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Kangmin is a newly turned werewolf who is a vampire hunter with a big secret. Being aromantic, he doesn't have the desire to form romantic relationships. After getting some advice from one of his closest friends Kangmin decides to come out to his team and pack. This is the story of Kangmin coming out to his friends, and the aftermath of it.

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Kangmin is here with his story! I want to reiterate that I'm not here to bash people within the LGBTQ+ community, as I've kept an open mind with this. I have friends who are in the community and I'm not against it. I'm going to say right now that this story may be triggering to some people so if you don't like it then don't read it.

Also I know the kids of TRCNG and Stray Kids are still minors in real life, but in this story they are in their mid 20's, with Kangmin being 24. Everyone is between 24 and 25 years old in this story since time has passed and there's been about 5 stories between this one and the story they were introduced.

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Kangmin: A newly turned werewolf with a big secret. He wasn't sure when he came to the conclusion that he was aromantic but he had been encouraged to come out to his team by one of his closest friends, Chan. He had been turned by Chan, who turned him when he was on the brink of death. He was in University for a few years prior to being turned, on his way to becoming a doctor. He dropped out due to being turned and focused on other things. He is a vampire hunter in his free time, being in Taeseon's faction. His wolf form is a small brown wolf with white feet and a black patch of fur covering his right eye and three claw marks on his right hip where he had been turned seen in his wolf and human forms. He is roommates with Hohyeon at the house.

Chan: A turned werewolf who is one of Kangmin's closest friends. He was the first person that Kangmin came out to, and he was completely fine with it. He’s a part of a pack in the U.K., with his pack leader being Donghun. He has his responsibilities in the pack but he vowed to help Kangmin with whatever problems he has. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a brown patch on his back and a silver tipped tail with three claw marks on his right hip where he had been turned seen in his wolf and human forms.

Kino: A wolf shapeshifter who is Kangmin’s friend. He became Kangmin’s friend after Kino found out that he was aromantic, being aromantic himself. He belongs to a pack in Chicago, with his pack leader being Jinho. He had been weakened by a drug that was meant to keep shapeshifters who were unloyal to their pack, but he refuses to take the cure due to something that happened in his past. He owns a German Shepherd dog named Changgu who is always with him wherever he goes. His animal form is a large white wolf with a scar on his left eye seen only in his animal form.

Taeseon: A vampire hunter who is human. He leads his own faction and is a leader of the top vampire hunting team in the world. He is part of the team that does missions in Europe, being the leader of that team and the entire team in general. He cares for everyone, making sure everyone is okay. He was against Kangmin dropping out of university at first, but relented since he saw how much Kangmin had changed when he returned from Europe. He is roommates with Jihun.

Jihun: A vampire hunter who is human. He is Taeseon's right hand man and is the oldest in the team. He is a tracker, being perceptive and taking the little things and was one of the few people who noticed how much Kangmin had changed since returning from Europe. When he isn't busy with missions he keeps an eye on Kangmin, wanting to be there for him like an older sibling. He is roommates with Taeseon.

Hayoung: A vampire hunter who is human. He is Taeseon's best friend, being with him since the beginning. He is one of the very few people who's seen Taeseon at his worst, but he knows how much Taeseon cares for the team. He is the last person in the team that is part of the European team. He is roommates with Hakmin.

Hakmin: A vampire hunter who is human. He is part of the team that makes up the team that takes missions in the Americas. Between himself and Siwoo he is the leader. He has a friendly enough relationship with Kangmin, making sure Kangmin was okay. He is roommates with Hayoung.

Wooyeop: A vampire hunter who is human. He is part of the team that makes up the team that takes missions in Asia and Africa. His teammate is Hyunwoo who is the younger person between the both of them. Surprisingly enough he isn't the leader between the two of them. He is roommates with Hyunwoo and Siwoo.

Jisung: A newly turned werewolf who is a vampire hunter. He had been out on a long term mission with his mate Kihyun for about 4 years prior to returning to the states. He is now their current youngest, being turned a few months after Kangmin did. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a sort of black mask of fur covering his face with a scar on his left shoulder where he had been turned. He was roomates with Hyunwoo but Hyunwoo moved into Hakmin and Wooyeop's room and now Jisung is roommates with Kihyun.

