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Kane slid into the window seat and after the plane took off he took his seatbelt off and put the arm rest up pulling her into his arms. "I love you baby." he muttered taking her hand and holding it, her wedding ring glittering in the dim air plane lighting.

9 hours later the flight attendant came over the loud speaker, "Seatbelts on, we will be making our descent into Santorini." Kane kissed her awake, "Baby we're circling." He muttered fastening her seat belt for her, "Its 7 am here honey, we just slept, we will have all day to eat something and explore, and our resort has a private beach." He muttered with a smile. He couldn't wait to have her to himself for ten days, "Brittany told me that Santorini was lucky for her and Jason with the IVF... she said she got pregnant here and I was hoping it would be lucky for us too." He muttered blushing.

He had used to not want to be a father because he was afraid of turning into his father but now... he wanted to prove to everyone that he was better than him.
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Cori looked at Kane and smile softly as she stood there with her arms wrapped around his waist. Most days, she just wanted to give up with everything. The IVF injections were her down horribly, Kane had become her backbone even more now, more than before.

She didn't understand why they were having such a hard time with concieving.. It wasn't like they didn't want it. She wanted to be pregnant more than anything else in the entire world... Kane wanted it to, right? He wouldn't have mentioned the IVF, as expensive as the were, if he didn't really want a baby that bad..

She looked up at him and smiled weakly once more. [b "It'll all be worth it eventually.. Once I get pregnant, it will all be worth it.."] she said softly. She followed Kane as it was time to board the plane. She held onto his arm, as everyone seemed to be in a hurry. [b "You'll be the first person to know, baby.. I promise."] she said as she sat down in the seat, leaving the window one open for Kane.
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Kane shook his head and kissed the top of her head as he held her close, "You've gained 5 lbs according to the doctor babe, and you can't even tell, your so small to start with love." He muttered and said, "I got extra nuggets and fries if you want some because I know I love nuggets... and theres meals on the plane if we want them. I know its a long flight baby girl and I already prepaid for the wifi for us so we can watch movies but I know you might be too excited to sleep on the plane." He held her, "I hope they work honey... I hate to see you have to take those injections everyday... I know its so we can have a baby but it just... it hurts you and I hate it."

Kane was torn on the injections, he hoped it would have happened on its own but it never did and it killed him to see her so upset so they had done the IVF route, 15 grand later they were still trying. "When it happens.... tell me right away baby... I want this as much as you do." he said sighing.
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Cori looked at Kane when he told her where they were going, finally! [b "Baby, that's amazing! Oh my gosh. I've wanted to go to Greece since I was a little girl!"] she squealed. [b "Ten whole days where we don't have to worry about anything or anyone except us! It's going to be perfect."]

She watched as Airport Security searched her bag as they had found syringes. She looked around, embrassed that this was even happening. [b "Kane.."] she muttered when he told the Officer that they were her IVF injections. She sighed softly before she slung her backpack over her back after they were finsihed. She looked at Kane as they stopped at McDonalds. [b "I want a large coke, a double cheeseburger and a large fry, with hot mustard sauce!"] she said. He knew the IVF injections had changed her appetite tremendously.

She ended up scarfing her food down before the plane had even taken off yet. [b "I really hope those injections work.. I feel like I've gained a hundred pounds.."]
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“It was supposed to be a surprise baby but if you want to know, we’re going to Santorini in Greece for a week. We have our own condo on the beach and no one to bother us but it’s a resort so we can order food and have all the luxuries we need.” He said kissing her, “Brittany helped me plan it but I picked the place baby girl.” Brittany had helped him tremendously. He was clueless about all of that but he had wanted to surprise her and make it special. “We have ten days to ourselves.”

Once they were at the airport, Kane watched security go through her bag and ask about her injections, “They’re IVF injections.” The officer nodded and looked over Cori’s paperwork before letting them go through. Kane pulled her suitcase along beside his before kissing her. “First class to Santorini...I can’t wait.” People took pictures of them as they walked and Kane stopped at McDonald’s to take some on the plane, a sweet tea and a breakfast sandwich for himself, “Darlin Anything you want?”
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Cori listened to Kane as she sat beside him and rubbed his back softly. She was so proud of Kane for facing his Father after all of these years. She honestly thought the day would never come.

