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[i [+red Placid Lake it takes place in Florida.. it’s the summer of 2018 and Annabeth and her three friends all go to her cabin on the lake to enjoy the summer everything is going grand when one day after confessing her love for her best guy friend Annabeth and him are walking along the banks of placid lake when they come across a female body dismembered and placed in a graphic scene. Annabeth rushes back to her cabin and calls the cops all the while being weary of her other two friends suspecting they had something to do with this woman’s death...
Need two males and one more female! You guys can choose whether the second male and female are dating or are just friends]]

[b [center Annabeth Jones- SpookyPumkinPrincess]]
[b [center Ryan best friend-Available]]
[b [center Rosaline - Available]]
[b [center Male 2- Available]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]


[b ~RULES~
-Min of 300 characters
- Maximum of 1000+
- looking for some who wont back out or take too long to reply. I get that people get busy with work school and everyday life I understand this just let me know if you wont be able to reply and I will do my best to do the same.
-semi-literate and someone who is patient as i am semi new and not very literate my self.
- no text talk please.
-semi correct spelling i know some words are hard to spell as i have a hard time myself. I am not a grammar Nazi.]

[b [center Skelly!]]
[b [center Full Name:

Also Known As:





Bodily Build:

Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:

Scars/Markings: Tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc.


Personal Quote:


Personality Trait 1

Personality Trait 2

Personality Trait 3

Personality Trait 4

Personality Trait 5]]

[i [+purple if you have made it this far and are interested please pm me with your skelly and title it accordingly as such ~Placid Lake~]]


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