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Cori grinned as she looked up at him. She loved nights in with him. [b "Well.. Since you're gonna be home, we need to go to the grocery store in the worst way. Class was canceled, so my homwork is done... Will you grill tonight? And we can get movies or something?"] she asked. Kane wasn't home until late most nights, so she had gotten used to eating microwave meals, there wasn't any use in cooking a big meal when she would be the only one home to eat it. [b "I know it's our house.. but I haven't been able to contribute yet, so I'll continue to say it's yours."] she said.

[b "There was something I wanted to talk to you about though.. I got my schedule for next year and I have a couple more night classes than expected. What would it be for us to look into getting an apartment close to campus?"] she asked. [b "I think it would come in handy more than not."] she said. [b "I just don't wanna have to make that drive all the time."] They lived about thirty-fourty five minutes out of the city.
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Kane nodded, "And tonight, in with you, and no phones... I'll turn mine off and leave it in the drawer so no work and no band mates." he said kissing her neck. He was gentle with her sometimes, it was like he was two different people... but he was... when he drank he was completely different. He held her, his hands firm but gentle on her waist. "They can come here, you know that this is our house not mine, you can have any one over that you want, as long as they don't care about Rambo of course because its his house too no matter how fat and lazy he is." The dog barked in protest and Kane smiled. "I love you Cori, more than anything.... I think if Jason wants me to do a preformance Saturday... I'll sing the new song I wrote for you last night."

His plan was to sing the song and pull her up onstage and ask her to marry him. He would ask Jason for some assistance hiding that from her at the bar but he would have the ring... he already had the ring... and had had it for about two months... just never had the courage to ask.
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Cori glanced up at him. Would now be the best time to tell him that she had been thinking about going to Georgia and staying with her folks for Fall Break? Probably not. She would bring it up later, maybe after she got some drinks in him. [b "Okay."] she said softly. She knew it wasn't worth picking the fight, he said he wouldn't upset her again. She could almost guarntee that he would stay out all night again next week.

She shivered when she felt him brush her hair away from her face. This was the Kane that she fell in love with him, not the one who ignored her for hours upon hours, or screamed in her face. Though, she wasn't sure if they were two different people anymore.

[b "So date night tomorrow and then Friday night out at Jason's bar?"] she asked. It had been awhile since they had been on an actual date, and not a work outing, so she was excited. [b "I'll try and reschedule my study group for tomorrow morning or something. Maybe they could come here?"]
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Kane smiled, "I know I just wanted to make sure that was still on the table and you didn't want to leave... I can't lose you Cori... I love you." He nodded, "I know I upset you and it won't happen again, I'll be with you for three whole days, I promise... Max and Ryan can go by themselves. I don't want to be someone that upsets you." Kane muttered. One moment he was the sweetest and the next he woke up in some whore's bed... who knew what he would do that day to the next. He kissed her, pushing her hair out of her face. "Get all dolled up and let me take you out and show you off baby." he muttered kissing down her neck. "I mean it, I'm yours, three whole days... and as a matter of fact... I did write a song... one for you called It Turns Me On."

Right then he decided that he was going to ask her to marry him on Friday night... even if she wasn't done with college... he couldn't risk losing her. What did Beyonce say? If you like it then you should have put a ring on it... thats exactly what he was going to do.
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Cori shivered slightly. She hated it when he did that, because he knew it was her weakness. [b "Three days off?"] she asked [b "Will you be home with me or out with Max and Ryan tearing up the streets of Nashville and doing who knows what?"] she asked sarcastically. [b "Thank you."] she mutterd. [b "Kane, I don't care that you go out. But you know how much I hate being here alone at night!"]

She glanced up from her computer before looking back down when he mentioned them getting married. [b "I thought we agreed that I wanted to be completely surprised, but also finished with College before that happened?"] she said. [b "I'm supposed to meet with my study group on Campus tomorrow night at the library, but I could cancel? We could have a night in, or even go out maybe? We haven't went out in a while..."]

She finished her homework about five minutes later. She smiled as she shut her laptop. [b "Homework is caught up until next week."] she said. [b "How did it go at the studio last night? Write any new songs?"]
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"Just an hangover... no damage." he said letting his lips kiss her neck gently. "I can do a surprise preformance, they just have to let me know. Yeah I'll finish the tea." He smiled to her, "Your going to love this, for once I have three days off to myself. I'm all yours." he said knowing she had classes for some of it but it was still more time together than they had had in the last few months. Either Kane had been busy or gone all of the time.

He started to finish up making the sweet tea that she had started, "Cori.... Do you think we should think about getting married?" He asked her unsure of if she would even want to marry him. He had been thinking about it and the thought of losing her worried him but he also was scared of marriage, he was enough of a fuck up as it was. He was tettering on the point of either getting drunk Friday night or asking her to marry him but he wanted her take on it. He needed to know if she would even say yes before he did it.
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Cori looked up and tried to blink back the tears. That was always his excuse, though she really couldn't prove anything because Max and Ryan always backed him up. [b "I just hate staying here at night by myself... You know that."] she muttered. She sighed softly. [b "How much damage is done this time?"]

She nodded when he mentioned Jason's bar. [b "I already texted Brittany and told her that we would be there."] she said. [b "I think they might want you to do a surprise preformance but I'm not one hundred percent sure... I need to finish my homework.. I almost have it finished."]

