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She nodded and said. "He looks like Majima, if I can get him to refine his skills a bit more, he'll fight just like him. People will stop messing with the island and we can make this a home base."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 14h 38m 13s
He nodded. "I understand and I am happy. " he said as he stepped back. "but thats why haru is here isnt he?"
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 14h 40m 27s
"I don't want to leave you all... I love my pirate family." She said and looked up at Luffy.
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 14h 42m 15s
"Yeah I can see why you kinda gave it to haru now." he said smirking as he held her.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 14h 44m 48s
"I did." She said and kept hugging him. "He wanted to give me the island..."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 14h 46m 23s
He nodded understanding. "I know thats why we forgive the person even if the action was terrible."
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 14h 52m 46s
"I know... And I understand why my father did what he did but.... I would never do that to my own kids, you know?" She said and hugged him.
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 14h 54m 46s
He nodded and placed a hand on her shoulder. "don't worry you have us." he said.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 15h 6m 10s
She nodded and said. "And family affairs...." She sighed and looked up at him.
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 15h 6m 53s
He nodded smiling. "gotcha." he said and jotted it down. he walked out the map room. "long day of trying to investigate new islands to explore. "
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 15h 8m 22s
"skull, crossbones and dreads." She said and showed him a picture.
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 15h 10m 13s
Luffy opened the door. "an alliance huh that could be what we need if we get in a pickle. what flag to look for?"
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 15h 11m 17s
Karina knocked on his door and said. "Hey.... So Jack said he's gonna be our ally."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 15h 13m 1s
He nodded and headed there.

Luffy was on his boat looking through maps. "hmmm I wonder treasure if any is actually nearby. I need to buy supplies for everyone soon."
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 15h 16m 34s
She nodded and kissed Zoro. "I'll meet you in the bedroom, I have to talk to Luffy."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 15h 18m 6s

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