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[center [pic]]
[center [i He's a world famous actor, She's his Manager. The two are the perfect couple and are barely ever separated, but their also [b SIBLINGS?!]]
{Brother Name} is a well known actor who travels all over the world for gigs taking his sister with him as his manager, and everywhere they go it's hard to see them as anything but the perfect couple as they are closer then normal siblings should be, and this is due to the fact that they lost their parents at a young age and had nothing but each other to rely on since. This is their tale will you play along?

[h3 [center Rules]]
~ NO CYBERING as close as these two are they haven't actually done it together, but if it gets to that point we will be timeskipping.

~If you haven't caught on this is an implied incest roleplay and I need a Brother character so if your interested PM me with the Name, Age, and Picture URL of your character along with the title of 'Nom'

~There will be a 500 character minimum so please go into detail and be literate

~Pregnancy and Dark Tones will end up in the roleplay eventually as I am mental so Sorry in Advance?

~DO NOT HOUND ME FOR POSTS we all have lives outside the internet and I don't get paid for this, trust me I wish I did.

~Have Fun hope to hear from you soon <3 <3 Thanks for looking ^_^


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