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"Its a bit scary how true that is," Eli replied before kissing him back. She looked at the recipe again and sighed, [i How hard could it be?] Little did she know that later on, she would come to regret that thought.


"That clone is still you," Zoro pointed out. He frowned as she slowly got quieter then clamped his hand tightly around her leg. "Amy, its been a week. You're doing exactly what you did before you left by not talking to me." He replayed the conversation he had with Eli in his head, a crease forming in his brow. "Tell me the truth."
  Sage / Embrea / 282d 11h 58m 34s
Amy looked away for a moment while he was looking over her leg but when he questioned about Usopp's prototypes she looked down nervously. "W-Well... Not technically me... But my clones... I practice my dodging... You've seemed busy lately and I didn't want to bother you." Her voice grew softer with each word that passed through her lips.


Sanji chuckled softly. "Just don't get discouraged dove. I'm right here." When she thanked him again he leaned over the counter and put his hand on her cheek pulling her forward so he could kiss her lips. "Anything for you dove."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 282d 12h 7m 49s
"It's a sibling thing," Eli replied as she hopped off the counter. Though the two weren't actually related, the typed of relationship they had was that of a brother and sister. Which explained how they could easily talk to one another And why teasing was so much fun. She looked at the recipe and puffed out her cheeks, "If I didn't trust you, I'd tell you this recipe was a bad idea."

While still looking the recipe over she pulled her hair back and pinned it into place with the pen from her journal. "By the way," she looked at Sanji's, "Thanks for teaching me."


"I was watching before you got hurt too," Zoro pointed out. With little effort he was able to remove Amy's hand from her leg so he could look at the wound. "It doesn't look deep but," he paaused, "You've been using Usopp's prototypes?"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 282d 12h 12m 44s
Sanji chuckled as he listened to Eli and Zoro's conversation but didn't say a word when Eli hit the nail on the head. [i Everyone can see it except for Amy, stupid Mosshead.] He thought to himself as he did the dishes. When he heard the kitchen door shut he chuckled before turning his attention to Eli. "You sure know what buttons to press with him." Sanji teased before showing her the recipe they were going to make. "It looks difficult, but it's pretty simple once you get a rhythm."


Amy jolted slightly when she heard Zoro's voice then she sighed softly as her cheeks turned red once more. "Why can't you ever walk in when I look cool..." She muttered before waving her hand that wasn't covering her leg. "I'm fine, I'm fine. It was just a prototype of Usopp's just caught it at the right corner."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 282d 12h 21m 19s
"Why did you need to talk to me," Zoro asked with an annoyed look.

"I didn't really. But your lack of a shirt made Amy blush." Eli was sitting on the counter, one leg crossed over the other, her hands on either side of her. "I think she likes you. Well, not really think, pretty sure she does."

"And what does Eyebrows have to do with this?"

"Nothing. But I have a cooking lesson so I figured this would be the best place." Eli cocked her head to the side and smiled, "So, do you like Amy too?" The way Zoro's stern expression faltered, she knew he did.

Zoro narrowed his eyes, "Don't say a word."

"Wouldn't dream of it," she giggled as she watched him storm from the room. "That went better than expected. So what are we making today?"


Zoro returned to the crows nest shortly after his conversation with Eli and found Amy training with her clone. He watched her movements and how it almost looks like she was dancing. That was, until she got injured. "How bad," he asked as he went to look at her leg.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 282d 12h 31m 37s
Amy nodded. "Yeah, I'll be fine." She pushed her hair behind her ear as she looked away trying to hide that she was blushing once again. "I'll just practice what you taught me."

Amy made a clone and tried to remember everything Zoro had shown her. Then after putting that in the mind of her clone she let the clone have control. She got in stance and as the clone attacked she worked on dodging. Luckily with learning how to dance her dodges looked graceful and almost like a dance themselves. She slowly started hearing music in her mind once again and smiled as she sparred with her clone. The clone grabbed two of the weapon prototypes and began attacking with those. Amy dodges but at one point lost her footing and fell causing the prototype to cut her slightly. She quickly released the ink clone and covered her bleeding leg. "Crap..."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 282d 23h 22m 6s
Eli sat in the crows nest watching Amy and Zoro train. She was curious on how Amy was doing and this have her a chance to see what she could do. She watched the two spar and as soon as Zoro's shirt came off, she chuckled.

"What," Zoro asked.

"Nothing," Eli waved off his concern as she watched Amy's face. "Oh, can I talk to you for a second though? I want to run something by you."

"Like what,* Zoro asked as he wiped sweat from his brow.

"Let's go talk in the kitchen. Sanji knows about it too."

