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I love the show, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, if you haven't watched it on Netflix, go watch it now but Sabrina and Harvey are both 17 in my roleplay idea and she becomes pregnant, what will happen with her aunts, her cousin... the church of night when they discover shes with mortal child?

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"Harv we really don't have much time!" We gotta get details we can discuss on the way there
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 98d 2h 46m 14s
Harvey stopped her, “Brina, we need to talk abojt this, this is a big deal.”
  Harvey Kinkle / Polkadotrocker / 185d 7h 3m 52s
Sabrina holds up a finger to Harvey " hi yes I'd like to make an appt with the Obgyn? Yes I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant need to follow up and get full details and stuff. Right now? Yes! I can be there in 10
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 185d 11h 24m 44s
“We have to but they also have to understand, I’m not leaving you.”
  Harvey Kinkle / Polkadotrocker / 185d 11h 41m 29s
Okay so what are we doing then Harv? Are we telling the aunt's or not? Sabrina pulls out her phone and starts to dial the doctors office
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 185d 11h 42m 1s
“I’m the only one here that’s not magical that we’re talking about, they won’t harm one of their own and a half mortal isn’t so bad.”
  Harvey Kinkle / Polkadotrocker / 185d 12h 10m 3s
"well there's alot we got to discuss and things are abt to get crazy I'm really hoping we can keep this a secret for awhile at least until we can guarantee us or our child don't end up dead." Sabrina states matter of fact like turning towards Harvey as she's walking down the sidewalk.
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 185d 12h 12m 12s
Harvey followed her, “Brina what are you thinking?”
  Harvey Kinkle / Polkadotrocker / 211d 6h 41m 35s
Rushing down stairs Sabrina smoke at her aunt's and grabs her back pack before heading out the door
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 211d 8h 40m 43s
Harvey wasn’t far behind her, afraid that she was going to tell her aunts now.
  Harvey Kinkle / polkadotrocker / 1y 47d 22h 49s
Sabrina gives Harvey a kiss and heads down the stairs where her aunts are all sitting in the kitchen talking.
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 1y 47d 22h 20m 42s
"We tell them now... I don't want them hurting you but I'll protect you." he said knowing he stood no chance against two of the most powerful witches.
  Harvey Kinkle / polkadotrocker / 1y 112d 13h 9m 5s
Sabrina looks at Harvey and sighs nodding her head. “Well when do you suggest we tell the Aunts then? Cause i really don’t know if we should. I will tell them as long as you go with me to do so” Sabrina says to Harvey smiling
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 1y 113d 4h 55m 15s
Harvey shook his head, 'Brina... I know you don't want to tell your aunts but this is something we shouldn't hide from them." Harvey always brought out Sabrina's light side.
  Harvey Kinkle / polkadotrocker / 1y 198d 10h 43m 27s
[i Sabrina listened to Harvey as he rambled and looked around her room to find her wand. [b I can probably cast a spell to keep it from looking like I’m growing a bump to everyone around us but us. And I can also cast a spell to prevent anyone from seeing or hearing the baby cry after it’s born and up until it’s a year old Harv]]
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 1y 198d 19h 35m 19s

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