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One of the marines rushed to the captain's quarters to inform Blake.

Clove sighed. "She shouldn't have been property to begin with..." She muttered before seeing the sunny come into view.

Blake came out of his quarters and ordered a warning shot.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 6h 36m 55s
"No," Eli shook her head, "I'm not hiding." Truth be told, she was terrified of what would happen if Blake got his hands on her again. Placing her hand over Sanji's she smiled softly, "Please. I don't want to hide."


"I see her! I see the Star Chaser!" A marine set his spyglass down, "Someone inform the captain!"

[I Dammit!] Mika stood by Clove watching as the Sunny drew closer, "He's been chasing her since she got free. Losing a valuable piece of government property like that put Blake in a bad spot.'
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 277d 6h 48m 22s
Sanji walked over to Eli and put his hand on her shoulder before kissing her forehead. "You and Amy head inside. If there's a fight youd both be safer in there."

Amy was hesitant at first but when she got the nod from Robin She nodded back. "Eli..."


As the marine ship drew closer Clove sighed. "Well... There they are..." she tied her hair back into a ponytail. "The marines can be so twisted these days..." She muttered under her breath."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 6h 56m 20s
"I'm okay just flew faster than normal." Once Eli was back to breathing normally shut nodded to Amy, "Perfect!" She looked towards the Denton she saw the ships, her hand instinctively going to her now covered brand. [I Why won't you just let me be free?]

"Wait," Usopp looked at Eli, "Didn't you say Mika was with him? That could give us an advantage."

"Not necessarily. It's been almost three years, things could have changed."

"What do you mean?"

"People change Usopp and not always for the better." As they continued to talk, the marine ships drew nearer.


"You learn to get used to it. He wasn't this bad when Amy was alive but ever since she died and Eliza got away it's been worse." Not too long ago, Mika had spotted a raven flying about and knew it was her but didn't say anything. [I I hope you warned them. You need to run. I can't protect you this time.]

"Sir! Ma'am! We have the Straw Hat ship in sight," a marine shouted.

"Are they in range?"

"No sir!"

"Wait until they are in range then fire a warning shot."

"Yes sir!"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 277d 8h 26m 39s
Amy heard the news and her eyes widened. She quickly thought of a disguise and soon her hair lightened to a platinum blonde and her green eyes slowly faded into a soft pink color. She looked herself over then looked around. "Well?"

Nami nodded. "If I hadn't just seen you do it. I wouldn't have known it was you." She helped Eli back to her feet. "Are you alright?" She asked warily.


Clove sighed softly as she looked out at the sea. "How do we even know that the star chaser is still with them? Blake just give it up."

Blake ignored her and headed to the captain's quarters.

Clove sighed once more. "How do you deal with him? He's such an ass..."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 21h 57m 54s
Eli had been working on combining a few smaller charts when she began to hear music. Putting down her pen, she went to the window and noticed Amy playing. "I'm glad she's happy." She sat down on the couch and leaned against the open window frame. [I It's a lovely song.]

"Eli," Luffy yelled, "come join us."

"No that's okay, I've got stuff to finish." Although the wanted to continue to to protest, Luffy gave Eli no choice before his hands were on her arms. "No! Luffy no!" He pulled and she went flying but safely landed in his arms with him laughing. "Luffy you jerk!" She caught her great and once again turned to Amy.

The joy of listening to Amy's music lasted until nightfall when everyone finally went to bed. The nightly routine was the same, and as usual, Sanji had taken to sleeping in Eli's room. As Eli slept, cuddled up too Sanji, she dreamed, but they weren't good dreams. At one point she was jolted awake and proceeded to shake Sanji awake. However, what happened next sent her into a fit of screams.

Sanji's head rolled off his shoulders and into her lap. Her hands were covered in blood and on top of the now headless Sanji, there was a hole in his chest similar to Ava's. "No no no! This can't be happening." She quickly got it of bed and went in search of the rest of the crew only to find them either missing or also run through. "No! This isn't right. This is a dream. Come on Eli! Wake up!"


"...I...Eli...Eli!" Nami snapped her fingers in front of Eli's face. "Hey, are you okay?"

"I," Eli looked around and noticed she was in the observatory, "I'm okay."

"Are you sure? You look kind of sick."

