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Evie was hoping to find something for them both to eat. It would be a hard day if they had to start with empty stomachs. The faint morning light wasn’t the easiest to see by at first, but it was enough for her as she wandered as far as she dared from where she had left the king. Her search bore fruit, quite literally. She managed to find a few berries of different types, along with leaves and flowers she knew were edible. Something or other was almost always in season that was safe to eat.

With the gathered food in her skirt she returned to find him sitting up. Evie smiled and greeted him warmly,”Good morning, Your Highness.”

He looked tired still to her, and she guessed he was worried too. She hoped he wasn’t in too much pain at least. For her, things seemed a lot better now that it was the morning and the sun was rising. She felt like their problems weren’t quite as dire as they felt in the night. Evie sat down next to him with her legs tucked under her and let go of her skirt. It fell away to reveal what she’d gathered sitting in the laid out fabric in front of her,”It isn’t much I’m afraid, but I thought it would be better than nothing. Did you sleep alright? If you want I can take a look at your leg now, though I don’t think I can do much besides make sure it’s tied securely. We’ll need supplies to stitch it.”

For her the conditions weren’t as big of a shock. While she wasn’t exactly used to these circumstances, it wasn’t as big a leap from her daily life as it was for him. She had gone to the wooded places outside town alone before, knew many of the plants around here and their uses or which to avoid, and it wasn’t her first time sleeping outdoors. At the same time, the way she spoke and the way she moved weren’t quite as casual or careless as some of her peers. Someone had taught her some manners, even if she didn’t use them perfectly all the time.
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[google-font][Montserrat The night was not one he had ever thought he would experience. Laying on a cold dirt floor with only a horse blanket and the figure of a girl who had come to kill him to keep him warm. His wound throbbed repeatedly and more than once during the night he had moved in his sleep and woken with a start on knocking the cut.

For a man born into nobility, with a silver spoon in his mouth and servants to answer to every whim, this was a culture shock of sorts. His father had sent him on many excursions from the castle but it had been with a retinue of followers and soldiers. Lian's life had never been in danger and as he woke, only to be told to remain where he was and that his saviour come companion would return shortly, he was left to lament so many things. Had he really been that harsh on the people? Was this just a consequence that even he could not have solved? Jal was right, but to what extent?

Despite all of these thoughts on the past and where things had gone wrong, the aching wound of his leg would change his mind. He continually came back to focus upon his desire to take back his home and take back his castle, to rouse some soldiers, build his army, and in time to take the heads of those who had ousted him. He was the King and to be thrown out by a bunch of human peasants was not the life for him.

Lian sat up not too long after she had left and pressed his back against the leg that had acted as his pillow for the night. Gently massaging the skin about the cut to ease his discomfort his mind drifted a little to the girl. What was her motivation in all this? She had come with her parents to kill him that night and yet she had single handedly saved his life. Perhaps it was out of desire not to see someone killed. Perhaps she was a pacifist in that manner. But then why leave the man who had attacked him? It could not be a racial motive either as she was not an elf, and she was not a servant so it was not born of servitude.

A sigh escaped his lips, his body a shade more pale than usual, though given his fair skin it was not all that obvious. He ended on thoughts of their path that day, how to reach this woman who would help them – he hoped. He had not seen her in several years and if the news of his dethroning had reached her before he could speak with her, then she may not be as forthcoming with her assistance. His cold fingers came up to his face, rubbing at his weary eyes as he awaited Evie's return.
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She thought that was a very pretty whistle. More than pretty, it was useful too. She watched as the horse came closer and the king pulled himself up. She was curious about what he was doing, until she saw the blanket. She wanted to offer to share the cloak as well, but he insisted. His eyes weren’t hard or cold, just insistent. Evie did finally pull her cloak back over her shoulders and laid down with a quiet,”Thank you.”

The hood didn’t make a very good pillow, but it was better than nothing. It was comfortably warm under the blanket and she started to feel a little sleepy before long. She made an affirmative hum when he whispered where they would go tomorrow. He had a plan, that was good. She hoped this would all work out somehow. Evie was sleepy, but it took her a little longer to actually fall asleep properly. When she was almost asleep she half roused herself worried they weren’t alone, only to hear and see nothing and drift back off. After that happening a few times she finally did fall asleep and stay asleep until morning.

When the sun was lightening the sky, but before it made its appearance over the horizon, Evie stirred awake. No one had come for them in the night, and the morning felt cold and fresh. Her nose was cold, but under the blanket she was warm. The king was so warm next to her. She shifted and started to slip away, not wanting to wake him if he was still sleeping. He could rest a little longer while she took a look around for anything useful, and hopefully edible.