She held Kane’s hand as they walked out of the prison. She was very proud him of right now. She glanced up at him and smiled weakly. [b “Let’s go on our honey moon baby. Ten days of worrying about nothing except you and me.”] she said. [b “I’m so glad that Momma and Tab said they would watch Rambo so we didn’t have to board him.”]

She still had no idea where they were going for their honeymoon, Kane had asked that he be allowed to plan that part, though she was pretty sure that Brittany had helped him out as well. Kane hadn’t planned anything like that before in his entire life. [b “When are you going to tell me where we’re going babe?”] she asked. She was so anxious. Brittany had packed her suitcases, so she literally had no idea about anything.
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Kane held her and said, "Don't come around my family. If you ever get out which I doubt... I'll use everything in my power to put you back in here. I have nightmares almost every night still about what you did to me. Momma is on medication so she doesn't lose it doing everyday tasks. What Cori said is just the tip of the iceberg. You ruined lives... even one you helped make. I might be your son but the only think I got from you is how I look. I love Cori and before you go judging... you might want to remember that my momma was a little white girl you knocked up at 16 and you were 22... thats sick to start with and then abandon her and me... you know your why she never found anyone else. You broke her."

Kane was furious. He wasn't holding back, "Cori lets go on our honeymoon sweetheart, we're done here." His father sat there stunned and then said, "Your trying to start a family of your own, don't do what I did... i got myself thrown in here because I have the same temper you do. I killed a man because he threatened what I had." Kane shook his head, "I'm not you."
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Cori looked at Kane and then straight to his Father. [b "The little white girl's name is Cori."] she said. [b "Do I need to spell it out fot you"] she asked. She looked at Kane and just shook her head. [b "Kane, I can handle myself.. You need to finish what you came here to do."] she said.

She sat back down and smiled. [b "How does it feel seeing and knowing that son that you haven't seen in twenty years, have so much success in his life? At only twenty two."] she said [b "You probably never even dreamed of so much success. I've held both Tab and Kane as they cried because of what you, a sorry excuse for a man did to them. I picked up the pieces that you wrecked!"]

She stared at Alan as he stared at her. [b "The truth hurts doesn't it? We're trying for babies and Kane needed to get closure. He needed to prove to himself that he wouldn't be a shitty father like you."] she said all in one breathe. [b "I seriously doubt you will, but if you ever come near my family, Kane, my babies or even Tab, you'll regret it."] she said.

The IVF injections made her crazy sometimes.
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"You married a little white girl." his father said chuckling and Kane said, 'Lets go Cori, shouldn't have wasted our time." He said getting up, holding her close. "No no stay." Kane glared at his father, "You have the nerve to ask your only child to stay when you laughed at my wife and didn't have enough respect to even say hello."

His father shook his head, "its been 20 years and the only person who comes and visits me is your momma. Forgive me." Kane sat back down. "Momma comes to see you? I didn't know that." He said shaking his head. His father nodded, "Once a week. Every week.... never fails... she told me your a singer... I'm not allowed cds here... are you good?" he asked, "You know I was a drummer when you were born." Kane shook his head, "No I didn't." Kane got his musical streak from his father. "Do you have any kids?" Kane shook his head, "Not yet."

His father nodded, "I just didn't expect you to be married, your momma mentions you and your girlfriend from time to time but never much, said you didn't want to see me." Kane nodded, "I don't after what you did to me. I came to say good bye and that I don't want to see you. I wanted you to see what you threw away. What kind of man you had no hand in raising. I am married now and when I do have a son... I'll make sure hes raised like I was, not like you. "
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Cori looked put the window as they headed for the airport. Kane held her hand when they walked into the prison, but once they entered, she moved closer and held onto his arm for dear life. She looked at the Guard and smiled softly. [b" Cori Brown, sir."] she said softly.

She walked with Kane as they were instructed to sit at the tables. She sat down and the scooted closer to Kane. [b "This will be a good thing.. This will get him out of your life for ever if you want baby."] she said as she rubbed his back. [b "I love you."] She hadn't told anyone that they were going to see Kane's father. And now, with the way that Kane was talking, she wished she would have called her mother... Was Kane's father really this mean?"] she asked.

