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Cori looked at Kane and sighed as she listened to him. [b " I know that Kane, but she's just trying to give your Father the benefit of the doubt I guess, baby."] she explained. [b "I would go with you, you know.."] She nodded when he walked off. SHe headed to the bar and ordred Kane another Whiskey and pepsi. She ordered her a vodka cranberry as well. She looked out on the dance floor and seen Brittany and Jason dancing, one of Jason's hands resting on her baby bump. Alex was getting shots for them as well.

She looked up when he walked back over to him. [b "Here ya go."] she said, handing him his drink. [b "You aren't garabage Kane, and you know that. Who gives a flying fuck what that son of a bitch thinks? Your Mother probalby just thinks that it would help give you a piece of mind... I might've told her about the nightmares."]

She rested her head against his chest as they danced. She didn't say a word when he asked about the injection, she just nodded.
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Kane sighed, "I don't want to... she knows I'm not going to see him, he is dead to me." He said taking another drink of his whiskey and pepsi, it was almost gone. "I'll make you a deal, get me another one of these? And I'll talk to her." He said shaking the empty cup. "I love you." he said kissing her forehead before finishing his drink and heading towards his mother. It was a few minutes before he came back, "I told her that I will never go and see him, he doesn't deserve to know I got married or meet you. He would just make fun of me and tell you how much better you could do. To him I'm garbage like he is." Kane said cranky before he took the second drink from her. "Thank you baby."

He held her against him and danced to Thinking Out Loud while they drank ." Before we get too drunk baby... did you need me to help with your injection tonight?" He asked knowing the first round of IVF wasn't finished yet. It was pricey too but Kane knew how much she wanted a baby.
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Cori looked at Kane and sighed softly. She leaned up and kissed his cheek before she walked to bridal suite with Brittany and her bridemaids. They were all wearing a similar comfy outfit to each other. It was part of their gifts.

She looked over at Brittany and sighed as she stepped out of her dress. [b "Kane's Mother wants him to go see his Father in prision, but we all know he won't.. I decided that when we went and bought my wedding dress, that I was going to go, after the wedding... After the honeymoon, but did you just see how mad Kane was when she just brought it up?"]

After everyone was changed, they danced their was into the reception hall as they entered, UpTown Funk was playing. She grinned as she danced over to Kane and took her drink from him. [b "Thank you baby."] she said as she took a sip. She sighed softly when she looked over at Kane's Mother. [b "It's our wedding day, and she's your Mother... Go make up."] she begged.
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Kane sighed, "Momma trying to go get me to see my dad... I'm not dealing with it, getting drunk as fuck sounds like a hell of a good idea." He said kissing her. "I asked momma not to ruin things... and here I am..." He shook his head, "I'm going to go change, you go get comfortable and I'll have a drink waiting for you when you get back sweetheart." Kane went and changed into the outfit that Cori had picked out for him and came back, getting her, her favorite mixed drink and himself a Whiskey and Pepsi, his favorite. He was talking to some of their friends from high school when he saw her, "Theres my beautiful wife." he said kissing her again and handing her, her drink, "Extra ice, the way you like it, and we have the endless open bar." He knew that it would be put to good use tonight and they had a hotel suite waiting on them in this resort. "God your beautiful." He muttered holding her hand. "Our fireworks are later too.... my momma is in the corner drinking alone... she won't talk to anyone now."
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Cori looked up at Kane while they were taking pictures, she couldn't wipe the smile off her face even if she wanted too. Alex was doing their pictures, and most of it was just their doing, but he positioned the couple and the wedding party for some. She looked down at Kane's hand, and gasped when she seen her name. [b "You got my name as a tattoo?!"] she asked. [b "Awhhhhh. Baby."]

[b "Will you help me get out of this dress after the mother son dance? I have all our comfy outfits in my suite."] she said. She smiled as Alex snapped pictures of their dance as well.