Kihyun: A turned werewolf who became a vampire hunter after becoming mates with Jisung. He had become involved with Jisung after spending a few hours together at a lake behind their properties. He is in Taeseon's faction. His wolf form is a large light brown colored wolf with a scar on his right shoulder where he had been turned. He is roommates with Jisung.

Hyunwoo: A vampire hunter who is human. He is the leader between himself and Wooyeop, taking the missions in Asia and Africa. He moved into Siwoo and Wooyeop's room after Kihyun and Jisung returned, letting the two have the room to themselves.

Siwoo: A vampire hunter who is human. He is part of the team that takes missions in the Americas, being the one to take most of the kills between himself and Hakmin. He is roommates with Hyunwoo and Wooyeop.

Hohyeon: A vampire hunter who is human. He is the only one in the team who is in university right now, studying to become a nurse. When he's at the dorms he is roommates with a wolf-human named Jeongin but when he is back at the house he is roommates with Kangmin.

Jeongin: A wolf-human who is a vampire hunter. He is part of the pack that lives next door, going to university with Hohyeon. He is studying to become a nurse, finding his perceptive nature to help him in the field. In the dorms he is roommates with Hohyeon, but when he is home he lives in the house next door, belonging to a different pack and faction. He belongs to Chan's faction. His wolf form is a black colored wolf with silver feet and a white patch covering his right eye.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/578240/we-got-fired-graphic-shop-holiday-graphic-graphics-poster-request-you-postershop-graphicshop These] guys for the awesome poster!


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[center Chapter 3]

It would be a few weeks before Kangmin had a chance to come out to someone else, as Taeseon, Hayoung and Jihun were sent out on missions and it didn't look like anyone else was returning anytime soon. Kangmin mostly hung out with the pack, hating being alone. He found himself in the company of Jungwoo most of the time, when he wasn't at work anyway.

"Why not just move in if they're gone so much?" Asked Changkhyun as he opened the door to find Kangmin standing there with a bag slung over his shoulder. "It's only for tonight, someone should be back tomorrow," said Kangmin. Changkhyun sighed, nodding and letting him in. Kangmin walked into the house, putting his bag on the couch before sitting on the couch with a sigh.

"You're here again?" Asked Youngjae as he walked out of the kitchen. "Yeah," said Kangmin. "Sorry for being clingy," he said. "It's okay," said Changkhyun. "It's hard to be alone for most of the year when you're used to being with someone," he said. "I think it's a werewolf thing," said Kangmin. "The need to be near the pack anyway," he added.

"I guess you can be in Jungwoo's room for the night," said Changkhyun. "Okay," said Kangmin. "I think the kids will be back tomorrow or tonight," said Youngjae. "Ah, Hohyeon and Jeongin? I thought they were studying for midterms," said Changkhyun. "Hohyeon wanted to see me, and Jeongin ended up agreeing to come over for the weekend," said Kangmin as he shrugged.

"Where's everyone else?" He asked. "Missions, the usual," said Changkhyun. "Though Hyunjin, Hobi and Doyoung are around somewhere, I think they went to get Jeno and Jungwoo from work," he said. "Jungkook went out on a mission? That's rare," remarked Kangmin. "Well, he only went because Jeno said it was okay for him to," said Changkhyun as he scratched the back of his head. "He ended up going with Jooheon," he said. "I see," said Kangmin.

"Cory, Sunggyu and Jisung out too?" He asked. "Yeah," said Changkhyun as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, that's fine," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "I was just making sure, because I don't want to take an occupied bed so," he said, shrugging. "I'm just a guest, technically speaking so," he added.

"Don't think that," said Changkhyun. "You're a part of this pack, even if there's a bed occupied we have other places for you to sleep, not just the couch," he said. "Sorry," said Kangmin. “It’s okay,” said Changkhyun. “You’re not used to how packs work it’s okay,” he said. "Well, that and I'm not used to being babied, if that makes any sense," said Kangmin. "It does," said Changkhyun. "You grew up too soon, it's understandable," he said. Kangmin scratched the back of his head.

When Hyunjin and the others returned with Jeno and Jungwoo Kangmin was helping Youngjae with dinner while Changkhyun was doing something in his room.

