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[center [Rancho [size14 A little place for me to talk to myself]]]


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The flash backs and nightmares are happening again
I cant escape them its every fucking night.
I wake up unrested feeling like shit and there is nothing I can do about it.
I'm so bitter to about everyone. It's like I'm trying but the interactions feel forced I just want to crawl away and disappear. I want to punch something. I want to fucking break something I need something to release my anger.
  wickedlovely- / 3d 21h 14m 51s
Doubled up on my sleeping meds last night just to sleep.
  wickedlovely- / 4d 8h 51m 13s
Excuse me while I just curl up for several hours and cry today was so bad
  wickedlovely- / 4d 22h 17m 10s
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[Rosario [size12 [center Things are looking a little better, my heart is hurting a little less.
  ever aғтer / WickedLovely- / 37d 5h 26m 11s
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[Rosario [size12 [center These last few days have been really painful. I've been numbing myself because I can't handle the pain it gives me to even let myself feel it for a moment. I miss him. I wish he would stop being a dick and message me.
  ever aғтer / WickedLovely- / 38d 10h 43m 27s
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[Rosario [size12 [center Its almost Halloween I can't even believe it. I got my boy Sparta a Halloween costume hes a ladybug he matches A's girl Copper who is also a ladybug. Its honestly adorable. I love them.
  ever aғтer / WickedLovely- / 41d 12h 19m 46s
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[center [Annie+Use+Your+Telescope [size20 I've been having nightmares nearly every night. I can't seem to escape them. My PTSD is really bad lately, and I'm going to be needing surgery on top of all of that. I just want to lay down and go to sleep I'm so tired of being in pain mentally and physically.
  ever aғтer / WickedLovely- / 45d 11h 40m 41s

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