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Just stuff to use my characters. Probably lots of snipets of stories and short stories. No stress, just writing and getting the creative juices flowing.


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[center [Size30 [font "Lucida Handwriting" "But I'm gay. GAY. Gayyyyy."]]]

[center [font "Lucida Handwriting" Alex moved his body with the beat, having some fun on the dance floor before he got back to being the party mom when a girl started grinding on him. He laughed and started dancing with her, reciprocating the grinding. Some of his friends would laugh as they looked over, as if there was some kind of secret inside joke that the others didn't know about. This went on for half of a song before Alex backed himself away and out of the crowd of people, resuming his duties as mom.

Later that night he felt a pair of arms wrap around him and smelled booze filled breath as a girl rested her head on his shoulder. He tensed up, not entirely sure what to do.

[+orange "I think I love you."]

The girl said drunkenly as she clinged onto him. The boy instantly laughed, putting up both hands in finger guns.

[+darkblue "Ayyyyyeeeee"]

A few of his friends who were in the room saw this and put up their hands in the same finger gun position.

[b [i "AYYYYE!"]]

they all yelled together. Alex laughed as he detached the drunken girl from him while she pouted. She was so drunk she wouldn't even remember him in the morning anyway. When she had slinked away to another boy he had again resumed his duties.

Later yet again he found himself in a makeshift study room with a boy in a wizard hat, shuffling through papers frantically to find a reversal spell for his sister. The boy in the wizards hat looked up from his stack of papers and at Alex, who was across the table with his own stack of papers.

[+gold "I've gotta ask...Why did you reject that girl earlier. And why the finger guns?"]

Alex grinned at the boy, laughing a little.

[+darkblue "Me and my friends have this inside joke that whenever a girl tries to hit on me we do finger guns."]

He said. The other boy just looked at Alex, confused.

[+gold "Isnt that a bit rude? They might actually like you."]

Alex nodded, faking a thoughtful look.

[+darkblue "Well I usually tell them why I'm rejecting them."]

[+gold "And whys that?"]

The boy asked. Alex shuffled through his papers, clearly amused with this conversation.

