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"then Jack might be a fan of you." he said and pointed to him watchign jack repair the boat. "plus he could use a hand." he said he leaned in close. "plus im sure your sister would love all 3 of us to spend quality time together."
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 17h 37m 54s
She blushed and pouted. "I have.... And I'm jealous... Bot of my sister's have boyfriends I don't... I'm too blunt and outspoken for anyone to even like me..."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 17h 41m 41s
"already working on it. surprise you havent heard her scream my name yet." he said smirking.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 17h 44m 6s
She nodded and looked up at zoro. "So are you gonna make any kids with my sister?"
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 17h 49m 24s
"don't worry about him. hes out there." Zoro said making a coocoo motion with his hand.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 18h 12m 40s
Violetta blinked and watched him leave a little confused.
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 18h 23m 25s
"the head of the household rather not in his weak condition." he said and turned seeing the destroyed navy ship. "its a fixer upper but itll do." he ran for it.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 18h 26m 31s
She blinked slightly and thought for a moment. "I don't know, but we can ask Daddy if you want. Maybe he'll help you."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 18h 28m 47s
"well yes and no. you see we are more aquientences than anything. i'm here looking for some way to either comandere a ship or purchase one. any leads lass?" he asked.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 18h 30m 22s
A girl with dark purple hair answered and looked up at him. "Hello. You must be one of my sister's friends."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 18h 33m 50s
"alright alright." sanji relented picking her up smirking as he took her to the counter.

Meanwhile jack went to the mansion knocking on the door.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 18h 37m 32s
She shivered and kissed his cheek. "You started it, so finish it."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 18h 42m 34s
He smirked. "what does small one like it or does she want me to stop?" he asked.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 18h 44m 7s
She squeaked gasping and hugged him tightly. "San...ji...."
  Karina / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 18h 45m 11s
"Oh you mean like this?" he asked smirking smugly at her.
  Zoro / ganondorf / 4d 18h 46m 42s

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