"Welcome back guys," said Kangmin as Hyunjin walked into the kitchen. "Hey," said Hyunjin. "Dinner should be ready in a bit," said Youngjae as he went to the stove to check on dinner. "Hoseok, go get Changkhyun," he called into the livingroom. Hoseok went to do so, coming back into the kitchen with Changkhyun following behind him.

Everyone sat around the kitchen table making small talk and enjoying everyone's company. Mostly everyone was doing their best to make the atmosphere cheery for Kangmin who seemed to be in his own thoughts that evening.

After dinner the door opened and Hohyeon and Jeongin yelled that they were home. "Hey guys," said Kangmin as he walked out of the kitchen. "Did we miss dinner?" Asked Jeongin. "Yep," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "Well damn it," said Hohyeon. "I told you we should've left earlier," he said. "We saved some food for you so go get it," said Kangmin.

Hohyeon and Jeongin ran into the kitchen to get their dinner and Kangmin chuckled some, shaking his head before heading out the back door to go to the lake, shouting that he was heading to the lake. Once there he dropped off flowers at the graveyard before going to sit on the boulder and be in his thoughts before someone decided to join him.

Hohyeon and Jeongin joined him an hour later, going to pay their respects before going to join Kangmin on the boulder. "It's good to be back here again," said Hohyeon as he leaned back on his hands. "Yeah," said Jeongin. Kangmin hummed in agreement.

"You know, Jihun finally asked me why we come out here so much when it was Jisung's thing," said Kangmin as he chuckled some. Hohyeon laughs. "They don't really understand it do they?" He asked. "I guess not," said Kangmin as he shook his head. "We made a promise to come out here while he was gone, I guess they still didn't get the message," he said. "I don't think we should stop, even when he comes back," said Jeongin. "We gotta continue the tradition, now with him again," he said. A comfortable silence filled the clearing for a while, the three friends just enjoying each other's company.

"We've come a long way," said Kangmin. "We have," said Jeongin. "Yeah," said Hohyeon. "I still can't believe we made it to top team so quickly," said Kangmin. "We were only second year hunters right? When we got it," said Hohyeon. "Yeah," said Kangmin. "That's quite the burden for you guys to carry," said Jeongin.

"Not all burdens are as big as some people's though," said Kangmin. "You're a newly turned werewolf, yeah," said Hohyeon. "Must be hard to keep your temper in check sometimes," he said. "I haven't had much problem with it, honestly," said Kangmin. "Then again no one has [i really] tried to provoke me," he said. Hohyeon and Jeongin nod.

"I carry another burden though," said Kangmin as he looked out at the water. "Eh?" Asked Jeongin. "You're not dying are you?" Asked Hohyeon. "Um, no," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "I guess I can see why you came to that conclusion quickly but," he said, laughing awkwardly as he shook his head.

"Then what's the big secret?" Asked Jeongin. "Well," said Kangmin. "I'm not like everyone else," he said. "How so?" Asked Hohyeon. "Before I tell you," said Kangmin. "Can you promise me one thing?" He asked. "Sure," said Jeongin. Hohyeon nodded in agreement. "Don't tell the others in the team yet?" Asked Kangmin. "I want to tell them myself," he said. "The pack already knows," he added. "Well, except Kihyun since he's not back yet but," he said, shrugging. "I just hope you accept me like they have, after telling you this," he said. "Okay," said Hohyeon. Jeongin nodded in agreement. "We'll keep quiet, besides we'll be busy with school anyway," he said. "Right, it's your last year right?" Asked Kangmin. "Yeah," said Jeongin. "Good luck then," said Kangmin.

"Well, back to the main topic," said Hohyeon. "What was it that you wanted to talk about?" He asked. "Well," said Kangmin. "I'm not normal when it comes to my... Preferences?" He asked. "Like finding a mate?" Asked Jeongin. "Or a boyfriend/girlfriend in human terms?" He added. Kangmin nodded.

"Ah," said Hohyeon. "I remember Kino saying something about this," he said. "He couldn't figure out what you were into, I guess," he said. "But he told me that you'd tell us eventually," he said. "You remember something that happened like 3-4 years ago?" Asked Jeongin. "And yet you don't remember your assignments from yesterday? The hell?" He asked. "Oi," said Hohyeon. "I can remember some parts from the assignments, but I have selective memory, or whatever," he said.

