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He chuckled as he ran with her, trying to keep up, but he was faster in the water than he was on land, but he surprisingly kept up with her, dodging rocks as they ran
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 108d 22h 38m 24s
She smiled weakly. "Ah...I see...well, we'd best get going...don't want to die out here, now do we?" She laughed and began to run once more. "Let's get going, slowpoke!!!"
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 127d 3h 13m 23s
“I meant as to what you are...grandmother was a Sheikah...” he said, and sighed. “We need to figure out how to stop Vah Rudinia...” He said, not knowing how
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 135d 7h 18m 12s
"The same as Link? Not quite..." She said sadly before marching alongside the Zora Prince, her eyes full of tears. "Link is far more...noble than I am..."
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 136d 5h 20m 33s
“So you’re the same as my father was...” he said, looking at her, and he sighed, missing him quite badly, but he bottles up his sadness, and he marched on, hearing the sound of Vah Rudinia on the mountain
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 136d 7h 13m 59s
"No..." She whispered sadly. "I am...part Sheikah...and as such, I am partially responsible for the care and well-being of the royal family..." She said before nodding. "Aye, let's go."
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 137d 5h 3m 21s
“You aren’t?” He asked while moving as they headed towards Death Mountain. “If I remember, dodongo’s cavern was where the hero of time had to destroy the evil dinosaur that was causing chaos in the caves.”
  DoomGuy123 / 140d 4h 24m 45s
She nodded shakily. "I-I'm's just that...there's something you should know...but now is not the time!!! But I'll tell you this much: I am not fully Hyrulean..."
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 140d 6h 10m 12s
He sighed and jumped down, and rolled as he did so, then he stood up. “Is something wrong?” He asked, curious as to if the hyrulean was alright it not
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 141d 18m 49s
She watched him slay the Octorok quickly, her eyes full of a strange light. Her hands were shaking from the intensity of the sight, but she was not even remotely afraid.
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 141d 4h 1m 46s
He blocked with his shield, and he hurried after the octorok, occasionally slashing a rock in two, and then he stabbed it between the eyes, killing t quickly
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 143d 1h 57m 25s
She nodded evilly, her eyes alight. "I do want a bow and a quiver of arrows...but perhaps now is not the time!!!" She screamed as an Octorok appeared before her, preparing to spit a rock.
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 143d 3h 40m 28s
“We can get you one if you want.” He said, and then he looked at her.”but until then, sure!” He confirmed, and he barely got missed by an octorok “Whoa!”
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 143d 5h 35m 43s
She smiled evilly, looking at the Zora Prince with a malevolent gleam in her eyes. "I do not have a weapon yet. Mind taking those sorry excuses for monsters out for me?"
  Zoa the Hyrulean / wolfchibilink / 143d 5h 44m 22s
He chuckled a bit and hurried after her, sword and shield ready. “We need to be ready for anything. WHOA!” He shouted, and a rock missed the two of them, and he looked up at an octorok. “I hate those things!”
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 144d 4h 28m 34s

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