"Y-yeah." Then she heard it, the violin, Amy's violin, playing the same song from her nightmare. She paled at the sound as a wave of Deja Vu swept over her. Not wanting to risk what happened becoming a reality, she changed into a raven and flew out the window and away from the Sunny.

"Eli?!" Nami went to chase after her only to realize she couldn't, "Eli come back!"

A short while later, Eli did return and almost as soon as the Sunny was in sight, she was human again. Landing on the railing, she let out a breath, clearly breathing heavily. "We've got Marines a few miles Southeast of us. I counted at least five ships and Blake is at the head of them with Mika and a green haired woman." She stepped down and inhaled, trying to get her breathing under control. "Amy, you need to disguise yourself. He still thinks you're dead."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 277d 23h 48m 3s
Amy was training with Robin Once again slightly trying to avoid Zoro without it being too obvious. Usopp had apologized to her about the weapon in which she had forgiven him but to her surprise Franky also had a surprise for her.

"I don't know if I can handle many more surprises..." She murmured as she walked over to Franky who had something behind his back.

Franky grinned. "I promise you'll like this one."

Amy sighed softly. "Alright."

"Hold out your hands and close your eyes."

Amy nodded and did as she was told.

Robin just smiled as she watched Franky place the violin in her hands.

Before opening her eyes she felt what had been put in her hands and felt her heart start racing before she opened them. "Y-You made me a violin?!" She squealed before jumping up and hugging Franky. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She felt the bow and the violin itself and smiled. "This is really well crafted. Do you mind if I see how it sounds... I've had a song I've wanted to play for awhile stuck in my head."

Franky chuckled. "Go ahead sister!"

Amy nodded with a grin suddenly her fatigue from training was washed away as she played the strings and her body started to move on its own again as if she was performing.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 4h 21m 38s
"I suggested blindfolding her for training but she doesn't think Zoro will go for it. But I know he will because I'm not giving him a choice." Eli let her head return to his shoulder, "Yeah, one even woke her up. We talked about it last night. It was very," she paused, "sexual." She reached behind her and grabbed one of his hands, moving it to lay just beside them, lacing her fingers with his.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 5h 21m 56s
Sanji gently rubbed her back. "Do you have an idea on how we can help her?" He asked softly while yawning. "And what do you mean it's effecting her dreams? Is she fantasizing about him now?" He chuckled at the thought.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 7h 15m 6s
[I He's so warm.] Eli rested her head on his shoulder, "She ran into the observatory yesterday crying. What they did to her, I can see it eating away at her. I know she tries to hide but, I can see it." She placed one hand on his chest and sighed. "Even with years of practice, that kind of abuse will haunt you."

She tilted her head a bit to look at him. "That and not telling Zoro how she feels is starting to mess with her dreams."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 7h 25m 40s
Sanji stirred a bit in his sleep when he felt something poke him then looked up to see Eli. "Morning beautiful." He murmured before pulling her on top of him for cuddles. "Why are you worried Dove?" He asked curiously as he held the woman close.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 7h 31m 11s
"I can't just let it go," Eli replied. She didn't get a chance to tell Amy why sure couldn't let it go before she left. [I If only you knew.] She thought back to her time at the base before Mika came and stopped what was happening to her. Because she was Government property and officials could show up at any time, there were never and permanent marks left on her body. A few broken ribs, a black eye, several bruises, etc, all from the beatings she received from her guards. Of course, most was due to get trying to escape but sometimes they did it for fun.

By the time morning came around, the was basically dragging herself to bed. Just a few hours of sleep, that's all she needed. That and coffee. Once in her room she stripped down to her bra and panties and crawled into bed. "Hey Sanji," she whispered as she poked his cheek, "I'm worried about Amy."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 7h 40m 13s
Amy looked at Eli and smiled softly before walking over to her and wrapping her arms around the woman. "Eli... Don't drive yourself insane. It's okay. I'm safe. You need proper rest too. Goodnight Eli." She gave the woman a gentle squeeze of the hand before she headed back below deck.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 14h 23m 23s
Eli turned her head to look at Amy, that glazed look like her eyes again. "Which one was the Mastermind?" Ever since they had left Jessica alive, she had been charting the stars to find her again. It had been weeks but something in her felt unease about leaving her alive.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 279d 14h 26m 25s
Amy sighed but nodded. "Alright if you say so." When Amy turned to head to bed she froze at the names said. "No not really... She whipped me But Ava did most of the punishment."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 279d 14h 30m 49s

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