[+darkblue "I"m like...really gay."]
  MagicBrian / 73d 21h 30m 38s
[center [+red "One more hun, and fill the glass this time."]
A lonely soldier sat at the local tavern, drinking his life away as usual.
[b "Sir we are closed, you have to leave." ]
The woman behind the bar said nervously. She, like every other woman in the town. was afraid of this man. He was head of the royal gaurd, and an amazing soldier, but on his days off he was a menece and a drunk. if it wasn't for his high status he would have been ran out of town long ago. The weirdest part about the man was that his brothers were all wonderful people. The Lionhart clan was known for being the bravest and kindest warriors in the land, and exaduration of course but not far from the truth. Allistor was a stain on his familys reputation, only allowed to be that by his brothers outshining him in their heroism.
[+red "Shit is it that time already?"]
  Allistor / MagicBrian / 77d 13h 51m 21s
[center [h3 [poor+story William's Quest]]]
[poor+story[center Wind blew desperately around William as he walked through the feild of yellow flowers. It pushed him back, as if telling him not to go where he was going. It was a warning of the dangers he faced if he kept walking, but he already knew that. He was on a quest, and he couldn't look back. He had no where to go even if he wanted to. He pushed his scarf up to sheild his face from the frozen breeze and pressed on. Iit wasn't long before he was out of the windy feild and faced with the mouth of a cave.
[+lightblue "Well it sure took you long enough."]
Koraline said as they looked up at William. The boy frowned and made a tsk sound as he walked into the mouth of the cave. Koraline followed, glareing at the boys back.
[+lightblue "Brat."]
As the two entered the sword William carried began to glow, bouncing light off of the smooth walls of the cavern.
[+pink "Tell me about this dungeon Ko. Is it even worth the loot?"]
The boy said as he walked.
[+lightblue "It doesnt matter. Our guild was hired for a job and we are gonna deliver. You'd think your lazy ass would appreciate the easy gold."]
Their remark was rude, but it didn't bother William when it came from them. After years together hopping from guild to gild they had grown a strange bond. They wouldn't call it friendship, though it was very similar. The bond they formed was more of a symbiotic relationship. They wouldn't talk in real life, but they would easily help eachother in any quest. They worked together like clockwork when they were fighting, so any remarks they treated like notheing.
[+pink "Tell me what i should expect or im leaving."]
The boy had stopped in his tracks and was looking at Koraline with the same bored look he always had.
[+lightblue "Its your standard lower level dungeon. Goblins, imps, I think we might encounter an orc or two. But thats it. Oh do not give me that look, it was made for noobs. Stop acting like you are better than them or go back to the guild and dont collect your reward."]
William glared at them for a second before he shrugged and continued walking. It wasn't long before the two had stumbled upon a few lower level players, who looked greatful to see them.
[b "Oh thank god. We though you weren't comeing."]
One of the players said. She was an elven wizard, just barely in level 7. Her companion was an Orc Barbarian, Almost at level 11. His higher level explained why the pair were attempting a level 11 dungeon, but the fact that they had hired mercenaries meant they didn't have the confidence to do it alone.
[+lightblue "Hi we are from the Moonwood guild, but you already know that. You requested a healer and a dps correct?"]
Ko said, shaking the players hands.
  William / DogVotes / 73d 1h 38m 9s
[center [h3 [mali Chapter One: Elliot]]]
[mali [center Elliot woke to the smell of bacon floating through his home and scrunched up his nose. Upon further inspection he found his sister in the kitchen, all of the boys sitting at he table and chatting. James had a cup of black coffee, John had a smalll cup of chocolate milk, and the other two had orange juice. Elliot poured himself a cup of coffee, fixing it with more sugar and creamer than should have been nesisary. He eyed his sister and sipped his coffee.
"You know we dont eat meat right?"
He said, smileing at the girl as he leaned against the counter. She nodded, not taking her eyes from the pan.
[i "Its tofu. I made bacon for the kids and I."]
Elliot chuckled and nodded. It wasnt quick to cook tofu the way she was, and his sister wasn't patient enough to do so usually.
"Thanks Ally."
He said. Just then the kids ran into the kitchen and latched onto their mothers legs.
[i "Is breakfast done mommy?"]
the girl asked. The boy stood there, looking up at his mom anxiously awaiting his food. Elliot saw his sister pick up a piece of bacon andd split it, handing a peice to each child, both of whom took it and ran.
"Gosh they are a handful."
He said, looking over at the table, seeing two of them arm wrestleing while the other two watched, one laughing.
"This is gonna be confuseing. We are gonna need something to know who is who."
[i "I think its pretty easy if you look at their expressions. The one sulking is most likely anxiety, John and Jake are always smileing, and James is always laughing or giving your patented dad look™]]
  Skos / DogVotes / 83d 6h 43m 52s
[center [h3 [Mali Prologue]]]
[Mali [center [b [i "Elliot?"]]
A voice was heard bounceing around the room.
[b[i "Elliot its time to wake up. The procedure worked."]]
Elliot was in fact awake, but he refused to open his eyes. Perhaps it was the pounding in his head making him want to be alone, or perhaps it was his hatred for following rules first thing in the morning, but he had quickly decided he would stay like he was, pretendng to still be asleep.
[b [i "Elliot you need to get up right now. You are being discharged."]]
Discharged? Elliot scrunched his nose, trying to think what the womans voice meant before he remembered where he was. He finally opened his eyes and sat up, looking over at the nurse next to his bed.
"Did it work?"
He asked. His voice sounded hoarse and so much like someone else it caught him off gaurd.
[b [i "Yes. It did work. I need you to sign some papers before you leave, and then you are all set. Any questions?"]]
Ellit shook his head and signed the few papers the woman had handed him before she walked out of the room. He shakely stood up from the bed. After months of rest he was glad to be back on his feet. The other person in his room looked at him as he pulled the curtain closed to get changed, a grin on his face.
[i "Did you get the fancy new procedure?"]
He called though the curtain. Elliot, still groggy and moody just grunted as a sort of yes to the man.
[i ""Not a talker eh? Well thats okay. Just knowing you werent harmed during it makes me feel better. I'm getting split in like an hour."]
Elliot was silent as he pulled on his ripped jeans and sweater before opening the curtain again.
"Good luck. Its a lot of rest."
He said before grabbing the rest of his things and walking out of the hospital room. He went up to the front desk and signed out.
[b [i "Have a good day sir!"]]
the lady at the desk said cheerfully. Elliot smiled and waved. His car was waiting for him in the parking lot, pollen covering the hood.
"Poor baby. You've just been sitting here waiting havent you?"
He cooed at it when he had started it up.
"Well it wont happen again. If it went as well as they said there will be plenty of people who want to drive you around from now on."
He stroked the stearing wheel loveingly and started his quick drive home. He saw his sisters car in his driveway and the front door wide open and he smiled.
"I'm hommmmeeeee!"
He called as he stepped inside, automatically being bombarded with little kids running at him.
[i "Uncle Eliott is it the real you? We missed you so much!"]
his neice said as he scooped her up.
"Yep its me! Where is your mom and the others?"
He asked as he ruffled his nephews hair. The two children pointed to the living room, the one on the floor tugging him towards the room.
[i "Are you excited to meet them Uncle Eliott?"]
The girl asked as they walked. Eliot grinned and nodded, walking over the threshold into the den. There were five people sitting on the couch, his siter and four other men who looked exactly like him.
"Woah thats freaky."
Elliot said, getting everyones attention.
[i "You are the one who did the proceure, what did you expect?"]
His sister said, standing up and hugging him.
[i "Its nice to see the real you again. We all missed you."]
She stepped back and sat back down, letting Elliot get a good look at the rest of the men.
[i "Elliot meet your personalities, John, James, Jake, and Anxiety."]
[i [+darkred "Hot topic didn't want to tell us his real name. Hello I'm Jake, your Ambition."]]
A boy wearing a yellow fasion kimono said, holding out his hand. Elliot shook it and smiled. He noticed a boy scoff and cross his arms behind Jake and chuckled.
"Let me guess, Anxiety?"
He said pointing to the boy, who just shrugged. The boy beside him stood up and held out his own hand.
[i [+red "Hi I'm John, your creative side."]]
Elliot shook his hand as well, Johns smile infecting his own face, making him grin even more.
"So you are James, my..."
[b [+red "Your protective side, Its so nice to meet you."]]
Elliot nodded at the boy and sat down, everyone on the couch now.
"This is weirder than I thought it would be, and somehow way cooler."
  Skos / DogVotes / 90d 21h 18m 40s

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