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Eli stood up and stood next to Amy, "Trust me, he isn't going to reject you. As for if he is gullible enough, depends." She chuckled a bit then sighed, "Go back to bed though. It's late and if we're going to try this then you need sleep." She frowned as another thought came to mind, "The woman with Ava, I think her name was Jessica, did she assault you the same way Ava did?""
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 14h 11m 28s
Amy thought for a moment then nodded. "That might work... I just wonder if he'd be that gullible to fall for it." She chuckled softly before swinging her legs back over the railing. She looked out at the sea for a moment with a sad smile. "I think... I think part of me is scared to tell him... Because I'm afraid of what the answer could be."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 14h 18m 13s
"Well," Eli crossed her legs and rested her arms on her knees, "If it helps, I know he likes you. I mean, there was that one time when I accidentally gave him a boner two years ago but he's into you." She tried to think of ways to help Amy with the situation she found herself in regarding being unable to look at Zoro. She knew about the whip that Usopp had made and she had seen her training with Robin earlier.

"I'm thinking," she glanced at her friend, "and please feel free to say no cindering what you went through. We can blindfold you while you train. You don't have to look at him but with the blindfold it will heighten your other senses and you would be able to fear the movent."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 14h 21m 24s
Amy at this point was covering her face. "Yeah and how do I tell him exactly? 'oh hey by the way I had a dirty dream of you'. He's never want to train me ever again! There's no way!" She sighed softly. "It'll be hard enough to look at him without thinking about that dream anyways..."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 14h 27m 57s
"W-wait you can do that with your clone?" Eli listened to Amy's dream and in her shock, turned back to her human form and fell back in the deck. "I can definitely say I've never had [I that] type of dream. Well, not that intense but wow. You sure you don't want to tell Zoro how you feel?" She sat up rubbing the back of her head where she had hit. "You never know that dream of yours could become a reality."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 14h 34m 59s
Amy sighed softly as her face started to turn red. "God this is so embarrassing." She pushed her hair behind her ear. "Well... After you asked him to talk... I made a clone..." She began briefly explaining her dreams and ever detail that passed her lips only made her face turn more red.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 14h 41m 6s
"Dream huh?" Eli went about cleaning her feathers with her beak, "Want to talk about it? I've had my fair share of dreams about Sanji that he doesn't know about." She thought about one of them and, had she been in her human form, you would see her blush. "Anyway, I'll listen if you need me to."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 14h 47m 47s
Amy's face turned bright red when she heard Eli's voice then sighed. "You know I can't do that..." She murmured before sitting beside her on the railing. "Besides... I'm lucky if I'll be able to even look at him the same after the dream I just had.." She sighed before running her fingers through her hair.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 14h 50m 22s
"You could just tell him how you feel." Eli had been perched on the railing in her raven form, starting out at the ocean. The breeze felt like on her feathers and she enjoyed blending in with the darkness. It was her night for watch, that was why she was awake. "I tried telling him earlier but you two are about a dense as a post."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 14h 53m 12s
Amy jolted slightly when she saw Eli in the observatory. "E-Eli... it's nothing. I'm okay." She looked up at Eli nervously. "J-Just... had a memory come back... I'm okay." Her voice went quite for a moment.


Usopp looked over the weapon he had been working on for her. "... She looked terrified..." He sighed before looking at the weapon. "But... its the type of weapon best suited to her personality..." He sat at his workbench and sighed once more. "She's too gentle for a sword... too kind for a gun... too elegant for daggers... A whip seemed classy enough for her... especially with this design..."


Usopp had consulted Robin on what she thought about his weapon for Amy later that night and Robin only sighed when she saw it.

"Usopp, it's a wonderful gift... but you have to remember what she went through during those two years... She was abused with a whip. The lashings and everything..."

Usopp's eyes widened. "I'm such an idiot! I never even thought of that... I was just trying to base a weapon off of what I thought worked well with her personality..."

Robin patted his shoulder. "Just give her a bit of time with training before trying to get a weapon in her hands. She's still learning dodging."