When she felt him move anyway she whispered,”Go back to sleep. I’ll be right back.”
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[google-font][Montserrat With the scarf bundled up to place behind his head as a makeshift pillow, Lian had lain back against the log behind them and took deep breaths to ease the discomfort of his leg. She remained beside him, quite silent as he had gotten comfortable, and he had thought to ask his question a second time – perhaps she had not heard him? When she did speak though it only set off a dozen alarms in his mind and left a heavy weight upon his chest.

If she was not a servant, had come with her parents that night, and given her racial background – it did not take a man such as he with his level of education to place why she was in his castle on this fateful night. The heat rose in his blood and his right hand clenched with the anger that began to build. But the vision of Jal flittered across mind’s eye and he overheard the man’s plea that he offer these humans some form of pliancy and a chance to make amends for their actions. He would have wanted the King to show his leniency that night as he looked across to her during her pause. His hand unclenched and the weight in his chest slowly subsided.

This girl, Evie as she now said whilst sitting down beside him and observing his leg, had gone further than was expected of her and indeed done the opposite of such. She had come to kill him, to see his reign topple and his life end and some usurper take the throne in his place. But somewhere along the way she had changed sides. She had helped him – no, she had saved him. Whether it had been reactionary or her plan all along he would find out in due course but for now he left the point be as she removed her cloak.[+royalblue “As I say, the leg will be fine.. but do not make yourself ill at my expense.”]

His looked across to his horse, whistling a short tune like a bird from the trees around them. The horse snorted and bristled at the sound before turning and moving across to them. It was a well trained beast and Lian lifted a hand up as the horse lowered its head. Stroking across its muzzle he lifted up with a soft sigh. Grasping the reins about its head he used it to lever himself up onto shaking knee, a tacky hand taking a hold of the thick woollen blanket that had cushioned Evie on the ride up.

[+royalblue “Here.. it will keep you warm.. even if only for this night.”] Pulling it down with him as he sat back down, the fabric unravelled to an impressive size. Used to keep the horse warm in weather much worse than this it was perhaps thankful that it was a mild night and the horse would be fine for the weather.[+royalblue “Keep the cloak about you.”] He instructed her, looking to her soft face as she hesitated and their eyes met for a moment. Nodding his head for her to do as he said she eventually complied, and only once she had done so did he progress to lay down himself, the blanket pulled across them both.

Lian had been silent for a time with her and did not wish for her to fear what would come with daybreak.[+royalblue "We will travel to Ferrin tomorrow. A familial friend lives there. She will offer us assistance.."] He whispered to her as he felt her warmth up against his side. She seemed an innocent girl given how surprised she had been from the human’s curses of her and the way in which Lian had silenced his fenestrations. This observation stayed his hands from wrapping around her and drawing her near to him to share their warmth. Instead, with his head back and resting against the bundled scarf, his breathing soon levelled as he drifted to sleep.
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They would send searching parties for him, she didn’t doubt that. Evie helped as best she could to get him situated comfortably near the logs. It had evidence of being a camp for someone previously, so it was probably as good a place as they were going to find tonight.

She briefly considered trying to light a fire, but quickly decided against it. As tempting as it was, she felt like they were still too near and it might lead any scouts straight to them. They weren’t in any shape to fight or flee effectively, so they needed to stay hidden.

His question seemed sudden to her, since she’d been so lost in thought about what to do now. Her name? She thought back. She hadn’t told him, had she? There just hadn’t been time. He thought she was a servant from the castle. That made sense, but it wasn’t the truth.

Evie looked at the markings going down his neck, momentarily distracted. They were supposed to be frightening from the rumors, but she was just fascinated. He’d asked her something though, and she realized she didn’t want to just sit there and stare at him. How could she tell him her parents had come there to kill him? “I—I’m not… I didn’t work in the castle. I came with my parents tonight. My parents…”

There was a pause. She couldn’t get the words out. Her parents were there to kill him, and had brought her along in what they were sure to eventually think was their biggest mistake. Because despite everything her family had struggled with her whole life she didn’t want the king dead. She looked troubled, and for a moment like she might cry. She was sure they would never forgive her for this even if she saw them again, and she couldn’t go back now to find out or she’d probably be executed. The night’s events were weighing on her more heavily now that the immediate danger was over.

“My name is Evie.” She scooted over to sit next to him and looked down at his leg,”I’ll take a look in the morning when I can see better. It doesn’t hurt too bad, I hope.”

