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It's the golden trio's fifth year and on her sixteenth birthday Hermione unbeknownst to her comes into her veela genes her body starts to undergo several changes which lands her in the infirmary where madam pomfrey must explain what is going on with her which then forces Albus to tell Hermione what he had done all those years ago.

So now Hermione must find her mate before she turns seventeen or she will die of a broken heart.

Hoping so badly that it is Ronald Hermione tries her best to spark a relationship but in her heart it starts to feel wrong....

Little does she know... her mate is actually mates and they are much closer than she realizes.


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Hermione listened intently to the headmaster fidgeting uncomfortably under all the stares, [i [+red "Why is everyone staring at me...for goodness sakes, I haven't been in the infirmary that long.."]] she looked distractedly up at the ceiling after Dumbledore finished talking she didn't half hear anything he said and that was completely unlike her the aroma that was clouding her thoughts of soft milk chocolate and old books. Shaking her head Hermione turned back to her friends still distracted but trying to engage at least a little in the conversation nodding her head every once in a while still unsure of what was going on.

After the food disappeared Hermione waved to her friends promising to catch up with them later and headed towards the staff table. Still aware of the stares Hermione bit her lip feeling a sudden pull in her chest as the distracting scent slowly disappeared. [+red "Professor Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey said you wanted to see me after? I-is something wrong?"] She stammered out anxiously pulling on the hem of her jumper.

Hermione chewed her lip waiting for Dumbledore to respond her heart racing a bit her mind going back to the scent again something inside her screaming to find it once again. Sighing she shook her head and turned her head back to the headmaster
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[abel [size15 Hearing frantic whispers, George turned to look towards the Great Hall doors. Harry, Ron, and a girl. . . no, Hermione, headed towards Gryffindor’s table, only stopping their talk when Dumbledore cleared his throat. Was that [I really] Hermione? It had to be, it definitely [i looked] like Hermione. . . sort of. George nudged Fred pointedly in his side, gesturing with his head at the golden trio. [+blue “Look, Gred, Ronnie and his friends. Seems like Gryffindor was just even later than us today…”] He raised an eyebrow at the whispered conversation furiously going on between the three friends, but shrugged. Ron often stuck his foot in his mouth, for Hermione to be upset with him, [i again], would not be out of the ordinary.

[+red “Maybe, Forge, but a quarter of our house is still missing. . .”] Fred trailed off lowly as he turned to look at the trio of friends sitting a ways down the table. [+red “Did Hermione do something to her hair?”] He whispered distractedly, staring down the table, looking confused.

George shrugged. [+blue “I was thinking she’d gotten some new uniforms, Gred, maybe some new makeup? Merlin, I dunno, maybe she took up a subscription with that Witch’s Weekly the girls are always reading and actually took some advice…”]

The twins snickered lowly but soon even they had to turn towards Dumbledore as what he’d been saying filtered through slowly. [+green “. . . St. Mungo’s sick. Unfortunately, we have no knowledge as to when the students will be back, but we do know that everyone will live.”] The old man nodded all-knowingly and stepped back to the staff table, sitting down and clapping twice.

Food appeared on all four house tables in the Great Hall, and students began to reach for the foods in front of them, uncharacteristically silent after the news the Headmaster had given them, but no less hungry.

George and Fred dug into their own good, trading silent looks between them. For all of the lack of attention that they’d been giving Dumbledore in the beginning, it wasn’t very difficult to work out exactly what had happened. A good part of Gryffindor was missing during this meeting, and a group of students were in St. Mungo’s sick? It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

[+red “What happened, do you think?”] Fred asked, munching on a piece of thick bread.

[+blue “There’s no telling,”] George replied, taking a bite of potatoes, [+blue “Maybe they went batty because of the Wizarding Exams, or maybe they got Dragon Pox.”] The red head shrugged. [+blue “Who knows, more space in the common room for us.”]

Fred laughed. [+red “I like the way you think, Forge, I like the way you think.”]
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Hermione woke with a start her heart pounding. [+red [b "What happened?"]] Ahe spoke aloud holding her head which was suddenly in an excruciating amount of pain. Suddenly she seen Madam Pomfrey headed her way in a hurry. [b "Oh Miss granger, thank goodness you are awake. No time to explain dearie. You need to head on down to the great hall Professor Dumbledore has an important announcement! As soon as you have eaten I expect you straight back here."] The mediwitch told her in a rush. Hermione looked at her confusion well written in her eyes [+red [b "But Madam Pomf-"]]

[b "Shh shh shh. No time for questions love. Which I expect you have many of. All will be revealed in due time. Off you go"] Madam Pomfrey helped Hermione to her feet and pushed her out the door.

Once out in the corridor Hermione clutched her head again this time a stinging pain. She shook her head and walked towards the great hall. [i [+red [b "You must not worry yourself Hermione. Stress is what landed you in the infirmary in the first place! Or was it? What happened again? I'm not sure I remember"]]] Hermione was lost in thought as she entered the great hall unaware that every student and professor had their eyes glued to the once buck toothed bushy haired member of the golden trio. Even Draco Malfoy himself could not help but stare.

Over the past three weeks Hermione's appearance had gradually changed, but when she had fallen unconcious two nights ago her final transformation was completed.

[center [i [b Two nights before]]]

[i Hermione sat in the common room after everyone had already went to bed. She sighed looking at the time thinking that she needed to go to bed. She stood closing her books away when a wave of pain overtook her. Her entire body was on fire! She stumbled out of the portrait hole towards the infirmary. She had been there four times already this week! What was going on? Hermione barely got through the doors of the infirmary before she fell to the floor unconcious. Madam Pomfrey and Professor Dumbledore were deep in a discussion when they heard the clatter. They rushed to her side.]