Amy had went to bed early that night almost immediately after dinner. Since her mind was clouded by memories of the two years she spent away from the straw hats. The only thing that made her smile was the thought of her violin. "I miss playing..." She murmured as she laid down in her bed. She rolled on her side and sighed softly. "Sorry Zoro... I'm too tired to train tonight..." She mumbled before slowly drifting off to sleep. Her mind faded back to earlier that day, when Eli asked Zoro if she could talk with him leaving Amy alone in the crows nest flustered. But the events of that day took a much different turn in her dream world.

Amy jolted awake in her bed her face bright red. "O-Oh my..." She had goosebumps all over her body as she felt herself getting hotter. "I-I need some air..." She whispered softly before making her way to the door and out onto the main deck. "How the hell can I look at him normal now... after a dream like that..." She muttered as she had her hands on her cheeks which felt like they were burning up.
  PotatoPirate / 279d 15h 35m 37s
Surprisingly, making the rest of lunch sort of went by without any other major issues. The stove didn't catch fire again but Eli did end up breaking a plate and cutting her finger. Otherwise than that, the recipe turned out find, or the crew was lying to not hurt Eli's feelings. It didn't matter.

Later, she was making finishing touches to a new chart she had been working on when Amy rushed into the observatory. She didn't say anything as is it seemed Amy was talking to herself. At the mention of Ava, she stopped what are was doing and finally spoke. "Amy, what happened?"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 16h 21m 16s
A few hours had passed and Amy had to remove some layers while training with Robin. She was exhausted but kept pushing herself. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face since she wasn't used to the length. Her dodges hadn't changed much but she was slowing down a bit. And Robin noticed.

"Maybe we should take a break." Robin suggested but Amy instantly shook her head.

"I-I'm fine Robin. Please, this is helping." Amy tried to catch her breath in the seconds that Robin wasn't attacking.

Robin chuckled softly. "You did good today Amy, but pushing yourself too far will lengthen your training because you'll need to recover. You need to rest as well as train. Don't go at Zoro's pace, or you'll kill yourself." She sighed softly.

Amy hunched over with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. "I-If you say so..." [i Doubt he'll want to train with me tonight...] She sighed sadly. "Thank you Robin..."


Amy turned around and saw a familiar long nosed man running towards her. "Usopp? What is it?"

"I'm working on something for you but I need input."

Amy raised an eyebrow but nodded. "Okay..." She followed Usopp to his factory then looked at What was on the table and gasped. "I-Is that..."

Usopp nodded. "A serated whip. It can retract and can detatch to make two."

Amy took a few steps back as she had flashbacks of Ava and Jessica. She remembered the feeling of the lashings on her skin and the burning pain they caused. Tears came to her eyes. "I-I'm sorry... I can't right now..." She reached for the door before rushing out of the room to the observatory. "Ava's dead... She can't hurt me ever again..." She tried to remind herself as the images stayed in her head. "I-I'm okay now..." She felt the tears roll down her cheeks.
  PotatoPirate / 279d 21h 1m 26s
Eli gasped a bit but didn't fight him on the hug. How he spoke and the way he held her, it was all a promise. A promise that deep down, she knew he would die to keep. She gripped the back of his shirt but said nothing. She didn't care that lunch needed to be made anymore. She just wanted to stay like this, if even for a bit longer.

"Hey is everything o," Nami walked in, "okay in here? We saw the smoke under the door." She looked at the two and saw how Sanji was holding Eli, "I'll let the crew know lunch it's delayed." She turned around and walked right back out.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 280d 3h 34m 54s
Sanji saw the look on her face and frowned before he wrapped his arms completely around her pulling her close to him. One hand on the back of her head and the other on her lower back. "I'm sorry you had to go through that..." He kissed her lips softly before running his fingers through her hair. "I'll never let anyone take you again."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 280d 3h 43m 42s
"If only I knew you eight years ago." Eli moved so that she was hugging him, "You would have saved me from what I suffered." After wallowing in her memories for a few minutes she released him and wiped away the tears. "Right then! Let's try this again."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 280d 3h 46m 35s

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