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[PT+Sans [Center The girl soon turned around from her cooking and watched as Antler pulled Cassidy inside of the kitchen. It was a cute sight to her and she loved it, giggling. [#FC6C85 "It seems the boy is attached to you already." ] She said as she tilted her head and turned around to tend to her food again. Eventually, she got out plates and put even amounts of food on all five plates before putting it on a round table nearby.

[#FC6C85 "I say eat up before it gets cold children." ] The girl said with a sweet and motherly smile. Her eyes were shining brightly as she sat down at the table by herself, already eating slowly.
[center Cassidy had sighed in relief when Boethius left the scene, and smiled a little once she noticed the boy with antlers smiling. Good...she had actually managed to help someone for once. It sent a nice and warm feeling through her for a moment, before she suddenly felt herself being yanked towards the kitchen...although it was a calm kind of yank. Once the blue knight had realized what Antler wanted, she walked right with him. "N-no problem. I had noticed no one else really came over to you, and well...I wanted to help you. It was the least I could d-do for one of my new partners. And everyone else already seems to be doing their own thing..." She told the male, beginning to sniff the air a little bit.]

[center Something definitely was being cooked, although she couldn't exactly tell what it was. Still, it definitely was a pleasant aroma, and her stomach began to rumble a little as she smelled what was being prepared.]
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[Poppins [center Antler kept crying for a while, still hanging onto Cassidy's waist as he sniffed and pulled his head away. [#BFA358 "T-Thank y-y-you..." ] He sniffled, slowly standing up from his seat at the smell of the food cooking. He smiled up at the girl, his amber eyes still wet with unshed tears. He grabbed at her hand, his own pale hand very soft as he yanked her gently towards the kitchen that was attached to the living quarters.

His clothes bounced on his skeletal frame as he pulled Cassidy along. He was very quiet for now but usually he was very childish all the time. Maybe because he had just released some of his emotions but he was withdrawn from talking because he was still a bit emotional.
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[Open+Sans+Condensed [center The young Jan followed behind Beothius as the red haired teenager walked out. Jan had looked back at the girl and Antler first though before walking out, watching the moon besides Boethius. His green hair was ruffled in the cold wind as both him and Boethius began their decent towards the center of the kingdom. He stayed close to Boethius as the older male walked through the alleyways of the kingdom.

He pretty much went where ever Boethius did and he looked around with a frown on his childish face. He wasn't so sure about being out at night when it was just two of them but he had faith in his star. He eventually looked over into a small shop and he froze, he was sure that something... Something evil was inside of there. ]
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[Kodchasan [Center Boethius scoffed as he looked down at the Jan, smirking as he ruffled the boy's hair a bit. Boethius stood at a healthy 5'9, which was usually the average human height but he was skinnier than most average people. He usually skipped eating at all times until he stupidly collapsed and/or got very sick. But he never told anyone that unless you got very close to him or if he was infatuated with you. He looked back at Antler and the girl and rolled his eyes again before walking outside, probably to cause some trouble.

[#DC143C "C'mon Jan. I wanna go explore the kingdom that we own pretty much." ] He said with a smirk on his face as he walked out. He looked out at the sleepy kingdom, it was always like this at night but it was alive in the day time. Nobody wanted to stay outside and at least Boethius knew why. That's why he stayed up a lot, because his narcissistic mood wanted him to be on top of everything and get to the drama/fight first. ]
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[PT+Sans [center The girl began to make some food inside of the kitchen and dining room of the huge tower that they lived in. She hummed a nice and calm tune as she began to cook steaks, broccoli and even slice some oranges. She was taught to be the care-taker really of the knights but she did know combat. Her powers ranged in defensive fighting, able to create magical shields from her palms and other things. Along with that, she had abilities that were usually tied in with water.

She wasn't bothered by the cold outside as the moon was above the sky but she dressed like she was. She had a black jacket over a red dyed and some light skinny jeans on. Her red hair was tied up in a braid that made her look a bit more beautiful than most and she liked it to be honest. ]
The blue girl could feel Antler's sadness being released from him as he began to embrace her. She wrapped her own arms around him, patting his back gently. Cassidy would have done more, but she didn't know what would offend him or not. So for now, she whispered gentle shushes and words into his ear and continued to hug him. Maybe she could be useful for this one knight...since no one else ever found her good for anything. It was the least she could do to help someone in need anyways.

Even after hearing the overconfidence of another partner, she focused on comforting Antler. "Don't listen to the fool...he knows he needs us whether he likes it or not." She explained gently, still holding him although she did look around at everyone else. They all looked like they had a use...even the overconfident one. They had all participated in their training together but she had always been left out of everything. So isolated...forgotten...as if she never mattered. The thought kept reaching into her mind, until she shoved it away. [i No need to...dwell upon that...right now.] Cassidy told herself mentally.
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[Poppins [Center Antler jumped up a bit in his seat by the fire as he felt the female hand around his shoulder. He looked up at the girl without his hands over his face, tears rolling down his cheeks. Without saying a word, he wrapped his arms around the girl, crying into her stomach as he did so. Luckily, his antlers didn't stab the girl since they were shortened from him cracking parts of it off. He never really had anyone there for him and even through knight training, he was constantly picked on.