"I think I'm into guys and girls," said Kangmin. "But," he added. "I'm aromantic," he said. "So you're bisexual, but you don't feel a desire to form romantic relationships?" Asked Jeongin. Kangmin nodded. "Well, it's more like I don't want to be in any sort of relationship at all, except platonic ones," he said. "I see," said Hohyeon. "So you're not sure if you're into guys or girls, because you don't feel a desire to be in a relationship with anyone?" He asked. Kangmin nodded.

"I'm okay with this," said Hohyeon. "Me too," said Jeongin. "I can't believe it took you that long to tell us though," said Hohyeon. "I was sure you were into at least one of us," he said. Kangmin chuckled some. "No," he said. "But, at least you know that I was oblivious to your advances for a reason now," he said. "I guess," said Hohyeon.

"We should get back to the house then," said Kangmin as he got up, stretching and hopping down from the boulder. Hohyeon and Jeongin hopped down and they headed back to the house.

"How'd it go?" Asked Jungwoo when Kangmin entered the room. "They accepted it," said Kangmin. "I was relieved to be honest," he said. "Well yeah, they're your best friends," said Jungwoo. "It'd be stupid for them to not accept you for what you are," he said. Kangmin nodded and went to take a shower before coming back and going to see if Chan or Kino were available. "Can I be in the call this time?" Asked Jungwoo. "Sure," said Kangmin as he went to sit beside Jungwoo with his laptop in his lap.

When they both got back to him saying they were available Kangmin started the call. "Sorry to bother the both of you this late but," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "[i It's fine]," said Kino as he sat down at the desk. "[i It's not too late here, I'm only like an hour ahead]," he said. "[i I was up watching a movie with the guys anyway]," said Chan. "[i I was about to go to sleep]," he said.

"[i So who's this]?" Asked Chan. "I'm Jungwoo, I'm with the pack next door," said Jungwoo. "[i Ah, I see]," said Kino. "[i I remember you, your brother is Jaemin right]?" He asked. Jungwoo nodded. "I haven't been able to talk to him much but," he said, shrugging.

"[i Who'd you talk to]?" Asked Kino. "Jeongin and Hohyeon," said Kangmin. "Jeongin was the only person other than Kihyun from the pack next door to not know so I had to tell him too," he said. "[i How'd that go]?" Asked Chan. "They accepted it," said Kangmin. "[i I tried to hint to Hohyeon about it but I guess he didn't get it til now eh]?" Asked Kino as he chuckled some. Kangmin laughs. "I guess," he said.

"[i Now there's 7 people left]," said Chan. "[i Who are you coming out to next]?" He asked. "I don't know," said Kangmin. "Depends on who comes back from missions first I guess," he said. "[i Well your American team is in Detroit I think, Taehyun mentioned that they were coming from Detroit so]," said Kino. "To Chicago?" Asked Kangmin. Kino nodded. "Okay," said Kangmin. "[i Good luck then, we'll let you sleep Chan]," said Kino. "[i Yeah, goodnight]," said Chan. "Goodnight," said Kangmin before he hung up.

"That went well," said Jungwoo. "I'm not surprised," said Kangmin. "Though I wouldn't put it passed them to come storming over if someone from the team doesn't accept me," he said. "Well, let's get to sleep then," he said, getting up and going to the other bed with his laptop. "Goodnight," said Jungwoo as he nodded. "Goodnight," said Kangmin.
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[center Chapter 2]

The first person for Kangmin to come out to happened to be the oldest in the team himself, Jihun. Jihun had dragged Kangmin out shopping, saying he needed to get out of the house more. Kangmin only relented when he was allowed to bring someone from the pack next door with him, and after asking, Jungwoo had come with them. With Kangmin's permission Jeno told the pack, and everyone had agreed to help him. Granted, the only people in the pack that didn't know of Kangmin's preferences were Kihyun who hadn't returned from his trip with Jisung yet and Jeongin, who was busy with school.

"I'll need to be dropped off at work a bit later but," said Jungwoo as he sat in the backseat with Kangmin in the passenger seat as Jihun drove. "That's alright, what time do you need to work?" Asked Jihun. "Three," said Jungwoo. "It's 10 am, yeah we got a few hours," said Jihun. "We won't go far then," he said. "I work at the shopping center, we can go hang out there," said Jungwoo.