She looked up when Kane walked up behind her. [b "Hey, babe.. What's wrong?"] she asked, glancing over at his Mother, who was talking to Cori's Momma. [b "Lets all go change, get out of these tight clothes, and then we get drunker that fuck!"] she said. [b "I laid the guys clothes in your suite baby. I'll see you in a minute."]
[http://www.outfittrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Mens-Sweatpants-Outfits-With-Canvas-Shoes-For-Comfortable-Wear.jpg KanesOutfit]
[https://i.pinimg.com/736x/c2/29/a4/c229a4871d39364342dec4c3e74e2c5f.jpg CoriOutfit]
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Kane never wanted this night to end. After their dance he held her hand as the photographer and wedding party went outside for pictures. Kane had to kiss Cori so many times but he didn't mind one bit. "Baby I love you so much." He muttered kissing her again and again.... "You haven't noticed the last surprise of the day?" He said holding up his hand where a new tattoo was, it read CORI down the side of his hand, "While you were getitng your hair done, I was getting this... I love you Cori."

Soon they were back at the reception and Brittany smiled, "Ready for the sweats yet girl? I know that dress is heavy." Kane was still wearing his tux and dress shoes and probably would all night. His mother had pulled him into a mother and son dance but he didn't mind. He was happy that his mother got to enjoy today. That was until she brought up his father. "I'm not going to see dad... end of story." He shook his head, "Baby I need a drink." he said coming up behind Cori, obviously irritated.
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Cori just grinned. She had been very skeptical when Kane asked if he could pick the song for their first, but he had assured her that it would be perfect, so she didn't ask that many questioned. She squaled when their DJ introduced them as Mr and Mrs Kane Brown. She hugged her Mother as tears began to roll down her face again. [b "Momma. I've never been so happy before."] she whispered. [b "This is all just so perfect."] She hugged her Mother and father, as well as her new Mother in Law before Kane led her out to the rustic dance floor.

She smiled when Kane took her hand and hed her out to the dancefloor. She had one hand in his, and the other was wrapped around his waist. [b "I love you."] she mumbled [b "Thank you for being the man of my dreams.."] She listened intenly as Kane's song started. She looked up at him, her forehead touching his, courtesy of her heels. She just shook her head as the lyrics played out. [b "This is perfect."] she whispered. She was sobbing as it finished.
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Kane couldn't help but smile, "its our first dance song." Walking into the reception together, flashes went off everywhere as their friends and family took pictures. Their names were projected onto the floor, the cake was set up beautifully, everything was perfect. Her mother hugged her tight when she saw her, "You look beautiful honey, my baby girl is married. I can't believe it. "

The Dj announced, "Now it is time for the Bride and Groom's first dance, may I have everyone clear the dance floor? The groom wrote a special song for the bride as their first dance, its called Good As You." Kane took Cori's hand and led her out onto the dance floor as the music started. It was the perfect song, "Tomorrow, tonight, the rest of our lives." He sang along with the song in her ear. People were snapping pictures left and right and his tour photographer Alex was taking the wedding video that would become the music video for the song as well. Kane loved the idea.
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Cori was grinning from ear to ear when they walked down the isle. After her Father gave her away, she took Kane's hand and handed her bouquet to Brittany. She heard their Mother's crying, and she couldn't help but tear up herself. This was a BIG moment!

After they said I do, they shared the most passionate kiss. She was crying as they walked down the isle. [b "No baby. I'm gonna stay in my dress for all the pictures, remember?"] she questioned. I am gonna change into sandals though.

She looked down at Brittany nodded softly. [b "I don't know whats wrong.. Britt, I mean we're trying five times a week at least.. I want this so bad, and just nothing.."] she said. When they walked outside, she grinned seeing Kane. [b "We have to get to the reception all for the introductions, remember."] she said. [b "I'm so excited to finally be Mrs. Kane Brown."] she said softly. She leaned up and met his lips. [b "I love you so much baby... I can't wait to hear the song."]
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Kane couldn't help but smile, letting a tear fall when he seen her. He had written a song for their wedding day that they would be playing at the reception. When her father walked her to him he nodded to him and took Cori's hand, as she handed her bouquet to Brittany. After the I do's, Kane pulled her close kissing her, "I love you." He muttered taking her hand and leading her back down the aisle. They were married now, she was officially Cori Brown. "Do you want to change before the reception darlin'?" he asked holding her. Her wedding ring was a rock... it was absolutley perfect, Kane had done good once again.