She unfastened her cloak and pulled it in front of her, then shook it out and let it settle over them both like a blanket. It wasn’t quite big enough really, but she figured it was better than nothing,”Are you cold? I’m not sure a fire would be good, they could find us that way, so this is all I have.”

It was comforting to focus on taking care of him rather than letting herself think over what had happened, or looking too far ahead at what might happen. Everything always seemed worse in the night.
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[google-font][Montserrat The hillside they had stopped at had one of those picturesque views of the capital at night. Through a clearing of trees you could see the flickering lights of the castle and the village around it, all in the distance and like another world to them now. Thankfully Lian did not look that way lest his ire be stoked further.

The young girl was at his side not long after falling and she was offering her assistance in getting him elsewhere than the floor to sleep. It was pointless really as the rest of this clearing was entirely the same.[+royalblue “The wound will be fine once properly stitched. But we can't rest for long – they will send out scouting parties to find me.”] He gritted his teeth and hissed as he rolled over onto his good knee, taking a hold of her hand and in a half crawl half walk they moved over to some felled logs and the charred remains of a long unused fireplace. Clearly others had camped here like them in the past.

Sat back down again his hand, stained in his blood, clutched at his thigh in an effort to ease the discomfort. It would have been good to light a fire of their own and have the girl attempt to suture the wound herself. Being a servant she would no doubt have some training in cross stitching. But it would not do to trouble her too much tonight. She would need steady hands and he could see she was more than a little troubled by the nights events.

[+royalblue “What is your name?”] He asked as he looked across to her, the faint moonlight haloing behind her as her tumbling hair framed such an innocent face. When she looked at him in wonder he shook his head.[+royalblue “I can't go on calling you girl or servant. I would like to know the name of the woman who helped to save my life. It will please Jal to know the human servants he hired did such a noble act tonight.”] He removed the scarf about his neck, no longer fearful of her seeing the markings/
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His hand over hers was a small comfort. It was the last moment of relative calm before the mad dash to the broken gate. All she could do was hold his waist tightly and remind herself to breathe. Evie was so worried she would fall off, or be pulled off. That didn’t happen though. After he had them both duck under the gate she finally took one look back.

It was probably for the best that she couldn’t see anyone too well, let alone anyone she knew. What would she think if she could see her parents just then? How would they look at her now? Fleeing on the back of a horse with the man they came here to kill tonight. It wouldn’t have made her feel better.

The pace was still rough on her. She wasn’t used to riding, but she didn’t dare suggest stopping, not while they could still hear people pursuing them. Even after she realized she couldn’t hear them anymore she just held on. The farther they got the better, she supposed.

Finally slowing down was such a relief that Evie sighed. She wasn’t sure how long they had traveled, but it had been a while. It wasn’t until they stopped that she thought to finally take a look around. It was hard to see too well with only the moonlight, but it was beautiful. They were well outside town, if she had to guess.

Him asking for her hand got her attention and she gratefully accepted the help down,”Thank you.”

She stumbled a bit when she took a step, her legs a little stiff. Evie finally took the time to adjust her skirt and look around again for a moment, but turned quickly when she heard the king fall. His leg wasn’t doing any better, and why would it? The riding can’t have been good for it.

“King Lian…” Evie murmured. He was a king, but he was also a man. Men tended to say things in pain and anger that they didn’t really mean, she knew that. She hoped that was the case now, though she couldn’t say for sure. Her eyebrows knit up in concern and she knelt down with her hand offered to help him up, not sure if he would take the help at this moment. Reprimanding him for his temper wouldn’t help right now, he’d been hurt and betrayed and needed to express that somehow. Instead she tried to change the focus a bit,”That wound is deep, isn’t it? I… Here, let me help you find a more comfortable spot to sleep. We’ll need the rest to continue in the morning.”

He had to be aware of it too. Even here wouldn’t be safe for long, they needed to keep going. And he wasn’t going to get very far without her help in the state he was in. Come morning they would both have to continue to travel together, toward somewhere more safe for him, somewhere he had friends in power.
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[google-font][Montserrat This nameless girl was quite gentle with helping him up onto his feet, making sure to lean Lian against her and wrapping an arm about his waist to assist with holding up his weight. At any other time, to put her hands on him like this would lead to a lashing or two or at the very least a curt and precise slap of the back of his hand. To touch the king without express permission was tantamount to an attack and was, in previous generations at least, dealt with by swift execution. Perhaps then it was fitting he was losing his throne then that this rule would not apply.