"Actually," said Kangmin. "Can we go to the park near the shopping center?" He asked. "Oh, sure," said Jungwoo. "It's a perfect spot to chill for the morning until lunch time," he said. "I guess," said Jihun as he started driving to the park. Kangmin gave a small smile in relief that they both managed to go with the idea. It was private enough to at least get some alone time for a while and let Kangmin get what he needed to say said.

When they got there Kangmin found a spot under a tree to chill for a bit, sitting against the tree with Jihun and Jungwoo on either side of him. "So what's up? You never asked to bring anyone from the pack next door along before," said Jihun. "It was always you going to the lake with someone from the pack next door," he said. "Ah," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "I figured why not spend more time with my pack," he said, shrugging. "I'm home too much, and stuff," he said.

"You have been home a lot lately," said Jihun. "When did you last have a mission?" He asked. "A week after I got home," said Kangmin. "Then I got one just a few days ago," he said. "All local," he added. "Been a lot of vampire activity nearby it seems," hummed Jungwoo as he tilted his head to the side. "Well I mean," said Kangmin as he shrugged. "Our Asian team and U.S. team are out at the moment," he said. "Right, it's just Taeseon, Hayoung and I home with you right now," agreed Jihun. "And of course, Hohyeon is finishing school and Jisung and Kihyun are on their way back," he added.

"But," said Kangmin as he sighed. "I'm not Jisung," he said. "As much as I spend most of my days in solitude I don't enjoy it," he said. "That was his thing," agreed Jihun. "But the going out to the lake thing was also always his thing," he said. "Well," said Kangmin. "He did leave it to someone to take over for him while he was out," he said. "Back when we'd be home for the weekend Hohyeon and I always headed out to the lake, even during the summer," he said.

"What do you even do out there?" Asked Jihun. "Talk," said Kangmin as he shrugged. "Most of the time we sat in comfortable silence though," he said. "I think since it was more Jisung's thing and he left it to us it was always us two going out," he said. "Occasionally we'd stop next door to see if Jeongin or someone would join," he said. "Like we're doing now apparently," he added, checking his phone for the time.

"Kangmin," said Jungwoo. "Wasn't there something you wanted to discuss with me?" He asked. "Ah, right," said Kangmin. "How does your kind find their mate?" He asked. "I'd say like anyone else would," said Jungwoo as he shrugged. "Well, I mean like any human would," he added. "But I'm sure you've seen my kind around with other species," he said. "Yeah, with Jaemin and Chani, and Minho and Mingyu," said Kangmin. "Also there's Wonwoo and Dowoon," he added. "Just to name a few," he said.

"What do you think of it?" Jungwoo asked Jihun. "Eh," said Jihun. "I've kept an open mind about it," he said. "I've watched how Jisung and Kihyun's relationship formed for a while before they left on their missions," he said. "I think I'm the only one who was all for their relationship in general but everyone came around to it after Jisung became more outgoing," he said. "He was always the introvert," said Kangmin as he chuckled some.

"So what brought this on?" Asked Jihun. "Well, I wanted to confess something," said Kangmin as he looked down. "I wanted to tell you that I'm not like the others," he said. "Can you promise me something?" He asked. "Of course," said Jihun. “Can you not tell the others what I’m about to tell you?” Asked Kangmin.

“Okay, you’re scaring me a bit here,” said Jihun as he tilted his head to the side. “It’s nothing bad,” said Kangmin. “Well, I hope not anyway,” he added. "I guess it depends on how you react to it," he said. Jihun hummed in response.

"I-I'm aromantic," Kangmin blurted out of the blue, causing Jihun to blink, being caught off guard. "Oh," said Jihun. "Well that explains a [i lot] actually," he said. "Because of the amount of times Jeongin and Hohyeon had tried to flirt with you to no avail," he added, causing Kangmin to chuckle in embarrassment. "Yeah, that fell on deaf ears," mumbled Kangmin, looking away.

