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I love the show, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, if you haven't watched it on Netflix, go watch it now but Sabrina and Harvey are both 17 in my roleplay idea and she becomes pregnant, what will happen with her aunts, her cousin... the church of night when they discover shes with mortal child?

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“Will you being a witch make this any different?” He asked touching her non existent bump. She still had a flat stomach for now, “what are we going to tell our friends? How are we going to plan a wedding and have a baby. I work every weekend in the mines and I’ll ask tommy if I can get some after school or night hours.”
  Harvey Kinkle / polkadotrocker / 5d 2h 34m 38s
[i Sabrina nods and hugs Harvey before standing up and walking over to their full length mirror.] [i [b Can you believe it though Harvey? I have a human growing inside of me. And I understand you not wanting to tell the aunts but I can’t hide it forever and I’ll work as much as I’m allowed to do you aren’t alone in all of this and I want to marry you after graduation as well so let’s hope all of this goes well and that the counsle doesn’t find out about me being with Mortal child]]
  Sabrina Spellman / SimpleSeduction / 5d 1h 16m 37s
"No Brina, as much as I love your aunts, they'll tell you to get rid of the baby... Brina I meant it when I said I wanted to marry you after graduation. I still do. I'll take more hours at the mines, try to work at the coffee shop on the weekends. We can do this." he muttered.
  Harvey Kinkle / polkadotrocker / 9d 23h 18m 3s
[i Sabrina grasps Harvey’s hand and nods..[b I don’t know how this happened Harvey like you said we were careful... Maybe we were to careful.]] [i Sabrina looks at Harvey and then stands up. [b We gotta tell my Aunts and see what they have to say about this]]
  Sabrina Spellman / AquarianPrincess / 9d 23h 21m 23s
“Your pregnant?” He asked with a bit of shock in his voice. “But...we were careful.” He shook his head and looked to her with her head in her hands. “Brina no don’t cry.” He said taking her hand in his. Harvey know what he had to do...he had to grow up like his brother Tommy always said he had to. “I’ll take more hours at the mines we will be okay.”
  Harvey Kinkle / Polkadotrocker / 10d 18m 31s
[i Sabrina sits down next to Harvey holding the test in her hand twisting and twirling it in her fingers. [b " Oh Harvey what are we gonna do?!]] [i Sabrina exclaims handing him the positive pregnancy test and covering her face with her hands]
  Sabrina Spellman / AquarianPrincess / 10d 5h 19m 53s
"Brina is something wrong?" He asked looking up from his sketchbook. It had been a year since his brother died... a year since the mining accident and yet he had to spend every weekend in the mines. A year since Sabrina didn't join the church of night but yet forged her own path. Two years dating Harvey. Harvey could read her like a book, "Brina, talk to me."
  Harvey Kinkle / polkadotrocker / 11d 23h 6m 5s
[i looking down at the test sitting on their bathroom counter Sabrina takes a deep breathe and sits down as she sees that there is to pink lines meaning that she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know how to tell her aunts and cousins let alone Harvey himself.. she buries her face in her hands before standing up and grabbing the test and walking out of her bathroom and into her bedroom where Harvey sits.]
  Sabrina Spellman / AquarianPrincess / 12d 1h 20m 54s

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