Getting across to the horse was a tricky affair given his weight and the inability to place much pressure on his leg. It was excruciating when they had tried and unfortunately for the girl he had to rely heavily on her to move. Reaching the horse to get on was not at all easier. He took several deep and quick breaths and growled with the pair rather than cry out like a weak being. He may have been deposed but this was his kingdom, he was still king, he would not have this human girl see him as a weakling.

Then again he was not a man used to pain like this and dark spots flit before his vision as he grasped the saddle horn and eased himself into the saddle. It was accompanied by an uneasy and nauseous feeling, as if his evening meal would soon splash against the floor, yet thankfully he controlled his stomach.

As she worked at the door, hinges groaning in the distress of it all, the injured elf eased the horse closer to the doorway, shying from the unconscious man. The woman jumped back from the door for a moment and then with a flourish of energy she pushed them open and darted back to him. Leaning down his right hand he grasped her forearm and helped to swing her up behind him once she had put her foot into the stirrup iron.

Her arms wrapped tightly about his waist and a bloody and tacky hand of his was placed atop her own as he felt her press to his back. She directed him to head for the broken side gate and he was inclined to accept her advice. He had wanted to use the main gate but likely that had been taken not long after they had broken in through the side as she stated.[+royalblue “Hold tight.”] He called back as his right hand took tight hold of the reins and his feet kicked in at the stallions side to get him to take off at a trot.

Turning the moment they emerged into the evening air they had to quickly pick up pace as the men who had spotted the young girl and come to investigate had moved in quickly on the stable when she had run off. Lian had no time to question it and instead barrelled the horse through the throng with little concern for whether they were trampled beneath his horses strong hooves, it's chest bashing aside one younger individual as the others, more older, managed to step aside and avoid injury. It was as they managed to get up to a good pace that cries came out from behind; [i 'the King! He's fleeing!']

The shouts continued from behind the duo atop their steed who made sure to avoid those rebels that came out from all corners of the castle grounds, weapons drawn – likely taken from the guards they had killed or subdued or looted from the armoury. Thankfully the surprise of seeing two figures atop a horse was enough to stun them for a few precious seconds and give them the ability to gallop by. Holding onto her arm tightly as they turned the corners sharply and darted about more compact groups, Lian gave a furious yell as they rode up to the broken doorway. Though a few stood guard there, the sight of the looming horse and the loud yell of an infuriated king sent the untrained rabble of militia running away.

The doorway was large enough for the horse but he pulled the girl down, leaning her forward with him so that they cleared it with some ease too. Out into the open it was left for those who had cottoned on to whom he was to belatedly run after them. Their curses and jeers would ring out into the night, drowned out not long after by the thud of hooves and his own fast heartbeat. He kept them at this fast pace for a long time, several miles in fact, only slowing when he felt his mind clouding over and the throbbing in his leg had become too much with the constant jostling of the ride.

The horses flanks were dripping with sweat and it breathed heavily as he pulled them off a pathway leading into the hills about his capital, finding a small clearing near to a hillside to stop them at.[+royalblue “Here, give me your hand.”] He took a hold of her hand as he eased her down onto her feet, noticing now that her hair had come so loose it covered her face a little. Lifting his injured leg over the horse he lowered himself down but after a brief moment of feeling confident in his strength, the injured leg gave way and in a crumple of chain and a grunt of discomfort, Lian was left sprawled on the floor.[+royalblue “Fuck! Those bastards, I'll take ever last one of their heads when I'm done.”] His temper flared.
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While she had been busy she heard him hitting the other man. It made her flinch but she didn’t lose focus. Besides, it was sort of a relief that he wasn’t talking anymore, though thinking that made her feel a little guilty. With the king’s sword returned to him she just had to take care of his leg. Evie nodded at his instruction, already knowing that was what she had to do. She couldn’t let him bleed out after going to the effort of trying to save him. She had a delicate touch usually, but this wasn’t the time for it. There wasn’t any hesitation or reluctance to pull as tight as needed.

Whatever he said sounded beautiful, but she doubted it was very polite given the context. One corner of her mouth twitched up. She had always thought the language was beautiful, even what was probably cursing in pain it was so lovely. She just wished she could understand it.

His hand over hers made her look up at his face. He was as striking to look at as she’d heard, but not so terrifying. Not just then, anyway. Evie thought he was much better than the rumors whispered among her parents circles of friends. “Of course. They’ll figure out to check here soon.”

