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Lian tilted her head a little, somewhat curious about the Gerudo.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 1d 9h 36m 27s
"If only you knew the half of what I have been through..."
"I wouldn't call it that..." The Zora replied to her.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 3d 6h 59m 4s
"Lucky is more accurate..." Aoni said softly. "Or cursed..."
"It is very rare to see a Gerudo out here these days due to the harsh traveling conditions along the way here, you must be quite lucky or strong to have gotten this far." Lian says.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 9d 2h 15m 28s
"Yeah...just...a long ways from home, I guess you could say..."
Lian finally found a rag with her and handed it to Aoni. It wasn't much but it would at least help her dry off some. "Your name sounds nice too, are you alright?" She asked.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 9d 2h 18m 27s
"Lian...?" The young woman coughed. "Nice name..."
"Just call me Lian." The Zora replied, trying to find something to dry off the Gerudo.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 9d 7h 41m 27s
The young woman shivered. "A-A Zora...?" She said softly. "H-hello...I'm...Aoni...and you are?"
"H-hi." The female replied, looking at the Gerudo. "I d-don't remember what river this is seem to have washed up here..." She said.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 9d 7h 50m 14s
The young woman groaned softly, waking up slowly. "Huh...? Where...where am I?"
A Zora swam nearby and noticed the other female, swimming up to her.
  Lian the Zora / AskTheStaff / 9d 7h 54m 32s
It was the start of summer. A young Gerudo-Hyrulean hybrid was conked out on the riverbed, unconscious.

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