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“That could be arranged but I have to say my girl is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He muttered plopping down on the bed with the cold styrofoam container of wings that they had bought earlier. Most people would call them crazy but Kane agreed that cold wings were pretty damn good. “Trey can come to the Nashville show too, just let me know his credentials and I’ll have him a pass, yours is permanent.” He said going to his bag to pull it out, “All access VIP, no exceptions, to any kane Brown event, there’s only two of these and my momma has the other one. She only uses her privledges abojt once a year and that’s usually when I’m playing Las Vegas so she gets a mini vacation out of it too.” He said chuckling. “She comes to Nashville just to shop sometimes so it’s not a big deal...maybe you’ll meet my momma soon.” He suggested and flashed a smile her way. “You look so beautiful right now.” He muttered.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 268d 15h 58m 8s
Alexandria smiled when Kane said that she could come to his show. [b "Of course we'll come to the Nashville one! I'll talk Trey into coming too."] she said. [b "I'll make sure Rambo is taken care off before I ever come inside the venue. He's just a big baby."] she said. [b "How long will your tour be this year though? Now that I'm getting attached, not sure how I'll do once you have to leave.."] she mumbled.

She nodded when he mentioned the wings. [b "Call me crazy, but I love the left over wings cold."] she said. [b "I am getting hungry though."] She heard him say that he loved her, but she just couldn't yet.

She watched as Kane got up from the bed and pulled his sweatpants on. [b "My man is sexyyyy."] she said with a whistle. [b "You know. After we eat, I think I might want another go at becoming a member."] she said. [b "I think it's the excitement that there are other people on the plane."]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 274d 16h 55m 54s
"You can some to any show darlin', I'll get you a permanent pass and you just let me know when you want to bring Rambo and I'll make sure the venue knows my dog will be there too, plus he can hang out on the bus because I know he doesn't really like the loud noises." Kane says kissing you. "ALexandria.... I love you." He muttered sighing, he knew she wouldn't say it back, it was too soon and he sounded like a crazy person.

Kane held her in his arms and asked, "Do you want me to get our wings and put them in the microwave so we can eat before we land... " He was grateful for the private plane, he loved having the privacy to enjoy the plane ride with her. He loved her. Rambo laid with her as Kane got up pulling on his sweats not bothering with much else. He heated up the wings before coming back to the bed with them for them. The television was on but Kane wasn't paying attention to it. "What are you most excited for in New York?"
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Alexandria just laughed as she looked down at Rambo. [b "You leave him alone now. He's just tired."] she said. She nodded when Kane said this was their third date. [b "I still don't know what exactly she wanted out of this relationship, or us in general. I just need you to understand that before things go further with us. I don't want you to get hurt in the process of me still trying to find myself..."]

She looked up at Kane as they were laying in the bed. [b "Believe it or not, I'm no that experienced."] she said softly. She clutched the sheet to her as she sat up in the bed. [b "Rambo probably hates you right now because you took me away from him."] she said. [b "He loves me more than you, you know?"]

[b "So speaking of me watching Rambo and all that when you go on Tour.. Do you have anything set up soon?"] she asked. [b "Maybe me and Rambo can come visit for one? I'd love to see you perform like that."]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 276d 11h 22m 59s
"Four hours." kane muttered and said, 'he loves you more than he loves me, and hes been with me for eight years... traitor." he said looking to Rambo who laid on her, not caring that she was Kane's almost girlfriend not his. "For the record this is our third date now and our first night together was one of the best of my life... so lets just leave it at that."

After joining the mile high club, Kane held her, "God you just keep getting better and better don't you baby girl?" he asked kissing her lips, he couldn't keep his hands off of her, not that he would want to. She was flawless. As much as she thought she wasn't, Kane saw nothing but perfection. He would do anything for this woman already and he knew it. He had never fallen this hard and this fast for anyone. Kane was in love, no matter what anyone said, he loved Alexandria and that wasn't going to change anytime soon. "I love you." He muttered.
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 276d 12h 8m 10s
Alexandria just shrugged. [b "I'm being serious right now! Kane. What if he's like, "Oh you know. She hooked up with a country superstar and now she is following him to New York City like a lost puppy dog?"] She couldn't help but grinned when he mentioned them becoming a member of the club. She just nodded. [b "I just don't want Trey to be like oh ya know. She's dating Kane Brown and sleeping with him on the first damn date."] she said with an eye roll.