He couldn’t still be here when they came looking. He was so much taller than her and heavier, especially with the armor. Still, she braced herself and did her best to pull him to his feet. She tried to help keep his balance with her arm around him, keeping herself on his injured side. It couldn’t be easy to stand on that leg. More of her hair had come loose and fallen in her face.

Once she got him on his horse she ran to the door. Her heart was pounding in her ears as she slowly opened it, first just a little as she peeked out. She didn’t see anyone at first, so she pushed the door all the way open. As if on cue that was the moment several men came into view from the castle.

Of course they saw her immediately. They called out as she backed away. They were asking what she’d found. The king had come closer on the horse and Evie hurried to climb on behind him. It was awkward with her skirt with her in such a hurry, and not too comfortable but she didn’t take the time to adjust. She just held onto the king tightly,”They found us. Go. The side gate is broken open.”
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[google-font][Montserrat Lian was in two minds at that moment as his eyes looked from the woman back to the man coughing on the floor. If she ran for the others to alert them and bring them to her fellow attackers aid, he would not allow them to take him lightly. He would dispatch of the man, find a corner to defend from, force them to lose some of their own before they had him. No doubt they would offer him little to no mercy.

Yet in peculiar fashion she moved inside; would she finish this herself? As she darted inside toward the human on the ground, her dark hair bouncing with her steps as her clothing threatened to brush at the hay on the floor, the elven man looked about for his sword that had slipped his hand in falling down. The thud of her feet neared and he heard the other man groan out as she neared - but then she did something that left him a little speechless; she left him and rounded the human to approach himself. Having been unable to find his weapon, he could not strike out at her and she knelt down quietly at his side, soft brown eyes looking down on his wound.

From the way the man cursed and swore her demise at his own hand it did not take more than a moment for the King to cotton on just what was going on. Clearly one of Jal's human servants had seen him and, still holding some loyalty to her liege, had come to his aid. It seemed he was a little preemptive to denounce such people.

Her face hardened as she listened to the mans tirade and Lian could read that she was not taking his jibes and threats well. It was not that she seemed fearful of reprisal now, but that once she had helped her King she would be left to the clutches of these savages. Perhaps that was what spurred her to action, taking a hold of his hand and pressing it above the wound to slow the bleed whilst standing and announcing they had to leave.[i They?] Clearly she had been perturbed by the man who continued to growl out curses. And he could not deny her help. He needed it.

As she stood and looked around hurriedly for materials to help him, he gritted his teeth as he grasped his leg firmly and pushed himself across the flooring. It seemed a peculiar thing to do, leaving a bloody pool and smear behind him as he moved closer to the man. There was a minor scuffle as the humans hands tried to fight off the elf but he was weak from the wound and could not deflect the several punches thrown at his face. The fourth had left him unconscious but Lian threw a final left for good measure, feeling the nose shift under his hit. At least that would silence the bastard for the time being so they could think more clearly.

Thankfully the girl did not stop her search, returning not long after with a strip of cloth from one of the riding blankets hanging up, his sword held in her other hand, though the blade's point was to the ground and she handed it off to him swiftly. He offered her a nod of thanks as she knelt again beside him, wrapping the cloth around the wound hesitantly.[+royalblue "Tightly. I need you to slow the bleed."] He instructed her, leaning back to allow her to work at his thigh uninhibited. When she pulled the fabric tight about the wound he hissed like serpent and several curses in elven spilled from his tongue; they were rather beautiful out of context to the unknowing ear.

But with that his hand slid down atop hers, grasping tightly though slick with his blood.[+royalblue "Help me up then get the door - if you are coming then we are leaving now."] He did not like the idea of having her with him one bit. But she had shown her use to him thus far and he owed her a debt to at least allow her to escape with him at least.[+royalblue "Hurry girl. We cannot waste any more time."] His right hand wiped off the flat of his blade on the unconscious mans clean sleeve before sheathing it and looking to her to help him up.
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Evie heard the man confront someone. She went to the entrance but stayed there, half hiding behind the door frame as they fought. She hadn’t expected a fight. No, that wasn’t quite true, she had just hoped not to witness one. It looked like he caught only one person, an elf with white hair. The elven man wasn’t going to go quietly.

Her knuckles were white, she was holding the door frame so tightly. She wanted to stop them before either of them got seriously hurt. She was rooted to the spot, unable to step forward. She couldn’t even turn and run.

If she got help though, they wouldn’t be concerned for the elven man’s safety. Then there was blood, one of them was seriously injured now. The elf seemed to have won, but that victory cost him too. Evie gasped and covered her mouth when she saw them both go down. The human man lay on the ground, but the elf was still almost upright.

