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Sanji smiled. "You learned a bit about me through your cooking lessons. I think it's about time I learned a bit more about you." He smiled when she kissed his lips and snaked his arm carefully around her waist. "My dove."


Clove shook her head. "N-No, we are only here under his direct order..." As she looked at the decapitated body she turned her head once more. "Or... were rather... We didn't want to be here just as much as you didn't want us here. I wasn't aware that his wife was still alive though... or that she was Chamelia... And I don't think he knew that either."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 17h 53m 19s
Eli shifted and considered his offer, [I That may not be a bad idea but would it work?] She searched his eyes to see if he was serious and when are found no sign of a lie, she nodded. "Okay." She leaned forward and kissed him, a small smile on her lips, "Okay."


"That depends," Zoro turned around, "Do you view Eli as property?"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 277d 17h 57m 6s
Sanji frowned as he sat beside her. "How about you teach me how to chart stars?" He wrapped his arm carefully around her. "I can fill in for you then once your healed you can fix all the mistakes I made." He teased pressing his forehead carefully against hers.


Clove gasped and looked away as Blake's head left his body. "A-Are they going to kill us too?" She murmured softly.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 18h 11m 4s
"You don't get it," Eli felt herself start to tear up, "I can't draw stars. That's all I have going for me. The one thing I'm good at I can't do. I'm useless."


"Not even close. Someone else hurt her more and those are the memories that haunt her." The fighting between Zoro and Blake began with Zoro quickly gaining the upper hand. "You crossed a line," Zoro began, "and now you're going to pay." In one quick move, Blake's head rolled to the ground and he kicked it overboard.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 277d 18h 15m 22s
Blake snickered. "You know, regardless of how far she is from me. I'm always in her memory. Haunting her. I left scars on her body. She belongs to me. Body and soul. No matter what you think you can do. You'll never have her." Blake licked his lips. "Her blood is sweet you know."


Sanji chuckled softly and walked over to her before kissing her forehead. "It's alright dove. It'll heal. You just have to rest until then. So no cooking lessons for awhile, alright?"
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 18h 24m 57s
"You two hardly count as a couple." Zoro rolled his shoulders and looked at Luffy, "You got them covered?"

"Yeah," Luffy nodded, "take that bastard out."

Zoro turned his attention back to Blake, his expression calm but his aura seeping with murderous intent. "She's gotten stronger since your marriage ended. You won't be able to touch her again."


"I can't write anymore," Eli muttered as she looked at her arm. "Chopper got the bullet out but the fall broke my arm in three places and dislocated my shoulder. Sanji, I messed up."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 277d 18h 39m 32s
Clove's face was bright red but she was rather relieved when Mika wrapped his jacket around her as well as held her close. "T-Thank you Lieutenant..." She murmured softly as she didn't try to move worried that it may tear more.


Amy was trying her best to stay with it but the wound wasn't letting up the bleeding. She heard Zoro and looked back at the ship. "I-I don't know if I can make it back on the wave rider." She mumbled softly holding her side.

Blake growled at the man before him. "Hey swordsman, back off. Don't you know it's rude to interrupt couples arguments."


Sanji heard Luffy then looked back at Amy and nodded. He took off his jacket and tied it tightly around where her wound was. "Sorry, Ame, it'll be sore a little while." He picked her up carefully before using his airwalk technique to get her back to the other ship.

Amy didn't have the strength to fight back but stared back at the marine vessel worried. "Will they be okay?"

Sanji chuckled. "They knock on deaths door almost daily... I think death is afraid of them at this point. They'll be alright."


Robin saw Sanji headed back with someone in his arms. When she saw it was Amy she instantly helped him get her down to the sick bay. "Eli is pretty stable, she's a little weak from the sea prism stone bullet but other than that she's alright and she's going to need the sling for awhile. While we take care of Amy why don't you keep her company?"

Sanji nodded before heading down to where Eli was resting. "Hey, Dove. How are you feeling?" He asked as he walked over with a small smile.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 277d 18h 53m 26s
Mika's face went red as Clove became exposed but he quickly removed his jacket and covered her with it. "We should probably get you a change of clothes," he said nervously as he held her close.

"She doesn't have to scream for my help," Zoro said as he positioned himself between Amy and Blake. "She can protect herself." He went about deflecting hostess attacks but was worried about Amy. "If you don't get back to Chopper soon," he began as he moved his arms slightly, forcing Blake back, "You could die."

