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[size12 [i Two weeks...]]

[size12 It has been fourteen bloody days since she took this blasted bounty. A simple hunt they said. Just slay the foul beast and collect its golden horns. The follies. [b The Utter Crap.]]

[size12 She is absolutely exhausted!]
[size12 Her resources have been expired. Her tailored clothes are ruined. And that accursed THING continues to avoid all of her advances. Even her most well-timed tactics are useless for once. Although.. If she could land one of her unique transfiguration spells upon its hind legs, [b HEH].]

[size12 An earned feast and mountains of prosperity sounds right peachy. Perhaps a bit of an extra tariff might be in order too. Indeed. More gain for her pain.]

[size12 The raven-haired [i Witch] giggles.]
[size12 Her airy laughter bounces off the surrounding trees, echoing until even the wildlife is drowned.]
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