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Twins Lukas and Lyon, sons of the most powerful Alpha in the werewolf species Alpha Alexander Crane of Arctic Moon Pack turn twenty years old and still have yet to find their mate.

What happens when an unexpected enemy from a neighboring pack trespassing on their land turns out to be HER?


PuppetMaster: LizzyBear
Full name: Lukas Allen & Lyon Joseph Sanders
Nickname: Luke && Ly
Age: 22
Height: 6'3
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair color: dirty blonde
Eye color: one blue one green
Wolf forms: pure white one blue eye one green
Bodily build: Thin but muscular
Rank: Future Alphas of Arctic Moon pack
Favorite food: Pizza
Likes: Girls, Chocolate, romance
Dislikes: People chewing with their mouth open, bullies, being ignored, asparagus
Personality: Lukas-Sarcastic, Authoritive, Hopeless Romantic Lyon- Kind, Timid, Hopeless Romantic
Birthday- December 12th

Player: Lunalight
Name of character: Teara mink
Age of human 20 
Age of wolf 140 
Height 5'5
Color of hair/fur black/red
Color of eyes emerald green
Favorite activity: running in her pack if she in human form practicing her katana
Favorite food anything to deal with seafood
Less favorite mushrooms 
Pet peeves 
Having no manners what so ever
Being loud when she sleeping

She is willing to do what ever it takes to have it perfect
She will help if need be
Understand what is needed done without saying anything


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She felt the pull stronger. Tear looked as she was unsure what to think. She wasn't told about all this feeling nor how it worked. Her family forbid her to fallow but she couldn't hold it any more. It was getting stronger and stronger as if it was coming to her. She jumped when she heard the twins howled. "Fuck" She said as she was to deep to run to her borders and even if she did her pack would not allow her back.

Tear was alone at this time. She had her ready. A sent was string up in the wind. Two different ones that she didn't know. One was a woodsy smell and another was rainfall. Was it from the wolves that were coming to her?She knew the Moon pack hated her ex pack. She was a loner now.
  Teara mink / lunalight / 163d 9h 15m 57s
The two white wolves began to sprint in the direction of the feeling. They were unsure as to what they would be met with but they could feel [i her] and that was more than enough for them.

The twins howled into the the night snapping their jaws lightly as they ran, the ache in their chests growing. Their paws began to ache after a few hundred miles but they continued on her scent driving them further. The thoughts swimming through their minds. [i "What she be like? Would she want them? They were twins after all."]
  Lukas & Lyon Sanders / LizzyBear / 163d 15h 1m 23s
Teara a very useful sword woman and healer in her pack. She would look at the sky as she sat on the edge of her the territories. She would be in human form as she had fake wolf ears and tail as she sigh gently. She was told to never step foot beyond her territory as other packs may attack her. Now she was 20 she felt like there was something more in her world then her pack

[#008000 "TEARA"] A voice called for her. [#008000 "Come on we going to be be late as is"] as the voice came from a wolf that was on guard for being so closed to another pack territory. "I am not going back till I find my life" She said softly as she gotten up "Something calling me over and i don't know what it is" as Teara gotten up and began to walk over to the edge [#008000 "You know that is would not be allowed"] the wolf said and got in front of her. "MOVE" the wolf growled at her [#008000 "I'm not going to let you"] the wolf said "I don't care I am 20 years old I need to know why I am always coming to this part and no were else" Teara growled as she shifted into her red wolf "NOW MOVE" as she jumped over the other wolf and began to cross the territories. The other wolf began to chase only to stop as it didn't step pass the last send mark of it's own territory "Tell them that they have better" Teara said as she had her sword in her mouth and her herb bag around her shoulder and ran to the other part beyond her old life.

Teara felt like something was pulling her as she stop as it was close. She drop her sword as she sat she shift to her human form didn't care if she was naked either as she felt like something bad was coming towards her. Her eyes moved. She didn't understand what was going on and why she was dragged by a feeling.
  Teara mink / lunalight / 167d 1h 37m 26s
It was a cloudy September night, the air was crisp and the breeze was calm. Twin brothers Lukas and Lyon Sanders roamed the edge of their pack's land in their human forms.

Lukas started to tremble slightly his wolf on high alert in the back of his mind, [+blue "Ly, something is coming. I feel it."] he nudged his brother feeling his wolf push to take over. He began to feel the familiar feeling of a forced shift, Lukas dove behind a nearby tree and stripped his clothes off falling forward onto his knees bracing a hand against the tree. His bones began to shift and he was forced down onto all fours as his facial features began to shift his nose becoming longer and his hands turning into paws. He felt the familiar crack of his ribs as his spine grew longed. turning his now muzzle towards the sky the pure white wolf left out a deep howl just as his tail shot out from his behind.

He walked out from behind the tree looking at his twin brother who was looking confused, [+red "Did..Draven just force you to shift?"] He asked referring to his brother's wolf.

The white wolf snorted and huffed at the male making it clear that it was no longer Lukas turning his nose towards the sky and stalking away.

Lyon shook his head and chuckled feeling the same familiar tug in the back of his mind, Damien was trying to force him as well.

[i [+red "What is going on right now?"]] Lyon thought to himself as he began to shift as well.

Now fully shifted and in control Damien howled causing Draven to turn around and happily trot back to his brother. The two nuzzled each other, [i [b [+blue "Damien, I feel her. Our mate. She is close."]]] Draven said to him through the link they shared that they would one day share with their mate.

[i [b [+red "I know! I cannot sit still. We have to find her Draven. NOW!]]] Damien demanded whimpering a little.

They were now twenty-two years old and they still had yet to find their mate. Their father was getting older and they had to take over the pack soon but they were unable to until they found their mate.

The Sanders twins, were the first set of twins in nearly one hundred years to be destined for the same mate. This meant that they held great power within them, that can only be awakened when they find their mate. The moon goddess only bestowed this gift unto the strongest and bravest souls. Though for some, this seemed like an amazing gift. To the Sanders twins, it was pure hell. While normal wolves found their mates at the age of eighteen the boys had to wait until they were twenty. So while their friends grew up, found their mates, got married, and had kids, Lukas and Lyon watched and waited from the sidelines trying hard to fill the void they felt within them.

Though they did not know their mate the twins had a bit of a reputation with the ladies. [i "Never the same one twice "] was their motto, and boy did they live up to that. They were notorious for going out and picking up girls from the city taking them to the lake wooing them, having their way with them , and driving them home. Never once did they give out their number.

That was until the day that they turned twenty. They knew that they were not going to find her right away but they knew they needed to stop.

The past few weeks both boys and wolves were on edge, just what was going on??
  Lukas & Lyon Sanders / LizzyBear / 169d 9h 11m 15s

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