Brittany helped her change into comfier shoes so she could dance at the reception, "Still no baby?" She asked and said, "Jason and I had to do IVF too, its no fun... if you need any pointers or have questions, just ask me." Kane stood outside waiting on her and kissed her hard, 'Theres my beautiful wife." Friends from their high school had attended their wedding as well.
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It was now October and she was marrying Kane today.. They had been trying to have a baby since Kane had played Fort Oglethrope's Town Festival, and so far they hadn't been sucessful. They had seen an IVF specialist, who really didn't give her any answers. She was going back after their wedding and they were going to start some shots that were supposed to help, she only hoped that they would.

She couldn't believe that her wedding day was actually here. She had spent all morning with their Mothers and her bridesmaids. Brittany was her maid of honor, as Jason was Kane's best man. The property was perfect, along with the weather for an outside wedding!

She looked up at her Father before they started walking down the isle. [b "Just don't let me fall, Daddy.]

[https://www.kleinfeldbridal.com/product/pnina-tornai-floral-lace-sweetheart-ball-gown-wedding-dress-4716/ DRESS]
[https://i.pinimg.com/736x/47/48/e3/4748e3c05578bca007523811ea3bbb93.jpg MAKEUP]
[http://favehairstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/curly-wedding-hairstyles-for-long-hair.jpg HAIR]
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Kane all but lifted her into his truck and kissed her when he was in the cab as well, "How are you feeling honey? I'm sorry about last night but I... I was drunk and I didn't mean it." Kane was genuine with his words. "I really truly so want to start trying to have a kid of our own."

Kane drove to the house, Rambo was waiting on them just inside the door to the house. "I never meant to leave him this long but I think he missed you more than he missed me." He muttered holding her and kissed her hard. "I need you Cori....."

The next day Kane woke up in a tangle of sheets with his arms around Cori, their night had been much better than the last and Kane kissed her awake. "Good morning darlin'." he said kissing her neck gently. "I love you." He didn't know how long trying for a baby would take but she had not taken her pill... the foil packaging in the garbage now. They were officially trying to expand their family for the first time and it was terrifying."
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Cori looked over at her Mother and just grinned. [b "Kane had been kind of skeptical about it.. I guess Daddy said something to him, cause he was all about trying for one when we got back today."] she said. She nodded when her Mother went on and on about how Kane could do no wrong. [b "He is good, Momma. But he does have his down points."] she muttered. [b "Kane is a good man, most of the time."]

Her Mother kept going on and on about how glad she was that she ended up with Kane instead of Jake and she nodded softly. [b "I know Momma. Y'all never liked Jake, didn't even really give him a chance."] she muttered. She was moody because she was just really tired. Last night was rough.

She looked up when Kane walked inside her parents house. She grinned when he pulled her into his arms. [b "Momma, we're gonna head out. We need to get back to Rambo. We'll see you in a few days."] she said. She nodded at Kane. [b "Then take me home."] she whispered.
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"So I heard you and Kane earlier... your trying for a baby?" Her mother asked smiling, "Officially? I know your not married but you will be soon enough and your not a little girl anymore so I am allowed to be excited that your trying." Her mother said smirking. "Kane is a good man... and he will take care of you and any baby you have."

Kane dropped his mother off at her place and told her that they would see her again soon. She had had fun dress shopping with Cori, she treated Cori like her own daughter and always had. She was glad Kane had Cori to keep him grounded.

Kane got back to Cori's parents place and pulled her into a passionate kiss, "I love you." He muttered holding her hand still. "Lets head back to the house, Rambo is missing us, I stopped and let him out to potty and he looked for you." He said sighing, "Rambo is a big baby himself love. " Kane was being the old sweet Kane. "And I'm not toying with you, I'm ready to have kids."
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Cori looked up at Kane and grinned. [b "You mean it?"] she asked softly. [b "Kane, you cannot play a game with this okay. I want this too damn bad."] She felt tears in her eyes when Kane said they could start trying now. [b "Tonight?"] she mumbled softly.

She followed him inside and nodded. [b "No more fighting."] she said. She grinned when they walked into the kitchen and found that their Mother's were talking about the wedding. [b "We found my dress, and dresses for our Momma's. Once we figure out the wedding party, I'm gonna go shopping for the bridemaid's dresses and all the suits in Nashville. I'll have to come down here in a few months for another fitting."] she said.

[b "You haven't gotten a notification before, because I was always afraid to spend the money that I had contributed too.. But I really wanted that dress baby."] she said softly.

After dinner, Kane took his Mother home while Cori helped her Mother with the dishes.
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