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[center [i [b [size16 Avalon Academy:]]]]

[center Avalon Academy lies in the heart of Avalon. It is known to be the most prestige academy, home of the most skilled Hunters. They have trained all of their lives to be the best. Some have been chosen and joined later on, they have but one mission, to take down any mythical creature that may cross their path. They each carry the gold mark of Avalon Academy on their bodies, a symbol of their loyalty and life commitment.]

[center Kara is one of these Hunters. She was raised in Avalon Academy. Born to be a great warrior. She has always strived to be the best she can be and follows orders well. However, she carries a dark secret with her, one that causes her to flee the only home and the only people she has ever known. She leaves the security and protection to venture out into the world she knows little about other than the missions she was sent on.]

[center [b [size16 Present Day:]]]

[center Kara now lives outside of the walls. She left months ago, creating a home for herself in a small apartment, works at a local restaurant as a bartender. She keeps the golden mark of Avalon Academy the lays on the back of her neck hidden, making sure she does not draw any unnecessary attention.]

[center ______ lives in town. He and his group of friends have started warding off the smaller mythical creatures. Like a lot of the people from the Avalon, he has dreams of one day becoming apart of Avalon Academy.]

[center [b [size16 RULES:]]

[center -I am looking to fill the male role. This does not limit bringing any future characters into it]
[center -I am looking for a literate role player. I normally post anywhere between 2000+ characters, it depends on how much my partner gives me and if I am experiencing writers block. I am searching for another literate role player. I prefer quality over quantity and the more description the better]
[center -I am not on everyday, I do have a life outside of writing. I will communicate with you if I am not able to post right away but I will do my best to at least once a week. I would like the same extended towards me. I will not hound you for a post but I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you will be gone for an extended amount of time]
[center -If you have gotten this far, please send me a PM with your favorite color and a link to a sample of your writing or paste it within your PM]

[center Thank you!]


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[i A small breeze drifted through the air and through the hair of Kara Fletcher. She was sitting out on the back steps of the restaurant that she worked at for the eight months now. She was getting lost in her thoughts, something she rarely allowed herself to do these days.]

[i She thought back to eight months ago, when she first returned to Avalon. She left her home a year and a half before then, to escape the life she had only ever known. A life that she learned had been a lie. She was a member of Avalon Academy, the prestige school and home to the most ruthless hunters. Some were brought in from the games they held every year, some were sought after and others like her were born into the life. Once you were in though, it was a life sentence.]

[i Kara had escaped though. She had played her cards right and she escaped a little over two years ago, with the sensitive information she had learned not long before then. She knew that the hunters were looking for her, she also knew that with leaving, she would always be on the run from the academy. It was pretty stupid coming back after leaving, knowing that she could very well be caught, regardless of how much training she had. She was out numbered no matter which way she looked at it. Regardless, she returned because she also had a mission she needed to follow through with. She kept a very low profile for the last eight months, and so far, she was able to dodge any hunters that she happened to see.]

[i She found a bartending job at a restaurant and a small loft at the edge of the city. She gave the bar a fake ID, one that she had obtained when she was still with the academy but had only used once. It claimed that she was twenty-one, although she was only nineteen, and her name was Grace. Thankfully, lying and hiding ones identity was one of Kara's specialties.]

[i Kara's eyes flew open to the sound of the back door opening. She looked up to see her coworker, Ava. [#d661b1 "Hey, Grace, do you plan on coming back anytime soon?! It's getting busy in here!"] She whined. Kara nodded and pushed herself away from the wall and got up. Her coworker disappeared back into the restaurant and Kara heaved a sigh. She just had to get through the rest of her shift and then she would be able to go home.]

[i Once her shift ended, Kara grabbed her bag and placed it over her shoulder. She left the restaurant and headed to her apartment. On her way, she decided to make a pit stop within the city to pick up some dinner before heading home. As she was walking, she put her long brown hair in a loose ponytail. She was careful to not allow the gold rose tattoo that lay on the back of her neck show, she knew that the hunters had spies everywhere in the city and she knew that they would be rewarded greatly for her capture and return to the academy.]

