ya'll are family. I only have my momma and I pay for her apartment and bills every month... I can put ya'll on my payroll like I did her, it gives us more time together as a family if ya'll aren't working all of the time."

Kane hadn't expected to be offering this today but he knew he couldn't let her parents lose everything when he and Cori were perfectly capable of helping and he had enough money to make everyone he loves comfortable .... he would never use all of the money they had... there was no way he could.
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Cori nodded. [b "It was really pretty when we went. I'll call them tomorrow and book an appointment to go tour and get everything rolling."] she said. She giggled when her Mother brought up Kane's song "Dont Go City On Me." She just nodded. [b "I remember on the drive up there, Kane told me he didn't want me changing at all. He wanted to keep the Cori that would go get her nails done, and then roll around in the mud after."]

She shivered when she heard Kane whisper to her that she was his. She couldn't help but grin. [b "We'll see."] she said. She nodded when Kane said he missed this place. [b "This is just home."]

She nodded when he asked if she had her debit card. [b "I'll try not to do too much damage to the bank account when I buy a dress."] she said. She looked up at Kane when her Mother asked if their was a budget. [b "Babe?"] She didn't think that Kane would give her a budget, but she didn't want to answer for him. [b "Daddy, how was work been doing?"] she asked.
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Kane nodded thinking about Mint Springs Farm, "I think we just found our wedding Venue, kind of centrally located between everyone and its just enough country for us with a little bit of the city." Her mother smiled, "Remember that song your wrote for Cori in high school? Don't go City?" Kane nodded, "Yeah she loved that song, I released it last year officially, it did pretty good." He said kissing Cori's cheek and whispered, "No your mine."

Rambo jumped into her father's lap and licked his face. "I think Rambo missed ya'll both... we haven't been back in Georgia since we moved and I'll admit it, I missed this place too." Kane muttered resting his head on her shoulder, "Yeah you can steal my truck and go into Atlanta, you have your debit card right?" he asked knowing he didn't know or want to know how much her dress would cost, he didn't care. Her mother looked to him, "Is there a budget for the wedding? Since I'm helping plan I need to know." Kane shook his head, "no..."
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Cori nodded when her momma went into that she should be Kane's number on priorty. [b "Like I said, Momma.. It's definitly been a rough year.. I thought about packing up and moving back down here.. But I fell in love with Kane when I was seventeen, and I truly believe that Kane was made for me."] she explained. she looked up when her Father and Kane walked in. [b "Momma. We should go dress shopping this week. Maybe in Atlanta?"] she asked. [b "I can steal Kane's truck for the day."]

She leaned up when she seen Kane lean closer for a kiss. She knew that was light considering how Kane usually was, but they were in front of her parents. She grinned as she pulled out her phone and typed up a message to send to him. [i "Just wait until we're back at the rental.. You're all MINE. ;)."] She nodded when he mentioned cake. [b "Strawberry with Cream Cheese icing.. Then we're coming back for breakfast in the morning. Momma's making biscuits and gravy."]

She looked up when her Father mentioned Mint Springs Farm. [b "I forgot about that. We went to that wedding there after we first moved to Nashville.. It was really cute babe."]
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“As long as he’s good to you sweetie, I know he’s a big superstar now but that doesn’t change how he treats you. Your his number one priority and he should remember that. He has to keep you happy.” She said and Kane and her father walked in, “Whenever you girls go dress shopping, I’m taking Kane out fishing.”

Kane hadn’t been fishing since before they left for Nashville but it would be good to get away from everything for awhile and relax. “Can’t wait.” He said kissing Cori’s lips gently, not wanting to go into a full on lip lick in front of her parents. “I love you.” He muttered holding her now. He smelled cake and raised an eyebrow, “Cake? Your momma is making cake?” He loved sweets and especially Cori’s baking, she had learned from her momma though so if Her momma was making it, he knew it would be good.

Her father looked to the two, “How about Mint Springs Farm, it’s only about 25 minutes from here but it’s technicallt in Tennessee, right on the border...for your wedding.”
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[b "Oh I love you!"] she said when she heard her Mother say that she was making her favorite. [b "Of course we'd like to come over for breakfast. I'm going to sit down with Kane tonight and figure out when we can get y'all and Momma Brown over for dinner. I think we're gonna try an get our old friend group together at Cattlemans."] she explained. She nodded when her Mother went on about the festival. [b "I know Momma.. It's nothing different from what I've experienced throughout my entire relationship with Kane.."]

