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"In all technicality, if you have more than one million followers that makes you famous. So, that's famous," Iris mused. She was comfortable with him and he smelt great. They had nearly the same blue eyes.

So that did happen, who would have thought.

"I don't know. I said goodbye to Tennessee a few years ago not sure if I want to come back expect for visits. It's really nice though."
  Iris / Turadh / 7d 13h 32m 36s
"Not famous, just got lucky... but I was serious about the prettiest girl in the room thing... I'm actually surprised your dancing with me... last night you curved everything I threw at you." He said holding her, "I wasn't sure if you were interested or not... even offered you a job which I was serious about... now that your semi sober maybe you'll reconsider it."
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 13h 55m 13s
"I'm a terrible drinker. Like shit faced after four drinks and our apartment is like a fun house with a slopping wall and everything. It's terrible," Iris chuckled at herself. She still couldn't believe this was happening.

It could still be a dream.

"Britt wouldn't like that but that does help out a lot," Iris smiled. "And you're easily the tallest, best looking guy I've danced with. And actually only famous, too."
  Iris / Turadh / 7d 14h 13m 2s
"I told you last night, I was invited... and I've been looking for you because I knew I had to dance with the most beautiful girl in the room... don't tell the bride I said that but.... its true." He said holding her waist as they slow danced on the floor. Some of her friends taking pictures of them together from a distance so Kane hadn't noticed at all.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 14h 39m 22s
Iris despite her attitude was barely 5'5". The heels helped today, so she didn't feel as awkward. The fact that she only half remembered the time the night before said something.

"It's still going to be awkward, I'm an awkward person. Usually that doesn't keep thoughts in," Iris said but nodded turning to face him. "So, uh, I'm Iris like that older romantic song. And really did talk to Kane Brown last night. Wow, what are you doing here?"
  Iris / Turadh / 7d 14h 52m 22s
Kane came up behind her tapping her on the shoulder. "May I have this dance?" The reception was in full swing and he wasn't about to strike out with her just yet. He was going to give it his all before he gave up with her. He took her hand smiling, "I normally don't dance but... with a girl like you I have to at least try." He muttered in her ear with his deep voice.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 15h 43m 46s
With only three drinks she felt like crap, staying up till three in the morning didn't help. Her name had been used in jokes till they finally crushed. She nearly tore the zipper getting it on, extra makeup for the dark shadows.

"Never drink before a wedding," Iris muttered to Lawrence. She was lucky that Britt went with a darker purple dress with the wide straps, it was all quite modest as the stipulations went.

Iris tried not to shift in the heels as the bridesmaid. She swore she saw Kane somehow she convinced herself it was someone else.

Immediately after she took off her heels and looked at the flight times. Still one hour before she had to go.
  Iris / Turadh / 7d 15h 56m 53s
Kane smirked taking a drink of his jack and coke, "I'll see you tomorrow then, and if theres anything I can do let me know." He said sliding his number into her hand on a crumpled up napkin. It wasn't awkward but smooth.... he liked her but did she like him? He couldn't tell but he didn't give up easily and she was a beautiful woman.

The next day he showed up to the wedding, black pants and a white t shirt as it was casual.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 16h 25m 13s
"Britt said it was her mocking all country music, even if we make wonderful duets. And she lost, because of you," Tristan volunteered the information.

Iris could feel the blushing coming, and couldn't fight it. Placing a hand on her face she groaned. "Yeah, that's the gist of it. I lost. I got my money back in California. Oh, that's generous but I don't agree here anymore. It's why I moved."

And she was chatting on and on. Damn, she was being really awkward about this.

"That was the flower arrangement people, they can't get the flowers done," Britt said in panic dashing up to the table. She didn't even look at Kane this time. "if we're going to have them done for tomorrow we need to go now."

"Sorry for the awkward was nice meeting you and glad I lost that bet," Iris said rubbing her neck as she rose.
  Iris / Turadh / 8d 13h 39m 5s
Kane chuckled, "Can I ask what the bet was if it was involving me?" He asked looking to Iris. "Musician and if your looking to relocate to Nashville, I'm looking for an assistant myself..." He muttered taking a drink of his jack and coke. He looked around, no one seemed to need his attention and for once, he was thankful for that. He didn't know what else to do.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 14h 10m 30s
Being buzzed didn't drive home the situation. It was a big situation, instead there was more amusement to her mind. Why did she have to be such a lightweight? It ruined these nights but others found it funny.

"I haven't had to look up to anyone since my sorta ex, think he's the same height," Iris mused. "That's a bad idea, but, uh, whatever that red drink is. The filter comes off and it is a show."

What did she do aside from keep her boss looking good?

"Administrative assistant," she shrugged. "I was just about to ask what you did but Britt forcefed the music from Portland to California. Not that I'm complaining."

"Other than losing fifty dollars on a bet," Lawrence said.
  Iris / Turadh / 8d 14h 20m 31s
Kane chuckled, managing to slide into the seat beside Iris, "Don't apologize for having a few drinks, what are you drinking tonight darlin'?" He asked flashing a smile her way. It seemed like everyone but Iris understood that Kane was flirting with her. Kane got himself a drink as well as one for her. "So what do you do for a living?" He asked trying to make small talk that wasn't about him.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 14h 44m 49s
The idea of playing any matchmaker pleased Tristan. He chuckled in amusement before Britt couldn't hold back anymore with Iris right behind her she approached giving a loud sound.

"Oh my God! I can't believe I'm meeting you!" Britt said, it sounded like two words put together in one breath.

Iris snickered before giving a laugh. Situation or not that was just funny. "Sorry, sorry...I shouldn't have had those drinks. I think I'm going to go over here before making an ass of myself. Like comment on the tallness."

Britt was about to ask something else when her phone rang.

"Let's all sit down," Tristan smoothed over.
  Iris / Turadh / 8d 14h 58m 41s
"So your saying shes a challenge?" He asked with a smile. "I have a thing for brunettes and I don't know when to give up so she might just meet her match." He muttered and followed the man. Kane was struggling with his own demons on his own but at the same time he had an image to uphold and a secret back in Georgia that he loved more than anything in this world.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 15h 35m 22s
"Britt is going to love this. She's going to burst anytime," Lawrence grinned in amusement. "Oh, that's just the traitor. Left us for those Pacific States and now does boring jobs. Isn't that right, traitor?"

He said the last part louder.

Iris looked up to him, flipping him off with a sweet smile. She had every appearance of being sweet and young, it was all a lie.

"Wanna meet them both? Britt is going to burst and Iris... she'll probably just tease," he said in amusement.
  Iris / Turadh / 9d 12h 59m 14s

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