[i [b "Oh Albus.... you must tell her. I think..this is it."]] [i Madam Pomfrey said worriedly as she levitated the girl to the bed.]

[i [+blue "I do believe you are right. I shall tell her when she awakens. For now care for this young student, Poppy. She is the brightest witch of her generation afterall. She plays a very important role in events to come.]] [i Professor Dumbledore said before leaving.]

[center [i [b Now...]]]

Hermione sat down at the gryffindor table between Harry and Ginny and across from Ron. Meanwhile the students were all taking in her new appearance. She had grown a few inches taller. Her once bushy chestnut hair now several inches longer cascaded down her back in intricate waves the color brighter and more vibrant than before. Her chest was now full and stretching the fabric of her now to small shirt though she was unaware. Her hips had filled out more giving her beautiful curves. Her brown eyes were brighter now more of a milk chocolate color. Her complexion was flawless and her skin tone a fair ivory. Freckles peppered spread across her nose and cheeks.

Hermione started to shift uncomdortably under the stares, [+red [b "What on earth is everyone looking at?!]] She said looking at the boys.

Ron gulped, [+red "G-geez Mione. Have you not looked in the mirror lately?]

[b [+red "For goodness sakes, Ronald. What are you talking about?"]] She asked him raising an eyebrow.

[i [b "Ron's right Hermione you do look.....different."]] Harry said to her and Ginny nodded in agreement.

[b [+red "Honestly I don't know what you are going on about! I-]] she was suddenly cutoff by Professor Dumbledore clearing his throat. Right around the same time a delicious scent of chocolate snuck it's way into her nose. She focused on Dumbledore trying to ignore the thoughts of where the smell was coming from. She sighed pushing the thoughts out and gave the headmaster her full attention.
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[abel [size15 The school year had barely begun for the Hogwarts students, giving them just enough time to settle in and get back into the grind of their boarding school routine. The first years had just stopped looking quite so lost, and the majority of them had stopped asking for directions every time their class changed.

The rest of the students were busy getting reacquainted after the break, and catching up with each other on what they'd done over the summer. Pranks were starting to be played again, homework was already piling up, and for fifth and seventh years, the threat of Wizarding Tests was already looming, daunting as always.

Fred and George didn't care about any of that. They weren't first years, and while they had N.E.W.T.S, they really couldn’t be bothered with them. They did, of course, have their sweets line going strong in Hogwarts’ black market, as well as a growing line of other pranking products, and with their developing plans to buy a shop in Diagon Alley after graduation to start their own store, neither twin cared much about how many E’s they pulled on their N.E.W.T.S. When their time wasn’t taken up with pranking the new first year Gryffindors and all of the Slytherins, Fred and George were on the Quidditch pitch practicing with their team. Harry, was, for some inexplicable reason given his terrible eyesight, a scary good seeker, but Angelina Johnson had taken a page out of Wood’s book and worked the team like dogs to get them ready for competition.

Rightfully, if predictably, in their first year, the Sorting Hat had barely touched either Fred’s or George’s head before declaring them Gryffindors, just as it had with every other Weasley. The twins were loyal to their friends, and would sit through torture for those they felt love and loyalty for. However, they were both extremely cunning , and if they decided they didn't like a person, they could be ruthless if that person decided to bother them. Not many students were willing to purposefully cross the Weasley Twins.

There had been some sort of announcement that Dumbledore had needed to make, so Fred and George made their way slowly down to the Great Hall. They passed out sweets and other small items, slipping money in exchange into their robe pockets as they went. It was a very subtle and underhanded business, their small black market store, but Fred and George were religiously saving for that storefront in Diagon Alley, and determined to get their by school’s end. The money Harry had given them after he’d won the Triwizard Tournament was no small amount, but every little bit helped, and they needed a nest egg in case their business didn’t hit the ground running.

They settled into their seats just as Dumbledore was ending his conversation with McGonagall, preparing to give whatever news it was he had to pass on to every student in the school. The entire student body seemed to think that when Dumbledore whistled, they all had to go running and be there in two minutes or less. He wasn't God, though sometimes Fred and George thought the old man might like playing at being him, and they knew a few others who agreed with them on the subject.

[+red "Looks like most of Gryffindor is still missing.”] There was something in Fred’s tone, something that meant he knew more than he was letting on, but George only shrugged lightly before pulling out a slightly melted puking pastille and trying to manipulate it back into shape.

George’s only comment ended up being entirely unrelated to his twin's. [+blue "Why do you think Dumbledore called us all here?"] It was an uneasy thought. Dumbledore didn't call school meetings often, and generally they were only done as a start of term and end of term formality. To have one called only a month or so into the school year was very odd.

[i [+blue It couldn't be for a punishment, because Dumbledore's never been one for a public sentence, and if it was normal news, he'd just tell us over dinner. So it's clearly something special, and it must have taken a lot of effort to keep it a secret, since none of the students seem to know about it. If there’s a secret here, Gred and I definitely know about it.]]

George had noticed that every face in the Great Hall held either unconcern or confusion, but none had that look of knowing what the Headmaster was going to say before he actually let out with the news. He shrugged and settled back, waiting for the old man to get on with it.

[+red "Oh, come on, Forge! How do you not notice that half of the house is missing!? Especially when Harry attracts so much attention on a regular basis!"] Fred exclaimed, rolling his eyes at his twin.

George rolled his own eyes, shrugging. For half of a house to be missing, though, that [i was] a bit strange. The twins turned their heads as Dumbledore cleared his throat pointedly, striding slowly up to his podium. Whatever this news was, it didn’t look particularly inviting. Dumbledore’s face was serious, almost grave, and there were no nonsense words as he cleared his throat and began to speak.]]
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