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[center [i The story of a princess thrown from her kingdom who finds herself in several hard places but is always rescued by the same Dragon ]]

[Center [i [b [+pink We know what we are doing with this]]]]

[center [b [i [+purple The Princess]]]]

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[center PuppetMaster- [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=48054 LizzyBear]]
[center [i Full Name- Elizabeth Annabelle Hart]]

[Center [i Age- 18]]

[center [i Sexual Orientation- Heterosexual]]

[center [i Species- Human (Princess)]]

[center [i Short bio- Elizabeth was a kindhearted innocent princess who decided one day to make a terrible choice....in making this choice her father decided to banish her from the kingdom left vulnerable and on her own]]

[center [i Favorite color- Purple]]

[center [i Three Likes- Roses, Sweets, Liquor]]

[center [i Three Dislikes- Asparagus, bullies, being ignored]]

[center [i Personality Traits- Strongwilled, Kind, Innocent, sarcastic, shy, blunt]]

[center [i Birthday- December 12]]

[center [b [i [+blue The Dragon]]]]


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Xïa Raamtol was probably one of the bigger dragons around at the time he saw a poor girl get cast out of her kingdom. He wasn't a fool though, as most dragons and rakes were these days.

He waited deep in the forest of Winter, constantly keeping up with the carriage through the noise it made. Once ther threw her out, he thought about going at here, but then decided it'd be best to continue to wait instead of annoucing his presence.

On the first day, he kept to the land, following her as silently as a dragon could. Every so often some of the "bigger" game would try to go at her, but then realizing that Xïa was around, would quickly dart off for another target of prey. "At least some creatures are smart..." He grumbled lowly in his own language before flicking away a sabertooth that had tried to attack his claws. ".... Of course, some things are just ill mannered hungry creatures." He grumbled some more.

He continued this course of following her and keeping her safe until she got to the next town. "Good. Now maybe she can be...." He started before hearing the pub owner, "....well. Safe and fed. I'll stay close now, just in case." He finished before blowing up a slight snow storm to cover him and his tracks.
  Xïa Raamtol / MasterEragon / 4d 1h 34m 38s
It was a cold Autumn night when Elizabeth Hart was cast out from her place as Princess of the Kingdom of Trialith in iceland.

She was blindfolded and shoved into the back of a carraige by three large men undoubtedly her father's guards. Despite losing her title, her home, and her life Elizabeth was numb to the pain. She knew that she had made this mess, so she must deal with it.

All of a sudden the carriage jolted to a stop causing her to hit her head on the opposite seat of her. The door flew open and Elizabeth in nothing but her evening gown was pulled from the carriage and thrown to the ground roughly and kicked in the side. Curling in on herself she laid in the grass silently.

After what seemed like hours Elizabeth removed the blindfold and started walking through the cold forest. Though her gown was floor length, the thin silk material caused her to shiver under the bitter breeze.

After falling down a steep cliff into a below freezing stream, tearing her dress clean up to her hip getting herself covered in mud, and a few rather traumatizing encounters with some trolls, Elizabeth was starving and fed up with everything.

On the third morning after picking herself out of an impossible position under a tree Elizabeth stumbled her way hungry and tired further into the forest. About midday she saw a small pub in the distance, she took off in a run as fast as her tired legs could carry her. Stumbling through the door she immediately collapsed falling unconcious.

The "pub" owner, a short chubby middle aged man with a long beard came from the back when he heard the commotion and a few of the girls hurried to pick the petite purple haired girl up. [b [i "My is she pretty. What say you, girls? You think she will bring in more money?"]] The owner said with a hearty chuckle. A few of the girls nodded and shrugged. [b [i "Then it's settled! When she wakes up feed her and put her to work!"]] He clapped his hands together and laughed, some very devious thoughts circling through his mind.
  Elizabeth Annabelle Hart / LizzyBear / 8d 22h 39m 21s

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