It was because he was a softy and he never liked to attack or hurt things. His magic was mostly towards nature and peaceful things but he could disarm people using a wave of energy. He could grow flowers and things when needed and even could imitate animals along with shape-shifting. He was very powerful but he looked scrawny and a bit thin. His clothes were hanging off of his frame pretty much at this point.
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[Open+Sans+Condensed [center The smaller teenager's eyes looked over as he walked in, staring at the older teenager that had walked down the stairs. He didn't know why but everything that the older boy showed, he loved. From the way that his hair was and his head was tilted upwards to the way he walked. He just radiated confidence and instantly the boy clung to him as he stared up at him. [#5fdaa1 "H-Hi... I'm Jan..." ] He stuttered, not bothering to look over at Antler and the other female.

He didn't hear what the taller teenager had said while he was coming down the staircase and he didn't care. He still had a huge smile as he looked up at the older teenager. He smiled when he heard the older one speak, [#DC143C "Aw, I have a follower. I am Boethius, Boethius the wise." ] And when he heard Boethius's voice, he melted on the inside. He knew that he was certainly in love with this male. ]
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[Kodchasan [Center The oldest teenage knight grinned as he sat on the top bunk of the dorm room above the living quarter, holding a long sword in his lap. He was sharpening the blade, using a whet stone to make groves in the sword where needed. He too, had been through the training of the knights but it wasn't so bad with him since he constantly demanded attention. He did get that attention, being the only knight-in-training to actually defeat their mentor the first time.

His brown eyes stared down at his sword, eventually sighing and putting it in a hidden spot next to his bed. He then jumped down from his top spot and landed on his feet as he walked into the bathroom that was up there for them. It was very spacious and fancy, the counter tops being white marble laced with gold spots and he turned on the water faucet, washing off his face before turning it off and taking the towel, drying his face off.

He then walked out of the bathroom and down the spiral staircase that lead into the living quarters and he sighed, staring at the small, green haired boy, the kid with antlers and the girl whom stood over the kid with antlers. [#DC143C "Teammates. I don't need such thing." ] He growled under his breath, rolling his brown eyes. ]
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[PT+Sans [center The red-haired girl stood there at the window inside of the living quarter, staring out at the surrounding grasslands and forest around the kingdom they had been knighted to protect. She let out a breath, now hearing how emotional that their knight training was. She wasn't sure about everybody else but training was the worst for her, it was physically, emotionally and mentally painful. She looked over at the boy with antlers and then to the girl who seemed to be helping him.

She smiled slightly, the nice gesture that the girl did to the boy seemed to hit her soft spot and she went off, going into the kitchen that they had apart of the living quarters. She knew that since it was nighttime and they hadn't done anything yet, that they really hadn't made food or ate yet.
So, she was going to make everybody food in an attempt to help everybody with their night. She smiled as she pulled out pots and pans, getting food out from their storage system. ]
A sigh escaped from a girl's mouth as she sat in her living quarters. It was a calm night, stars shining as always, and the newly appointed knight closed her eyes. She wasn't tired...she never really was. She could go quite a while and still have plenty of energy, even without rest. Maybe that was one thing that made her at least useful...

As the blue-haired female observed the other knights she now lived with, thoughts couldn't help but develop in the back of her mind. Mental flashes of blood and screams, and of tears...she couldn't bear to let it dwell on her. The more vivid, the more she would freak out. Luckily...the memory seemed to fade quickly enough that she had simply cried a little. Her face was warm with tears, but she wiped them away and glanced around once more.

This was when she noticed the other knight away from the others, not communicating with anyone. The boy with the antlers. He had told them about the antlers being fake, but she knew from the sound of his voice when he told everyone earlier that night that they weren't fabricated whatsoever. The female soon stood up and made her way over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder gently to get his attention and comfort him from his own despair. "H-hey...I'm Cassidy. I n-noticed you...weren't acting as yourself and I just wanted you to know that...well...I'm here for you." She explained, hoping that the boy would accept what she was telling him. Cassidy wasn't sure if she was forming words correctly, but...maybe she could at least help him...
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[Poppins [Center The monster boy sat there at the fireplace of their living quarters, looking very lonely there in front of the fire. He had his arms crossed, not liking the chill that was outside. This was the first day after they had been knighted and he wished he would've told his teammates what he was. He was a shape-shifter, someone who could shift their form in a second.

He had on skinny sweatpants and a white sweater, his eyes the color amber and his hair a tiny of white. He had antlers spreading from his head but everybody thought it was just something that he wore and that they were fake. He kept on with that lie, even going as far as breaking parts of his antlers off.

The one problem with him was that he was very paranoid and depressed all the time, a heavy feeling of hopelessness on him. He was crying now in front of the fireplace, his hands over his eyes to keep the others from noticing. He felt like he was insane almost, not even sure he could trust his teammates with what he had been through while getting knighted. ]
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[Open+Sans+Condensed [Center It was nighttime and the boy loved it, staring out at the open fields around the huge castle they were employed to protect. This boy was smaller than the other knights but he was a force to be reckoned with, his magical abilities ran further than his spirit, it went into the life force of other people as well. He could drain someone's energy from them at will without even raising a finger. His problem was his masochistic personality, he indeed loved pain.

He let out a breath as he felt the coldness of the night hit him, he was only wearing a short sleeved white t-shirt and some black shorts, leaving his pale skin open to the chill. He crossed his arms and decided to head back inside where he knew the group would be getting to know each other. He himself didn't want them to know about him and he just loved being secretive so he kept away. ]
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