[i The tattoo on the back of her neck represented her life sentence to the academy. It was the mark the academy laid on all of their soldiers and claimed those people as their own. The academy was run by one powerful man with unlimited resources and when one disobeyed his wishes, he rained hell down upon them and anyone that assisted them.]

[i While walking to her favorite takeout place, Kara heard a scream. Her focus snapped to attention snapped from the direction it had come from. To her left, there was a girl and boy, they couldn't be any older than teenagers and they were surrounded by a group. She immediately recognized what the group represented; hunters. But these weren't the academy's hunters, they belonged to the city.]

[i Kara inhaled, she knew that if she assisted, not only would she make herself a target for the hunters, but she would also be publicly announcing that she would rather protect forbidden magic than abide by the academy's wishes for the city. She made her decision and started heading towards the group. This was part of her mission and it wasn't something she could let go of either.]

[i Kara dropped her bag by a shops open door. She proceeded go up behind them and hopped up onto the water fountain edge that was in the middle of the city. She looked down on the group terrorizing these two people who were born with gifts they didn't posses. It was odd to think that she used to be just like that. Blinded by the hate. She knew that the academy offered rewards for these kinds of groups that would bring any magical beings or anyone with magic. This made it very risky for them to even set foot into the city. With her decision made, she let out a low whistle to get the groups attention.]

[i [#9767f4 "You shouldn't pick on kids, it's bad for your health."] She stated to the group. She glanced up to where the teenagers were and watched as they made a run for it. Good. Now she didn't have to worry about them getting hurt or in the way while she dealt with the city wannabes.]

[i Her instincts were kicking in, everything she had learned at the academy to protect herself and her teammates was flowing back to her. Except this time, she wasn't using it on the creatures it was intended for. It was being used on people who were only doing what they thought was right. One guy lunged at her, and she took him down as fast as he had come.]

[i This wasn't the first time that she had stuck up for people that had magic or had been a target for being born the way they were. But this was the first real group she had to deal with and it was within the city limits. She looked at the others in the group. [#9767f4 "If I were you, I would leave. This will be your only warning."] She told them flatly, narrowing her hazel eyes at them.]
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[center [Mali William walked a bit behind his group of friends as they walked the streets, looking for trouble as always. He didn't mind following them around most days but this was a particularly crappy day and he just wanted to be at home reading a good book. But alas he had no say in the matter. He had to ignore his crappy mood and deal with it for the night because his friends were pushy and he was easily annoyed. The group chatted as they walked, but William didn't pay attention. His mind was more focused on his troubles, specifically the small inconveniences he had been oddly prone to that day, First he had spilled half of the milk carton that morning after getting distracted while making a bowl of cereal. Then when he had finished cleaning that up he had ripped a hole in his favorite jumper. It was an easy fix, sure but an inconvenient one. There had been plenty of dumb things happening to him that had put him in the worst mood. While he was in his own head his friends had stopped and were all looking at him when he had noticed. It was a look of pure annoyance, one he was acquainted with, as it was a common occurence. He looked back at his friends blankly.

[+hotpink "Whats up"]

He asked. They collectively sighed and pointed to a pair of teens, and their intention was clear.

[+hotpink "Sorry I'm not taunting children. But by all means you guys can. I will just chill over here."]

The boy said. Sure he was barely out of his teen years, but bothering anyone under the age of 18 was a line he drew. Not only that, but he was lazy that day. So he watched as his friends approached the teens. He crossed his arms and stood nearby as he waited, zoning out a little. It wasn't until he heard the girl speak that his attention was back on his group of friends, who were now on the ground. He noticed the girls eyes on him and he chuckled, smirking at the girl.

[+hotpink "Isn't it a little rude to beat up a bunch of people?"]

He asked, amusement lacing his words.
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