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Expanding the British Empire was of significant importance. Once they had spread to the Americas in the 1600s they set about setting up colonies of their own; colonies that could contribute to the profit of the empire. With the tobacco industry booming and the Americas offering them the perfect environment to cultivate such a demand, there was a new desire to make life there.

At first they transported farmers so that they might set up their homes and begin to farm the land but once the settlers had found themselves a routine, they began to realise that they would not be returning home to England. Such realities demanded laws and governance and women so that the farmers might settle with families and start their lives there rather than simply farm the land.

Those who could afford to pay for the passage of women would marry them. Most of the women were those whose families put them forward for such adventures, others were prisoners who might have been transported for their crimes.

Annabelle was one of the women to be transported, paid for by a man of the colony. She does not know what kind of life awaits her or who will be waiting for her when she gets off the boat.

What is awaiting her is to be discussed with my partner. Looking for someone to play a male counterpart.


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Transportation. It was probably one of the hardest things to have to endure. The seas were not exactly kind or calm and that caused a lot of sickness amongst those travelling. Some did not survive the entire journey and for those who didn’t, their bodies were thrown overboard. For those who did, it was their job to remain alive and ensure that they made it to the Americas to meet their future husbands.

The journey had taken several months now but it was finally coming to an end. Their destination was finally in sight upon the horizon and the excitement of the passengers was at it highest since leaving England. For many, this was a better life for them, for others it was their only option. For Annabelle, she wasn’t given much of a choice. Her family were in desperate need of money and many were offered land or funds to keep their land going if they were to allow their daughters to start a life in the Americas. At first she despised them for it but as she had time to think on the boat, she wouldn’t have had much of a life back home. Maybe this was for the best.

On the day of their arrival she moved around the boat to help the women collect their things and even nursed some that had a final wave of travel sickness. She had nothing but the clothes on her back so it wasn’t as though she was taking time out of her own preparation time to do so. She used her time on the ship wisely and ensured that she had made friends. After all they would all be living together in a community once they arrived. Many of the women had bonded but she couldn’t help but wonder how long this would last once they were on land and thrust into a life of playing wife to a man who had been alone with men for years.

“Land ahead!” The voice came from above deck and as soon as such a declaration was made, many of the women gathered their things and made it out to the open air and observed as their ship neared their new home. As Annabelle followed, she couldn’t help but notice that some of the women looked more scared than excited, even those who had made it seem as though they were excited for the entire journey here. This was a big change for all of them. Annabelle placed her hand on the shoulder of one of the women and smiled softly towards her.

“We are not in this alone. Remember that.” Whilst Annabelle was a genuinely caring person, she was not without spirit and she was sure that at some point she would show that while she lived in the settlement. She was not going to take kindly to become to property of a man and even though she was not a slave, she belonged to whoever paid for her passage. He could have been a drunk, perhaps even a man well into his middle years or he could be the opposite. She wouldn’t know until she laid eyes upon him.

Soon enough the ship was pulling into the harbour and the men were lowered the ramp so that the women could pile off. As she waited her turn to climb off the boat she couldn’t help but notice all of the men standing there, waiting to claim their brides. One by one the women relayed their names to the recorders and those names were called out to the crowd. When it was finally her turn, she suddenly felt sick.


“Annabelle Hunter, sir.”

“Very well. Annabelle Hunter!” Her name was ticked off and he repeated her name louder to the crowd of men and as he did she turned to see which of the men raised their hand to claim her. It was as though her heart might beat out of her chest as the nerves engulfed her.
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