She had been dating Kane for five years now, since she was seventeen, she loved that man more than anything, but it was starting to take a toll on her. [b "Love you too."] she mumbled. [b "Do you have any plans today? I was thinking about going to the Gym, if you wanted to go.."] she said before she pulled away from him and went to sit at the island. [b "You finish the tea?"]
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"I went out drinking with Max and Ryan... I'm sorry I didn't call." he said holding onto her gently. He hadn't lied to her, Max and Ryan could both tell her that yes he had went out drinking with them after they had laid down some tracks at the studio. Kane needed to quit drinking but he never did. He really was sorry that he didn't call. He held her gently, his grip wasn't tight right now, even though at times it was. He knew she was his and he protected her.

He was hoping she wasn't furious at him, "Are you still coming with me Friday night to the opening of Jason's new bar?" He hadn't been invited to an event like this yet as he was just getting started in the business but he still felt like an outsider. "I love you Cori." he muttered just above a whisper. He had always said that he loved her but his actions didn't really show it. He wasn't a great boyfriend and he knew that... it was one of the things that held him back from asking her to marry him.
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Alexandria paused the video to look at her phone. [i "Everytime I try to bring it up, he just shuts down or goes complete lunatic."] she replied [i "I keep thinking that one day he'll realize how much I love him and he'll change on his own.."]

By the time Kane came home, the dishes were done and she was still sitting at the Island working on her homework. She just rolled her eyes when he didn't say anything. This shit was getting ridiculous. He was her boyfriend, he needed to be home with her! [I "I love him, Lex. I just don't know anything anymore. I wish I would've just stayed in Georgia. Life was a hella lot simpler then."]

Rambo followed Kane upstairs. She took a break from studying and homework to run to the bathroom downstairs, and she was making a pitcher of sweet tea when she heard Kane walk downstairs. She shivered when she felt his arms around her waist. [b "Where were you?"] she whispered. She didn't move, she was frozen.
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"When are you going to tell him thats not okay?" Alex texted her back. Kane came home around noon and looked to her in the kitchen. He smelled like whiskey and he knew if he lied and said he had been at the studio, she would know he was lying. He decided that silence was his best option. Kane headed upstairs to their bathroom to take a shower. He didn't say a word, no I love you, no I'm sorry because he wasn't. He was stressed out and hung over.

Alex texted her, "If he loves you like he says he does, he will respect what you want. You moved to fucking Nashville for him and he treats you like shit. I get he pays for everything but does that really matter? Hell hes been talking about marrying you since high school and do you have a ring on your finger? No."

After Kane's shower he came downstairs wearing his favorite black jogger sweats and a random t shirt from his closet. He wrapped his arms around her waist gently, kissing her neck. This was his way of saying I'm sorry I was late without really saying it.
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Cori was wide awake at six in the morning. She was supposed to have class at the Main Campus at nine, but it had been canceled, so she was just going to take the time and work on some homework that she had been putting off. It wasn't do for another three days, but why not go on and submit it early? Then she could hangout with Kane or her friends from school. [I "I know you told me I wasn't allowed to complain anymore.. But Kane didn't come home last night."] she sent to her best friend, Alex.

She was pretty ticked when she noticed that Kane hadn't come home last night. She had no idea where he was, but the only care in the garge was her black Jeep. He was in for it, if he ever came home. She was growing tired of living like this. Rambo was at her feet the moment she was out of bed. She went on and took a shower, since she didn't take one last night, she passed out around eleven.

After the shower, she was in the kitchen, with her laptop on the island playing some vocab words and the definitions while she was cooking breakfast for one. Biscuits and Gravy, with her French Vanilla coffee.

[http://s5.favim.com/orig/54/polyvore-gray-peach-pajamas-pink-Favim.com-532018.jpg outfit]
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Kane had been on the country music scene for about a year and a half now, only living in Nashville for the last year... they had bought a nice house in a swanky part of town with his first advance from the label and it was finally becoming their home. Not that Kane was home much.

He woke up with a whiskey bottle in his hand and a blonde asleep beside him, "Cori?" he asked out loud but barely awake. The girl looked at him, "Who's Cori, I'm Misty and you need to leave." It seemed that he had cheated on her once again last night... and he didn't know where his truck was. Kane was an alcoholic... but only to keep up with the business, he was always working and burnt out and when he wasn't he stayed drunk to avoid his problems and stresses... like when he was going to marry Cori, or a tour... and everything that Cori wanted with him. He was just happy she had classes this morning and he would be able to cover his ass and she would never know about this.
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Cori Ray was born in Fort O, Georgia. She was currently twenty two, and the girlfriend of Country Music Sensation, Kane Brown. Though it didn't feel like they were a couple most of the time. Kane could be so distant at times, but the others, he was the sweetest man alive.

She moved to Nashville with Kane when he first got signed to Sony. He said he couldn't go without her, so she left everything behind and followed him to Nashville. She was enrolled at Vanderbilt, majoring in Nursing, thanks to Kane, she had grants and scholarships, but he was paying the rest. She was mainly doing online classes, but there were some times that she had to go to the main campus. She didn't like it though because she was known only as Kane Brown's girlfriend... Not that it was a bad thing, but she was going to be a damn good nurse.

Her parents had definitely been eerie with the idea of their youngest child moving to the city, but they loved and trusted Kane. Trusted that they would take care of their little girl. They had been in Nashville for about a year now. She had made friends, and Nashville was finally becoming her home.
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