[b "I'm sure. I'd love to keep him!"] she said. She looked around after they boarded the plane. [b "I've never been on plane before Much less private."] She looked down at Rambo who was already making himself at home on the plane.

She sat down on the couch, and Rambo immediately laid his head in her lap. She just laughed. [b "My baby boy."] she said softly as she began to rub his head. [b "How long is the flight to New York?"] she said.
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 276d 12h 11m 51s
'What is he going to tell them? Oh shes on a private jet with our last guest going to New York doing god knows what?" He asked smirking to her. "Lets load the truck, wings included, and we can get going and make each of us a member of that club. Yeah Rambo has a leash and a collar, Rambo go get your harness." Kane says smiling. "You'd really watch him?" Kane asked happily, "I hate leaving him with strangers and he hates it too but he loves you so I'm sure he would love that a hell of a lot more."

An hour later they were at the airport near the private jet. Kane loved her but he couldn't keep saying it over and over. An attendant loaded their luggage onto the plane and Rambo walked on with them. Kane had the wings and their carry ons with him as well. The plane was his label's plane but had a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in it. Kane smiled, "Ever been on a private plane?" he asked her.
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 276d 12h 39m 31s
Alexandria laughed when Kane said he had a things for blondes. [b "Of course you did."] she said. She nodded when he mentioned watching a movie. [b "I'm pretty sure I can think of a few other things we can do to pass the time... Like join that club?"] she mentioned. [b "He'll love New York. Do you have a harness and leash for him?"]

She glanced back when he said he took Rambo with him everywhere he went. [b "I can watch him for you."] she said [b "There is no sense in him having to stay with strangers. He can come stay with me and Trey!"] she said.

[b "Whatever you do. Do NOT forget the wings. I'll seriously cry."] she said. [b "I can't wait either. It's gonna be so much fun. I can't wait to hear the song!"] She plopped down on the cough and sighed. [b "I'm really excited to have a few days off... But do you think that the listeners will call in and ask where I am? I don't know what Trey would tell them... Honestly who knows."]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 276d 12h 45m 54s
"I love it... I've always been partial to blondes." he said chuckling, "You look beautiful.... I have my bag packed and I have our snacks for the plane. We can watch a movie on the plane ride too if you want... I know it was only a few hours but I missed you more than I thought I would. I watched for you.... I know its crazy but we can leave for New York now if you want, spend a few more hours there relaxing in the hotel together.... Rambo is going too... he goes everywhere with me except on tour... I have to hire someone to watch him. Its a pain but I love the little guy."

Kane put her bags with his and put their wings, and drinks on the table as well as a bag of cheesy popcorn and a box of cheezits, he had a serious snacking problem. Especially cheezits or gold fish. "I can't wait to show you the sights, I've never actually seen the statue of liberty, been to New York plenty but never there."
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Alexandria was completely giddy with how her hair turned out. She was blonde before, but now she BLONDE. She couldn't wait to see how Kane felt about it. She hoped that he liked it.

She couldn't help but laugh when Kane came off the elevator of the apartment building as soon as she got out of the Uber. He must've been seriously watching for her. [b "Hi honey."] she said. [b "Whatcha think bout my hairrr?"] She said, doing a hair flip with her hand.

[b "Trey wasn't at home, but I left him a note thanking and thanking him over and over for covering this weekend without me. I told him that we would all go out for dinner when we got back, or I could cook at the apartment and you and Rambo come to visit."] she said. Her face turned red when he mentioned the mile high club. Her eyes were sparkling though. [b "Mhm. I've never been a member before."] she said softly.

