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"Thr first time was because of Portland and I thought I loved my job. Second time...I don't want to screw up this job or our friendship... it's nice and I screw up nice when in a relationship," Iris said taking a bite of the fried pickles. "I...uh...oh, look there's some games. Shall we?"

He really didn't have a choice, she was leading him there anyway. She'd keep some food for the concert.

"There's just a part of the past that makes kids uncomfortable. Maybe someday it will be easier. Darts...that looks like fun."
  Iris / Turadh / 1d 1h 32m 54s
"I thought you vowed never to have kids..." He said looking at her with a side eye. "One of the reasons you turned me down when I asked you out..." He said knowing it was partly because he had a daughter and partly because she was technically working with him and that was usually frowned upon in work settings but to be brutally honest, Kane didn't give a fuck what people thought.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 1h 46m 58s
"How do you even fry a liquid anyway. Can you imagine fried whiskey?" Iris laughed finding the idea awesome despite being a bad drunk. She kept close to him as she looked between thr stalls. "Fried pickles and Twinkies. God help anyone who deals with me pregnant."

This was fun. More fun than she had in the last while between trying to be more social and managing his busy schedule. She squeezed his arm warmly."This has been fun, I'm glad we worked out."
  Iris / Turadh / 1d 23h 14m 55s
"Cheese obviously, I would prefer fried cheese slowly killing me." He said smiling. He ordered a BUCKET of cheese curds and looked to her, "So what are you eating?" It wasn't a secret that Kane was a big eater and could never gain an ounce of weight. He also ordered a Dr. Pepper to drink and got that first and paid for hers as well without her knowing about it.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 23h 33m 31s
"I never was a country girl. I came from Portland to Tennessee after my dad died, lived there for five years before going back for another five years. Now I'm back, I'll probably move back in five years at this rate," she gave a small smile. "So, no Coke, never got big into country and some of the candy."

They blended in with the growing crowds, she easily was distracted by the different stalls before they found the food. "Such deep-fried wonder. I've missed this. So what's first?"
  Iris / Turadh / 1d 23h 40m 1s
"You don't like drinking Coke?' He asked shocked, "I prefer Dr. Pepper but Coke is alright." He said smiling. "But those cheese curds do sound pretty good." He hadn't had fair food in so long, yeah he played the fairs but he never had time like this to go and see everything and be around people and just have some genuine real fun. It was a nice feeling to be able to do it.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 2m 23s
In nearly a month of working with Kane she grew to like him. As a friend, sort of boss, and some part more. It wasn't as if anything could happen considering she worked for the manager, Kenny. He was kind and fun, despite the complications.

"Awesome!" Iris exclaimed, taking his arm she started away take him with her. "There's so much to catch up here. Maybe a little bit of everything. Except Coke...that's just gross."

They were an odd pair but it was working so far.
  Iris / Turadh / 2d 31m 1s
Kane chuckled, "We have four hours... so what do you want fried... I've heard cheese curds are pretty damn good." he said with a smile. Ava was back home with her momma and she would stay there... she loved her father but not the spot light but Kane had gotten to tell the world that he had a daughter and he wasn't a failure to her. He loved her more than anything.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 45m 7s
It was nice to travel to again. This time it was Virginia and a tricounty fair, she was thrilled at the idea since it had been a very long time.

"It's been five years since I've gone to a county fair. This is amazing," Iris said excited as they arrived. She already hated the humidity but the lack of rain was nice. She easily stood out with dark blue shorts, a Jack Skellington tank top with the edges of the shoulder tattoo showing. Her one and will be only one.

"There better be some time to go. Something fried sounds amazing right now."
  Iris / Turadh / 3d 1h 54m 2s
Kane nodded, "I gotta drive her back to her momma in Georgia, I'll see you tomorrow, drive safe." He said picking up Ava who was half asleep sitting in the chair. She had had a long and fun day and social media was going insane with his secret daughter. He had never meant to keep her a secret... she had just happened before he blew up and her mother wanted her out of the spotlight.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 2h 52m 37s
"To be fair we met on the day before I was going back to Portland. Rain without the sauna, I miss it," Iris smirked to him. She talked casually with the others and him didn't mind Ava but didn't warm up. She did cast awkward glances.

Toward the end, she got bored and went to her phone but it was a good outing. "I'm going to head out. I need to do some work done on my apartment."
  Iris / Turadh / 5d 20h 22m 54s
"Sorry." he said smiling, "So you like this guy enough to let him have a second date... he has to be good considering I couldn't even get a first." He was hitting on her but at the same time he wasn't. He couldn't... she didn't need his drama in her life. He watched the game and Ava ended up in his lap, clapping whenever the team wearing her favorite color scored. She loved red and one of the teams was wearing red.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 20h 35m 33s
"This is a fun night, Kane. We don't need melodrama, okay? Just enjoy the night," Iris said with a smile. The second date still lingered on her mind as she comfortably sat down. The others in the band would be joining them, considering this was an outing for them.

"Glad you're good about that though, I really am," she said afterwards adjusting the tee. She didn't know the team but it didn't matter to her, she just liked seeing them hit the ball and run around.
  Iris / Turadh / 5d 20h 43m 54s
"Ava is my life outside of the spotlight...shes why I don't date... shes where my extra time goes." Kane said watching his daughter eat her french fries and chicken strips with cotton candy in the private box to watch the game. "I was tired of hiding her. I want to be able to share all of this with her. Her mom was my high school girlfriend. Hates my guts but I pay for everything... she won't even work now. Ava gets anything she needs and I give Shelby so much per month to make sure Ava gets what she wants too."
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 21h 5m 3s
"So, I have a second date tomorrow," Iris said with a smile to him. Their personal life wasn't talked about much, but she had enjoyed the encouragement. "He's nice and tells lots of dads jokes. It should be a good date."

Brushing off the girlfriend comment, she had her food and was ready to relax after two weeks of busting her ass to clean up the over scheduling. "I saw the pictures you posted for this event, very cute."
  Iris / Turadh / 5d 21h 28m 13s

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