"So, what does it mean exactly?" Asked Jihun. "I have no real desire to form romantic relationships," explained Kangmin. "All relationships I'm in are considered platonic, and frankly I'm not really looking to be in one," he said. "I see," said Jihun. "That explains why you never really cared about Jisung and Kihyun coming out," he said.

"Well, it wasn't like that I didn't care," said Kangmin. "It's more like I'm indifferent about it," he said. "I am happy for them, don't get me wrong," he said. "You just don't see yourself in that kind of relationship?" Asked Jihun. Kangmin nodded. "That makes more sense," said Jihun.

"Sorry if it seemed that I was shallow about it," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "No no," said Jihun. "It's fine," he said. "Now I know the reasoning behind it," he said. Kangmin nodded. "Do you mind me being different?" He asked. "Not at all," said Jihun. "You're still you regardless," he said. Kangmin smiled in relief. "Thank you," he said.

"Well," said Jungwoo as he got up, stretching. "I guess it's time to get lunch," he said. "And you two can go shopping, I'll get someone from the pack to get me after work," he said. They went to the jeep, with Jihun driving over to the shopping center and going to get lunch.

Kangmin felt a sense of relief when Jihun said that he was okay with it. He didn't know what he would do if the oldest was against him for his preferences. He was able to relax more during the day, just spending time with the oldest in their team.

When they got home Kangmin excused himself to his room, immediately going to see if Chan and Kino were available. Kangmin sat at his desk and waited for an answer, browsing the internet for a bit on his laptop. When they both got back saying they were available Kangmin started the call, putting on some headphones to make the conversation more private.

"[i Who'd you come out to first]?" Kino asked as he sat on the bed, putting the laptop on the bed in front of him with Changgu sleeping beside him. "Straight to the point?" Asked Kangmin as he chuckled. "It was Jihun," he said. "[i The oldest in the team? How'd he take it]?" Asked Chan. Kangmin explained what had happened.

"[i One down, 8 more people to go]," said Kino when Kangmin finished explaining. "[i It's good that the oldest is okay with it, normally that's not the case]," said Chan. "Yeah," said Kangmin. "[i Who are you coming out to next]?" Asked Kino. "I don't know yet," said Kangmin. "I guess we'll see what happens," he said. "[i Just be careful, you don't want to come out to your leader until you're sure that the others have your back]," said Kino. "Right," said Kangmin.

After finishing the Skype call Kangmin headed out to the lake after grabbing some food and a drink, going alone to gather his thoughts. He wasn't expecting anyone tonight, having gone with the intention that he was going alone but he wouldn't mind company.

Much to his surprise it was Hyunjin that decided to join him a couple hours later, apparently having just returned from a mission with Hoseok and Doyoung. "I wasn't expecting anyone out here," said Hyunjin as he went to sit next to Kangmin who sat on a blanket near the shore. "Yeah I wasn't either," said Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. They sat in silence, listening to the sounds of the night and enjoying each other's company.
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[center Chapter 1]

Kangmin sat at the desk in his room, going through his emails on his laptop. He hoped that Kino and Chan were available to chat, since Chan wanted to meet Kino. He seemed to be alone for today at least, as the rest of his team were out doing their own things and Hohyeon wasn't due home for another couple days for the weekend.

A message popped up on Skype and it was Kino, saying he was available. Chan also got back to him and said he was available so Kangmin started the call, waving at Kino and Chan.

"How's your day going?" Asked Kangmin. "[i I finally broke these span of bad days, good lord]," said Kino as he scratched the back of his head. "[i That's good to hear, I heard about what the drug does to 'shifters]," said Chan. "[i And my day was okay, I had to do some work around the house with Jun]," he said.

"[i So I heard I was being introduced to someone]," said Kino. "Yeah, Kino this is Chan, Chan this is Kino," said Kangmin. "[i Nice to finally meet you]," said Chan. "[i I was talked about a lot then]?" Kino asked, laughing some. "Yes," Kangmin said with a chuckle.

"[i So what's the real reason for this call? It seemed urgent]," said Chan. "Well," said Kangmin. "I had to make sure I was home alone for a bit but I wanted some advice," he said. "[i Finally plan on coming out to everyone then]?" Asked Kino. "[i I assume you already told Chan since he's in here]," he added. "Yeah," said Kangmin.