She could go get help. Scream for someone to help. They would come and help the human, who she vaguely recognized as someone her father talked to from time to time. He was one of her neighbors.

They would probably kill the elf. She looked at him more closely and her large brown eyes widened in recognition. The snow white hair, green eyes, and most distinctly the marks on his chin and down his neck. It wouldn’t be revenge they killed him for, it would be because he was their main target. There wouldn’t be any hope pleading for his life to be spared. If he didn’t escape he would be dead come morning.

She looked behind her to see that no one else was coming to check the stables yet. It was all clear for now. Her brown hair was in a loose braid that came even looser as it bounced with her hurried approach. There wasn’t much time, sooner or later they would think to check here.

The man on the ground reached for her with a bloody hand, but she stepped away to get around him. She looked troubled,”I’m sorry. I’ll try and get help for you too.”

People would help him. She walked up to the elf, she knew now was the king, and knelt down to get a better look at his injured leg. The man behind her had started cursing her,”Traitor whore! Let me die for a pointy-ear. You’ll be dyin’ with him. Put the fuckin’ rope round your neck myself.”

She tried to ignore him. He sounded like he was in a lot of pain, gasping for the air to insult her. Evie tried to comfort herself thinking that maybe it was only the pain talking. She swallowed hard past a lump in her throat. His leg was bleeding a lot,”Let me find something to… to wrap it. Before you go. We go.”

She corrected herself, realizing that she couldn’t stay if she went through with saving him. Even if it was the pain, the man’s threats were enough to frighten her. He would tell them what she’d done. She looked scared, but the fear wasn’t stopping her. She stood to go find something to use to wrap his leg. The stable was bound to have something, even if she had to tear a riding blanket.
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[google-font][Montserrat Lian had made it to the end of the dark hallway, slowly moving as his fingers ran along the rough cut stone wall, when the far off crashing sound of the doors to his chambers breaking resonated after him. His heart wanted to turn back, to cut down those bastard humans and to show them that his lineage was not that of cowards who left their people to suffer. He would show them he had the might and the authority to lead this kingdom and they would kneel before him once more through force alone.

Yet his mind was able to wrestle control of his body. His logic won through, and despite his desires to fight, his need to see right by his people, he knew it would do no good for him to fight back now. He needed help as loathe as he was to admit it. He moved down the tunnel and to a stairwell that he almost tumbled down given how dark it was.

Making his way down the stairs he exited into a storeroom near to the stables, the door opening in and several bags of grain and a length of wood falling toward him where it had been stacked up to hide the doorway from those outside. Carefully he made his way over this barrier, looking about him and using his more acute hearing to listen out for any footsteps or the shouts of the rabble who had taken his home.

The storeroom was quiet and dark. Any servants or guards had gone to investigate the sounds of the mob attacking and thus left him quite alone. It was an uneasy feeling. He was quite accustomed to having armed soldiers about him, their eyes looking for threats as to allow him to focus on his work. Yet here he had to be careful for himself and he clenched his hands tightly to stem any tremor in them.

Leaving the room into the cool night air he was thankful to find no-one had yet made it around this side of the castle and he made a quick huddled over jog to the stable. Slipping through the large doorway he was given some help by a single flickering torch in a bracket. It shed light over the area and he did not waste any time in getting together the required kit to get a horse ready for travel. The saddle was fitted and bags filled with feed in a few minutes, the reins taking a little more time to get fitted and secured tightly, as he was quite rusty with this all.

He had managed to get the horse ready and grabbed a length of cloth to tie about neck to hide his distinct tattoo markings that ran from his chest over his chin. He could hide the ears, he could handle his voice, but if someone saw those markings he may not be so lucky. It was just a minute or so later as he had readied to get up on the horse that the door opened behind him.

[+darkorange “Oi, pointy-ear, get away from that horse. You ain't going no-where.”] The man who had entered called out with a taste of disgust in his mouth. Hood pulled up over his face so that even when Lian looked back he saw nothing but the man's mouth he seemed to stiffen on seeing the white haired man before him. Either he had an inkling for just who this individual was or he had not come here tonight really expecting to confront anyone.

[+royalblue “Leave me be rabbit spawn.”] His hand drifted down to his sword, grasping the handle to show his intent. He did not notice the girl at the door however as the man quickly drew his own short blade and lunged forward with a snarl. The fight was not the most skilful affair. Lian managed to swerve free of the initial lunge and draw out his sword in a fluid motion. Holding it out to his side he went defensive, parrying the man's slash though taking a punch to the side of his head. His vision blurred for a moment and he felt a strong nausea overcome him but he maintained his balance and on his feet.