She looked up when the door opened. She was shocked when she realized that Kane was the spitting image of his Father, there was just a skin color difference. She scooted even more closer to Kane when his Father sat down at the table. [b "Cori Brown."] she said softly.
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They took a quick shower together before eating breakfast. It was a short drive to the airport but Kane drove the 15 extra miles to the prison, signing in, "I'm here to see Alan Brown." He said holding Cori's hand. "Relationship?" The guard asked looking to Kane, "Hes my father." The guard nodded, "and her?" He said pointing to Cori, "She is my wife."

He nodded again, "Sit down at one of the tables and we will bring him out to you." Kane nodded taking Cori's hand and holding it, "Baby if he starts getting mean, go outside. I don't want him hurting you.... all I remember is him hurting me when I was a little kid... and now hes here and not getting out."

Kane looked up when the door opened and a man in his forties was escorted to their table, he looked exactly like Kane, except his skin was darker.... it was insane. "Alan Brown." Kane said looking to his father. "Is that you Kane?" Kane nodded, "Its me." He said nothing else. His father looked to Cori, "And who are you sweetheart?" Kane looked to his father, "Shes my wife."
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Cori grinned as she realized what Kane was saying. [b "I swear. I don't know what got into you last night, but I definitly want to see more of it baby. You had me screaming like never before last night!"]

She snuggled up to him and nodded. [b "We need to do it before we fly out, yes.. When are you going to tell me where we are going?"] she asked. [b "I'll go with you baby.. We're a team now. You never have to do anything else solo again."] she said [b "We'll get closure, and then we never have to worry about him again."] she said before she kissed his cheek. [b "Thank you. Thank you for making all my wishes come true last night."]

She grabbed the phone and ordered breakfast. She ordered pancakes, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy and hash browns, all of their favorites. She looked over at Kane and sighed. [b "Do you want to take a shower before breakfast? Or just continue to lay here."] she mumbled. She was resting her head against his chest.
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"I know your going to have trouble walking." He said with a smirk, "I love you and we should have room service breakfast in bed and then I can help you with your shot before we get ready to fly out tonight." he said hoping she would finally get pregnant on their honeymoon. The shots were just in the first round and the doctors had explained to them that sometimes it didn't work the first time around but he had hope.

He held her close to him not wanting to leave the bed. "What you said last night... will you go with me and see my dad before we fly out tonight?" he asked knowing the prison his father was in was close to the airport. "I don't want to go alone. I just.... I want closure... I can't be a good father knowing mine still thinks I care about his lazy ass." Kane didn't say another word, he waited on her answer. "Brittany and Jason are watching Rambo while we are gone on our honeymoon... Britt is about to pop... Jason said hes worried shes going to have Memphis soon."
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Cori looked up at Kane and sighed softly. [b "Don't get mad at me, okay.."] she started [b "When I went with Moms to dress shop in Atlanta, it was decided that I was going to go visit your Father.. alone."] she said as she looked up at him.

They were heading outside for the fireworks when Kane basically tried to have her in the hallway. Thankfully Jason had seen him and intervened. She was standing in front of Kane outside, his arms around her as she leaned against him. [b "I lvoe you."] she said softly.

Most of their guests had left after the firework show, her parents and Kane's mother had their own hotel suite but where heading out early in the morning. She and Kane would fly out for their honeymoon in the late afternoon. They didn't want to rush around, so they booked late flights.

The next morning so woke up in his arms with a spilting headache. [b "Never let me do shots of tequila again."] she muttered. [b "I think I'm dead."] she said with a smirk.
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He nodded, "I know baby, I... I have had worse nightmares... you... you'd go with me?" he asked and then shook his head, "No I don't want him to meet you and make you hate me too like he does everyone else." Kane held her, "I love you... and I'll go if you go with me." He muttered sighing.

Soon it was time for their fireworks and Kane had his arms around her, he had downed 6 whiskey and pepsi drinks now and he was starting to feel his buzz, if Jason hadn't stopped him he would have taken Cori in the hallway, he was drunk. "Baby... I love you." he said as the fireworks went off around them. " I can't wait to get you back to the room and make love to you." Kane growled. Her parents had left and most of their guests were leaving. "Mine." he said holding her. "I love you Mrs. Brown." he muttered and held her. He woke up the next morning, holding her in the hotel room, "the reception was fuzzy but she was beside him asleep. "Baby wake up.' he muttered kissing her.
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