"[i How about this]," started Kino as he adjusted in his seat, moving to sit where he was hugging his knees. "[i Come out to one person at a time, start with the person you're closest to]," he said. "[i I don't have any real experience with this but]," said Chan as he scratched the back of his head. "[i Wouldn't it be easier to come out to the oldest first]?" He asked.

"[i Sometimes that's never a good thing to do]," said Kino as he shook his head. "[i Jinho wasn't okay with it at first]," he said. "[i He eventually came around right]?" Asked Chan. "[i Yeah, but that was after Shinwon came around and said he was okay with it]," said Kino.

"[i I think it depends on your own judgement at that point]," said Chan. "I don't plan on coming out to Taeseon until after everyone knows," said Kangmin. "[i He's your team leader right]?" Asked Kino. "Yes," said Kangmin. "[i Well, I didn't come out to Hui until after I told Hongseok and Changgu]," said Kino. "[i I think it's a sound strategy]," he said. "[i Make sure you have everyone else's back in case something goes wrong]," he said.

"[i Of course, there's always going to be those who are against it]," said Chan. "[i Yes, but you have to look passed those and go for the ones who are on your side]," said Kino. "Let's do this," said Kangmin. "I'll come out to a person on my team one at a time and then call you after every encounter," he said. "[i I can't guarantee being there after everything but I'll try]," said Kino. "[i I'll be able to have a bit more leeway since Donghun knows I'm helping you with things]," said Chan.

"[i Just let me know if something goes wrong]," said Kino. "[i I'll try and be there after every situation but I don't know how long these good days will last]," he said. "[i That's alright]," said Chan. "[i Let your pack know and they can fill in for you]," he said. "If that's okay," said Kangmin. "I'd like to have more people who understand the situation in on this," he said. "[i I'll have to ask everyone to see if they're okay with it]," said Kino. "[i But I'm sure they won't mind]," he said.

The door opened and Taeseon yelled that he was home, causing Kangmin to end the call after saying goodbye. Kangmin went downstairs to find Taeseon, Jihun and Hayoung standing in the livingroom. "Welcome back," he said. "How was your day?" Asked Taeseon. "Just fine, I got to talk to Kino and Chan for a little bit earlier," said Kangmin.

Jihun studied Kangmin with a tilt of his head before shaking his head. "Did you eat yet?" He asked. "I was going to get something when someone came home," said Kangmin as he went into the kitchen. "I don't want to make too much and waste it so," he said, shrugging. "Do you guys want anything?" He called. "No we're good," called Hayoung. "I'm going out to the lake then," called Kangmin as he grabbed a drink and a sandwich from the fridge before going next door to see if anyone from the pack next door would join him tonight.

It was Jeno who decided to join him this time around, following after Kangmin in wolf form before putting up his human illusion after they reached the lake. "What's on your mind today?" Asked Jeno as he sat on the boulder with Kangmin, looking out at the water. "A lot," said Kangmin as he split his sandwich with Jeno before taking a bite of the sandwich. "I can see that," said Jeno as he ate his half of the sandwich.

"I just don't know what to do," confessed Kangmin as he sighed. "What's wrong?" Asked Jeno as he turned to Kangmin. "Well, I know that my sexuality is known within the pack, I mean they had to know everything before letting me in," said Kangmin as he sighed. "But my team is different," he said.

"You plan on coming out to them?" Asked Jeno as he tilted his head to the side. "Yeah," said Kangmin. "But it's harder than it looks," he said. "I just don't know what to do," he said. "Hey," said Jeno as he put a hand on Kangmin's shoulder. "You have everyone's back, and somewhere to go if they kick you out," he said. "But I don't want to cause a war between the pack and my team," said Kangmin. "I'd have to leave regardless," he said. Jeno hummed, looking out at the water.

Around midnight Kangmin decided to go home, having spent most of the evening out at the lake. Jeno accompanied him back to the house before heading home himself, wishing Kangmin luck. When Kangmin entered the house, Jihun was waiting for him in the kitchen.

"Didn't have to wait on me," mumbled Kangmin as he scratched the back of his head. "It's alright," said Jihun. "I can tell something's been troubling you," he said. "You can tell me anything okay?" He asked. Kangmin nodded. "Thanks, hyung," he said before walking passed Jihun and heading upstairs to his room.
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