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She shivered nervously. "W-well, I do want to...learn what sex with a female is like..." she muttered softly.
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 162d 17h 46m 6s
Syrup laid down and moved her arms to her stomach, chuckling slightly, "So you still want the cuddles, or are you hoping for a different kind of service?~"
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 162d 17h 47m 15s
Minoka blushed profusely, sitting up beside Syrup.
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 162d 17h 50m 33s
Syrup blushed and smiled sweetly as she sat back down, her arms holding up her chest.
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 162d 17h 51m 43s
She shook her head vigorously. "No!!! You...you're perfect."
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 162d 17h 54m 13s
Syrup now seemed a bit nervous, covering herself with her arms, "I-Is this okay, or would you prefer another maid...?"
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 162d 17h 57m 3s
She gasps in awe as she sees the little bat demon's body.
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 162d 18h 8m 49s
Syrup nodded and removed the maid dress, now completely bare.
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 163d 14h 9m 33s
"Without the dress..." She says softly, moaning. "I want to see you..."
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 163d 14h 10m 58s
"Would you pefer me without the dress? It's no extra charge."
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 163d 14h 19m 41s
Minoka laid down beside her, blushing profusely. "Mmmm...~"
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 163d 14h 20m 56s
Syrup laid down on the pile of cushions, motioning for Minoka to join her.
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 163d 14h 24m 23s
Minoka smiles sheepishly, looking around nervously. "Okay..."
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 163d 14h 26m 20s
Syrup chuckled and wiggled her hips, "If you say so~" She entered the room with Minoka and locked the door. It was to make sure that no one would interrupt, not to mention it was soundproof both ways.
  Syrup / KommonKaiju / 163d 14h 31m 4s
She nodded and followed her. "O-okay...but no funny business unless I say so!!!"
  Minoka / wolfchibilink / 163d 14h 33m 46s

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