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"She's too young to understand that. A commentary of our society," Iris smiled making the coffee the way she liked it she looked back to him. "Normally I wash my mom away with some drinking and cards against humanity. I'm sure my cousin wouldn't mind if that moved for another location like here."

She flashed a grin to him. It became the highlight of her week. Though last night could prove to take that over.
  Iris / Turadh / 33d 21h 12m 4s
Kane shook his head, "No she has Rambo and watching her shows, she won't notice... plus she kinda loves you and wants to be just like you because she says your pretty... I tend to agree." He stole a quick kiss and nodded, "You'll come back right? I mean I know you have other commitments but I already miss you and you haven't left yet." She was like a drug to him.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 34d 18h 34m 7s
Iris kissed back and smiled at him before getting up to shower. Dressing she checked her phone before cursing at herself. Dinner with Mom and step dad. That meant laundry, since mom had a dress code for everything.

Stepping down she glanced to Ava and then to Kane. "You don't think she'll noticed I stayed the night?" She asked kissing his cheek. Coffee. That's what she needed to stay alive. "I need to go after this, family dinner with mom abd step dad."
  Iris / Turadh / 34d 18h 37m 13s
Kane nodded and kissed her lips again, lingering a little longer than normal. "I could lay like this forever." He said letting his hand caress her thigh. "I'll go make breakfast." He pulled on his sweats and no shirt before heading down to the kitchen to make french toast and sausage. Ava had beat Kane downstairs and was sitting with Rambo on the couch, watching PJ Masks already.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 34d 19h 6m 51s
Iris had her doubts about that. The need was there and so was the timing.

Normally sexual desires did not lead her, she found that voice annoying. It had been worth it for the night, and waking up to the kisses warmed her. Turning to look to him she smiled.

"That'd be nice. I'm going to quickly shower if that's okay," she said adjusting the blankets around her. Would this hit her later? Absolutely. Right now this is was nice.
  Iris / Turadh / 34d 19h 11m 18s
"No one has to know unless we want them to." he said kissing her again. The next morning Kane woke up tangled in his sheets with his arms around Iris, he kissed her awake and asked, "What do you want for breakfast darlin', I'll cook." He was very good at cooking especially breakfast foods, his Nana had trained him well. As if on cue Kane heard the pitter patter of Ava's feet on the hallway floor.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 35d 18h 21m 10s
Her breath caught in her chest for a second. Closing her eyes for a moment, cursing her weakness. It was nearly sad to her at how quickly she craved the feeling. Placing her hands on his chest she gave a nod.

"This may come back to bite us in the ass," Iris said but leaned in and kissed him again. They wanted this and one night couldn't hurt them. Well, it could but that's okay.
  Iris / Turadh / 35d 18h 33m 7s
Kane's hands easily found her waist and he leaned against the counter, pulling her against him as they kissed, "Stay with me tonight?" he asked breathlessly in her ear, his hot breath hitting her neck."Please." He said as his lips kissed down her neck to her collar bone. She had a way of making him want to better himself and that attraction was undeniable. He needed her.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 35d 19h 3m 29s
"Kane, I don't know if it works that way," she said but the kiss stopped the train of thought.

Ah, damn, she almost made it. She really began to dislike the growing weakness to his voice and now kiss. She fought against herself for a moment before kissing back. She'd kick her ass for this but it felt good.

If they had met any other circumstance it would be different, but no.
  Iris / Turadh / 35d 19h 10m 58s
Kane sighed, "Darlin'... don't go please." He took her hand holding it for a moment, "We... we don't have to put a label on this and no one has to know... you don't want a relationship... and I don't want to lose you." He purposed in all seriousness. She was perfect to him, he didn't care what anyone else thought. He leaned in connecting his lips with hers, there was a spark that not even she could deny.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 35d 19h 29m 44s
"I already pay rent because of you, you saved me from being dragged out somewhere tonight. A nice night in was nice," Iris smiled gathering her bag. She had made sure to clean up after she had gone to bed. "She's cute...I think toddlers are okay... babies are still.... questionable."

Looking to him, she knew she needed to go or be drawn in again. "She wanted you to have those drawings on the counter for you and some for me. I guess I'll see you later."
  Iris / Turadh / 35d 19h 33m 5s
Kane came in and said, "Iris, thank you, I owe you.. I'm sorry that took so long. Is Ava asleep?" He hugged Iris, "Whatever you need consider it done, I mean it, anything, you saved me today." He owed her and he knew it.. he was also falling for her. "Money, anything, just tell me what you need." He checked on Ava who was cuddling with his bulldog Rambo in her bed.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 35d 22h 39m 37s
She lasted an hour with the kid shows before she turned it off. The protests quickly stopped when she pulled out the no mess markers, Iris drawn into drawing with her. Horses and other items that just looked sad. She heated up some food for the both of them before she settled into playing with toys.

How did someone live in this big house without going mad? It helped with Ava being there, as she talked up a storm about something imaginary. Following the bed time routine she was worn out after the second temper.

Reading from her grandmother's Swedish bedtime stories she then felt lost. So she took the time to read Stephen King in the living room.
  Iris / Turadh / 36d 26m 14s
Kane sighed, “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop.” Ava ran in just then and hugged his leg, “Daddy daddy Mickey!” She chanted and Kane nodded, “yeah princess and Sophia is on next, go play.” She nodded and skipped back to the living room where she had the tv on and her toys and was eating her snack that Kane had made her. He was a good dad but he wasn’t cut out for it.
  Kane 6.0 / Polkadotrocker / 36d 1h 6m 41s
She came so close to responding to the kiss, in the last second the excercise of control kicked in. It hadn't stopped her hand from resting on his arm for a second. She gave a half smile to him and nodded.

"I know, Kane, you already know the story," Iris said nodding to him. "You should get ready."

Google helped her have some idea, though she'd likely feel lost and vaguely uncomfortable. Placing her bag down she went through the list of notes once again. All that for a few hours?
  Iris / Turadh / 36d 1h 24m 56s

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