In the space of the stable it was beneficial to the King to fight closer and not allow the man to move with his greater agility. A slash at his chest slid off his chain though the impact did drive the air from his lungs. Lian thrust forward with his own sword as the man's sword arm swung wide and showing his inexperience he had left himself undefended, the sharp blade cutting up and into the man's chest and stopping abruptly only when it hit the attackers ribs. With the weight he put behind the attack it forced the human male back a few steps. Perhaps encouraged by this backtracking of but a few steps, Lian had got with the movement, and with both of his hands to his sword could not block the returning short sword attack. It slid down the chain once more but the armour ended mid-thigh and the sword slid down, directed by the linked ringlets, and cut into the thicker part of his thigh.

Both men fell down, though the human was more greatly wounded of the two. Hissing from the sting in his leg, the youthful royal looked back on hearing a gasp from the doorway and seeing a young girl stood watching him. His left hand was bloody and pressed firmly to his leg, his right holding him from collapsing fully. If she was with the rebellion that had stormed his castle, it would not be all too difficult to finish him.
  WI_ / 25d 22h 9m 14s
It felt like she couldn’t breathe in the crowd. It was stifling, loud, and everyone was pushing everyone else around. Just when she thought she might scream herself things seemed to get a little better. The space opened like there was a room ahead, and to her relief she found a less crowded hallway to wander down and quickly slipped through the doorway.

She wasn’t alone, but the few people around her were thinning as they caught serving girls and guards and left to take them somewhere. She wasn’t sure where. She didn’t follow them to find out.

Evie felt cold air and followed it. It was irresistible, she wanted away from the hallways filling with the sounds of screaming and crying. She took a deep breath once she was out and continued forward. She was wandering on with only the goal of getting away a little. He walked with purpose, looking for anyone outside that might be trying to escape. He was the only one left from the group that had been so pressed against her inside. She still wasn’t sure who he was, his face was hidden by a hood and his back was to her.

They were near the stables, Evie realized. It was just a short walk to the structure where the horses were kept. The animals sounded agitated, like they knew something was wrong. Evie started toward them, the man a few steps ahead of her. He reached the stable first.
  Evie / Yavanna / 26d 20h 2m 9s
[google-font][Montserrat [+royalblue “I am telling you Jal, if we do not crush this with force then it will only continue to fester and those bloody humans will have their way; their rebellion will force me from my throne.”] The olive gaze of the King fell on his tactician with annoyance as light fingers picked at the cold meats, fresh tomatoes and assorted vegetables left before him on the short and narrow table. He had taken his evening meal in his personal study, too busy to leave his reports and his scrolls of information to attend the dining hall.

The man assigned as his guardian and tactical mind stood impassively behind the man. Some six foot tall with greying hair, in comparison to the snowy white of the King, his light blue eyes looked at his charge with a touch of despair that he would not see sense.[+crimson “My Lord, they are simple, scared peasants. Offer them grain and see their torches turn to flowers. They do not seek anything more than equal treatment and to attack them now would-”] He was cut off by a curtly raised hand from his King.

[+royalblue “I'm done offering my pliant hand and giving so much leniency to these.. these savages!”] He pushed away from the table, chair rocking as he rose onto his feet. His hands brushed at his tunic to clean them of juices and grease and he turned away, walking out of his study to his bed chambers.

He sighed as one of the servant girls stepped forward carrying forth some silk robes of shining golds and deep blacks. It was the colours of his kingdom and adorned many tapestries and flags about his castle. It was all his, from the clothing she brought him to her body itself. Everything the sun and moon touched was his, and yet with these bloody humans causing such strife and upheaval he was making little in the way of taxes. He would have to raise them again accordingly.

It was time for him to change, to bathe and relax for the evening. A time where he could think over the complexities that faces him and come to decisions that would benefit his kingdom as a whole. Yet the sounds of shouts and yells of alarm echoing in the hallways outside. It was not often voices were raised in his presence – at least no-one else's voice aside from his own. With his nerves already frayed from a long day he sent out the servant girl to see what was wrong.

[+royalblue “I swear Jal, if I find one of those human imbeciles that you forced me to take on has broken anything again I am going to have you personally deal with them this time.”] His hands rose up and ran through his hair, sighing heavily. When the servant girl came running back in, a look of worry on her face, he eyed her with curiosity.

[+green “Sire, the guards report that a crowd have broken into the castle!”] Her eyes were wide and her she clutched his robes tightly in hand.

