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Luffy waited until everyone have their input before grinning. "Let's go then!"

"Hold up," Nami grabbed hold of Luffy's shirt, "Should we split up in the venue? We might have a better chance of finding her."

"That's not a bad idea. I'll go find Zoro and we'll meet you guys there."


Later during the concert, Eli and Zoro were up in balcony seating in the center with full view of the stage. Eli noticed that Zoro was scanning the crowd below and though she wanted to do the same, sure ended up watching the performance. "Something about her seems familiar."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 18h 20m 50s
Backstage Amy and Sage did a quick run through the final song while a few of the minor acts did additional acts as people shuffled in.


While Eli had flown ahead the others tried to gather some intel at the docks and a little ways into town. When they got back Eli came down to the ship.

Robin smiled softly. "Aparently there is a well known up and coming musician who's the man act in a venue playing tonight. An elderly couple said that if we're just stopping by we should go see it because a chance to see this woman is rare and a once in a lifetime chance."

Sanji looked at Eli and smiled. "If Amy is on the island, maybe she would have gone to see it too?"
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 18h 29m 2s
"I'll get a view from the sky." As the crew departured from the Sunny, Eli took flight and started looking around. From what she could see, most of the people were going towards a venue of sorts. [I What's going on?] After a while she rejoined the crew, "It looks like everyone is heading towards a venue on the outskirts of town. What did you guys pick up?" She looked around, "And where the hell is Zoro?!"


"Shall we do a practice run?" Sage looked at Ava after skiing the question, wanting to be sure it was okay.

"One playthrough," Ava warned, "People are already arriving."

"Of course ma'am."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 18h 40m 13s
Amy nodded. "I'm Amelia. Pleasure to meet you." Amy gave the woman a small smile since it was just about as much as she could muster.


Sanji sighed softly. "Well, let's gather some intel first. Theres a lot of ships docked. Let's see whats going on there."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 18h 44m 29s
Eli looked around and noticed there was an abnormally large amount of ships docked. [I I wonder what's going on.] She didn't notice any special flyers or anything out if the ordinary that would draw this amount of people.

"We could..." Luffy began.

"No," Nami immediately shut him up, "If anyone if going to do any flying it's Eli. At least as a bird she can blend in."


A small blonde walked out onto the stage to talk to Amy, Ava right behind her. "Hello. I'm Sage and I'll be singing during the final performance."

"And you'll do a good job," Ava whispered, "won't you my little pet."

"Yes ma'am," Sage replied, her eyes glazed over much like Amy's.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 18h 48m 29s
Sanji chuckled softly as he stood beside Eli. "Alright, anyone suggest a plan of action?"


Amy softly played parts of the songs on that nights show before she heard footsteps. She turned and saw Jessica and she stood still.

"Remember. The final song you're playing with someone you can't control. You both need to be in sync. It's the closer for the show. If you both do well. We'll even let you have two days off." Jessica smirked.

"Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am." Amy spoke bowing her head slightly before being told to continue practicing but not too long since people were going to start showing up and she couldn't be on the stage first.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 19h 2m 22s
"Hm," Eli looked at the red dress, "I supposed you have a point." She waited until she was all zipped up before adjusting what needs assisting. "Alright, so," she turned to face Sanji, "we should probably get to work on a plan of action. We might run into some trouble." She quickly pulled on her boots and left the room, going to meet up with the rest of the crew.


Zoro nodded in response, but didn't say anything. He looked over to Eli who had just emerged from below deck. "Aren't you a little overdressed?"

"No, it makes up for your face," Eli teased.

"Now children," Robin laughed.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 19h 7m 4s
Sanji chuckled softly. "Love, if you went with the red one, I wouldn't be able to wait until tonight." He kissed her shoulder before helping zip her up.


Robin shook her head and smiled softly. "Oh nevermind me. Just try not to get too negative with your thoughts. Eli was only able to pinpoint the island. We still need your help to look."


Jessica looked Amy over one more time before walking over to the venue owner and discussing payment.

Amy was in the center of venue it was almost like a stadium of sorts just slightly smaller scale. "This is the biggest place I'll have played..." She murmured softly as she nervously brushed her hair behind her ear. [i I can do this... I have to do this...]
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 19h 16m 47s
"What do you mean," Zoro looked at Robin.


"Black it is." Eli quickly changed the frowned, "Could you zip me up?" That was the only downside to the dress, she needed assistance with it. It was short, the collar going up to her neck, and a heart shaped keyhole design in the bust area. "Maybe I should have gone with the red one?"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 19h 20m 59s
Sanji sighed softly as he felt her push him away before he pouted. "Fine later it is then." He teased before looking at the outfits. "Hmm, black I think." He smiled softly.


Robin looked at Zoro and smiled softly. "Sanji and Eli both seem to think so. But I suggest maybe think about what you'll say to her."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 19h 27m 23s
"Oh I don't doubt it," Eli giggled, "But let's save that for later." She gently pushed him off her and sat up. "I really hope we're able to bring her back this time." She stretched then got up and began digging through her closet. "Black or red?" She held up two different outfits.


"Do you think Eli is right? " Zoro looked out at the island, a hard look on his face. [I Amy if you're here, we're bringing you home.]
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 19h 44m 4s
Sanji wiggled his eyebrows before leaning down to kiss her neck. "I can make it quick."


Robin walked over to Zoro who was sitting on the main deck and smiled. "You alright?" She asked as she watched Luffy run over to Usopp trying to get him to show him the new weapon he made.
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 21h 27m 45s
Eli made a sound before opening her eyes, "You know, I believe we've been in a position like this before." She giggled at the kisses before leaning up and kissing him. "We'll have to make time later I guess." Of course, she didn't make any attempt to get out of bed, part of her enjoying her current view. "If only we weren't in a time crunch," she pouted.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 21h 36m 49s
Sanji nodded before watching Nami leave. He smiled softly before shifting Eli's body so he was over her and she was laying beneath him. He leaned down and kissed all over her face with a smile. "Time to wake up Dove. We're close."


Amy finished playing once again and Jessica nodded. "Good, you got through all the songs fine. And no mistakes with the dance or your clone. So that's good." She looked over Amy to make sure none of the welts or bruises were visible on her body. "Good. It's almost time."
  Amelia Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 283d 21h 42m 0s
Eli smiled, "If you aren't too busy."

Several hours later, just before dusk as the island came into sight, Nami went to wake Eli up. She knocked on the door then opened it to see Eli sound asleep and Sanji just laying there. "The island is in sight if you want to wake her up." She noticed that his fingers kept tracing inner a particular part on Eli's shoulder and raised a brow. "We'll be there in about an hour in the wind stats in our favor." She closed the door and returned to the main deck.


Ava watched from backstage as Amy practiced, making sure she wasn't messing up.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 283d 21h 47m 43s

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