[ Hair]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 277d 10h 22m 7s
Kane stopped by the studio for a few minutes and got the final mix of the song that he had written for Alexandria and was going to sing on the talk show in New York. He went home to his apartment with Rambo, packing quickly, he packed light as always. He ended up putting the wings in the fridge so they could go with them on the plane.

He waited on her and was excited when he saw an Uber pull up and her get out with her luggage wearing his jean jacket. "Hey sweetheart." he muttered taking her luggage to get her inside quicker. "We have... a little time before the plane..." He said pulling her to him and kissing her... "Or should we join the mile high club in a few hours?" He hoped that she understood what he was hinting at.

He had waited all day to get his hands on her and he didn't want to take them off. he loved her so much and that was one of the ways he could show her intimatley and no one knew.
  Kane 4.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 277d 13h 31m 36s
Alexandria smiled as she listened to him speak of all the things they were going to do in New York. She was definitely about seeing and visiting New York City for the first time, but she was more excited to see and do all the things with Kane by her side. She was partial to him already!

She took the Starbucks card and smiled. [b “You didn’t have to do that.. but thank you.”] she said [b “I’ll give it to him before I leave for you apartment tonight.”] she leaned over and kissed Kane’s cheek. [b “Thank you for making this the best week of my life so far.”]

She hopped out of the truck and blew him a kiss before she ran inside her apartment. It was still raining, she still had Kane’s denim blue jean jacket on as well. Trey still wasn’t home, which was weird. Maybe he finally met a girl or someone? She had no clue. She had a few minutes before she had to leave for her hair appointment so she grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge.
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 277d 13h 44m 25s
“Alright darlin’, I’ll be waiting on you and I promise this weekend is going to be the best weekend in a long time for both of us, you’ll have me and I’ll have you and you get to hear your song and the tourist things we’re going to do and shop and a five star hotel to spend the rest of our time in.” He kissed her as he drove and handed her a Starbucks card from over his sun visor, “Tell trey Starbucks is on me for a year for doing this for us, if he didn’t cover for you, we wouldn’t be able to go to New York so this is for him.” On the card was five hundred dollars for Trey to spend at Starbucks, the man did like his coffee and it wasn’t as if Kane couldn’t afford it, he could buy Starbucks if he wanted to.

Pulling up to her apartment he missed her again, “I’ll make sure you get inside safe before I leave and then I’ll be waiting on you I just have to get that mix from the studio and I’m down for the night.”
  Kane 4.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 277d 16h 21m 54s
Alexandria just grinned when she seen Kane moving closer to her. She felt the rain start pouring down from the sky, but she didn’t have a care in the world. The only thing she was worried about right now, was the man right in front of her. The rain was cold, but she pushed herself closer to Kane. She didn’t care. This was the kind of kisses that only happened in the movies. She heard people whispering and saying “Hey, that’s Kane Brown!” She didn’t care.

She grinned when he pulled away and the helped her into the truck. [b “Thank ya.”] she said as she pulled on the jacket. [b “Probably wasn’t the best idea to wear a white tank top.”] she mumbled. She looked around as people were still staring even though they were in the truck. [b “That was something else.”]

She nodded when he mentioned the plans for the rest of the day. [b “I’ll Uber over as soon as I’m done with my hair and get packed.”]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 1y 277d 16h 27m 20s
Kane smirked, “Good God, I love you.” He said it again and kissed her hard, not caring that it was starting to rain, the rain pouring down quickly but Kane didn’t move, he just held her waist and kissed her, not caring who was watching. People snapped pictures though and they would be all over the Internet in minutes and he knew it.

Soon he was helping her into the truck to keep her warm and dry, giving her his jean jacket that read KB on it, “Get warm baby.” He muttered kissing her again and then starting the truck, letting it roar to life. “I’ll take you home to get your hair done and get packed and then come to my place and we can eat and rest before we go get on the plane, I can’t wait to spend this whole weekend with you in New York.... Get New York pizza and cheesecake and be tourists and take you shopping for anything you want, it’s going to be a hell of a good time.” Kane had told her that he loved her and she hadn’t ran away.
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