[+royalblue “A crowd have.. Jal, go find out what is going on will you. I'm not dealing with a few drunkards-”] The sound of clattering metal rebounded outside his doorway as well as the raised voices of humans. They were unintelligible but the anger was rather evident. Immediately his guardsman Jal stepped outside, speaking softly to the two guards permanently posted just outside of his chambers. They nodded at his soft words and glanced back to their King, just before the doors were closed over, the lock turned.

[+crimson “Come my Lord, we need to get you out.”] He advanced through the room towards an armoire that had been with the royal family for generations. Yet the King made no move towards him, instead clicking at the woman to join him in the study.

[+royalblue “Help me with the chainl.”] He ordered as he lifted the armour of metal ringlets from it's stand. She moved quickly to help, doing what she could to lift it up so that his arms could lift up and through the sleeves and the metal could slide down to rest over his torso. He reached for his sword belt next, instructing her on how to tie it off about his waist.

[+crimson “Sire, you have to leave now. There are hundreds of them streaming into the castle and we must get you out now whilst we can!”] Jal pleaded as he followed the duo through.

[+royalblue “I will not be seen to flee from a fight. If they want to force me from this throne then I will make them kill me. No-one will depose me!”] His youthful anger was lost to the older elven man who gritted his teeth and struck out, catching the white haired man about his cheek just as the servant girl had gotten his belt fixed.

[+crimson “Shut up Lian! Shut up and get in that damn armoire! I promised your parents I would keep you alive, and throne or no throne you are going to live on from today!”] Left in some shock by the man’s outburst, King Lian was frozen for just a moment. It was the moment his advisor needed to grasp at his arm, pulling him away to the furniture. Throwing open the doors he pushed hard at the back lining. It fell back into a dark stone corridor.[+crimson “Now get in there, follow the corridor down and take the stairwell. You will end up beside the stabled. You grab a horse and you make for the gatehouse. You get out of this castle! Do you understand me?”]

Of course the stubborn man was still smarting from the strike and wanting to pull away into the fight, but he was given no choice. The fighting was sounding from the other side of the chamber door and without any express permission he was unceremoniously thrust inside and into the dark hallway, the light snuffed out as the armoire was sealed up and Jal's voice could be heard telling the servant girl to find somewhere to hide, banging on the main door growing louder. Lian bit down on his anger and frustrations, turning into the darkness, hand pressing to the wall as he began to feel his way towards some semblance of safety.
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Dinner was quieter than usual. It was also earlier in the day than was typical. Today was different. Evie could feel the tension and excitement. Her mother and father kept exchanging glances, while Evie kept her head down as she ate. She didn’t share in the excitement, only the anxiety.

Today was the day they stormed the castle and killed the king.

“Evie, be a dear and clear the table. The others will be here soon.” Her mother pushed her plate forward and waited for her daughter to clear the table. She wouldn’t be helping, of course.

“Yes, mother.” Evie didn’t waste any time and just piled up dishes and took them back to the kitchen. She couldn’t stand lingering in there anymore. They expected her to come with them, but she didn’t really want to be part of this. It felt wrong.

Her reprieve in the kitchen didn’t last long. Her father called her before she could even start washing things,”Evie, come here.”

She followed the sound to find her father near the door, holding a cloak which he put around her when she came up to him. He pulled the hood up over her head,”Just remember to stick with the group. It will be dangerous, but I don’t want to leave you in town. Who knows what will happen out here while we’re in there.”

“Yes, papa.” It was the only thing she could manage to say tonight. Evie wasn’t feeling very chatty. Fortunately it wasn’t more than a few moments of awkwardly standing there before someone knocked at the door. Her father answered, and after some brief talking it was time to leave.

Her father motioned for her to follow and she obeyed. The whole group was cloaked and most were carrying some type of weapon, even if several were obviously just farm tools. Instead of heading to the main gate, which would be well guarded, they filed in to a much more narrow side entrance for servants.

The space was cramped, and Evie found herself pressed up against neighbors that felt like strangers. She couldn’t see what was happening ahead, but she did hear the metal give way, and then they rushed forward like a flood through a broken dam.

She caught a glimpse of the broken gate as she was forced through. Everyone was pushing and shoving, and she had no choice but to follow the flow of people into the castle, and into another tightly cramped space. The hallways weren’t meant to accommodate this many people.

The servants were the first to realize what was happening. Evie couldn’t see them, but she could hear them. Panicked screams, shouts trying to warn others. She heard a man somewhere ahead and to her left shout,”Leave the humans. Catch the elves and bring them with us!”
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