She smiled when her Mother asked about grand babies. [b "I don't know. The wedding isn't for another year. So maybe three years from now?"] she asked. [b "Kane really isn't ready for babies... We've always used protection Momma. I think fatherhood scares Kane. He really didn't have a father figure except for his Papaw and then Daddy when we started dating."] she said. [b "It's been rough, but he makes my heart so happy, Momma."]
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“Your favorite and don’t tell kane but I’m making biscuits and gravy tomorrow morning if y’all want to come by for breakfast.” Her mother said smiling and taking her hand to look at the engagement ring again. I can’t wait for you to get married sweetie, but you know there ar epeople jn town that don’t like his kind and even if he is playing the fall festival, they will be upset that a white girl is marrying him. Just be prepared for the backlash.”

She hugged her daughter and sighed, “So when can I expect grand babies...I’m honestly surprised you two don’t have one yet, your father and I expected a call within s few months of you moving to Nashville since you two had never lived together before...and I know we don’t say it a lot but we’re proud of Kane and everything he has done and we both know you wouldn’t have been able to go to school if he wasn’t helping pay for it. We owe him more than you know for making our little girl happy.” She muttered.
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Cori smiled and nodded. [b "Daddy. Kane makes so much money, it's insane. Plus once I graduate I think I'm gonna find a part time or something, so I can start traveling with Kane some."] she explained. [b "We're so well off. Kane takes good care of me and Rambo daddy. He doesn't want me to work, but I can't just sit around and do nothing all that.

She looked at Kane and nodded as she listened to him. [b "We have an appointment to finalize things once we get back to Nashville."] she explained [b I've made my list and I expect to get every single thing that's on it and more."] Her eyes gleamed. [b "I just want out of that small house... Rambo needs more room. And I want more room that we can entertain in."]

She left her Father and Kane to talk and headed into the kitchen with her Mother. [b "Making a cake?"] she asked. [b "Please please please tell me that its strawberry with cream cheese icing. Momma you're the best cook I've ever met!"]
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Her father nodded, “We wouldn’t miss it for the world seeing your new house. Are y’all sure you can afford to build a house though, that gets pricey and if I know you cori, your not going to skimp on things you want.” Kane shook his head, “no we will be fine, we have a contractor to work with and a lot of land to build on, we just have to decide on our designs and the contractor assured us that he could build our dream house.”

All in all the budget for the house was near a million dollars but being so close to downtown Nashville it would be worth triple that in the end, it was a great investment in the future that they were making. “I’m also going to be part owner of My buddy Jason’s bar in Nashville, he asked me and I believe after I talk to him some more that we will be co owners. I’ve been wanting to do something like that and I think it’s better to start out with someone I know than to jump in with both feet and try to do it all on my own.”
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Cori just grinned and nodded. [b “I’m hoping that we’ll have babies by the time I’m twenty four or twenty five. I don’t want to be changing diapers when I’m thirty.”] she said. She turned to look at her daddy and grinned. [b “Am I crazy to tell you all that I want a five or six bedroom house? Including our master.”] she said. She wanted four three of four babies, she and Kane had never really talked about numbers. [b “Yes. I mentioned getting another dog, and since I’m not always able to go out on the road with him because of school, Kane mentions the guard dog.”]

She was so excited about being able to look at the pictures €{ loved looking at old ones. [b “Oh momma! We haven’t been able to do that in forever. I definitely want pictures for a slideshow during the reception!”] She said. [b “Come on Bubby! Let’s go inside.”]

She’s followed her parents into their house and smiled. [b “Literally nothing has changed. I love it!”] she said. [b “Once we build our new house, will you guys come up?”]
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Her mother hugged her, “Just knowing I’m getting grandbabies some day is enough for me!” Kane laughed and looked to her father, “We can show you what we have for the contractor one day while we are here, I know your good with construction, I’m building a studio into the new house and Cori wanted rooms for kids and we will have a big back yard and a pool, plus we’re getting a guard dog. Rambo is a good boy but I’d feel better is Cori had a big dog with her when I wasn’t home even though the house will have a state of the art security system.” He still had his arms around cori’s waist. He kissed her cheek and her mother smiled, “Oh gosh I have so many pictures of you two growing up, I can’t wait to go through them with you for the wedding Cori.”

Kane looked surprised, “Don’t tell me you have all the pictures from over the years. Her mother nodded, “Every single one of them and then some you’ve never seen Kane Brown.” Kane shook his head smiling as it started to sprinkle rain outside. “Come in kids come in.”
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