Zoro looked at Amy, "You going to be okay up here by yourself?"
  Zoro / Embrea / 283d 3h 16m 16s
Usopp flinched before looking down. "So... You didn't sleep with her." He sighed softly with relief. "Which means I still have a chance!" He grinned before laughing maniacally then running off to make her a present.


A few days had passed since they had gotten Amy back but something didn't feel right with Amy. As she was training alone one day she slowly came to the realization what it was. "... I'm having withdrawals... This isn't good..." Any time she would train with Zoro her face would turn red as soon as his shirt came off. aS He tried to play it off as it being hot from training but she couldn't get his muscles out of her mind.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 3h 26m 12s
"Sleep together?" Zoro was still confused on what Usopp was implying before sighing. "We fell asleep while talking you idiot. Nothing happened." He shook his head, noticing some other members if the crew were listening in to Usopp's rant as well. "It's like when Eli and I talk at night, she usually falls asleep."
  Zoro / Embrea / 283d 4h 8m 32s
Usopp's jaw dropped yet again as his face turned red from embarrassment. "W-Well still that doesn't mean it's okay to just sleep with her!"


Amy ended up getting distracted as she tried to think of the best way to train and music started entering her mind so she decided to dance. She hummed softly to herself as she spun across the floor her smile never faltering. "Its so Nice to not hear chains."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 4h 24m 25s
"What the hell are you talking about? I didn't deflower anyone!" Zoro's eye twitched at Usopp's accusation but left him confused. It took him a moment to register exactly who he was referring too. His mouth began to twitch until it was in a smile and he was laughing. "You can't deflower someone who had already had seen Usopp. Any was married for four years before joining us."
  Zoro / Embrea / 283d 4h 28m 6s
Amy had went up to the crows nest and thought for a moment. "Hmm... I'm not sure how effectively I'll be able to do this... Considering I've never used weapons before." She looked over all the prototypes.


Usopp marched up from his workshop and frowned as he looked around for Zoro he called out his name a few times but when he finally found him his eyes narrowed. "How dare you! We get her back and the first thing you do is deflower her?!"
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 4h 35m 12s
The trio finished up their conversation in time to see Sanji from below deck. "I'll go talk to her," Robin said as she left the observatory. She knocked on Eli's bedroom door and when she heard a response, she opened it. "Well you certainly look exhausted." She say down at the foot of the bed and gave a small smile. "Do you remember anything from last night? Before we returned to the ship?"

"I remember," Eli paused and looked at her hand, the one that had gone through Ava, "No." She shifted and sat up, hair falling every which way. "What happened?"

Robin frowned, [I So there is something going on.] She wasn't sure if she wanted to push for further information without consulting with Chopper first. "Nothing. Go back to sleep." She stood up and left.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 11h 53m 54s
Amy smiled shyly puffing out her cheeks. "Training. Zoro said he would train me but he seems distracted... And since he slept with me last night I'm wondering if he didn't get enough rest... So I don't want to bother him." She took the box and smiled. "Thank you Usopp!"

Usopp's jaw had dropped. "H-He... Slept with you..." He watched as the woman left and felt jealousy slightly rise inside him. "Dammit! He knows I like her and he just decided to deflower her!"
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 21h 38m 32s
Zoro had talked Robin and Chopper into meeting him in the library when it was less likely they would be heard. "One of you needs to talk to Eli."

"Is something wrong," Robin asked, a hint of concern in her voice.

"I know she's tired today," Chopper pointed out, "Sanji said not to disturb her. Which seems fair because she's been working hard lately. Now that we have Amy back she can take a break."

"You saw what she did last night," Zoro reminded them. "Luffy was the only one close enough to see her face. He said she was emotionless and her eyes were glazed over. It started when that woman called Amy [I property]."

"I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at." Robin crossed her arms, "Considering she was held prisoner by the government for six years with a property branding, she could have developed some psychological trauma. However, after hearing what was done to Amy, it could have caused her emotions to shut down temporarily with her only thought being to kill the one who hurt her."

"It could have also been due to exhaustion," Chopper added. "Why don't you have Sanji talk to her?"

"Eyebrows dotes on her," Zoro sighed, "Besides, if he suspects something other than her being exhausted he'll worry and we'd all be screwed."

"You do have a point." Robin looked out the window to the door leading below deck, "I'll go talk to her next time Sanji comes up. It's possible something other than being forced to make star charts happened to her while prisoner."


"Like what," Usopp asked as he grabbed a box of his weapon prototypes. "This is what I have. But what do you need them for?"
  Zoro / Embrea / 283d 21h 46m 57s

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