"Sanji," Luffy looked at the cook, "take her back."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 278d 2h 43m 22s
Amy gasped when She felt Blake release her and was ready to try to catch herself but felt someone else's arms around her. She looked up and smiled when she saw Zoro. "I can't rely on you all the time. You'll get sick of me if I do." She steadied herself again before recalling the whip then splitting it into two as she spun them. "I'm not going to be a burden anymore. If I can't face him... I won't be able to overcome my past." She took a few steps forward as Blake stood back up staring at the swordsman.

"Oh, so you have yourself a man now? Do you cry his name whenever you're in trouble?" He tried to prod her.

Amy smiled. "Maybe I used to. But I'm working to become his equal because maybe then I'll have confidence that you stole from me."

As he went to speak again She quickly snapped both whips around his legs and recalled them as they cut deep wounds around his legs causing him to fall to the ground.

"You bitch!" He yelled as he tried to stand butt couldn't.

Amy narrowed her eyes. "If you ever. Try to hurt anyone important to me again I'll slit your neck."

Blake chuckled. "You haven't changed. Too timid to finish the job. You'll never make it out here. They'll toss you overboard before you know it. You'll be come sea king chow."

Amy narrowed her eyes and connected the two whips together before snapping the whip around his neck. And walked over to him. "You put me through he'll and back. Knowing I'm alive I know will be more painful to you than killing you here. She removed the whip from around his neck before recalling it. But the recall whipped to the side and tore Clove's dress even more causing her chest to be open.

She screamed which distracted Amy enough for Blake's sword to go into her side.

"Augh!" Amy held her side as Blake laughed.

"You think I'll let you leave here alive. How cute."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 278d 2h 49m 35s
Zoro moved quickly when Blake grabbed hold of Amy. Shoving the hilt of one of his swords into Blake's back forcing him to release her. He caught Amy and helped her balance. "Do you want me to take over," he asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yeah," Mika frowned, "I never knew what he was truly like until Eliza told me."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 278d 3h 39s
Clove nodded. "I'm fine... Looks like she knew she was married to a sleeze ball though..." Clove watched as the woman danced around Blake the whips effectively blocking his sword. Until she lost her footing and the man wrapped his arms around her. "Amelia!"

Amy had been effectively blocking everything but she hasn't been paying attention to Blake's legs. He swiped his foot just a little to make her lose her footing. He took this chance to grab her and wrap his arms around her. "You never let your hair get this long."

Amy cringed at his touch. "Get off me." She tried to hit him with the whip but he was holding her too tight.

"Who knew you were into whips, we could have had much more fun in the bedroom of that was the case." He smirked. "I've missed you Amy. Your touch, your smell, your lips. Come back to me." He whispered causing her to tremble. "G-Get away from me."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 278d 3h 4m 58s
"You know," Zoro clashed swords with a few marines, "I'm guessing you've been after her all this time because she took an eye from you."

"That was Eliza," Mika gaped.

"Got pissed when he admitted to killing Amy."

[I Serves him right.] While the monster trio fought off marines and Amy fought Blake, Mika stood off to the side with Clove. This was not a battle for them. "You okay," he asked, avoiding looking at Clove.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 278d 5h 11m 10s
Clove looked away and sighed when she heard Amy's accusation. [i Looks like she knew about that time...] She thought feeling guilt well up inside her.

Amy and Blake danced around each other, weapons clashing. Luckily she knew how he fought so it gave her an advantage when it came to dodging. That and he was missing an eye.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 278d 5h 15m 21s
Mika raised a brow at Amy's accusation, [I Did they really have a thing going?] He looked at Clove then looked away and towards the trio that had just arrived. "You did good on keeping her safe Straw Hat."

Luffy grinned, "That was all Sanji," he laughed as he took out a slew of marines.

"The cook?" Mika turned to Sanji who was currently occupied with his own group of marines. [I He's the one she danced with and he stayed with her when she asked me to leave with them.]
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 278d 5h 21m 41s
Amy nodded as she focused on Blake. As he quickly pulled out his gun she just as quickly snapped the whip and hit his hand directly. He winced as the whip cut him and he dropped the gun she snapped the whip again at the gun causing it to fall overboard. "Oh no no. There will be none of that." She recalled the whip and the recoil hit the woman who was on the ship tearing part of her dress. "Is this your new woman? Rude I didn't even get served papers." Amy shrugged.

Blake growled as he reached for his sword. "I'll make sure your dead as I watch the life drain from your eyes."

Amy smiled, "it's going to be so fun making you eat those words."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 278d 5h 28m 15s

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